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  1. https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEii3xT81U1A6tLjrQ Klargon posted it a few pages back.
  2. Even the usually sympathetic GB subreddit is full of negative comments so they must be in trouble! Danny is on hiatus and so is his Demon Souls stream. They’ve also announced they are going to be permanently home streaming. There was less of the talking over each other mess this week which is something of an improvement at least.
  3. Thanks Steve, I left a Nook Miles Ticket beside the recipes.
  4. I've got some to offload too if I can join?
  5. Thanks @stoofle, I left a bag of bells as a tip.
  6. I'm going to pop over before work if that's alright!
  7. Is the island still open for a visit?
  8. I'm going to jump on when I can get the Switch off my boy!
  9. I just got into the region switching today and I seem to have got the hang of it. What’s the situation with the Mexican E Shop? When I change my region I get a ‘Price unavailable’ error and there doesn’t seem to be a proper shop.
  10. Making the news the focus at the start made it a decent listen as well. Jeff seemed to be trying to keep up the shitty try-hard attempts at humour in Ben’s absence though I reckon GB West will need to do something based on all the negative feedback I see here and on the thread on Neogaf though they are a bit nasty there.
  11. It's free with Twitch Prime this month.
  12. HMV have been doing a decent vinyl sale for a few months now. They had loads of Universal Black to Black and reissue releases but I’ve also picked up a few bargains including the half speed remastered Eno albums for £12.99! I’ve popped in again recently and they had newer albums out so they seem to be continuing with it for a bit longer. Does this mean they can no longer get away with charging over £20 for endless remastered classic albums?
  13. Yep, I was surprised to find the call in show has been going for over a year now. Ben is so bad at fielding questions and handling the callers. That episode with just Ben and Rory was a fucking car crash.
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