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  1. Whatever tweaks your freak I suppose.
  2. Follow the links through and the books are 99p on Amazon UK. Has anyone read The Fall series of books? I quite fancy a TNG DS9 crossover. https://www.simonandschuster.com/p/star-trek-ebook-deals
  3. Picard's quarters... Pike's quarters... Blimey. Five year mission? Five year cruise morelike.
  4. Here comes Chisholm!
  5. I was dreaming of Dominique Tipper from The Expanse as the next Doctor.
  6. Wanda was studying the dark arts in the very final scene of Wandavison. Doesn't that make the film a continuation of the story?
  7. That was great. Pretty gruesome in places. I felt sorry for
  8. I'm getting ready for a whole bevy of people on screen with that rictus smile on the their faces when season 3 of Picard starts.
  9. It was tough putting the shopping away today.
  10. I'm not getting on the Sonic Cycle. From this Engadget preview it's going to be a load of the usual janky Nutrek. Don't forget, Picard Season 1 was getting 8/10s before release as well. https://www.engadget.com/star-trek-strange-new-worlds-preview-040051197.html?guccounter=1 "And having now seen the first half of the first season (a second is already in production) I can say that Strange New Worlds will be a frustrating watch for fans. Frustrating because there are the bones of a really fun, interesting Star Trek series buried deep inside Strange New Worlds. Sadly, it’s trapped in the usual mix of faux-melodrama, clanging dialogue and dodgy plotting with the usual lapses in logic. Many writers are blind to their own flaws, which is why it’s so amusing that this is what Kurtzman and co. feel is a radical departure from their own work."
  11. Microsoft have got the USB/wireless controller connectivity options locked down hard on the Xbox. I've got an 8bitdo M30 six button pad and a HID arcade stick that none of the adaptors will convert to the Xbox protocols. I'll never be able to play Street Fighter 2 with shoulder buttons and the original Xbox d-pad is atrocious. I have other options to play on, but nothing that does those glorious CRT shaders I've fallen in love with on the Xbox.
  12. Trekkie Bill wants people to disagree with him so he can call them racists and misogynists. It's like the Ghostbusters 2016 stuff.
  13. Maybe they've mashed the two seasons they filmed into one incoherent mess.... Then maybe the season 3 announcement being so early is because the executives realised it's a load of shit, so have fired the Kurtzamaniacs and they're filming a whole new TNG season with a competent production team. The Orville production team are free now. a coincidence?
  14. I'll be interested to what a certain director gets out of him in a certain film that's released this year. I wonder if an experienced director can stop him doddering and actually make him sing for his supper.
  15. I love OK Human so much. The lyrics helped me through my Dad's failed battle with cancer last year. It really summed up the low level frustrations I took out on my family. 'i don't know what is wrong with me?' 'Oh-oh-oh my God, what's happenin' to me?' 'all my favourite people make me mad' 'Drift off to oblivion You think I care, I just don't care I just don't care I'm barely there I just don't care' I struggle to listen to the last track La Brea Tar Pits because the 'Now I'm sinking in the La Brea Tar Pits And I don't want to die 'cause there's still so much to give' hurts lots.
  16. The Reddit r/startrek group doesn't allow criticism of Nutrek. They dish out bans if you get too vocal. An alternate group was set up called r/star_trek where people could chat freely about issues they have with the new shows. It was going well until the admins at r/startrek started complaining to the main Reddit admin and got thr group shut down. Taking admin rights away from the person who created it. I reckon paramount have their fingers firmly in the r/startrek admin pie. https://www.reddit.com/r/Star_Trek_II/comments/tx3il6/timeline_of_events_megathread/
  17. They're only five episodes into season 2 and they drop this. They must realise they've dropped a turd. Please like us!
  18. Are there not any worries about Microsoft not making enough money if lots of people do this? Making AAA games and paying the other publishers for game pass games must cost a few bob.
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