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  1. My nomination is Decap Attack. I know it from the Mega Drive but it may have appeared elsewhere.
  2. I’m about to pull the trigger on one of these so great timing in the thread @Dr_Dave I like the look of your case, did you get that from RetroShop? I’ve browsed their Facebook store and can’t see it. I’m keen to get that one myself as it looks bette than other ones I’ve seen. Would you mind sharing a link to where I can buy one please?
  3. I’m keen to get involved in this. Shall we share lap times/ race times per track (stating version) to see how we compare?
  4. This was news to me last week when I first saw the video (custom dungeons in BOTW WiiU emulation on PC). I’m definitely going to try some out soon. That music / audio video a few posts up was brilliant. This is still my favourite game of all time.
  5. Did you just spray into the stick ‘hole’ so to speak? I have a can of contact cleaner so keen to give this a go.
  6. Amazon have pretty much matched Smyths with the mini available for £26.99. That’s easier / cheaper for me than the 10 mile round trip to Smyths. I only bought one one because of what’s been said in this thread. I’m keen to have a play.
  7. There’s a cliff face in the right side of the road in Ridge Racer (the original) just after the tunnel as you go over the small bridge. That texture blew my mind when the PS1 was released. I’d sometimes stop the car just to look at it. Revisiting it it all these years later it is a blocky mess and I love it.
  8. Sorry to be a pedant, but 1080p is (more or less) 2k and your S8+ was 3k (if we go with the logic of rounding horizontal resolution to the nearest ‘k’).
  9. Bad news - just had an SMS from FedEx - £41.15 import charge.
  10. A few pictures. Keen to see the SG sitting on top of my Mega CD 1. Time to order those pads!
  11. My Mega SG just arrived. 3 days from the US to my door - I guess that's why the shipping is $50. No sign of customs charges either (yet).
  12. Neither did I. Fingers crossed for this one too.
  13. Surely it is simpler to wait for the firmware that will allow you to run games from the SD card? I think the Super NT one arrived within 2 weeks of launch.
  14. Im not 100% sure on this, but to save possible future disappointment I would suggest you check that the SG doesn’t want you to use the 2.4Ghz pads with the adapter that goes in the controller port. I’m sure I was stung with this same issue (different pads) on the Super NT. i want to know this myself as I have an SG on the way and I’d like a pair of M30s to use on both this and my switch. Problem being that the switch will only work with Bluetooth and I’m worries that the SG won’t.
  15. Yes, we both died. It just doesn't make sense to me that I was reincarnated (loaded from a checkpoint?) but the horse didn't.
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