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  1. Ho hum, as always it waas too good to be true, god knows who we end up with (probably fucking Allardyce again as we run out of time/options) There is defintely a lot of long standing backroom staff at Palace that are well thought of, Parish is (I've heard) fairly loyal in that regard so I can see the concept of binning them off for no reason other than the new manager wants it sitting badly.
  2. I really hope it works out for him as from his interviews he seems like a decent guy, but the risk of him not being able to come back fully from his injuries and be the same player are high, 4.0 might be a waste of budget...
  3. Hard to know how many we will get but our biggest issue recently has been the wage bill (in terms of adding players) reather than transfer fees and some of the players that are 100% going from the 1st team are on silly money even more so when you look at their recent contributions, for example of the 5 defenders on that list only one made more than 20 appearances (including substitute appearances) this season and the highest paid made 6, we are also sending Batshuayi back who was costing us £100k a week (18 appearances mostly 5 minute cameos, 1 goal). Arguably, if you bought fit an
  4. We have over 20 players out of contract, 12 of those are part of the named 25 man squad, its an ideal place/time to build his own team. Any new manager we get will have to get a budget to rebuild and we have a load of big earners off the books who weren't really contributing freeing up wage capacity. I'm still surprised he'd consider it/hasn't had a better offer though.
  5. Nuno to Palace? I'd be bloody delighted (I'm not holding my breath though)
  6. The documentary was completed just after the season it shows but has been stuck ever since due to an endless set of legal challenges around images/foootage etc. Rewatching the play off semi-final at your gaff reminds me of just how good Yannick Bolasie was before he got injured at Everton, my favourite quote about him was by Neil Warnock re. his skill at beating his marker "Yala doesn't really know what he's doing next, so the full back has no chance" Great exaple below, he really was a joy to watch. The "poogate" saga was ridiculous in the
  7. At Palace its referred to as "doing a Tommy Black" Incredibly talented yet lazy player who put in 8 of the greatest performances in years in a Palace shirt after doing fuck all for 3 years, getting his new contract and then doing fuck all again.
  8. I can only assume its cheaper than buying someone...*sigh*
  9. Anything to disguise the shame of Benteke scoring against you.
  10. It's Bamford, he owes the universe several more to balance this off:
  11. Most interesting is that he's saying it's his choice/he's retiring from the stresses of EPL management. I think the announcement has been brought forward so the fans at the Arsenal game can say goodbye. I'm extremely grateful for his tenure and the success (relativelym, for us) he's brought us, but with 10 players out of contract and the opportunity to reubild the team I think fresh blood makes sense.
  12. Another Hodgson tactical masterclass, 2-1 down to Southampton and we are all over them second half trying to get an equaliser with plenty of (rare for us) attacking play, so he decides to change the formation that was working so well back to the weak (through the middle) 442 he loves so much annnnnnnnnd...... Almost immediately 3-1 Southampton, Ings strolls right through to score. And then we haven't been out of our own half since.
  13. It's a cracking tune, one of the best on the album. Turns out it's from 1997 when Rivers played in a band called Homie (when at college) Original demo from then is online: I'malways amazed at the journey of some songs and how long they take to be fully formed/finished.
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