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  1. Palace going down 3-0 to Liverpool, but actually putting up a fight. It's a million miles away from watching a Hodgson team last year, and until the second goal we were in the game, but for some poor touches in the box could have made the last 20 minutes more interesting than they were. No complaints about the result (scoreline a little flattering), noone expects to pick anything upb at Anfield but we went down swinging rather than with a whimper.
  2. Had some of these from a fancy food store in the nearby posh town, they were very good and extremely reminiscent of the old Phileas Fogg crisps of old (they had that heavy texture, with a very strong flavour)
  3. I wish I couldn't remember it. He describes coming to us as the worst decision of his career, he seems to be forgetting he got to pocket £65k a week for doing fuck all, the useless mercenary twat.
  4. It's subjective, you had a decent line up against a Palace team, maybe not Chelsea or Man City. The most effort Kane made all game was complaining about the penalty, he's hardly your second string.
  5. Spurs put up next to nothing today, missing players or not you had a decent line up out there. We were the better team before the sending off, I'd hope we would have won it anyway. I was VERY worried about Viera after Brentford, but he's added a confidence to our play that I haven't seen in years.
  6. Edouard looking a bit too happy to come to Palace... That said, one of the few place Norwood is an upgrade on is Glasgow.
  7. We lost that defensive discipline last season under Hodgson, we conded 66 vs the 50 the season before,the 2 new centre halves look decent. That second half performance should give a bit of optimism, when we actually put a shift in it started clicking (albeit Is till think we need a striker and a winger) and Gallacher looks like he could make a difference. Crappy starting run of games, Spurs and Liverpool next (after Chelsea, Newly promoted team that plays wel lfor a few games and a strong West Ham) so we are always going to be struggling for points and sitting down the bottom for while. I'm willing to wait and see who else we bring in and the fitness of Olise and (fingers crossed) Eze before getting to worried, this doesn't feel wuite like Frank De Boer...yet. I'm mostly worried about the Brighton game at the end of September if we haven;'t got our shit together, they owe us big style for that, daylight robbery, shithouse, Benteke in the 94th minute win attheir gaff last year.
  8. In other exciting news that puts all the other transfer shennanigans in the shade, Palace are signing Will Hughes from Watford! Anyone else excited? No? Just me?
  9. Some nice Weezer vibes with this one (featuring the singer of the Regrettes)
  10. Had can of this last night. Banana and pear imperial sour, somoeone on the UK Craft Beer group described it as tasting like the banana antibiotics you had as a kid, so I gave it a go. Was very, very good (for me) but I would imagine one not for everyone as it really was a unique flavour (definite undertone of those foamy banana sweets)
  11. As expected, Palace were gash by and large. 2 new centre halves were very decent (and depressingly the best passers of the ball on the pitch), Connor Gallagher looks the real deal, but very little to say positive other than that. Brentford brought minimal excitement to the game but defended well, can't help feeling that with a decent front 3 we would have taken them though. Going to be a serious relegation battle this year unless things pick up or there are 3 teams much worse than us.
  12. Back again! We've move to a slightly 'fancier' area so we can be with my dad (knee replacement, can't stand). We'll probably play shit and lose, but I've had 8 Morleys wings and a bottle of Palace Ale (brewed by Neil Morrisey), so its not a total loss.
  13. Who? (sorry, evry time his name comes up this is alI can think of)
  14. The last good window we had was 5 years ago and only becauuse we threw cash at staving off impending relegation in January, we normally sign either an overpaid, shite or arsehole (sometimes all 3) player with about 5 minutes to go paying well over the odds. This window has been known (11 players of contract) for a while, so would assume the targets are a couple of years in the making in positions we have to fill rather than would like to. Still don't think we have done enough business yet (need a winger and a striker, maybe anothe centre mid), but the 4 signed all feel like positive moves with an eye on the future.
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