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  1. Was this terrible scene from the finale? *shudder*
  2. if the The Captain America guy hasn't had any super soldier serum I do t understand why he didn't destroy all.of his internal organs when he smashed into the car window. It kind of spoils the superness of the real supes. (Superman blasting off with Lois in the Justice League made me feel similar. Lois would have disintegrated. )
  3. Monster Hunter. Flail about with the buttons to lay a trap. Fail to see any patterns that allow me attack. I've restarted so many times and it just doesn't click.
  4. Settings/Drivers/Menu. Choose XMB.
  5. I am a fan of Retroarch and believe it's well worth taking the time to set it up properly. Once you've set up the controls, the various options for each system then curated playlists for each machine you can enable Kiosk mode for a simple, clean looking user friendly frontend. Set up Windows to boot straight into it somehow and it's super power on and play.
  6. The 1968 Save Star Trek Letter Writing Campaign was started by fans. I suppose that was back during more innocent times, before the internet enabled the contrarians to herd together and bray loudly.
  7. They should run the cans of film through the HD scanner warts and all and let the AI upscaling bazooka those digital element verrucas. It's not going to look any worse than it does now. if they do it without any Blu-Ray release fanfare, have it go straight to streaming, the fans would get it cleaned up properly in no time.
  8. Watch TLNA with me on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/tlna?sr=a
  9. Interest talk. Mentions the SNES remasters. They also talk about using Fourier mathematics to model the sounds produced by the various versions of the Megadrive to help preserve the different sound signatures. Maybe leading to having the option to choose which model you'd like to hear as you play. The Fourier stuff could also lead to audio filters that sound like the pre-amp and speaker inside various arcade cabinets. I'd love a filter for MAME that gave Street Fighter 2 that boomy sound that the arcade had at my local swimming pool back in the day.
  10. Get a laser pointer from the petshop. They're good for giving directions.
  11. Barnard

    Perfect Albums

    All killer. No filler.
  12. Perfect medium for the great cover art. I wish Spotify would let me Zoom in. Or actually use up some of my TV screen and show the artwork as big as possible. Look at all that wasted space.
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