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  1. Glad you like it. We tried to make it different to the rest of the podcasts out there, even if that does mean we tend to spend a shockingly small amount of time actually talking about games
  2. We do video reviews for as many big titles as we can (recently did one for Resi 5), all in HD 720p, and try to get up video footage for new releases when possible.
  3. This is a shameless plug, but we've been recording a weekly podcast for about two months now. Get all episodes here - a new show goes up every Friday afternoon.
  4. I think it's fair enough that publishers want reviews published near a game's release. I think Sony is actually one of the best for setting embargoes too, with their games often reviewed weeks ahead of the release date. If they had anything to hide, which is what everyone automatically assumes when an embargo is mentioned, why would they let everyone go live with reviews so far ahead of the release date?
  5. Playing this with the lights off, surround sound up to full and friends in the room is just brilliant. Having people shouting at you as you fumble with the controls, all trying to throw in their tuppence worth adds so much. Brings back memories of playing the original Resi as a kid - not that the games are all that similar.
  6. I've played quite a few surprisingly good DS games aimed at kids recently, and they've all got approval from my 9-year-old sister. Zubo - Rhythm action simple RPG from EA Guinness World Records - Great collection of mini games Monster Lab - turn-based combat and lots of collecting Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise - essentially the same as the 360 original, so quite tough to grasp, but really well designed for the DS Not played these myself, but also always being played by her are Pokemon Diamond/Pearl – she's probably put 150 hours into this and apparently all the kids at school play it Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop My Sims – likes that more than Animal Crossing strangely enough Cooking Mama - hates the wii game, but loves the DS version On Wii Mario Kart is probably the biggest hit. I think the Buzz! Junior games on PS2 also deserve more credit. They're essentially simple mini-games, but controlled entirely with the buzz controllers. They get more use than the Wii whenever I visit home.
  7. Will MS fix an on and off red ringing console or does it have to be completely dead? Mine's been clearly on its way out for a few weeks, red ringing a few times and then working, but ideally I want it sorted before Christmas.
  8. jtorry

    Left 4 Dead

    Does Gamestation ever break release dates? Just wondering what the chances are of picking this up tomorrow on 360.
  9. Mine's red ringed 3 times now, but each time it works again after turning it off and then on again. Is this going to die for good soon?
  10. We've just put up a short two-minute video review if anyone's interested but still on the fence about a purchase. Shows off the very pretty visuals.
  11. HD streaming trailer here if you want it in higher quality.
  12. We, as did most other video game publications, reviewed the game from a 'review' build only playable on debug PS3s. Although not quite final the devs and Sony were more than happy for people to review from this. And there was access to many of the online features as we could connect to a private test network. Although I personally wasn't able to test online multiplayer (as we pointed out in the review) we could test all the level creation and sharing, rating and the rest. Having the beta certainly helped as it showed what kind of levels people were capable of creating, but the review copy had more than enough functionality to review from and most publications have had it for a number of weeks.
  13. I've only played two levels of the PS3 version, but it seems unbelievably slick. The visuals are incredible at times (especially some of the stuff I've seen from later on), the production values are through the roof and it's great fun to play. It's not going to have the same impact as Resident Evil 4 (it doesn’t actually feel all that similar), but it's right up there with the best I've played in the genre. Nice that the PS3 version includes trophy support too.
  14. Episode 3 is out now featuring Battlefield: Bad Company, TNA Impact, BIA: Hell's Highway, H.A.W.X., UT3 360, SSBB and Buzz! Quiz TV. Let us know what you think. http://www.videogamer.com/show
  15. jtorry

