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  1. From the comments. It's spot on. "They really need Ira Behr and Ron Moore back. Go back and look at all the interviews with them. They had so much good advice and criticism that are still relevant to Trek today. Just look at the advice Ron Moore gave about Enterprise back in 2000 and it applies 100% to Discovery and the Pike show. "The STAR TREK past, it's challenging; it sounds like it's fun on one level, and I thought that was an interesting way to go for a long time. But it has a lot of pitfalls to it. You have a very complex future mapped out. If you are going to go int
  2. This. There are so many excellent science fiction writers out there whose stories could easily be turned into screenplays by the many excellent screenwriters out there. Next Generation era Trek writers also seemed to have their noses in the latest Scientific American or New Scientist magazines to keep the fantastical tech straddling the line between bonkers and hard sci-fi. Things like nano tech, hawkings theories and electronics like the handheld held PADDs did not need massive suspensions of disbelief.
  3. Just incase you're not sure. The holograms are the ones with the metallic sounding voice.
  4. I've read that COVID causes a change of taste? You'd best isolate.
  5. You can't leave me Benny. I need your episode breakdowns. You bring closure.
  6. The extras and their 'acting' were a bit second filming unit and lacked the Favreau touch. The rest was gloriously Star Wars. I like happy smiley Olyphant. He looked to be having a whale of a time, no wonder Pascal wants the helmet off.
  7. If Philippa Georgiou had been around when Weyoun first turned up, the Dominion war may never had happened. What a bad ass! (Have I missed something about her being genetically modified like Bashir? As that would have been a great way to explain her Khan style toughness)
  8. They need to watch the opening of the motion picture again and again until it's drilled into their minds that these ships are huge majestic things. Not matchbox cars. They deserve the awe that Kirk let slip when watching the Enterprise in the space dock. Not this shit.
  9. Bloody hell that was bad. 'i'm space broke' Kurtzman and his team don't have a clue. Their idea cupboard is bare. Lindolof might have crazy BONESCRACK! ideas. But when paired with a great team at least he pulls his projects off every now and then. Kurtzman needs to get off the pot.
  10. Barnard

    Beastie Boys

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