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  1. So Awkward on CBBC. Brilliant comedy acting and writing.
  2. It's Behind You. A book about the creation of R-Type on the Spectrum. It's great. And free. http://www.bizzley.com/
  3. I enjoyed it very much. Another great block of MCU to add to the world they've helped build in my head. My only issue was the CGI. It seemed to be running too fast for the vehicle tumbles and armoured personnel carrier thing.
  4. She reminds me of how Elizabeth Olsen seemed a bit amdram when Wanda first appeared. I'd love flowers to get more time to flower like Olsen was able to do.
  5. Space Raiders is the real cheap Corman film. It reused the spaceship footage from Battle Beyond the Stars. The ship and sets were designed and created by James Cameron and Bill Paxton was the set carpenter, who kept everyone amused with his antics, so much so that James Cameron hired him for Aliens.
  6. The priorities of films, mUsic, books and games is a constantly changing thing for me. Gaming has now split off into retro and modern - sometimes I'll have a good old lengthy stint of retro gaming. The one thing that is constant is Rllmuk.
  7. I'm concerned that Grealish's calves might fly off! Has he even got shin pads on?
  8. The Nintendo support team are just as in the dark as we are. The service was good though. I received a prompt reply telling me to try all the things I'd explained I'd tried already in my initial email.
  9. I need my regular fix of Rocket League so badly that I have had to email Nintendo support to explain that none of their fixes on support.nintendo.com/switch/error work. I reckon they will get a load of people with issues coming out of the woodwork if they drop an Animal Crossing update before finding or publishing a fix. Very annoying.
  10. I'm hoping Nintendo can squeak it in somehow. I don't even want to imagine the goings on in Nintendo's update department if they have broken the update delivery system on some Switches. Maybe they'll recall them and I'll get a shiny new switch.
  11. Mine is still borked. It's crazy they haven't pushed a new update before possible demos and new games drop this evening.
  12. Bit unfair for the commentators to say the Swede should have scored. He was surrounded!
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