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  1. I’m in elliots in got a new guy that will sign up too 3 more
  2. He pulled himself Iran and topped himself
  3. I can come on after the England game tomorrow for a few , think vinnie still up for some clubs to
  4. Does anyone still own Fifa 18 ? If there's people that do and fancy starting a new rllmuk club and getting to division 1 on it then be good
  5. I'm currently 12-2 on track to elite .. 2 games I lost was both to people with ronaldo who you can't match in the air and for some reason can't tackle
  6. I done it 4 times and best was vardy
  7. Didn't get to play last weekend due to work so gonna see how I do this weekend with this ..
  8. Stick with my prem attack or go to the Brazil one?
  9. 1/4 of my way to CR7 tonight .. did the cultural SBCs and packed MOTM werner 160k MOTM batshuyai 70k Eriksen 88 50k robben 50k sitting on 460k
  10. Even if you get bakayoko he's cheap and does a job
  11. I'm going for 30 wins this weekend !
  12. Aww you need 2 beefy cms that push people off the ball in futchamps everyone you play these days has 2 decent cdms
  13. Na I wouldnt change anything I'd bring him on at the start for Lucas moura as I bring him off anyway at the start for ousmane
  14. Ive had over 2/3 million coins but I get bored and waste em on dumb shit so starting from scratch this month with WL by the end of this month I want Ronnie
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