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  1. The themes of the show are interesting, the problem for me is that it's just not very well written. Changing the characters in an unrealistic way to suit the situation is a pure EastEnders move.
  2. That's why the five year missions were bearable, they ensured the crew were all high level functioning alcoholics/drug addicts. That's why all the logs were so fantastical. It's believed Janeway was in the K-Hole for 6 odd years, leading to the 70 years away from Federation space issue whilst Voyager was on a shake down run through the Akkadese Maelstrom.
  3. I hear that the first three episodes are 'pilot like' which I think means a lot of world building and fluff to please the suits. Could hit its stride In episode 4.
  4. I find modern space scenes far too busy, all the things zooming about puts me right of my Earl Grey. All of the satellites turning on Mars looked especially silly. It seems Starfleet has had enough of their Captains doing their own thing far away in deep space. At least Picard was polite enough to ask for a ship, I'm sure Kirk just nicked one in one of the TOS movies. Good episode. My body was far too tense with the prospect of cameos though, I really thought Geordie was going to be on Mars. Jeri Ryan better not be a one and done as I find the all the Borg stuff fantastic.
  5. Fuck you and your great big spaceships floating in planetary atmospheres rising from the sea Abrams. Taking all the space out of space operas since 2009. The film had Stormtroopers using speeders that had fucking wheels. Fucking wheels. This trilogy has treated us like morons. George Lucas built a GALAXY with character and a fair amount of consistency over the space of 6 films. Disney let their writers and directors shit all over that by allowing them to fling whatever they thought would be 'cool' onto film. What a waste. The cast deserved better. The Skywalker saga turned into a load of old bollocks. The stories of Anakin, Luke and Leia deserved better endings than this trilogy provides. R2-D2 and C3PO were wasted as well. They should have been used as a thread to bind all of the films together.
  6. Pearl Jam - Alive. MTV Unplugged session. Wow.
  7. Barnard

    The Spurs Thread

    https://streamja.com/XNGX It's a beautiful thing. As someone put it on Reddit 'that wasn't a goal, it was murder'
  8. An A-Team style 24 episode season would have been amazing. Especially if they were nearly an hour long each. The show at the moment just seems like a great movie spread over 4 hours or so.
  9. Wonder Boy. Getting the skateboard and skating through the second level can't be beat. It's my warm up game before cracking on with a retro gaming afternoon.
  10. Barnard

    Nintendo Switch

    Whoops, I read the post I quoted wrong. The problem I have with M30 6 Button Genesis 8BitDo pad is that the Switches L & R buttons are mapped to Z & C. So hopping and sliding are mapped to the face buttons in Super Mario Kart instead of the shoulders. I'd still appreciate emails being sent to 8BitDo for a firmware update.
  11. Barnard

    Nintendo Switch

    Send an email to the 8BitDo support people. I've sent one about the M30 pad having the same problem. Thankfully Super Mario World isn't affected so I can still play the best platformer with the best D-Pad whilst they work on a firmware.
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