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  1. make it a top four, mario sunshines water needs to be in there!
  2. Gran Turismo. All driving games aspire to this today, which is a good thing.
  3. http://www.majkel.mds.pl/html/reklama/indexUKG.htm millions of em!
  4. oh my, games are still as anoraky as they ever were. The only reason they seem not to be is due to the Playstation strange success, theres still enough people out there wanting to buy MS and Nintendos machines and appreciate their games. Its not worth worrying about whether or not people are playing and enjoying the same stuff as you are, let them get on with what ever they are happy with and leave it at that. Pop music is popular, classical music is specialised. thats the way its going to be for videogames. deal with it people!
  5. hold on, why would Nintendo or Microsoft bother getting together? Microsoft might want it but I don't think Nintendo does or ever will. Nintendo are not in it to get the best market share, they're here to make profit for themselves and are doing a very good job of it, well maybe not so in europe but the rest of the world they are. The cost of making a console can't be much more than it was in the early nineties due to inflation, they probably sell as many consoles aweek as they were back in the SNES days, selling them to all the console lovers that bought machines back in the day, back when gaming was considered an anoraks passtime. The playstation is a different, it sells due to the word on the street, the thing thats needed to look cool and with it. Theres no point of the other two companies trying to beat Sonys market share. All Nintendo and Microsoft need to do is concentrate on making things that are only available on their own boxes, Nintendo do a good job of this already. Microsoft needs to get its finger out and do the same, get some exclusive content on its box to get people talking and buying the bloody things (though i think the chipping and emulation scene has done a good job ). Thirdparties and cross platform games are not the be all and end all of everything.
  6. I once had the Duke Nukem 3D beta for the megadrive, quite impressive it was.
  7. I just started playing again also, I find now that after playing a lot in the past the levels seem a lot more open than before. I have become one with the controls and camera! I can find shortcuts and other ways to get to things, things that took a good bit of lateral thinking to get when first played.
  8. Switching to the Flak Cannon in the first Unreal Tournament, sounds like R2D2 being throttled. And the way in Sonic 1 the Extra life jingle fades in and out.
  9. I like these posts - keep em up NEG. This is the discussion forum anyhow. Having something from a different point of view is good for the brain.
  10. I don't think the Medal of Honour games are really that crass, the atmosphere and attention to detail is fairly spot on, i don't think the actually feeling of loss/horror or war can really defined any further. Games are actually a two way thing, the people who play them need to have the knowledge to understand whats going on. If you were a bit dim and didn;t know diddly about the various wars depicted in games the games would just be as thingy as quake 3! er, i often wondered why so many people complained about campers in war based FPS - it could be that there is a lot of dim people out there!
  11. Were the scenes in FF7 where the background was animated and kind of fell into place FMV? If they were they were an excellent uses of FMV in game. One of the best/memorable real time cutscene bits in a game was in Zelda : Ocarina of time, the depth of view changes and shots through the flowers in the scene where you meet Zelda for the first time.
  12. Barnard


    Thats right, I won't be playing it - its very much not my cup of tea. And of course I didn't mean that no one else should play it either, different things float different peoples boats. Violence in most films these days is used in context - the violence isn't as manic as it used to be in films made in the eighties. The connection i have in my head about 9/11 and the game? I'm not sure actually. A game based on the many conversations I've had with friends about what we would have done if we were there would probably be quite good though, in omaha beach landing/ww2 game kind of way. The problem is though not one of us who wasn't there in New York, Pentagon or running up Omaha beach will ever understand what it was like. Knowing the history of these events helps, it makes the beach bits in Allied Assault something to remember and makes you glad you wasn't there and thankfull that a lot of people laid down their lives doing it for you back in 1944 for real. Manhunt offers none of the history, its just random acts of murder that you can pull of in more and more garish ways.
  13. Barnard


    What is the point of Manhunt? Back in the day when the first GTA game was released all the guffaw over the violent premise of the game seemed a bit too much, i couldn't really see what all the fuss was about, but after playing Manhunt today I can see the problems that were being alluded to back then. Its just taken the jump to near photorealistic to make it all make sense. Its not like its a game of skill or anything, its just a cringe worthy attempt at making something cool out something completely sick. If games such as this are being released then why all the backlash against the 9/11 unreal mod? If enough copies of Manhunt are sold maybe the 9/11 game will commercially viable! www.thenausea.com is a cheaper alternative surely!
  14. Barnard

    Sniping Madness!

    People complaining about snipers whilst playing Medal of Honour amuse. I've given up trying to argue the fact that its a game based on World war 2, a war where there were quite a few snipers lurking about.
  15. LCDs are great with my crappy old Geforce 2, if you turn the detail settings down you don't even notice because of the blur. well, it is a three year old 18inch belinea, new LCDs are probably better.
  16. Oh, how i long for the days of the celebrity voice emulator. John Cleese ROM required!
  17. I bought mne on the day of release, i had to get mine from Argos as all the other shops in the town centre had sold out. I bought Mario and Pilotwings on that day also, Pilotwings though didn't get as much attention as it should have. I think Mario had something to do with that. A month later the price dropped by a hundred pounds, i wrote a strongly worded letter to Nintendo and suprisingly enough nothing came of it. The only time Nintendo ever contacted me was to send me a box to send my power supply back to them for a replacement, i never bothered though. Does anyone know what was wrong with N64s power supply? Will mine blow up someday?
  18. hehe, it does say 50mph on the speedo in MKDD - which i think it gives a good simulation of running at. so you very right God.
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