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  1. I agree that these are by no means "perfect" at the moment, & I always accept that whenever I try out these beta cores. This post below will please you all, still under active development. Oh. the core has had an update since I posted it originally so worth downloading the newer versions of the rbf files. Pramod Somashekar @pr4m0d 25 Jul When I get more time, I'll move onto the next phase of the work which is timing. So I have to measure the timings of different things like dtack gen, dma, etc. and tune the cores to play with the same timings as the board. Since the functionality is sound now, I have a good base.
  2. Another pre-release beta core for you to try. I'm not going to able to test this one for a few days so I'll be relying on you guys to tell me how it is! Seems to be a new shmup core every week at the moment. R-Type for the M72 core. Download the various parts needed from here. I'm assuming a manual install will be required.
  3. @KlatrymadonI suspect I know what your issue is, but I can't test my theory at the moment as I won't have access to the MiSTer for about a week. Anyway, here goes! I suspect that you're right-clicking & saving on these link shown in the first image. This will give you a file that won't work. Left click on the MRA link, this will take you to the code itself (see 2nd image). On the right hand side at the top of the code you will see a button that says "RAW". Right-click on "Raw" and then "save link as". That should then give you the working mra file. Once you've got the mra files then run update-all as normal. I hope that helps!
  4. I wasn't expecting this so soon, especially after reading some of the core author's posts earlier this week. The Battle Garegga release candidate core has dropped (Kingdom Grand Prix & Sorcer Striker also on the same core). Get the files from here. As usual with some of these beta cores, a manual install is required. Enjoy!
  5. I suspect it will follow (it's one of the games on my wish list) but it may be a little while before we see it based on the core author's recent tweet, I'm reading between the lines though. I'm under the impression he's not allowing the general public to view his tweets so I've quoted it relating to Garrega. Talking of being drip-fed games. seems like Jotego may have a treat in store for us next week.
  6. A beta core for Battle Bakraid has been released by "pr4m0d", the same coder behind Armed Police Batrider. Download the beta core here, and a manual install is required.
  7. Nearly everyone is using a 128mb SDRAM nowadays. I'm under the impression that the PS1 core should work fine with the older 32mb versions although I can't confirm this. There is no N64 core in the works, at least not one that anyone is willing to admit to. It's widely acknowledged that the Cyclone V on the DE10 just isn't big enough. Plus, with the gigaleak from a year or so back that contained the N64 FPGA sourcecode I think that no one wants to touch the N64 and attract Nintendo's attention. There was some N64 developement work done on an other FPGA dev board prior to that leak, but that has gone quiet. A link to the dev's Youtube channel is here if you want to see what progress was made.
  8. I used to go to the CEX retro shop quite a bit as well. Seem to recall it being on Whitfield Street. I also purchased a Nomad from there, was always amazed at everything they had although it was all locked inside glass cabinets. I remember the older chap who worked in that store too. When CEX closed that store and moved it into the basement of Rathbone place I'm sure that all three of the staff left to open up their own retro store somewhere near Shepherds Bush. I don't think that lasted too long. Edit - twitter name removed
  9. It might be worth trying to hook up the MiSTer to your network by ethernet cable as I know wi-fi can be a bit flakey with the MiSTer. Must confess I'm not really sure what to suggest at this point other than setting up again with a fresh install. As well as the link you gave earlier, which is my preferred method for setting up a fresh SD card, you could also try the "Mr-Fusion" method for setting up a fresh install as well which seems to have become the favoured method for setting up.
  10. I'm afraid I can only answer one of your questions @Klatrymadon. In the main MiSTer.ini file there is a setting you can change to reduce the time that info in the top left appears for. Search for "video_info=*" and change the * to the lowest setting, and I'm sure 0 does work to eliminate it altogether despite the blurb saying the range is from 1-10. I haven't tried this but you could possiblly set it to do this only for the PS1 core by entering the folllowing at the end of your ini file [psx] video_info=0 As far as I'm aware, Update_All is now using the newer download.sh script and has been for a little while. Personally, I haven't noticed any issues. I succesfully got the new Pang core earlier and that's working fine. Just tried some Neo Geo stuff and all is good there for me. To my knowledge the Update_All / Download.sh is only getting the RBF file for the console cores and nothing else so I can't really say what's going on. Possilbe corrupted downloads maybe? All I can suggest is try deletiing the Neo Geo core (keeping a backup in case it's an older version you prefer to have) and running the updater again. Sorry I can't be of any more help. I'm having a bit of an intermittant problem with the MiSTer myself at the moment, but it's more hardware related. It seems as if my USB hub isn't powering on everytime I turn on the MiSter, meaning receivers, keyboards, mice and the hard drive are not turning on. And this is while using the Mean Well power adapter that everyone seems to favour nowadays. It's random, sometimes it works and everything comes on while other times it doesn't. Switching receivers around sometimes helps to kick it back into action but it's starting to take longer to get everything operational. Annoying! On a lighter note for everyone else, here's a new beta for you all to try ... Armed Police Batrider
  11. Spent another half an hour or so with the Saturn core. Still no luck in getting it going. I'm sure I have the right bios file or I don't think I'd be seeing the boot screen. I've tried all the bios files with this same result, even the Hi-Saturn & V-Saturn bios. Really puzzled as to what I may have set up incorrectly! I've got the unstable "MiSTer" file from the nightly builds. I obviously have the core & the bios collection. It's a mystery at this point. Below is what I see, I've yet to successfully launch a Saturn game on MiSter so I'm almost at the point of giving up for the moment & going back to the real thing! @Tomdominerwould you be willing to share your rbf & unstable MiSTer files? **EDIT: I think I've figured it out. Silly mistake!
