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  1. Blade Runner 2049

    I should of copyrighted my online username years ago :-))
  2. Blade Runner 2049

    all i will say on the subject is: [in 2049] where has Deckard been hiding? and what where the people wearing [who where not replicants] when they kidnapped him?
  3. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    bit of a old one:

    and utterly no mention about 'Oz' ?! oh my god :-) ______ i'm loving the show at the moment, knew nothing about until i saw the trailer, then the pilot late last year. i like the way i'm still interested even 4 episodes in of 10 still not knowing much of anything really, but, i hope we are not going to get half a massive reveal at the end and then have to wait til season 2 [if it comes along] for the other half. of course if this is done well its not a problem, and the potential possibilities for a show like this are massive. just hope it doesn't loose its way i have to say that the trailer is one of the best ive seen in quite a while, although if you watch it after seeing the show i'll know who the mole is [i'm pretty sure] :-) oh, and plus Baldwin is HOT!
  5. oh sorry, haven't been here for a few years :-)
  6. Split Second

    i normally find that choosing a car with the least amount of drift helps no end
  7. Split Second

    agreed, plus it didn't help with the 'Season 2' teaser at the end of the game
  8. Split Second

    i wonder if Burnout Revenge will get the backwards compatibility treatment when the Paradise remaster turns up
  9. i found it a 'OK' 'straight to DVD' sci-fi film. like something you might see on the syfy channel or you could watch 'Infinity Chamber' which is on netflix at the moment made for a faction of the cost and infinitely better
  10. Blade Runner 2049

    really? its been on my wishlist since the film was in the cinemas, i should of picked it up when i got the soundtrack
  11. X Files - Mulder & Scully are back again!

    is this season better than the last? i couldn't watch the full season as i found it so bad, but the clips ive seen of season 11do look a little better
  12. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    if you didn't like the first episode, then, no. from the first episode i was hooked, loved every minute of it. it was great to get into a good current sci-fi show. plus so refreshing to have a season rounded up rather than left with a massive cliffhanger
  13. Shmups

    Overdriven Reloaded is now out on XBox, its a fun little shooter [also available on Steam] from a one man dev team
  14. Split Second

    nice to see this thread is still going since the game came out! i'm a big fan, brought it on both PS3 and 360 back when it came out and now play it on Xbox One, its a massive shame the developers got closed down straight after making this
  15. Yeah I totally agree with you there, I'm not sure if it was in the book but they could of found another to do it surely

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