    Top Spin 3

    This takes a while to get to grips with, especially if you're a VT veteran, but it's well worth the effort. It's the first tennis game I've played that feels like a sim. Risk shots are hard, but not overly hard. You just have to make sure you're in the right position and spot in with your timing. The only real letdown for me is the fairly average career mode. It's not bad, but fairly simple compared to other sports games. If you're at all interested in tennis you should pick Top Spin 3 up. By the way, PS3 and 360 versions are very similar. PS3 game seems to suffer from slight stuttering (hard to explain as it's not really slowdown) but you might not even notice this if you haven't seen the 360 version. PS3 game includes Nadal though, which might be enough to sway some people. Both games look brilliant.
  16. Right, episode two is now online. On the show we've got EndWar, Rock Band, Ninja Gaiden 2, GRID, LEGO Indiana Jones, Quake Wars and Age of Conan. This episode proved to be quite hard to produce. We've still got sketches along with the previews, reviews and features, but the balance between them has been changed slightly. It would be great to hear from viewers of episode one to see which you prefer. The VideoGamer Show: Episode Two: http://www.videogamer.com/show/
  17. jtorry

    Rock Band!

    Cheers. We'll be going on a spending spree this evening then.
  18. jtorry

    Rock Band!

    Sorry if this has already been answered, but I had a quick look through and couldn't see anything. Does anyone know how the downloaded tracks are handled on the 360? Say I download some songs using my profile, but my house mate wants to play using his profile on the same console. Will he have access to those downloaded tracks if he's the only user signed in?
  19. jtorry

    Ninja Gaiden 2

    Review copies have been available for a while now, so i guess he's played it that way. Reviews should appear on various sites tomorrow.
  20. The Haze material in the show was nothing to do with the advertising. In fact the advertising has nothing to do with the content on the site at all. The show should have been release before it was which is why the content was already quite dated - hence a Haze preview instead of a review. The next show, due the first week in June, will have far more current reviews and previews. Cheers for all the feedback guys. There will definitely be less rectum/anus jokes in episode two - we didn't realise they stuck out until it was all together and felt it was better to just get the show out there rather than work on it any more.
  21. Thanks for the comments so far guys. Was that necessary SaintM? It has no relevance to the video at all.
  22. After many months of trying to come up with a video game show that isn't your bog standard assortment of reviews and previews we've finally put together The VideoGamer Show. We're after honest feedback, no matter how scathing, in the hope that we can grow the show into something that is entertaining for gamers and non-gamers alike. If you've got a spare 20 minutes we'd really appreciate to hear what you think. The VideoGamer Show: Episode Three: Featuring Battlefield: Bad Company, TNA Impact, BIA: Hell's Highway, H.A.W.X., UT3, SSBB and Buzz! Quiz TV. The VideoGamer Show: Episode Two: Featuring EndWar, Rock Band, Ninja Gaiden 2, GRID, LEGO Indiana Jones, Quake Wars and Age of Conan. The VideoGamer Show: Episode One: Featuring Haze, Metal Gear Online, GTA 4, Iron Man, UEFA Euro 2008, Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit. http://www.videogamer.com/show/
  23. I used to love GT. I remember playing GT3 every day for what seemed like months, but since then the series has just grown increasingly dull. As nice as Prologue looks, the racing just feels so robotic. Compared to Forza 2 it feels so dated, and Prologue even suffers from pretty terrible slowdown more often than I'd like. I know it's just a teaser for what's coming in GT5, but other than the online nothing much seems to have changed. Races in Forza 2 are genuinely exciting whereas in Prologue I might as well just be doing time trials. The way you seem to bounce off cars looks plain wrong on what is supposedly the most advanced console on the market. At £20 it's not bad, but I'm hoping when we finally get GT5 it'll be more than just extra tracks and cars.
  24. Is the demo for this on the UK PSN too or just US at the moment?
  25. I love The Club. I can't see how it's getting some really low scores (didn't it get a couple of 5s in EGM this month?). I can only assume a few people ran through the game's stages and that was it, with their only goal being to finish the game. Really, that's just like finishing an extended training level, and by then you should be ready to get some nice high scores. I'd pick this over DMC4 this week if you had to choose.
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