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  1. On 01/05/2020 at 00:05, Yobo Ahoy said:

    Anyone have any experience of playing CPS2 ROMs via Retroarch? I don't know if it's the romset or what but I'm not having any luck, they all go to a black screen and then quit straight back to the HBL. I don't have much experience of arcade emulation so I don't really know where to start. 


    Are you using the dedicated Retroarch Final Burn CPS2 core? The Wii version uses a stripped down Final Burn core so the games can fit into the Wii's tiny amount of RAM. 

  2. My gates are open for anyone needing some shopping action. It's just past midday here and Nips are at 107. 


    The shop highlights are a soldering and multimeter set, a whirlpool bath and a red set of bunk beds. 


    (I've bought the bunk beds already, but I've ordered another set for Nook home delivery if anyone wants one later.)


    I'll Dojo Code this one then add visitors as friends via the Switch menu later. 


    069DF is the code. 


    (The two undersea cables that provide internet to Vietnam are broken!)

  3. 4 minutes ago, Broker said:

    Sent a friend request @Barnard


    Let me know if you need me to bring anything?


    Cheers dude. No need to bring anything yet... I will have to arrange a time to come visit your place soon and the kids and I can make shopping list of things we spie on your island. :P

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  4. What's the best way to prepare an island for visitors? Are items placed on the floor safe from being picked up?


    Are my trees safe from being chopped!


    I'm currently GMT +6hrs so I'm going to open a couple of hours before the shop opens on a UK based console tomorrow. 


    My island isn't much to look at - but I want to be ready to share a nip rush. Watching Mukker's drop bunch after bunch of nips on the Nintendo DS game back in the day was such a highlight. 


    If a friend buys an item from the shop does it appear in MY catalogue for future ordering? 


    My friend code is 2825 1599 5973





  5. I was hoping for a bit action from Dolores' point of view when she was plugged into Rheoboam. 


    A wall of Mr Smith type algorithms bashing against her AI in a 'Three Body Problem' style virtual landscape. 


    Having her lay there like a great big functional USB stick really took away from her internal struggle to be a free agent. 


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  6. The stories had better be top notch if they're going to be hanging it around Spock. I can't take another duff tale like the Picard one.


    This Reddit thread title really rammed it home, this series is going to be playing around with a very well established character. 



  7. 17 hours ago, Lumpy said:

    @Barnard - meant to ask you - which box is it you are using out of interest? Did you give EmuELEC a go?


    My box is based on the Allwinner H6 system on a chip which isn't supported by the OpenElec/OpenEmu things. 


    So I'm having to run the emulation on top of Android, which so so far has been great for 2D stuff - SF3 3rd Strike runs at 59.4fps. 


    The Mednafen PlayStation core on Retroarch is playing Final Fantasy 7 with no problems, albeit with no upscaling or snazzy filters. 


    I managed to get Mario 64 to run at about 35fps, which isn't too good. I'll try a standalone emulator to see if it runs any better. 

  8. On 06/05/2020 at 16:54, Bazjam said:

    Had to force myself to finish this in the end. Genuinely baffled by the praise this gets. It certainly has its moments, and the look and general vibe are pretty good, but it lacks quality in just about every other department. The bars been raised so high for tv shows these days, yet this feels like something that could have been written in the 80’s, and not in a good way.


    I felt the same. It's good but in my mind it lacked urgency and peril.  


    The thing I'll remember the most is boosting the centre channel for dialogue and hearing Pedro Pascal's tinny helmet grunts and groans during the big scenes. :-D

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  9. 4 hours ago, Rex Grossman said:

    What’s the benefit of this over a Pi box?


    You have access to all the Google play Android apps at a touch of the home button on the remote. Things like Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and emulation all through the one HDMI connection. 


    It's easy to setup once you learn to navigate Retroarch. And once you've created a playlist for each machine you can enable Kiosk mode in Retroarch that hides all the settings away which makes it family friendly. 


    It's like an Nvidia Shield but not as beastly - I'm going to test some N64 and PS1 staples this evening to see how they run. 


    It's not going to beat a fully stocked 256GB ready made RetroPi image. But it's very convenient and a good use of something that someone couldn't keep Kodi updated on their cheap 'kodi box'.


    And your mileage may vary regarding performance as there are a lot of different boxes out there. 


    But my Wonderboy responsiveness and smooth scrolling check, that I've used to test anything that I've installed MAME on since 1997, passes with flying colours. (And the first level in Mario World where you smash the line of Koopa Troopers with a shell passes as well)

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  10. My £35 HDMI Android box with 4GB of RAM has made a great emulation machine with a wired controller.  


    Bluetooth will probably work on other boxes - but my box has the Bluetooth disabled. 


    The one I have runs all the 16 bit consoles, the MAME 2003 ROM set and the GBA perfectly. The same latency/lag as the Wii and Wii U. It struggles with the snazzy CRT filters but the ones labelled FAST run just fine. 


    It's well worth digging out any unused Kodi boxes and the like you may have collecting dust in a drawer and giving it a go. Being Android, having Chrome and torrent clients installed removes a lot of the steps in the chain of getting content onto a box connected to the TV. 


    Retroarch downloads the box covers automatically when you add a game to a playlist when using the XMB style menu. And by adding only the games I've owned or really played on the past I've created a lovely, easily accessible, little virtual shelf of games I've owned or been really tickled by in the arcades. 


    It's made a great little stop gap to play around with until then Pi4 retro scene matures. 


    My Wii and Wii U can now be retired. (well not the Wii U - BOTW Hyrule exists in there)


    The only disappointment I've had so far is not being able to emulate realtime loading on the Spectrum emulator. I need my fix of the  blue and yellow loading bars. It's been a while. 


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  11. Flight of the Navigator. 


    I hadn't seen it in over 25 years.

    A great kids sci-fi story that doesn't patronise. It pulls all the right emotional strings whilst still being positive throughout. It also leaves a lot of mysteries about the ship and it's occupants for your imagination to fill in.


    Back in the day I though the scenes onboard the ship were over too quickly and I still think that now. :D






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  12. On 01/06/2019 at 04:44, Barnard said:

    Loved it. That save file with nearly 4000 deaths taught my kids how to play real videogames. :wub:



    My youngest daughter deleted File 1 with 4950 deaths just five days ago.

    And now this appears...



    It was a sign from the Nintendo gods. 


    It reminds me of the time I said a HD remake of Wind Waker would be a great way to celebrate its 10th anniversary and it actually happened. :omg:

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