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  1. These are amazing if you can get them, flavourful as well as super hot.
  2. Palace have made another signing, another younger player with potential rather than an overpaid loanee that does fuck all or a 31 year old with a heavy pay cheque! Marc Guehi from Chelsea on a 5 year deal, just off a decent season and a half at Swansea. At 21 he is 10 years younger than our next youngest central defender (Martin Kelly at 31, and he's only a squad player/back up) Announced today, but was leaked yesterday via a shitty photo someone snuck out of the 'hold up the shirt with the manager' shoot. Plenty of people claimed the picture was a fake, my favourite response was: "If that's fake it's both the best and shittest photoshop effort all at once"
  3. Palace's new away kit, I quite like it.
  4. Phoebe Bridgers does a haunting rendition of a Daniel Johnston song
  5. Palace have signed someone, and it's not someone overpriced (or on loan from Chelsea) on deadline day!!!! MIchael Olise from Reading, looks like a decent young player who can kick on and develop with us, fingers crossed for another Eze.
  6. I've had a bit a bit of a break from craft beer and been drinking Modelo as my football beer, but dipped my toes back in with some Saint Mars I've said it before, but these guys are so consistent at putting out good products that its well worth picking some up if you can.
  7. I'm not feeling very positive, he's been available the whole time yet wasn't considered as ana option until we we faied to land our first 2 choices. It's not like he has set the world alight in his last couple of jobs. Oh well, wouldn't be Palace if it was logical.
  8. It's not just an English peculiarity to use football for a bit of war based abuse, the Dutch (Germany's actual international rival they don't give too many shits about us) have for years chanted: 'Ik wil mijn fiets terug' - it means 'I want my bike back' during games against Germany, it references: On “Dolle Dinsdag,” or Rabid Tuesday, German troops panicked when the BBC announced that Allied troops had crossed the Dutch border (they hadn’t, in fact). Soldiers stole bikes from the general populace and rode out of Holland, with whatever they could carry. By the bicycle they came, and by the bicycle they left.
  9. It's ridiculous isn't it, never before have I seen a top team so open to being taken apart and this is the shit we get (witout any hint that Southgate sees the opportunity)
  10. Much like Nuno, I'll only believe it when he's put pen to paper. Has a decent record and plays a style of football that fits Palace (and suits EPL survival, for us poorer teams). If he's given money for players, and we bring in 4 or 5 decent ones I'll be feeling positive for the new season.
  11. Locally produced (to me) and a very decent option
  12. At this stage my assumption is that Palace are waiting for all the half-decent teams to pick their manager so we know who's left, and will be willing to settle...
  13. Ho hum, as always it waas too good to be true, god knows who we end up with (probably fucking Allardyce again as we run out of time/options) There is defintely a lot of long standing backroom staff at Palace that are well thought of, Parish is (I've heard) fairly loyal in that regard so I can see the concept of binning them off for no reason other than the new manager wants it sitting badly.
  14. I really hope it works out for him as from his interviews he seems like a decent guy, but the risk of him not being able to come back fully from his injuries and be the same player are high, 4.0 might be a waste of budget...
  15. Hard to know how many we will get but our biggest issue recently has been the wage bill (in terms of adding players) reather than transfer fees and some of the players that are 100% going from the 1st team are on silly money even more so when you look at their recent contributions, for example of the 5 defenders on that list only one made more than 20 appearances (including substitute appearances) this season and the highest paid made 6, we are also sending Batshuayi back who was costing us £100k a week (18 appearances mostly 5 minute cameos, 1 goal). Arguably, if you bought fit and capable players, you only need 3 new defenders to make the same contribution and using the wages for the 3 of them mean you can probably attract some half-decent options. How long he'd get? A decent stretch I think, Palace have a historic reputation for changing managers but they weren't all Palace decisions, the fans tend to be patient and less-fickle than some (football under Hodgson has been dreadful for 3 seasons, it's only this last one that there has been any meaningful unrest)
  16. We have over 20 players out of contract, 12 of those are part of the named 25 man squad, its an ideal place/time to build his own team. Any new manager we get will have to get a budget to rebuild and we have a load of big earners off the books who weren't really contributing freeing up wage capacity. I'm still surprised he'd consider it/hasn't had a better offer though.
  17. Nuno to Palace? I'd be bloody delighted (I'm not holding my breath though)
  18. The documentary was completed just after the season it shows but has been stuck ever since due to an endless set of legal challenges around images/foootage etc. Rewatching the play off semi-final at your gaff reminds me of just how good Yannick Bolasie was before he got injured at Everton, my favourite quote about him was by Neil Warnock re. his skill at beating his marker "Yala doesn't really know what he's doing next, so the full back has no chance" Great exaple below, he really was a joy to watch. The "poogate" saga was ridiculous in the end, it was the Palace coach driver who had a catastrophic stomache incident and was so embarrased he didn't tell anyone for weeks!
  19. At Palace its referred to as "doing a Tommy Black" Incredibly talented yet lazy player who put in 8 of the greatest performances in years in a Palace shirt after doing fuck all for 3 years, getting his new contract and then doing fuck all again.
  20. I can only assume its cheaper than buying someone...*sigh*
  21. Anything to disguise the shame of Benteke scoring against you.
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