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  1. Palace will have 2,000 tickets available for the game against Spurs to distribute amongst the 12,000 (of 20,000) season ticket holders who renewed. After that fucking awful show against a dreadful Newcastle team (performance) they'll struggle to get more than 500 interested. Can't wait for Hoddgson's customary bland post game analysis "I thought we were unlucky..." funny how unlucky we've been for the last 3 years Roy.
  2. IMO, one of New Order's best (and a little underappreciated), cracking video too.
  3. To be fair, both Loftus-Cheek and Batshuayi were/are model professionals (when at Palace)
  4. Arguably it's karma from when Bamford came on loan to Palace and was a massive bellend... (It's definitely bullshit and I can feel sorry for Leeds but not Bamford, he's a cunt)
  5. Cracking free kick from Eze, he's shaping up to be a bargain.
  6. Even discounting my bias, it's at least consistent with every other shit decision, unfortunately I think all teams will get decisions like that (Palace have had one) and we just have to hope it evens out.
  7. On the plus side I donated £15 to the Norwood and Brixton food bank and watched this shite on a dodgy stream, so at least some good comes out of it.
  8. 46th minute before our first shot on target (from 20 yards out) tells you everything you need to know about our current capability.
  9. Wolves v Palace tonight, hope you Wolves boys enjoy the most possession (and probably goals) you will see this season! I know "it's a results business" but I hate watching us sit back and do nothing for 90 minutes and preying that Zaha is having a good day, the less said about the pass completion % the better.
  10. Dreadful Palace performance, lucky to come away with a point, Hodgson's anti-football works 60% of the time but his continued lack of a plan B for when the game doesn't suit it is the reason some of the Palace faithful are losing a bit of faith.
  11. Palace have been shit as well, if we'd deserved a goal Brighton might feel (slightly) less hard done by, but before the penalty they were all over us. Thing is, whilst you'll always take the points gladly there's no joy in winning a game this way, derby or not.
  12. Dodgy penalty, but daft to even slightly wrap your hands around a striker in the box these days.
  13. Nah, it goes back to a load of silliness in the 60's (rivals for Div 3 South promotion, and some aggro at the games) and a number of events at games escalate matters from there, involving on and off pitch elements. The interesting thing is that (barring any changes/promotions in recent years) Palace are/were Brighton's next closest league team geographically speaking.
  14. We had exactly the same debate in last years' thread, it's pointless and tedious. Call it a "rivalry" if it makes you feel better, it's long lasting and intense and matters to us, what other fans consider it matters fuck all.
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