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  1. I'll take that undeserved point all day long, Brighton need to question how they didn't take us dow. Across the two games Palace should have won the first and Brighton the second, both would have been better off points wise if that had happened.
  2. Nah, no pace at all for us to escape our own half, be lucky to pick up a point here.
  3. Palace still playiing shite, by far the worst performance of the season, perfect game to bring it out. Butland having a blinder.
  4. Definite penalty for Brighton. Definte foul on Butland for the disallowed goal. Palace playing shite.
  5. Hmmm... I think your season is going much better than ours, and no Zaha (who LOVES a goal against Brighton). I think the gods have already favoured us with a couple of shithouse wins/results over the last few of seasons at your gaff so I think we are on the end of a 2-0, fucking Maupay for both goals.
  6. Palace playing like dogshit so far. The commentator that suggested that the Hughes tackle might be a red must have been smoking something...
  7. Glad the 3rd kit is getting a run out, is a great design and makes a nice change. We lack Zaha and Ayew and Kouyate (AFCON) and have a number of players only just back from Covid, on paper we should still be too strong, so that'sa guaranteed 1-0 Milwall win with an own goal in the 94th minute.
  8. Glad we could help you fill your ground for a change
  9. What the fuck is this:
  10. Nah, was definitely a penalty, what the hell he was thinking with controlling it with his hand I don't know. Palace were their own worst enemy in that game, great finish by Lanzini but he only got the opportunity due to piss poor defensive work (started by Milivojevic losing the ball, he's a shadow of his former self), our lacking in taking our chances has been a theme all season. The biggest complaint we have with that ref, is why that wasn't a backpass at the end.
  11. I can't believe how poor they are, in part it's physical as they have very little bulk onthe field vs Koutate, Schlupp, Mateta and Edouarde, add in Hughes tenacity and they are overwhelmed. We got lucky right at the end of the half when they should have nicked one, but there's been nothing other than that to worry us. It's most disconcerting to be this comfortable in a game.
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