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  1. Much as I like the idea of the at home boxes, I don't think it fills the gap. A meal out on our own (3 kids) was a rare treat and we save up over time in order to be able to go somewhere (arguably) offensively priced for a meal, we got to just be ourselves for a few hours whilst working our way through a lengthy tasting menu (with me usually with the wine flight). I long to be able to go back once things are safe, I had originally planned to go to L'Enclume for my 40th in January, and as long as our finances hold up so I don't have to use the money I've put aside that'l
  2. First Track, I really enjoyed it.
  3. Palace look to be signing Jean-Philippe Mateta from relegation threatened Mainz. Very unusual deal set up. £3m loan fee (18 months),commitment to buy for £15m if he starts 15 games. Given he's come back from an injury it's a surprisingly sensible deal for Palace (for once)
  4. And Hodgson waits for 10 minutes after going 3 down and bringing on a defensive midfielder (12 minutes to go) before bringing on another striker, maybe he's decided he doesn't want to finish the game with zero shots on target...
  5. Not sure why I'm surprised, but Palace stinking the place up and it feels like a Man City attcking drill from training. I don't expect to beat City, nor even a draw, I just want to see us put up a slight fight for once (or expect the very well reimbursed players to be able to pass, and not constantly give the ball away)
  6. You've mispelled: "I was wrong, and completely made up a players actions to fit my narrative"
  7. Amongst his many crimes, living in your head rent free (given how often you bring him up) Clip here: https://wittyfutty.com/2021/01/video-david-luiz-with-a-crazy-foul-on-zaha/ Perhaps you could screenshot where he pretended to be hit in the face prior to actually being hit in the face?
  8. Who were Palace rotationally fouling? I didn't notice it, but I did have my Palace goggles on (looking atthe stats we were 11 -11 in terms of fouls) This is disappointing, on pitch shennanigans are par for the course with Zaha and are (unfortunately) part of his game, but this kind of arrogant shit is unforgivable.
  9. Said it before and I'll say it again, Eze at £20m was a steal.
  10. Manwhile,over on the Palace forums...
  11. I can think of many hundreds of millions of reasons why it will, by hook or by crook.
  12. Cracking goal, built by and scored by Zaha.
  13. Villa should have had 4 or 5, that's from a starting point of only being 1-0 up at half time and with ten men,how Hodgson justifies his position after this I don't know.
  14. Embarassing, needed a big performance after the Liverpool game and we get this pile of crap. 70 minutes to make a sub when we've been poor for the whole game and are struggling against 10 men, yet again no plan B for Hodgson. Really can't see how Hodgson can justify some of the players played today (and not taking them off when he has had the chance).
  15. Palace never perform against 10 men, 45 minutes of huff and puff and fuck all end product. Villa to nick a goal on a break in the last 5, and Hodgson to make an emotionless "sometimes these things go against you" press conference.
  16. First half maybe, but that second half was dogshit. There will be a lot of focus on the quality of the goals, but equally the defending was absolutely shite for every one.
  17. Van Arnholt needs to hang his head in shame.
  18. The defending was awful, Clyne and Kouyate are stinking the place up. Gilt edged chance that Ayew dithered on (and Zaha overran). Whatever the stats say, we deserved nothing from that half.
  19. Annnd... That's what we get for being so ineffective.
  20. Jordan Ayew doing his best to reinforce the view that the reason Palace sit back and nick wins is because we don't know what the fuck to do when left to attack normally/not on the break.
  21. "It's not a cheese, it's a residue..."
  22. Good first half from Palace, should mean a stinker of a second half as a result. Eze is an absolute joy to watch, not fast but seems to glide over the pitch, he's been growing in stature game on game and even at £20m might actually end up being the bargain of the year.
  23. Benteke scores again, run people this is the end of days!
  24. Palace good for a point there, Guaita is a superb keeper (despite that rare blunder). Benteke forgetting to take the knee was a highlight:
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