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  1. Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (PS Vita / PC) - For Serious - Composer / Arranger Mutsumi Ishimura
  2. @pastry I won't be continuing with the classical theme for too much longer as I know it's not to everyone's taste. I'll go back to chiptunes soon ... I promise! It was an idea I had a few weeks ago after playing Sexy Parodius. Most of the music of that game is classical music, although I liken it more to a modern take on those old "Hooked On Classics" albums. I am mostly a classical musician these days so I thought the idea of gaming renditions of classical music might be interesting to some folk, especially as OST's to modern games are so heavily influenced by classical music without actually
  3. Nothing else is immediately coming to mind. I use a SN30 Pro+ via a standard bluetooth dongle and not with one of 8bitdo's own dongles. On the rare occasion where I've had something like this happen I've been able to resync with the F11 pairing option / bluetooth pairing script. I don't think that's going to work in this case though. No harm in trying though!
  4. @Colonel PanicAssuming that the 8bitdo pad in connecting to the 8bitdo receiver without issues the only thing that comes to mind at this moment is having to define the buttons in the main menu. I'm certain no buttons register unless you've done this step ..... press F12 on a keyboard while on the main menu & you should see "remap keyboard, define joystick buttons, scripts" options. Try running through the define joystick buttons if you haven't already.
  5. @mmmonkeyIt's a real shame for Porkchop Express & misteraddons, he's a good fella and done so much for the community. He started the VAT registration process over 6 months ago & they kept asking him for further information. I'm not surprised he's given up. I don't know how true this is but I thought I had seen something about "8bitmods" possibly stepping in to handle American made MiSTer (and possibly other USA based retro gaming hardware / mod boards for various platforms) for distribution in the UK. Has anyone else heard anything along these lines or am I imagining this?
  6. @watusiThanks for that guide, not seen this before. I wonder if @Dr_Davewould be willing to update the original post with all of this newer information? My handy tip for the day shamelessly stolen from RetroRGB. Although I've been using SSH with MiSTer for quite a while I just never thought to create a batch file to make it a "one click" solution rather than typing and navigating my way through the MiSTer with Windows command prompt. Assuming you can SSH into your MiSTer over your network this little file makes updating your MiSTer easy without having to be at the
  7. The heat sink & fan are considered essential, definitely get those. If you're not intending on getting the i/o board then you'll also need a mounting plate for the fan. The 128MB SDRAM is also essential. A USB hub is also essential, but it's up to you whether you get the official USB hub for the MiSTer or a cheap hub from Amazon. There's a few more details on a post I made earlier here.
  8. Sexy Parodius (Sat / PS1) - Capsule Monster Cappuccino - Arranger Mayuko Kageshita (I could post so much music from this gem of a shmup!)
  9. I couldn't bring mself to post the "Wii Music" version of this, so here's a nice cheery version for your enjoyment! Dead Space (Xbox360 / PS3) - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Composer Unknown**
  10. Sexy Parodius (Sat / PS1) - Welcome, Kid - Arranger Mayuko Kageshita
  11. Eschatos (Xbox 360) - Debussy Clair De Lune (from "Suite Bergamasque")
  12. Fatal Fury 2 (Neo Geo / Arcade) - "Dies Irae" from ...
  13. Gyruss (Arcade) - J.S Bach Toccata (from Toccata & Fugue BWV 565 in D Minor) - I guess the NES version could also count here. Although this is obviously based on probably the most well known piece of organ music ever written, the arcade music is based off a version that was recorded by.....
  14. Tetris (GB) - Music Type C / J.S Bach "Menuet" from French Suite No.3 (B Minor) BWV 814
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