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  1. Another of Smokemonster's "Core Countdown To New Year", although this is not a video about a specific core. This is highlighting the newly added and much needed feature of external HDD support. Because this video highlights such an important new feature I've seperated it out from the rest of the series of videos.
  2. I seem to remember my first encounter of the arcade machine being at Stansted Airport, I loved this game and I had it on the Master System at the time. I can't wait for this, and judging by this beta is looking up to Mr.XB's very high standards!
  3. I've just seen a few videos by Smokemonster, his "FPGA Countdown To The New Year". I quite like this idea, one new video a day with each video highlighting one core. So far, they've not been the obvious Snes/Megadrive/PC Engine. I thought I'd post the videos here for folks who are new to MiSTer or haven't jumped on board yet to highlight exactly what the MiSTer is all about. First few videos posted below, I'll add the new videos as they're uploaded.
  4. The Amiga is a bit of a strange one. It's one of these machines, and the MiSTer core too as a result, that because it wasn't successful in the US not many games are optimized for 60hz. Most games that I've tried to force into 60hz either cut off part of the screen or fail to load. Although I know there are more I only managed to get two games working in 60hz properly, those are Battle Squadron & Mega Typhoon ... even then, I think Mega Typhoon is running a tad too fast! I know there's some way in which you could enter the config file of a game on the hard drive & change a setting so the game boots in NTSC mode, but I wasn't successful with getting them working right. I gave up in the end. I've just accepted that the Amiga is best played at 50hz, and as a result I learnt to live with the huge borders.
  5. I honestly don't know! I've only ever used the stock PSU that came with the DE10. I thought that it needs 5amp psu. I'm not near the machine at the moment, but I'll check in a bit a see what the official DE10 is rated at. EDIT: Just had a quick look at the plug that was supplied as standard with my DE10..... 5v / 2a.
  6. You're welcome! Just a heads up folks, Mega CD is now out in the wild as of about 20 minutes ago ..... initially playing Final Fight. Impressive stuff!
  7. The firmware is included on the initial SD setup program. But going forward from that point the update script will take care of everything .... updated linux/firmware files, cores, filters, etc.
  8. Have you set up the SD card with the MiSTer files yet? I can't remember what it does when there's no SD card inserted (or without the files for MiSTer) but there might not be any lights at all, although I think I can recall one blue light on the board that lit up with nothing inserted in the SD clot. I think for the DE10's intended purpose (FPGA development) it connects to a PC which is then seen as an external device. When a MiSTer formatted SD card is inserted the DE10 lights up like a Christmas tree and then you'll get a signal from the HDMI. It needs that MiSTer card inserted to act like a video game console or computer.
  9. I can certainly mix & match pads using bluetooth 8bitdo pads & the Retrobit Saturn pad, although it can to be a bit of a pain in the backside to get two 8bitdo pads working together. In my case I tend to use only one pad at a time, but keeping each style of pad for it's own dedicated core. For example 8bitdo SN30 & variants for Nes, Snes, GB & GBA cores, 8bitdo M30 for the Master System, Megadrive & PCE cores, the arcade stick for Neogeo & arcade cores. I'll go through the procedure in a bit and set up the Snes core for 2 players using an SN30 & SN30+ to remind myself what needs doing. As you're using USB wired controllers presumably you might not run into the problem that I had in that both bluetooth controllers seemed to default to player one when both switched on. As I was writing this I've just tested the NeoGeo core with one 8bitdo SN30Pro+ bluetooth pad & my wired XB360 arcade stick. Both pad and stick recognized independently with two players with no issues. Also just succeeded with 2 8bitdo bluetooth pads on the snes core (SFII Turbo) working as P1 & P2, one being the SN30 Pro+ & the older SN30 Pro. After disconnecting one of the 8bitdo pads and resetting the Snes core it's then sees the XB360 stick plugged in as P2 (this stick has been plugged in the whole time).
  10. You're in for an exciting time bwi, you're joining in at a time when things are a little easier for newcomers to the MiSTer. It might be worthwhile preparing an microSD card ready for when your DE10 arrives. I've referenced an earlier post of mine for basic instructions for this. The full Github instructions are here but it's straight forward and using what's below should sort you out. **One thought I just had regarding the instructions below, once you've prepped the sd card create a folder in the root of the card named "Scripts" and drop the UPDATE.SH file into that folder.
  11. I have to admit that I don't know how hot the FPGA gets on the DE-10. There are no temperature sensors on the DE-10, and having asked the question to those more knowledgeable than me nobody (yet, I add!) has given me an answer regarding temperatures. I have to assume that it's something that nobody is terribly concerned about .... outside of the odd instability issues. I'm going to include a few links to options just in case you do decide to mount your fan to the DE-10 at a later date. I think the best option is the top one Unpopulated I/O board from Misterfpga.co.uk Just been given a little more info relating to an unpopulated board .... "with the unpopulated IO board, you'll need to at least install the 40 pin header and 2 pin fan connector, because the GPIO header will be blocked by the PCB". Premade plate with fan from MiSTer Addons (USA Based) Files to 3d print a fan mounting plate More files for 3d printing
  12. Welcome to the club AceGrace. I notice you mention thermal paste, although I can't see any disadvantages to using thermal paste (Arctic Silver I presume?) most of us are just using the thermal tape adhessive that come on the heatsinks that most addon vendors are supplying. As you haven't ordered the I/O board you will need a way to mount the fan to the De-10. There are sellers who sell a fan mounting plate for the DE-10, or order an unpopulated I/O board from misterfpga.com and mount the fan to that. I'm not sure where it would plug into the DE-10 though as personally I've only seen the fan plugged into the I/O board. I can't remember the last time I saw my DE-10 naked and can't remember the exact layout of the board. I guess I could mention at this point that the fan isn't essential either. Granted, it's good to have it and it does keep the FGPA cooler which helps with the stability of one or two cores .... the Amiga comes to mind as the core that benefits most from the fan, but earlier in the year I ran the MiSTer without a fan for a good 3 months and never really saw any issues. Cases for the MiSTer are still largely 3d printed affairs, the exception being the "Stormtrooper" case designed by Sorglig and sold by retroshop.pt. I have one of the early 3d printed cases and the quality of it wasn't that great if I'm to be honest. It might be worth a look here to see what people have used in terms of cases. If you have access to a 3d printer yourself you can always print your own. Most 3d printed cases you see on the link above are based on a design by Negsol on the Atari forums and the files for the case can be found here. £206 sounds about right. I know that some people think it's expensive but that's only because they think of it in Raspberry Pi terms, but it really isn't when you compare cost of the MiSTer to original hardware, software collection or flashcard and an OCCS. Edit: I've attached some pics of my cases inside the spoiler.
