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  1. Same question here as well! I've been out of the importing game for quite a while now so have lost touch with who to go to. I vowed I would never use Play-Asia again after an order went missing some years ago which they refused to acknowledge and sort out leaving me out of pocket so in a way I'm glad they're "out of stock", but I realise that I may have to bite the bullet with them further down the line if I want an Asian version. Does anyone know of another reputable online retailer where an Asian version could be ordered?
  2. shiffy

    Nintendo Labo VR

    I'm quite interested in this VR kit. However, I do have a bit of a concern ...... how usable is this for someone who has to wear glasses? Is there enough space between the VR lense and eyes for glasses to be worn or would the glasses have to be taken off?
  3. Ah yes, I'd completely forgotten about them! Thanks for the reminder bowser123.
  4. Where's the best place to get US eShop gift cards these days? Wanting to take advantage of a couple of USA deals that don't seem to be on the UK store.
  5. Thanks for the info AMC. With what you said plus more reading I have taken the plunge and just stuck a UK kettle plug into it ...... all absolutely fine! The step down transformer has gone back into retirement!
  6. That's what I thought when I looked at the sticker. I'm playing it safe for now with a step down, but some say there are multi-voltage PSU's (ie: 110v - 240v) in these original PS3s despite what the sticker says. Either way, I've had a fun afternoon installing all the "extras". PS1 / PS2 / PSP ..... here I come!
  7. Hi folks, I hope that somebody here could help me. I recently acquired a launch 60gb Japanese PS3 (model no. CECHA00). I'm currently using it with a step down transformer but would prefer to get rid of the step down & use a UK 3 pin plug with no step down transformer. I've read conflicting articles about simply plugging the machine into the UK mains using a UK lead with a Japanese PS3 in that some say it works & others say it doesn't. Obviously I don't want to blow this machine up by bypassing the step down transformer & plugging the machine directly into the wall with a 3-pin UK plug. The sticker on the back of the PS3 says "100V-3.8A 50/60hz". Can I plug this PS3 staright into the UK mains with a 3-pin plug? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Same here, just getting the same message about not connecting and "Lavanderbeard"(??). I've just seen this tweet, that explains why we can't connect. In order to resolve the issues players are seeing with the servers, we will be temporarily suspending new players joining the game. We'll get everyone back in and playing as quickly as we can!
  9. Yep, I've been getting that for the last 20 minutes or so.
  10. I have to admit that I'm not really feeling this at the moment. My experience so far is with two sessions. The first earlier today with a few "random players" who seemed to know what they were doing while I felt like a spare part fumbling around while not contributing anything to the session. As I hadn't played the beta tests I thought it was my lack of experience. So I then fired up the solo player game hoping to learn what I'm supposed to be doing. So far, I've managed to capture a couple of chickens but managed to sink the boat somehow while returning to sell said chickens. Maybe it's tiredness on my part but I'm just not feeling this at the moment. If anyone here is in the same boat (no pun intended!) and wants to play around with this with no pressure then feel free to add me. Xbox GT = shiffy uk
  11. Thanks guys, that has sorted the issue. I must have previously played the rally expansion though as I already have some achievements for this DLC. I don't recall playing it on the 360 ..... oh well, no matter! It looks glorious with these One X enhancements.
  12. I know there's probably been a huge discussion on this elsewhere, but as Forza Horizon is "hot" again I thought I' ask here. Basically, can't get the "Horizon Rally" to work. It's downloaded (as part of a season pass) and installed on the Xbox One. Yet selecting the option in game presents me with the message "The Rally expansion will be available for download on December 18th". Has anyone else got or had this issue with the Rally DLC? If so, how did you get it to work?
  13. I'm willing to give this a go, I did something along these lines on another forum some years ago. Whether it helped save me any money I don't know, but I am intending to have a lean year in terms of expenditure & try to get by on what I already have. January 4 x Xbox Live Subscription (6 months) - £12.49 each / £49.96 (thanks Hotukdeals!) February 2 x Xbox £50 Gift Card - £42.63 each / £85.26 (again, thanks to Hotukdeals!) Super Gameboy 2 - SNES - £37.02 Yakuza Kimawi Steelbook Edition - PS4 - £15.99 Xbox £40 Gift Card - £17.43 (balance paid using £22.77 Game credit) *** Prey XB360 - £2.99 (purchased with existing Xbox credit) *** Splinter Cell Conviction XB360 - £4.49 (purchased with existing Xbox credit) *** Okami HD - XBONE - £11.19 (purchased with existing Xbox Credit) *** Railway Empire - XBONE - £44.99 (purchased with existing Xbox credit) ### Traded In - Tomb Raider Underworld -XB360 - -£1.60 ### Traded In - Child Of Eden - XB360 - -£0.20 ### Traded In - Split / Second - XB360 - -£1.50 ### Traded In - Skyrim Legendary Edition - XB360 - -£6.00 ### Traded in - The Darkness 2 - XB360 - -£2.00 ### Traded in - Dishonoured - XB360 - -£1.00 March *** Sea Of Thieves - XBONE £49.99 (Purchased with existing Xbox credit) Xbox £50 Gift Card - £42.26 Nier Automata - PS4 - £19.85 Persona 5 - PS4 - £23.99 Arms - Switch - £27.00 *** denotes games purchased with existing digital store credit ### denotes games traded against other purchases January Total - £49.96 February Total - £143.40 March Total - £113.20 Year To Date - £306.56
  14. Like many here I aim to cull my spending on new games. I have enough of a backlog to see me through 2018 & probably well beyond that. It's very much a case of play what I've got & try not to get suckered into purchasing all that is "new & shiny"! I think my only expenditure will be & RDR2 which I've promised myself as a very late birthday present, and an XBLive subscription because I nearly always find there's something among the "freebies" that is of value to me that I haven't owned or played before.
  15. shiffy

    SNES Mini

    If anyone still has the patience with the Game website it's still worth persevering with. Personally, I managed to add 1 to my basket at what must have shortly after 6:00pm, then battled with the Game website that constantly gave error messages (constantly hitting F5) before I was finally successful with the order being completed & having received confirmation emails at about 10:20pm.
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