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  1. If Philippa Georgiou had been around when Weyoun first turned up, the Dominion war may never had happened. What a bad ass! (Have I missed something about her being genetically modified like Bashir? As that would have been a great way to explain her Khan style toughness)
  2. They need to watch the opening of the motion picture again and again until it's drilled into their minds that these ships are huge majestic things. Not matchbox cars. They deserve the awe that Kirk let slip when watching the Enterprise in the space dock. Not this shit.
  3. The engineer lady was great. The rest was shite!
  4. Bloody hell that was bad. 'i'm space broke' Kurtzman and his team don't have a clue. Their idea cupboard is bare. Lindolof might have crazy BONESCRACK! ideas. But when paired with a great team at least he pulls his projects off every now and then. Kurtzman needs to get off the pot.
  5. Barnard

    Beastie Boys

  6. You didn't sell it to someone in Wales did you? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-54239180
  7. The game you install to the hard drive is indistinguishable from a game that Wii U installs itself from the eshop. In fact, it thinks it's a disc (just faster) It applies the system key/ticket to the game as it installs across to the drive. You can just pop onto the eshop and update. !Without Haxchi started! My Zelda DLC was already installed on the USB - the rip that I installed to the USB picked it up straight away https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-disc2app-dump-installable-app-files-from-wiiu-game-disc.460668/page-2#post-7158172
  8. If you haven't downloaded pirated DLC or modded the game it will be fine. I've installed my Mario kart to the hard drive and played online many times with my paid for DLC. You should be fine. Don't load Haxchi if your going online
  9. It's.just a precaution incase you're using certain multiplayer game hacks or sampling DLC from the high seas. I think games like Smash are hard coded to check your DLC purchases against the store.
  10. Haxchi is probably best set to NOT auto load when you boot up a Wii U. You don't want to accidently go online with it enabled and get your Nintendo account flagged as dodgy.
  11. You don't need to run the hack once a game is installed to the hard drive. I only run Haxchi when I need to rip and install a new Wii U game. Then the Wii U thinks it is a game downloaded and installed from the eshop. It even installs the DLC you've bought when you boot the Wii U without starting Haxchi. You only need to run the hack when you want to run homebrew, emulators and GameCube games.
  12. Is it 2GB SD card? That's what the Smash Bros hack needed. There's an app that will format FAT32 for Windows.
  13. @rsbrowndogdid you make anything in the end? The pine fresh beast is still going strong.
  14. This is a great documentary about the two Voyager probes. It has a great bit about Star Trek. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csvntg
  15. Are you using the dedicated Retroarch Final Burn CPS2 core? The Wii version uses a stripped down Final Burn core so the games can fit into the Wii's tiny amount of RAM.
  16. My gates are open for anyone needing some shopping action. It's just past midday here and Nips are at 107. The shop highlights are a soldering and multimeter set, a whirlpool bath and a red set of bunk beds. (I've bought the bunk beds already, but I've ordered another set for Nook home delivery if anyone wants one later.) I'll Dojo Code this one then add visitors as friends via the Switch menu later. 069DF is the code. (The two undersea cables that provide internet to Vietnam are broken!)
  17. Cheers dude. No need to bring anything yet... I will have to arrange a time to come visit your place soon and the kids and I can make shopping list of things we spie on your island.
  18. What's the best way to prepare an island for visitors? Are items placed on the floor safe from being picked up? Are my trees safe from being chopped! I'm currently GMT +6hrs so I'm going to open a couple of hours before the shop opens on a UK based console tomorrow. My island isn't much to look at - but I want to be ready to share a nip rush. Watching Mukker's drop bunch after bunch of nips on the Nintendo DS game back in the day was such a highlight. If a friend buys an item from the shop does it appear in MY catalogue for future ordering?
  19. I was hoping for a bit action from Dolores' point of view when she was plugged into Rheoboam. A wall of Mr Smith type algorithms bashing against her AI in a 'Three Body Problem' style virtual landscape. Having her lay there like a great big functional USB stick really took away from her internal struggle to be a free agent.
  20. The stories had better be top notch if they're going to be hanging it around Spock. I can't take another duff tale like the Picard one. This Reddit thread title really rammed it home, this series is going to be playing around with a very well established character.
  21. My box is based on the Allwinner H6 system on a chip which isn't supported by the OpenElec/OpenEmu things. So I'm having to run the emulation on top of Android, which so so far has been great for 2D stuff - SF3 3rd Strike runs at 59.4fps. The Mednafen PlayStation core on Retroarch is playing Final Fantasy 7 with no problems, albeit with no upscaling or snazzy filters. I managed to get Mario 64 to run at about 35fps, which isn't too good. I'll try a standalone emulator to see if it runs any better.
  22. Don't worry. It'll fucking dope in the 3rd season. I'm as hyped as Gujarati, or whatever her name was when she got the magic wand. So hyped.
  23. Is that an app that runs on Android, or a bootable thing.
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