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  1. filecore

    The Techno Thread

    Posting this here, my favourite Binny track. Ticks all my techno boxes. Has done quite a few tracks liked and played by A listers like Sims, but this is my fav. Check out his other stuff.
  2. We are in some trouble this season. Last year all the recruitment worked wonderfully and we could play the type of footy that appleton wanted. This year, some recruitment fell through and some of the ones we have got haven't hit the heights we needed them to. We made an average Portsmouth last night look like a Premier League team. We can't score for toffeee. We had a plan A and no plan B , and continued to play Plan A when it wasn't working. Pompey played a high press against us and we couldn't handle it or adapt. We've got a lot of injuries, but that excuse only runs so far. Why do we have so many injuries? There's a lot of discontent at the moment but this is when we need to all pull together instead of mouthing off. That helps no-one. Our recruitment needs to be on point in Jan and this is a big test for Appleton.
  3. I just look back and wince. 27th June 1999. Found Shining Force CD (pound I think) at Chester Rugby club car boot. Had no interest in Mega CD so would have let it go for next to nothing. All this is preserved on archive.org!
  4. I kept a diary of what I found when I was a fresh faced eighteen year old in 1998. It's super cringey to read back (as a 41 year old) but in 1998 I worked on odd days at an insurance broker in Ellesmere Port on the Wirral. I present to you. 22nd June 1998: I don't normally work on Monday, but I had to make up for a day. And on Monday, near where I work is a Flea market! I went first at 8am and picked up a Bomb Sweeper G+W, Donkey Kong JR G+W, Octopus G+W and a copy of PB's Death Star Battle for the 2600 (£1). I then went back at Lunchtime, and found 3 more double screen G+W's: Green House, Zelda and Donkey Kong. Not a bad day at all!
  5. Yes, fair play to those fans! You don't really need the replay, (leagues the focus eh), but at least you are at home for the return.
  6. Yeah that's how I understand it. Personally I'd prefer to see homebrew devs do their thing using original hardware, rather than these new added capabilities. (To me, that's not the colecovision). But, each to their own! And it's good that there's any interest in any of this!
  7. Ah that's cool - it's now a Colecovision thread. As you might guess from my avatar, I love a bit of Q*bert. I own Q*bert for most systems. The Coleco version is excellent. I hadn't heard about the SGM. I'm also a big fan of the Atari 7800, and the SGM sounds like a bit like the Atari 7800 XM (Expansion Module)? The problem in the Atari 7800 community was that it split homebrew dev between original hardware and the new, (between the haves and the have nots, if you like).
  8. Lincoln have got Bowers v Pitsea today. I'm not there (travel too much from London) but my agent @Gigawatt is there attempting to indoctrinate his kids. Good thing about the FA Cup is that commentary is streamed online.
  9. Its difficult. You need to play a certain type of footy as you say to get out the national league. The games come thick and fast, and you'll be playing on some dubious surfaces in spring week in week out where it's easy to get unstuck. You have to be able to grind out those results. It's a folly to think if you sign footballers who can knock it about that you'll triumph, because they won't be able to do it on a Tuesday night when it's lashing it down away at Solihull Moors. They'll be thinking, what the hell am I doing here? All of a sudden there's this pressure on Parkinson to think he'll automatically be able to do well coz he's got a bit of cash. Obviously a quality player here and there helps but he can't just start playing total football. Most fans know this of course, but some of the loud mouths don't?
  10. You are there on merit! Fair play. Playing quality footy. My favourite podcast is 'The Price of Football' and there is a long running joke not to call Plymouth "the argyle" a sleeping giant. You can sustain championship footy easy with your setup. There's a looooong way to go though. Enjoying the ride is all part of it.
  11. Wow, sorry to hear about all your woes but you sound like you are nearly there! Thanks for the heads up on those USB adaptors. I've got 2 PSUs but I'd much rather get one of those. Let us know if that splitter works!
  12. Hey @WizRider how are you connecting to your TV? On my long list is to add composite or better to mine. Also, you mentioned problems - what did you have to fix? I know that my machine has a dodgy on off switch but it sounds like what they do in this video will sort it.
  13. Great stuff Cosmic you also won me a few quid by beating them by two clear goals, so thanks! Surprise for us last night playing a blinder (only second to our Cambridge performance) and took all 3 points at Wigan. Thought we finally had a clean sheet as well, but then they got a consolation in the 95th. Loanee from Southampton Dan N’Lundulu who has struggled up till now, got his first goal, and a lovely one it was, with a nice pass from Teddy Bishop. This was fortunate as our main man Scully is out for a couple of games. Hopefully Dan can push on from this. First goal:
  14. Hey @artz sorry I've been away on holiday. Good win for you, although I think we should be better than we are (a little at least!) I think we are the only team in the EFL without a clean sheet so far. Night and day from last year. At least we went to Hillsborough on Sat and got a draw, though we desperately lack firepower this season. Nice to see Freddie Draper, a 17yo product of our academy come on as a sub though for his first prof debut. Wigan tonight, I'd take a draw there. My next game is Shrews at home on Sat. Picture here of me on my hols just about to run Lands End Parkrun last Sat. (If you get to Land End early enough you can get your picture with the sign for free!)
  15. Going amazing! A good friend of mine in the 92 club is coming to yours for the Walsall game on the 30th to update his 92. Fingers crossed for you both.
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