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  1. He's got the hump because he isn't getting his move, second half of last season when he came back from his injury and it was consistent brilliance game after game, but this year you can't even blame the 3 men marking him every game or the rotational fouling for his drop in form, he has a habit of being given the ball in the corner and stopping before trying to take his man/men on, he's having minimal success with this tactic and it really breaks up the rhythm of any attack. He's been brilliant over the course of his Palace career but it's sadly time to send him on his way, the issue being that nobody is likely to meet Steve Parish's valuation.
  2. Well that was a terrible, then excellent final 8 minutes...
  3. You jinxed us! To be fair, we'd been getting away with daylight robbery until then, Palace being Palace if 3-0 up at the Etihad with 5 minutes to go I'd take a draw if offered. Re. the VAR, it's so tough to know, I would have chalked it down to one of those things if given but I think that's a symptom of the inconsistency/lack of clarity on the rule itself.
  4. In other Palace V Arsenal news, some Palace fans nicked DT from Arsenal Fans TV's hat when we went to the Emirates earlier this season, and it was presented proudly on display in the Holmesdale stand today.
  5. Faking a head injury isn't diving, Palace dive, Palace waste time, we aren't morally superior, my "poor little Palace" was a reference to your condescending "be grateful for your point." This can't go anywhere really, best we agree to disagree.
  6. Absolute garbage, the level of head injury fakes and time wasting was embarrassing from Arsenal, the rest of your post is irrelevant whataboutery. But I suppose poor little Palace should just be so glad that big old Arsenal deemed us worthy to gift a point...
  7. Wishing the Arsenal players a speedy recovery from all their many, serious head injuries that required lying on the ground at times when (coincidentally) Palace were putting a good rhythm together.
  8. At Palace our cats are made of butter.
  9. The most Palace thing at this point would be to concede.
  10. I don't have the benefit of TV replays (at the game), but Arsenal's shithousery seems worse than Palace's.
  11. It would seem Arsenal are doing enough diving for everyone.
  12. Mailstrom https://www.mobygames.com/game/mailstrom
  13. We (Palace) deserved nothing from that game and were utterly dreadful, that must make the VAR element even more galling from a Norwich perspective.
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