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  1. Hey. Can anyone recommend a handheld that will do Dreamcast and N64 emulation (and below) please? I see the RG351 above isn’t quite there. Has anyone tried an android phone with a controller shell? I say Android as I assume iOS is a no go for emulation? This is going to be a gift for my sons so ideally something robust and not costing more than £200 if possible. Thanks
  2. I came to the realisation today that my feelings towards Demon's Souls can be summarised as either: A) Fuck this game! OR B) Fuck, this game!
  3. I thought I'd share my journey with this game over the last week or so. After some initial stumbles and restarting with a new character (Royal class) I started to get to grips with the game and understand why those that like it (and its kin), really like it. I still made 'mistakes' (spending 20,000 souls on spells before I realised I could level up my character for more basic needs like health, strength etc) but I was happy to finally feel like I understood the game. Level 1-1 boss was easy and fell at the first attempt (likely due to me being OP for it by the time I
  4. Thank you for confirming this. I came here to ask this specific question! I picked this up for PS5 based on the positive chat about the controller trigger and haptic implementation along with being intrigued by the 120hz mode. I really do like the controller with the adaptive triggers being a real highlight. Plying this game me big PS1 Colin McRae vibes, due in part to being wowed by a rally game for the first time in (25?) years and also for the PlayStation doing something cool.
  5. Total noob here. I’m a couple of hours into my first play through and am currently 30-40 mins into a run where I have 2,500 (ish) souls. Is there any way to ‘cash in’ those souls before I get my ass handed to me by a boss? I have met a the merchant guy so I assume I could buy something from him, but I wondered if there’s anything else I could do? I guess that this is the game, risk vs. reward. I feel quite deep into the level and just don’t fancy dying and not being able to get back to retrieve my souls. I know, I’m a baby.
  6. There's so much to appreciate here. I couldn't get past 'edition to the family' though...
  7. I don't see them mentioned around here too much, but I think 1 or 2 folks have them.
  8. If you go to 'My Games & Apps', there is an option to view your full library (or something along those lines). There are then 4 options (for me) which include the Gamepass list and 'Things you own' list and 'Xbox Gold' list. That did it for me.
  9. I tried this last night and agree that it looks great. Can I ask, do you see a huge benefit from 120hz? For me, it is nowhere near as big a jump as from 30 to 60 and I think I'd be hard pushed to tell the difference between 60 and 120 (maybe if they were side by side?). The overall effect though of 4K, fluid and stable framerate, big screen (77") and surround sound made it an almost spiritual experience. It was truly something to behold and moved me more than Gears 5 did for all its bombast. Tetris Effect had a similar effect to Ori, it provokes something deep inside me...
  10. Mine is horizontal (and the PS5 will be too).
  11. I'm in the West Mids and mine came about an hour ago (from Amazon).
  12. Thanks for the link. Judging by the comments in the article (and this pic) I'm going to source a USB hub to use my PSVR on PS5.
  13. Ok, it's happened. John Lewis and Currys have the CX 77" for £3,499. My resistance lasted approximately 30 seconds. Anyone want a C8 77"?
  14. OK, sorted by running as administrator. Guess I'll have 'fun' getting those 20 stars again.
  15. Thanks to a kind forum member, I have just played an hour or so on SM64 PC and it is glorious. It just works and plays so well. I got to 20 power stars and decided to leave it there. I'd been saving in game as I went along and thought I'd just check that progress had saved by closing and reopening the app and lo and behold, no save data. Any suggestions on what I did wrong here? Thanks.
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