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  1. I don't know what happened to Captain LeChuck, but here's who recorded the song for disney first. I love the fact, if the comment is true, that they asked Clement to channel Bowie.
  2. How do they make these things run on a machine the size of DVD case. It must be magic.
  3. It was the other fella that doesn't age. Keanu.
  4. It's like the 4k HDR push a couple of years ago. Selling polished knobs using soundbites.
  5. It was great show. Just too much gung-ho marine cyberpunk bollocks. The industry needs to push the more arty farty stuff like the Deer game.
  6. Cyberpunk of what ever this aesthetic is outstaying it's welcome in my brain.
  7. At the crossfire X didn't have the uncanny valley marionette effect.
  8. So it was the other guy that doesn't age.
  9. Is there a Gyro in that new elite controller?
  10. Except I can never work out where I have to build. Spend most of my time looking.
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