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  1. The Retrodriven script should get everything you need. I haven't used the Retrodriven script for about a month as I want to preserve a setup that is a little different from the norm so I installed the public release of CPS1 last night the old fashioned manual way. The official "update script" won't touch any of Jotego's cores so it's a case of use Jotego's own script that will get the cores & mra files, or the Retrodriven script that will get the cores, mra files and the mame files.
  2. I know I'm a little slow on this but just a quick heads up in case anyone doesn't know yet, Jotego has released his CPS1 core to the public, very good it is too! I've spent a bit of time this evening playing around with the X68000 pre-release core again, an update was released a day or so ago. I've managed to get around 40 odd games running so far. This core really is a PITA to get things going ... converting images, setting up the "Human" disk OS, language barrier. It will not defeat me though!
  3. Another week goes by and we're treated to another new core! Technically this isn't a new core, rather an expansion of an existing core. It has more or less been totally rewritten so it is effectively a new core. PC Engine CD functionality has been added to the "Turbografx 16" core. There has been a subtle change to the setup instructions I had posted a week or so ago. Instead of the CD images living inside the "TGFX16" folder in games they now go into their own dedicated folder in the games named "TGFX16-CD". Within this newly created folder put your bios in here and call it "cd_bios.rom". Each game has to have it's own folder containing bin+cue files. root/Games/TGFX16 ----- hucards go here root/Games/TGFX16CD ----- CDs & bios go here Sorry for the shaky phone cam, here's a little video I took earlier today. I think you'll agree it's running fantastically! Yet another reason to own a MiSTer device.
  4. I remember when I got my Speccy I went through quite a number of them. Apparently, there was a faulty batch of the +2A (I think it was) where the tape deck was faulty and wouldn't load anything. After returning about 4 of them to Rumbelows they eventually gave me a +3 at no extra cost and sold me a tape deck at a reduced price for the inconvenience .... memories come flooding back! Because I'm biased with my bad experience with the +2A I personally would go with a +3. I know the original post says original hardware, but I'm going to throw an alternative in here. I won't go into too much detail in this thread as I don't want to derail this thread too much. But I will leave a few links here. My alternative to real hardware would be the MiSTer. It will do all versions of the Spectrum, has an audio input via an inexpensive add-on so you can load your tapes . It has a few similar features that the Spectrum Next has, most notably the ability to overclock the Spectrum. Not only does it recreate the Spectrum, it also recreates the Sam Coupe & the TS-Conf, amongst many other things. Search on Youtube for "Pezz82 Spectrum" for info specific to the MiSTer & the Spectrum. I can't link the video here unfortunately. Also for more info on the MiSTer project have a look in the thread here on this forum, the MiSTer Github here and the specific Spectrum page here. @AceGraceMaybe you could do a video on the Spectrum core in relation to the MiSTer.
  5. Things move so fast in the world of MiSTer. Only a few days ago I said somewhere that we have had most of the console & computer cores that we're ever going to see. Of course, when I said that I was thinking in terms of what we know in the Western gaming world & I hadn't taken Japanese computers into account. I knew the following core was being worked on ..... The first release of the Sharp X68000 core. At the moment it's not ready for the general public. I've only managed to get 2 things to work so far, Akumajou Dracula & some very text heavy Japanese game. The port to MiSTer is very early, but it looks like we're going to have the Sharp X68000 wide open to us in the not too distant future. This video I took earlier is a taster of things to come!
  6. Some users on the Atari-Forum say that the fan helps with the stability of the Amiga & the AO486 cores. I ran the MiSTer for several months with only a heatsink & no fan last year with no adverse effects. Coupled with the fact that the DE10-Nano doesn't even come with heatsink as standard tells me that heat is not considered to be an issue. At the same time, did Terasic ever envisage their board to be pushed as far as the MiSter project has taken it? The FPGA does get a little warm though, and I was always told by a PC tech friend years ago that "heat is the killer". I think people are being a little cautious. I just wish that more vendors would offer a fan mounting plate as an option instead of having to order the IO board to act as a fan mount, not everyone wants the analogue connectivity options.