  12. I've also been dabbling with this without much success. Got the bios screen loading but it appears to be in "slow motion" mode, moving between the icons is sluggish. I'm sure it wasn't like this when I first loaded it. At the moment, not really too bothered about not getting the core playing as I have a Saturn / Retrotink5X combo next to the MiSTer.
  13. Dangun Feveron is now playable via the Cave core. @KlatrymadonIn short, the PSX core can handle games with multiple files. I've just loaded up Wizardy Dimguil and it works fine. Admittedly, I have compressed my copy down to single .chd file which was originally 3 bins & a cue file. I can test it in it's original bin/cue format in a little while if you wish.
  14. MSU-1 is a nice feature ..... at least, I thought that at the time when I got my SD2SNES. I think the only games I truly appreciated having a CD audio quality on was Chrono Trigger, F-Zero & Zelda. I've been trying to get my exisiting SNES MSU-1 game set working on the MiSTer for the last hour but haven't had any success yet. Have you managed to make any work yet, @Colonel Panic? The patched roms seem to work, but no MSU audio.
  15. My intial thought would be to cold reboot the MiSTer and try loading the game again. It sounds like everything is set correctly, can you post some screengrabs of your PSX folder layout and the folder with the PS1 game in it?
  16. What files are coming down as .rar files. @Count Buffalos? If you're talking about the CD images of PS1 games then they need to be unpacked so that each game is in it's own folder as bin/cue. If you want you can then convert these to .chd to save space. If you're talking about the bios files then they also need to be unpacked & renamed (see my post from earlier today). These live in the /Games/PSX folder.
  17. The bios thing changed about a week ago, The way I now have it set is to have one of each bios (Jpn, USA, Pal) named boot.rom, boot1.rom & boot2.rom in the PSX games directory. I can't remember what boot rom is associated with which region but I believe it's boot.rom for USA, boot1.rom for Jpn & boot2.rom for Pal with my system type still set to auto in the menu. Might be a bit late for you Colonel Panic, but hopefully helps others out.
  18. There's a new arcade beta core for those who like to try things before they're released publically, SNK's Alpha Mission with the core in development by RndMnkIII. The relevant files can be downloaded from here. Only managed to get the "ASO.mra" variant to work initially as the other two MRA files are complaining about a missing file in the rom. While I have got "Alpha Mission" & "Arian Mission" working it's not worth the hassle so just stick to loading "ASO". https://github.com/RndMnkIII/AlphaMission
  19. Was just about to this about the 32X. I'd seen something from Sentient6 ealier in the day hinting at it, but I ignored it just thinking it was wishful thinking! I've already tried the core, for the most part it's fine. But there are some audio issues with the few games I've tried. Still, considering the circumstances srg320 has released this under, nobody will mind!
  20. I've had one of these for a little while. I like the 8bitdo stick,but I keep finding myself going back to my old XB360 Sanwa / Madcatz Street Fighter IV stick. I guess it's all down to personal preference at the the end of the day and what feels "right" for you. As these Matcatz sticks probably aren't available new anymore the 8bitdo is certainly a good choice. Has this been updated since the initial mid-March beta release?
  21. Same story for me, one of the few cores where my Sony HD panel doesn't like the refresh rate the core is sending out. I had an an issue with Frogger in the early days of the MiSTer with this kind of problem, & I have seen it on one of Jotego's other recent cores as well (but memory fails me as to which game is affected). I was able to see the MiSTer menu long enough to see that there is a 60hz option In case you can't see the menu on the screen press the MiSTer menu button, hit down twice & press the confirm button. This should then send out a 60hz signal that your display will be able to lock onto. Alternatively, just add this to the bottom of your MiSTer ini file [hyperspt] vsync_adjust=0 The other problem I'm having with this particular core (well.two actually!) is the game doesn't seem to want to redefine my controls. It goes through the motions of doing it but then going to play the game the controls are as default. Also, it's the wrong Konami sports game! It should have been Hyper Olympics!
  22. For anyone who's interested, here is a beta of the Konami GX-400 / Nemesis core that has been in development for a little while. A manual setup is required.
  23. There's no issue at all with bin/cue. I'm just running a little low on space so compressing the CD games to free up a bit of space. In theory, there should be no difference between using bin/cue & CHD, but I'm convinced I heard something that wasn't quite right on FF7 using CHD. As the core is still in beta though, it's not an issue I'm going to bother reporting yet. I will test again once the core is made official. Until then, it's not a major issue ..... if it is indeed an issue and not me mishearing & imagining things.
  24. I've also been playing around with the Playstation core a bit over the last week or so, updating to the latest build every couple of days. Very impressed with what I've seen so far using a single ram. Tried SOTN, Ridge Racer, RR4, Capcom Vs SNK, as well as losing almost 5 hours to FF7. Not seeing any issues using bin/cue. In the process of finally compressing my files to CHD. Convinced I heard some sound issue using CHD with FF7 but not 100% certain, almost like something was missing. Don't know if I can be bothered to go those hours again just yet.
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