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  1. Barnard

    Nintendo Switch

    Who wants to test Super Mario Kart online? I have a lobby open. Friend code: SW 2825 1599 5973
  2. Barnard

    Nintendo Switch

    It's a SNES not a Megadrive. Better get used to a bit of chugging.
  3. Barnard

    Nintendo Switch

    I think maybe a diamond got embedded into the rubber dock guides over the summer holidays. Get a screen protector kids. Or dust your nooks and crannies regularly.
  4. Scotch infused chewing gum. Now that's a future I can get behind. Which leads me to the things Shatner can't get behind. And the recent Guardian article that reveals Shatner just does not give a shit. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/aug/29/ben-folds-william-shatner-brick-melbourne-writers-festival
  5. God. It's like when I used to sit and sing whilst having poo as a kid for that extra strainy singing effect.
  6. Oh and another thing. Even a big bag of tasty cheese like The Greatest Showman doesn't deserve shitty vocal gymnastic covers like this. My god. Gahh. I'm riled up now. I need a cuppa. Kids and their bloody new music!!!
  7. I blame the All Saints. Taking a song by the Chili Peppers about a friend dying from a heroin overdose and turning it into this bullshit.
  8. The thing about Let It Go was at least it didn't sound like the 'pop' version they released for the musicians charts. The 'pop' version took all of the meaning away. The 'pop' versions of the musical numbers from Moana did the same. The You're Welcome cover was diabolical, it really sounds like the singer didn't understand what the song was about. Aladdin went a step further and shoehorned the shouty shouty Beyonce style into the actual film. Vocal gymnastics taking all meaning out. Vs Or vs Holy bloody hell. What the fuck was that. The Aladdin one isn't actually as bad as those two.
  9. The Jasmine song isn't very good. For me it was far too Beyonce style shouty shouty. My two girls loved it though.
  10. The game really opens up after level 10. You get another four ranked game modes with different mechanics to Turf War.
  11. Barnard

    Nintendo Switch

    It's the latency. The USB dongles that the gaming headsets use now are not vanilla Bluetooth. It's a bastardised version that reduces latency that isn't compatible with regular Bluetooth.
  12. Tetris 99 has a Splatoon theme to play for until the 16th. Head to head Tetris with the Splatoon tunes playing is immense. Don't miss it like I missed the Gameboy classic Tetris theme.
  13. It's great. I'm really enjoying moving the half sized bits when they break off a capsule. The multiplayer is fun also, the matches being really quick and fun when you turn the tide away from certain doom.
  14. I've put Vic Viper on the deck lots, much like a drunken aircraft carrier aircraft pilot. Getting through the dancers legs was tough, as was getting through all the tiny coloured balls. Those two bits must have a taken a lot of coinage to work out what to do back in the day. I certainly had to press the add credit button a lot. Can't wait to get better and then experience the SNES and Gameboy versions.
  15. This album is a joy to listen to. Office Politics, Infernal Machines, Absolutely Obsolete and Life and Soul of the Party are all bangers. The Synthesiser Service Centre Super Summer Sale and Philip And Steve's Furniture Removal Company are gloriously weird but the concept stays strong throughout. In my mind, a classic.
  16. The Immaculate Collection by Madonna whilst sitting in the sweet spot with Pro Logic ii enabled. The Q sound Pro logic mixture
  17. I don't know what happened to Captain LeChuck, but here's who recorded the song for disney first. I love the fact, if the comment is true, that they asked Clement to channel Bowie.
  18. How do they make these things run on a machine the size of DVD case. It must be magic.
  19. It was the other fella that doesn't age. Keanu.
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