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  1. Cheers Spanky - reckon I'll get one of these when back in stock. Although MIST-thing is interesting, I want to be able to play my original carts.
  2. Any comments on the Pound HDMI adaptor as a cheap way to connect to a flat screen? Passable? I figure I might as well sell my SNESs and put the proceeds towards a Analogue Super NT if I spend more than $30 on a lead. Something I might do it the future though.
  3. Just the one day for me this year. Amazing how it grows year on year (how did THIS behemoth start at the Clarendon suites!) Most notable was playing Elite Dangerous, the card game. Good game! Will buy when it's out. Back next year of course!
  4. filecore

    SNES Mini

    I've got a curated collection of my favourite 30 SNES titles on original hardware. (All cart only, I'm all about the playing). I've got some expensive ones as well. PAL Firemen, Sunset Riders etc. These game are great. If I can load them on to a SNES Mini with HDMI out and near-authentic controls, do I need to keep my originals? A mini with HDMI out is super convenient, and I don't play my originals as much as I used to. TV/video-out/convenience is an issue. As a late-30s gamer with commitments, I don't play them as much as I used to. I think I'd love to be able to switch on and go. A nice balance of convenience and authentic) I said I'd never sell my originals. If the emulation on the Mini is OK, and the controls are OK, I'm thinking I may well do so. Who else is in my boat? Thoughts?
  5. What a show! Didn't play a board game all weekend! Play two RPG sessions a day, so 24hrs of pure RPGing. Friday 3pm: Played Earthdawn 1st Edition. Haven't played this for years. We were one player down (so only three) and we were all killed by a Horror in a Kaer. Great. Friday 8pm: Call of Cthulhu 'The Wrong Case'. Bad things happen when you pick up the wrong briefcase on the tube in 1920s London. Scenario written by the Keeper. Great party, best game of the weekend. Two characters survived, the rest were gutted with an ornate Indonesian dagger by a 1920s version of the Terminator. Saturday 10am: Starships & Spacemen 2nd Edition. Never played this before. Essential 1960s Star Trek without the IP. Lots of ignoring the first directive and setting phasers to kill. Good fun. Will check out this system more. Saturday 8pm: Call of Cthulhu The Dreaming Ward. What happens when you put six low-sanity characters in a hospital ward where their dreams are analysed? Well it ends with your characters fighting off giant spiders in each other's dreams! Sunday 10am: Dungeonworld 'The Perilous Wilds'. Not played this before. Easy to pickup basic fun Dungeon-Romp! We had a Necromancer on our side that kept animating and controlling all the big beasties we killed, including a feather-covered Velociraptor-like thing. Sunday 3pm: The One Ring 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'. Have played and like TOR, but don't get the chance to play it at my club. Played a Hobbit part of a bigger party passing through Mirkwood. Cue Elves, Giant Spiders, Witches and Necromancers. Took Saturday atfernoon off to have a walk round the show. Bought one thing - The Sandbat Edition of the Call of Cthulhu Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion from the Chaosium stand. Had a look in the bring and buy but nothing tickled my fancy. Props to the £1 cups of coffee from the Toastie wagon. Shame they closed up early today! Props to the Subway near the railway station it's much cheaper than the Subway in the NEC! £5 footlongs thank you very much. Also thanks to the Spar at Birmingham Airport for lower-priced supplies. I agree that Agreed! I understand why they need to do ticket pickup for people who have games booked (like RPGs like me for example), but if someone just has a main show entry ticket, let them print it off themselves. Also yeah queuing on Friday morning to pickup my tickets booked months in advance with people in front paying cash. Definitely should be separate lines. Anyway, minor quibble and apart from that, the show was excellent and now the 3rd biggest game show in the world after overtaking Origins. Roll on next year.
  6. Just ordered. Amazon has a 'look inside' which features quite a few pages of the book if you can't wait!
  7. Just been in Kidderminster CEX. A guy walked in with a sealed PSVR in an Argos bag. They paid £420 for it by bank transfer (gets the money in a couple of days). Nice way to earn an easy £70. If you've got a spare because you pre-ordered two, maybe worth giving your local branch a ring in the morning.
  8. I was there today. Crikey hall one is big and I think it's great to have all the sellers in one room. Much more room to move between the stands compared to previous years. It was busy today so it should be even cosier tomorrow. No problems for me moving between there and the Hilton, and it's not like you do it that often. I got the train to International, 10min walk to hall one to pick up your tickets and then I went straight over to the Hilton for a 10am game, only heading back over to hall one for a look about 2ish. Played in a Call of Cthulhu game in the morning and a Traveller game this afternoon. Great stuff. Didn't buy anything this year (apart from food) as there's nothing I am immediately after. Only the one day for me this year, will be back for more again next year.
  9. I am planning to. The whole thing is expensive. (We've been spoilt by SCG's GP London last year.) Planning to play in the daily Vintage events (£15 each) and then just play old school casuals and meet friends I think.
  10. Where's the best place to get a converter so I can use my 360 stick on my PS4? Anyone in the UK stocking them?
  11. Crikey it does indeed. From playing tonight there seems to be more and more equipping the Pulse cannon. I find that more annoying than the homing shot!
  12. Anyone found any good hotel deals? Thanks to this thread, last year I booked in at the Ramada Encore. 2nights for 85quid. However that's been taken over now and now is not cheap!
  13. filecore


    Making full use of the HD projector at work. 2.5m screen, Steam version, 3 mates and 360 pads for all. Dariusburst is excellent!
  14. Playing through this on coop with a mate. Last night, got to the end (I think) of mission 10. Just before it finished, the team started glitching and eventually a message appeared saying 'problem with dedicated server' and dumped us back at the menu. Had no issues with the game up to this point over 3-4 sessions of play. Tried it a couple more times, with it glitching at exactly the same point. Tried it again tonight, we'd both fully restarted our consoles, and did the exact same thing at the same point again, twice. So we're stuck. Anyone seen an issue like this before? Any ideas how to resolve so we can continue?
  15. I've got a PSTV. Signed up to this last night. Played Crazy Taxi & Pixeljunk Shooter. Not too bad. It is pretty impressive tech, but it did seem a little laggy to me. Played some of the Walking Dead, started stuttering and going pixelated. Kept getting a sad face appearing indicating connection issues, then it booted me out saying 'collection lost'. As I say, when it works, it pretty cool. I'm on 38Mb broadband. I just don't think the majority of people's connections in the UK are up to the task for continuous gameplay streaming yet.
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