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  1. Plums

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I had some Waterstones vouchers so, for the first time in bloody ages, bought new (as in not second hand) fiction! I got the heartily thread-endorsed Children of Time and Pushing Ice. The shiny new books were such a novelty that I broke my rule of never reading blurbs, now if feel like i could probably skip the first few chapters of Pushing Ice the spoilers are of such magnitude.
  2. Plums

    The Book of Dust

    Fuck, I forgot HDM has the Oxford connection. I've just moved to Oxford, plus I've only read the series once, a long time ago - time to read it again! I just charity shopped all my books but am already accumulating new ones at an alarming rate. Maybe it's time I bought a kindle. Alternatively I might just build up another collection and then chazzer them all again, more fun!
  3. Plums

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Just finished Mona Lisa Overdrive. Anyway it was good. The cockney stuff was a bit much but not enough to taint it.
  4. Plums

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Great blurb
  5. Plums

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    The mushroom Wellington from this vid is shit hot.
  6. Plums

    The Beer Thread

    Independence is the standard beer that you tend to get on tap in places in Bristol that have a token ale selection. Never been a fan of BBF. I like most of the Bristol breweries: Arbor, Moor, Good Chemistry, Lost & Grounded, Left Handed Giant, even wanky Wiper and True, but BBF beers don't tend to do it for me.
  7. Plums

    Food Prepping

    You could 100% turn this into a business. The little shop near my old place in Bristol sells homemade frozen curries in takeaway containers and I couldn't get enough of them.
  8. Plums

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Nice. Charity shopped mine with all the others when I moved last month! That's a belter to have as a collector's item though, it's such a weird artifact in its own right.
  9. Plums

    The Beer Thread

    Maybe it's just that the one here in Bristol seems perpetually rammed with young-ish loudmouth types. It's not good science, I'll admit. I like their Dead Pony IPA.
  10. Plums

    Food Prepping

    Where did you read that? I've never heard that, but I'd be very surprised if the thing you mention outweighs the fibre benefit of brown rice alone.
  11. Plums

    Food Prepping

    You should give brown rice a try. You cook it the exact same way as other rice* but for about 25 minutes rather than 10. It's got a much nicer texture than other types and it's obviously much better for you, being a great source of fibre amongst other things. I tend to cook it with a bay leaf and a bit of ground cumin. * that being: put rice in pan, add twice the amount of boiling water from kettle along with salt (plus anything else you want to season with) and immediately put on lid, bring to the boil then reduce heat to minimum, wait until all water is absorbed. I tend to turn up the heat and remove the lid at the end to make sure that all the water is gone.
  12. Plums

    The Beer Thread

    They are full of wankers though. Loud wankers.
  13. God Nemesis was terrible. This news has got me incredibly excited though.
  14. Plums

    The Meg - Jason Statham vs Giant Shark

    He is essentially a slightly smaller Rock. His facial expressions are even the same.
  15. Plums

    Neuromancer - William Gibson

    I've just remembered I'm reading Mona Lisa Overdrive! I left it at my weekday place and completely forgot. This means I'm currently reading Sterling nested inside Gibson. High grade shit.

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