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  1. Like most things in football it's opinions, I'd agree there's an argument for both. Interestingly, if we extrapolate your logic then would going back to no offside rule be the ideal? No need to try and interpret when the ball left the foot vs the position of the attacker at the precise moment etc. It would make for an interesting experiment, I know there's the whole historical "goal hanger" argument, but when you think of the pitch space it opens up it could be entertaining.
  2. The above is the perfect example of why the old rules didn't make sense if you watch the live clip rather than a still picture, Zaha has absolutely no impact on any element of the goal he's not in the goalkeeper's sight, he's not even pulled a defender out of position through the build up.
  3. "Crystal Palace sponsored by Frosted Lucky Charms" Come on you Eagles!!!!!!!! Next 2 months of fixtures are horrific, I'll feel better with the points cushion we have now.
  4. So you're saying they taste nothing like a normal Richmond sausage?
  5. Dull game at Selhurst, Palace scoring in injury time rather than conceding the main difference between this and the Wolves game, I think the key ingredient i the success was Hodgson's research of Pukki, he was made to be pretty much anonymous today. Tough run of fixtures now, and no major source of goals in us makes me worry that our current points total/gap from trouble is going to be a distant memory come the end of November.
  6. That brief moment when its 3p.m. and everything might still be ok...
  7. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    Ramona, currently playing with Masked Intruder in the states, sounding like a cross between Teenage Bottlerocket and UK DIY punk outfit Martha.
  8. Little bit harsh. The risk is low of it happening, but like all businesses if this freemium model provides revenues/ROI far greater than other endeavours you'd be stupid to not move at least some of your resource across and it's not a simple as suddenly doubling your development teams to meet an (at this point unknown) need so you can run both in tandem A more likely outcome is that you could see the gap between releases of console versions lengthen.
  9. We haven't played to his strengths since he came back and he really seems to have gone from hardworking and frustrated to barely putting a shift in, case in point Zaha played him through and he should have started moving anticipating the pass but didn't react until after the ball was released and was 2 steps away from being able to reach the ball and have a one on one.
  10. If your finishing were better in the first half and the bit of luck of the deflection hadn't happened it would have been very different, we only really play when we go one down or one up, you could see we hand the wind in our sails all of a sudden after the goal. I thought we both looked various shades of shite, and it's going to be a long season!
  11. The most 'Palace' 2nd half ever. Deflected goal to take the lead. Dominate for the majority of the second half. Have an opposition player sent off. All things that to most teams mean victory, not Palace, Hodgson in his wisdom brought on Benteke who pretty much fucked up everything that came his way, including a breakaway with Zaha that resulted in Wolves breaking up the other end and equalizing in the 93rd minute.
  12. Half-time at Selhurst park, in what has been a thoroughly dreadful game, Wolves edging it towards the end (one Guaita worldy save in there as well). Highlight of the first half for Palace fans was contuinaly shouting to the ref that the ball was off the line for Moutinho's corners (it wasn't) until the third one, when he came over to check and we all started taking the piss out the ref for believing us.
  13. I feel I must apologise for the state of the Arhur Waite stand and the godawful facilities in advance of your visit. If it gives you any comfort, we also stick our own fans in the same stand and (bar a small section of the main stand) the rest of the place is nearly as ropey, so it's nothing personal against away fans. We justify this as "it's a proper old school stadium" so I can only assume people in the old days liked overflowing urinals and fuck all space. You'll likely spank us no matter what your recent form, Palace scoring two goals they deserve is the first indicator of a impending apocalypse so in the very unlikely event of this happening say goodbye to your loved ones asap. If you coming down on the train, some of the lines from London out our way have engineering works that were only recently announced so worth a double check.
  14. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    I like a song with a message, and I think this is a message we can all get behind!
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