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  1. Barnard

    Star Trek Discovery

    I bet Ira Steven Behr would love the chance to showrun something like Discovery. Would rather the CG money was spent getting the big guns into the writing room.
  2. Barnard

    Star Trek Discovery

    The Burnham gawp is out of control. The hull repair scene. The sassy dialogue. The amount of lasers. Time Crystals. The lense flare. Fucking hell. It just isn't Trek at all. They don't have a framework and are just throwing shit at the screen.
  3. I still l love it but agree with the criticisms this article mentions, especially about the lack of establishing shots. The sets also seem a bit more cramped than they were in the initial few seasons. https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2017/07/31/game-of-thrones-5-ways-the-show-has-changed-for-the-worse/
  4. Mac's ocular pat down wasn't the best.
  5. I thought the eyebrows waggled a fair bit.
  6. Barnard

    Sony definitely not buying Take Two

    Shshhh, don't tell Sony. The take two staff deserve their early retirement.
  7. Barnard

    Sony definitely not buying Take Two

    What if Take Two feel they've done all they can and want to make some money and retire?
  8. Barnard

    Star Trek Discovery

    Pike and Spock's Mum have been the best thing so far this series. It looks like actors were given freedom to expand the characters from previous shows/films. The two actors seemed to have done their homework. Most of the regulars haven't been given anything near that freedom to make their characters their own. Things like Ash throwing his badge at Pike and all the other Sassy stuff seems so forced. The casts from old shows took their characters and made them their own, even fighting the writing staff and pudding off their co-stars for the character. These newbies are too controlled.
  9. The Wii U is now my living room retro box. The Playlist function on modern Retroarch means I can make little lists of console games I've actually owned in the past, rather than the old Wii Retroarch green screen CPC464 style massive list of roms style. Although my old brain is starting to forget all those dodgy deals and swaps to acquire games back in the day. O_o It's too early to be hacking the Switch, so the Wii U is getting its life extended with that sweet, sweet beautiful off-screen play.
  10. Barnard

    Films with one set.

    The Phantom Menace.
  11. Barnard

    Star Trek Discovery

    Communications about highly sensitive secret information using life sized holograms. He even kept looking over his shoulder to make sure no one was watching.
  12. He seemed close to 'get in the pool bitches, I'm paying for this so you better get yo itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikinis and writhe around in that pool!'
  13. Barnard

    Star Trek Discovery

    How are they going to make anything look wonderous and new when they finally get around to making a new five year mission trek? All the false colour dust clouds they feel the need to fill the screen with on every exterior shot is completely over the top. Space is mostly empty. The whole premise and production of this show is going to bite Star Trek in the arse, a harder bite than the new movies will have ever given.

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