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  1. I wasn't aware other teams were allowed to win in Fergie Time at Old Trafford!!!! A fair slice of luck in there for Palace, but dear god did we need a lucky game.
  2. Apparently Palace have offered Benteke a new contract... Pukki has scored more Premier League goals in 2 games than Big Ben has scored in 2 years. Even Darren Huckerby is mugging us off
  3. Completely forgot about this Frank Sidebottom story/song.
  4. It's like the start of an episode of Qunatum Leap, next up he'll step out and see that the only chance Palace have of winning is Benteke scoring... "Oh boy"
  5. Cahill will be joining us at Selhurst, seemed a bit confused by the shirt, maybe his agent had only told him someone had agreed his wage demands but not who...
  6. skadupuk

    Best New Music 2019

    "That kid from Stranger Things" has a band, they are surprisingly (given the histtoric actor/musican quality ratio) not too bad.
  7. Palace sign Jordan Ayew for £2.5m, that's £1.25m for every goal he scored last year in 25 appearances (one of which was against Grimsby), it's good value for a 4th choice striker/back-up winger, but isn't reasssuring anyone that there will be the much needed hige end striker and centre back we are despparate for. Talk of a £8m bid for perenial crock James McCarthy feels me with dread.
  8. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    This Tightwire track is tight
  9. It's Puma... Underclass is fair though.
  10. Big fan of the new Palace away kit
  11. It's not clever humour, but there's something I love about Kunt andthe gang:
  12. Big Heath addressig some Youtube comments
  13. skadupuk


    It's difficult to describe, very unique, sweet like cola but not quite as overpowering and makes a very caramel-esque drink with the rum without being as sickly as that sounds, if you've ever had sugar cane juice in Asia it'll taste familiar. It's good, but doesn't beat cola/lime, ginger beer or coconut water for me but was a very nice change (I wouldn't splash out if it's expensive, I got it on a deal) Re. the Dark N Stormy, cocktail ratio is 60ml rum to 100ml ginger beer and lime juice (10ml-ish), I like it a little too much so tend to do different strengths depending on how many I'm planning to drink, 50ml to 150ml works for me in terms of slowing down my consumption rate (lot's of ice) but dilutes the hit of rum, it reads like you may have gone 250ml+ of GB which would definitely make it much harder for the rum to balance things off/come through.
  14. skadupuk


    Zacapa 23 is £37.99 on Amazon, that's a cracking price for a very drinkable rum. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ron-Zacapa-Centenario-Rum-70cl/dp/B0046EP7NQ?ref_=Oct_DLandingS_PC_dc9b93d5_1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE
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