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  1. skadupuk

    The Boxing Thread

    Can't see it myself as I'm not sure they'd want to risk a Ruiz shot connecting (by luck or skill), a second defeat to a fairly limited boxer like Ruiz would be incredibly damaging to the AJ gravy train. The lack of entertainment makes it a hard public sell as well, I reckon you are more likely to see AJ up against a no-mark where he can chalk up another big knock out and get the hype train accelerated before heading towards a big fight (against who will depend on the next 6 months)
  2. I'd gamble on Hodgson beating Anthony Joshua in a fist fight before I'd bet on us finishing 4th.
  3. Watford targeting Zaha as per, wish he didn't have such a quick temper, certainly not helped by Atkinson giving him a yellow card for a Watford player sticking their leg out so he'd run into it (off the ball). Regardless Palace just aren't tough enough for the physical teams, it's an almost certain 3 points for Watford if the temper/style of the game stays the same in the second half.
  4. Took the kids to their first night game, testing their resolve for the big'un against Brighton on the 16th. What a result, down to 10 after 20 minutes and nicking a 1 - 0 in the last 15. Bournemouth were woeful, a better team could have taken us apart.
  5. skadupuk

    The Boxing Thread

    Bit of an old video from October, but this is quite funny
  6. I don't want my sausage polluted by beans, but like you I like to be able to mix (especially if I have some cheap white buttered bread for mopping up) I've always debated whether a little ramekin of beans on the side would be the answer, albeit I'd be judged to be a bit fancy.
  7. Had some of these the other day, forgot just how delightful they are:
  8. Foul on Milivojevic by Chambers (stamp on his foot). Given Milivojevic gave Chambers a good shove just before, it makes it all the more odd.
  9. Despite my guilt over Palace nicking a point they shouldn't have, Arsenal Fans TV is going to be an absolute treat later.
  10. I can see that it may have brought an inspection, but how they thought it was a foul beggars belief. One if the few occasions I wouldn't feel hard done by conceding a last minute losing goal.
  11. Again Palace on the "winning" side of a VAR decision, I've absolutely no idea how that was disallowed. But at the same time.... Come on you Palace!
  12. December 1984. Poignant photo. This was taken just a few days before Leonard Pearce (Grandad) passed away, filming his very last scene in Only Fools. The episode was incomplete and so never aired. However, it was rewritten with Uncle Albert and became the famous ‘Hole in One’ classic when Albert threw himself down a man hole to claim damages.
  13. How appropriate, you fight like a cow!
  14. In Benteke's first season at Palace he scored 15 goals (which is like 30 at a good team) which went a very long way to keeping us up, I don't think it can be said that he was a bad buy at that point in time. What the hell happened after that nobody really knows, but you can't blame whoever made the decision to buy him.
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