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  1. Think the point system in conquest is flawed. It's far too capture (rush like) orientated. Played quite a few games where people just run around blindly (like headless chickens) taking flags rather than holding or applying some strategy. Now I perfectly understand the concept of PTFO but isn't the objective to hold as many flags as possible for as long as possible? In one match I defended the flag multiple times with a multitude of kills but a team mate who captured far less flags (than I defended) with far fewer kills ended up with more points. Perhaps the answer is to care less about points and relative ranking to team mates and opponents but doesn't that take a large element of satisfaction away from the game? Hence, why I tend to prefer operations at the moment.
  2. Have found that the counter to the roof tactic is bomber runs which decimate those camping on top so that tends to invalidate that option if the opposition have halfway decent pilots.
  3. I did just that yesterday evening. Had an epic contest last night on St. Quentin's Scar. Managed to grab myself an AA gun and virtually take down an airship single handed . Wish I knew how to capture gameplay as it would have been a good one for the old WW1 memoirs.
  4. Hi Kingpin. Happy to team up no matter our respective abilities and thanks for pointing me at the list of PC players. Have added my details. Not sure if its the done thing to just "friend" people or PM them first?
  5. Aside from Len is there anyone else playing BF1 on PC that I could team up with? This is the first FPS that I've actively played since MOH days so I'm learning the ropes.
  6. Is there a spreadsheet with fixtures and times (hopefully in BST) knocking about?
  7. k4osro


    Original I think Thanks ... might take a look at Macross when I'm done with FMA.
  8. k4osro


    Any thoughts on this ... http://kotaku.com/59...done?tag=review ...Yamato 2199 ... apologies if it has already been covered. Still working my way through FMA ... somewhere around episode 30 (of the english dubbed version). Will check out Gurren Lagann although have never been a huge fan of mecha anime.
  9. k4osro

    Levelling system

    Like Duck I typically play with the same faces ... Elysium, Impervium and Pink ... occasionally RJ. Also play a fair bit of 1v1 but am hitting my skill level ceiling in Platinum (for those not in the know its about mid tier skill wise). I would tend to agree that even at my level the match ups are becoming stale. Hate Z vs Z often comes down to one baneling or a minor deviation in build order. Other matchups tend to stick to the same formula. HOTS has introduced some new units but just doesn't feel that different gameplay wise. Perhaps I've not played it enough. The recent beta patches seem to be focussed on improving the overall experience with clans, better menu layouts and chat. For a high level overview of the new units see http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Heart_of_the_Swarm
  10. Did he mention anything about the tomato sauce?
  11. Quite agree. Great series. Spoiler Alert! For a recap check out the following link: http://esfiworld.com/video/gsl-2012-season-2-code-s-grand-final-recap
  12. k4osro

    Battlenet IDs

    Added. Catch you when we are both next online
  13. k4osro

    Battlenet IDs

    Hi, I am silver 1v1. Will add you when I'm next online. Could do with a practice partner to improve my play. Do you also play 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc? Cheers, K
  14. Amusing slanging match ... read comments ... http://sc2casts.com/cast7096-ThorZain-vs-NightEnd-Best-of-3-ShoutCraft-Invitational-Round-of-8 And just in case you hadn't come across it www.sc2casts.com is a nice site which hosts links to VODs of pro sc2 matches.
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