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  1. While looking back through this thread a week or so ago I noticed that there is a lack of music from any of the Japanese computers, namely the X68000, FM Towns, NEC PC-8801 and the NEC PC-9801. There is a goldmine of music contained within the games released for these systems, especially the PC-98. During the next couple of months I'll highlight some of the music from these systems. I would urge you to explore the great music from these systems, as I did years ago when looking for inspiration for my own musical shenanigans. You'll find music from some very well known game composers as well as
  2. Update alert, everybody run your unofficial updaters. Jotego has released Side Arms to the public. Your scripts will now pick up all the necessary mra & rbf files.
  3. Tim Follin Friday! Rather than me posting a Tim Follin track I'll leave that honour to @ilpostino as he knows what's been posted previously (been posting tunes longer than me). I've been meaning to post this alongside the few that I have posted but kept forgetting. A fascinating interview conducted by Neil of the RetroManCave Youtube channel. Well worth watching. I'm going to be going a little "off-piste" with my track selections for a little while starting over the weekend. I've techincally already started with my X68K tracks from the last few days. I hope you enjoy
  4. OverTake - Deepest Red (Sharp X68000) - Composers Naoyuki Kimura & Hideyuki Shimono
  5. Akumajou Densetsu (Famicom) - Stream - Composers - Yoshinori Sasaki, Jun Funahashi, Yukie Morimoto VRC6 Expansion Audio USA / Euro versions of Castlevania 3 use the standard NES audio. NES version in the spoiler along with ....
  6. Super Monaco GP - Concentration (Megadrive) - Composer Tokuhiko Uwabo
  7. Cho Ren Sha 68K - Infinity - Sharp X68000/PC - Composer Loser Kashiwagi (Been getting to grips with shmup recently, fantastic music all round and very hard to pick a favourite. Well worth listening to the whole soundtrack, and certainly worth playing playing the game).
  8. Baroque - Keep Baroque Inside - Saturn/PS1 - Composer Masaharu Iwata (Later released in English on PS2 & Wii)
  9. Formula One '97 - Rascasse - PS1 - Composers Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra, Stu Ellis & Tim Browne
  10. Blast Wind - The Longest Voyage - Saturn - Composer Tsukumo Hyakutaro
  11. Tim Follin Friday .... again! Time Trax - Title Theme - Megadrive - Composer Tim Follin This is from an unreleased Megadrive game. This is the only Megadrive soundtrack that Tim Follin ever worked on. There's a 60hz version floating around as well but the 50hz is considered to be what Tim had in mind. In my opinion the 60hz version is too fast. The sound driver was written by Dean Belfield specially for this game, and was not used in any other Megadrive release.
  12. The Light Corridor "Main Theme" - Spectrum 128k - Composer Alberto Gonzalez (aka Joe McAlby)
  13. Battle Arena Toshinden - PS1 - Eiji Shinjo Stage - Composer Yasuhiro Nakano
  14. Okami - The Sun Rises - PS2 - Composer Rei Kondo
  15. Turrican 2 - The Final Fight (Main Theme) - Amiga - Composer Chris Huelsbeck - In the spoiler is a remix by another legend, Yuzo Koshiro.
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