  13. Hi bwi. Yet another convert! How did you hear about the MiSTer? The bare minimum to get up and running is the DE10-Mini, 128MB SDRam, cheap generic USB hub, cheap shaving adapter that will take a US style plug .... more below. I sure that "Watusi" above ordered some bits from MiSTerFPGA.co.uk, and I know that the rising Youtube star, Pezz82, ordered his addons from misterfpga.co.uk as well. To my knowledge, they're the only supplier who have a web store who are selling in the UK. A lot a people still use the Atari forums to buy boards as that's where a lot of builders of these components started. I don't see any reason not to use misteraddons.co.uk. Personally, I used retroshop.pt (only operates via Facebook at the moment but is in the process of setting up a web store, based in Portugal and is probably the biggest seller of boards in Europe) and MiSTeraddons.com in USA (top fella and very active in the MiSTer community). I am UK based. To get the most out of the MiSTer you will definitely need the 128MB SDRAM. While there are 32MB & 64MB SDRAM boards I can't recommend getting those now. For the few extra quid the 128MB costs you might as well future-proof yourself. The I/O board is what I consider to be a "luxury item". When I first got the MiSTer quite a few cores (computer based) needed the second SD card slot that is on the I/O board. That has all changed and nothing needs that now (although futures cores still could use the secondary SD card slot .... looking at you Sharp x68000!). Also when I first got the MiSTer the I/O board was the only option if you wanted to hook the device up to a CRT or VGA monitor. Again, that has changed during 15 months or so of my ownership. I still haven't looked into this too closely but take a look at the link below to see what you need to hook up the MiSTer to a CRT using the HDMI source. There's a few quid to be saved by using this method instead of getting the I/O board. But you can get away with not having the I/O board and/or these items if you intend to use HDMI only to a modern TV. The built-in scaler is really good! You could simply use a cheap generic USB hub from Amazon, which is how I initially started, and a lot of people still go down this route. With this setup I never needed any additional power. The power plug that comes with the DE10-Nano is multi-voltage so you won't need a stepdown converter but you will need a shaving adapter (travel adapter or similar) to change the supplied plug from a 2-pin USA plug to a UK 3-pin plug. Don't forget that you'll need an MicroSD card. As Mega CD is right around the corner you might want to take advantage of any Black Friday deals and get the largest you can. If the Mega CD doesn't interest you then everything you could ever want (at the time of writing!) will fit comfortably on a 128GB micro SD card. Although I can't do it right this minute, I'll maybe take a few pics of the components of my original setup. These days I'm rocking with a dedicated USB hub and a nice case, but for a long time I was scrimping on a few items. With the release of the Neo Geo core I realised that the MiSTer was not going to be a throwaway machine like the Rapsberry Pi's are (to a certain extent) so I wanted something that looked half respectable to sit among my gaming setup and not a bare circuit board. If you need any help at all in setting up don't be afraid to ask! There are at least three experienced MiSTer users among us here!
  14. Don't they just! I've spent a good 45 minutes with Hajime No Ippo, I used to love that back in the day, it was my go to game for the tube journey to work! Looks really good on the big screen. I know some of the big hitters in terms of the GBA and a few more "off the beaten path" games but I'm really going to have to look at some recommendation lists for the GBA as I'm not overly familiar with most of the library. Black Tiger is a fantastic game, I remember playing it in the arcade, and I spent quite a lot of time with it on the "Capcom Arcade Cabinet" for Xbox360. To have an accurate FGPA version .... awesome stuff! Jotego has updated all of his public cores within the last few days. I wonder what's been fixed / updated as I can't seem to find any update notes. I think Mega CD core is closer than we all think, it seems "Main MiSTer" was updated yesterday to handle more than one cue per folder (multi-disc games) and zip support for Mega CD. Something that I hadn't noticed on that video I posted earlier until a friend pointed it out to me today is the audio on the FMV movie in Sonic seems to trip over itself towards the end. I think the TerrOnion Mega SD cart had some way of handling that (something to do with CD read speeds and streaming timings if I recall) so I hope that is addressed in the Mega CD core for MiSTer. Still, as this is the first CD based system I'm sure there'll be teething problems that will get ironed out in due course. This kind of reminds of last year when I first got the MiSTer, there suddenly seems to be so much happening again. New arcade cores, new console cores, major updates to the Amiga core (the main reason why I got the MiSTer and it's barely getting a look in at the moment). It's the machine that keeps on giving. All I need is a 32X & PCE CD cores and I can then give up all my original retro hardware prior to the Playstation.
  15. A quick heads up for those who don't know yet, the GBA core is out. For a "beta release" it's really, really good. It's played everything I've thrown at it so far. Mario Kart, Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow & Circle Of The Moon, F-Zero Maximum Velocity among others.
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