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  1. Best of luck @joffocakes and @TheShend
  2. @amc - I just wanted to thank you for that video as it highlighted that Redream now supports WinCE games. I can't wait to play Sega Rally 2 again!
  3. "Everything is ordered Everything is cool when you're part of the Mister team. Everything is ordered, when you run FPGA ...." I'll get my coat
  4. Where can I find your music? I’d like to listen to it please.
  5. When the presenter asks “.. and what did you think of it?” The look on Jeff’s face as he inhales before he responds. I’m sure he wanted to say “ It’s fucked man!” I feel strangely proud to see Jeff on this type of platform, although I know he does mainstream media already.
  6. How are you guys and girls getting on with this? It's on my radar as a festive treat for me and my sons after binging heavily on BOTW for most of 2018/19. We'd be playing on Xbox (Series X & S) if that has any bearing on feedback.
  7. In follow-up to my question above, I have gone for a PiBoy DMG with RPi 4 4Gb. Excited to see how it performs and will report back here once I've tried it.
  8. Any chance of sharing a link please? I can't see it on the site. Thanks. Nevermind, found it - https://www.simplygames.com/p/playstation5-console--assassins-creed-valhalla--watch-dogs-legion--fifa-21--cyberpunk-2077--venom-dual-play--charge-cable-ps5
  9. I wonder if this will bring 120fps mode to PS5 (as it wasn't mentioned in the update 'trailer')? Just to add that this has been my 'go to' PS5 game for post Demon's Souls relief. I've done a couple of seasons in career mode but to be honest I am mostly interested in the racing so am switching to the simpler 'just race' mode and the challenges. The PS5 pad really does shine when the car is banged up and the throttle becomes hard to feather - even a set of pedals can't offer that extra 'challenge'.
  10. Thanks @Stoppy2000 and @Lucas - final question, would the battle academy allow for 2 players or would I need to supplement with something else? If I had actually watched the video that @Stoppy2000 linked to, I'd see that it contains enough for 2 players! Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I'm sorry if I'm asking a question that has already been answered (I did scan a few pages) but I wonder if you can offer some advice please? My 2 sons are very keen on Pokemon (movies / cartons) and enjoy traditional card games so I'm wondering if introducing them to the Pokemon TCG is a good idea? I saw the trainers toolkit available for £23 - would one of these for each son be a good starting point? https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/prod/collection-boxes-pokemon/pokemon-trainers-toolkit I imagine they will only be playing against each other for now and I don't want to make a huge investment on something they may not take to (let's say £50 total is an approximate ceiling to get them both up and running). What should I go for? Thanks Rob
  12. Hey. Can anyone recommend a handheld that will do Dreamcast and N64 emulation (and below) please? I see the RG351 above isn’t quite there. Has anyone tried an android phone with a controller shell? I say Android as I assume iOS is a no go for emulation? This is going to be a gift for my sons so ideally something robust and not costing more than £200 if possible. Thanks
  13. I came to the realisation today that my feelings towards Demon's Souls can be summarised as either: A) Fuck this game! OR B) Fuck, this game!
  14. I thought I'd share my journey with this game over the last week or so. After some initial stumbles and restarting with a new character (Royal class) I started to get to grips with the game and understand why those that like it (and its kin), really like it. I still made 'mistakes' (spending 20,000 souls on spells before I realised I could level up my character for more basic needs like health, strength etc) but I was happy to finally feel like I understood the game. Level 1-1 boss was easy and fell at the first attempt (likely due to me being OP for it by the time I made it there). I then nearly destroyed all good will I had for the game by attempting the 1-2 boss too many times and using so many of my consumables. This led me to seek some advice and see that moving to 2-1 might be a better next step. I found the 2-1 level to be enjoyable and just the right amount of challenge. I made it to the boss with a healthy stash of souls (maybe 4k?) and promptly failed to do more than 25% damage. I then committed what I imagine is a classic Demon/Dark Souls mistake, I tried to hurry back to the boss and got in a sticky situation and died at the hands of a grunt (2 dogs I believe) and lost all those precious souls! I didn't rage quit as such at this point, more calmly put down the controller and said 'fuck this'. I think my poor feelings were hurt by the sense that the game was too punishing and 'didn't respect my time'. I was seriously on the brink of not picking it back up and instead tried to distract myself with games that did respect my time (I say this ironically). Days Gone is a good example of what I found - it looks superb and runs like butter on PS5, but it tells you what to do every single step of the way. There's no real jeopardy and thus no sense of achievement. Alas, last night I went back to DS like a junkie grovelling to his dealer to score another hit. Last night saw me clear the 2-1 boss on my next attempt and then make serious progress through 3-1 on my first run. It was a great 80 minutes or so of gaming and left me wanting more. I'm pretty sure that my story (so far) echos what others have been through with this game. If you are where I was after losing those souls on 2-1, my advice would be as follows: Don't be afraid to seek some help (online guide for example) if only to get some clues on how to progress. I see that I still have a lot to learn about how these games 'work' in terms of enemy types and their vulnerabilities. Don't play frustrated, you'll only make it worse. Put it down for a while and come back when you are ready. The game isn't going anywhere and this is a marathon, not a sprint.
  15. Thank you for confirming this. I came here to ask this specific question! I picked this up for PS5 based on the positive chat about the controller trigger and haptic implementation along with being intrigued by the 120hz mode. I really do like the controller with the adaptive triggers being a real highlight. Plying this game me big PS1 Colin McRae vibes, due in part to being wowed by a rally game for the first time in (25?) years and also for the PlayStation doing something cool.
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