  7. Glad you're getting there! I'm wondering if the non-functioning arcade cores is due to a redundant folder being created with the script. Have a look in /fat/games ... if there happen to be two folders in there named "mame" & "hbmame" delete them but make sure they're empty first! These two folders should be in the following location and should have been populated by a combination of both the update.sh & Retrodriven .... fat/_arcade/mame fat/_arcade/hbmame
  8. You're welcome jonnyalpha! Last night I heard on the grapevine that the PC Engine CD core is probably closer to release than many people realize. So close in fact that someone has disclosed the file structure used. Unlike the Mega CD core, which was it's own core seperate from the Megadrive, the PCE CD core will utilize the exisitng "TurboGrafix16" core with CD images living inside the /games/TGFX16 folder. I've created a folder within TGFX16 for my CD images simply named "PCE-CD". In the base TGFX16 folder you must have the Japanese Super System 3.0 Bios and rename it to "cd_bios.rom". I've been a little busy this morning ripping my small PCE-CD collection in anticipation .... ! Those who are also interested in the PC Engine CD might want to start getting prepared.
  9. Welcome to the rabbit hole, jonnyalpha! Once you're set up you will lose so much time reliving those old classics. There are a few experienced MiSTer users here now so don't be afraid to ask if you need any help.
  10. @blakeboogie If you're interested in the Neo Geo, I suggest you have a look at "The MiSTer Project", I see someone mentioned it earlier. I don't know the Neo CD library terribly well but I am becoming more familiar with the cartridge Neo Geo library through the MiSTer. I gather there are very few differences apart from soundtracks, the notable exception being the extra course on Neo Turf Masters. The MiSTer could work out a hell of a lot cheaper, and is capable of doing all the cartridge based systems the Polymega does, as well as lots of 8-bit & 16-bit computers as well as arcade machines. It's a bit more of a "DIY machine", but that's half the fun!
  11. Have you got any refurbed Saturns for sale without a drive? Yes, I've ordered one of these "Mode" ODE. My old UK modded Mk1 isn't in the best shape & probably needs a recap (as well a friend as doing a bit of a crap job on installing one of those PSU replacements in terms of the wiring). Are you in a position to sell a refurb, or carry out a refurb on my original machine once this corona-lockdown is over?
  12. Another of Smokemonster's "Core Countdown To New Year", although this is not a video about a specific core. This is highlighting the newly added and much needed feature of external HDD support. Because this video highlights such an important new feature I've seperated it out from the rest of the series of videos.
  13. I seem to remember my first encounter of the arcade machine being at Stansted Airport, I loved this game and I had it on the Master System at the time. I can't wait for this, and judging by this beta is looking up to Mr.XB's very high standards!
  14. I've just seen a few videos by Smokemonster, his "FPGA Countdown To The New Year". I quite like this idea, one new video a day with each video highlighting one core. So far, they've not been the obvious Snes/Megadrive/PC Engine. I thought I'd post the videos here for folks who are new to MiSTer or haven't jumped on board yet to highlight exactly what the MiSTer is all about. First few videos posted below, I'll add the new videos as they're uploaded.
  15. The Amiga is a bit of a strange one. It's one of these machines, and the MiSTer core too as a result, that because it wasn't successful in the US not many games are optimized for 60hz. Most games that I've tried to force into 60hz either cut off part of the screen or fail to load. Although I know there are more I only managed to get two games working in 60hz properly, those are Battle Squadron & Mega Typhoon ... even then, I think Mega Typhoon is running a tad too fast! I know there's some way in which you could enter the config file of a game on the hard drive & change a setting so the game boots in NTSC mode, but I wasn't successful with getting them working right. I gave up in the end. I've just accepted that the Amiga is best played at 50hz, and as a result I learnt to live with the huge borders.
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