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  1. VvD wasn’t at it today. Dunno if he needs a rest or isn’t quite fit after coming back at full pelt for a few games.
  2. Named by a frustrated prog rocker. As they all were probably.
  3. When is this out on proper consoles? Edit. Oh it is. I couldn’t find it yesterday.
  4. I was gonna ask, that’s got to be the only time Man Utd have lost at home with Dean refereeing.
  5. Think that’s the worst 11 mins I’ve ever seen VvD play. Calm down now.
  6. Why do people have to have alcohol at sports events? Why can’t they just go without for a couple of fucking hours? The obsession with combining alcohol with any imaginable leisure activity must be the cause of so many of society’s problems. Keep it in the pub, in the evening. It doesn’t need to be anywhere else where it can force its influence and effects on people who don’t want it to.
  7. Ha, thought I recognised that guy. Then he introduced himself. He was the union rep at customs and excise when I worked there in 2004 and they sort of wanted to sack me. He was adamant they had no right to but they really did. Cut a deal in the end. Is a nice bloke, think he lives next door to a friend. He used to always use Smiths songs as headlines in the customs staff newsletter thing. The start is also really similar to a ‘music video’ I made last year. I guess everything around here would look the same. I’ve never supported Southend. I went to school with their ’legendary captain’ CB Adam Barrett and he played a game in the B team with me when we were 11. I was in goal. He played a suicidally underhit back pass which the opposition scored from. Years later I was given free tickets when I worked at RBS, whose insurance company sponsored them. 10 minutes in and I see him play a suicidally underhit back pass which the opposition scored from. He was always a bit of a dick at school. Though, to be fair, not as bad as his mates who were real fucking scumbags. I think he could have been alright if he hadn’t hung around with them. Anyway, I never really got to see games as a kid so my local team became Liverpool because they were who I saw on my telly the most in the ‘80s. Can’t get more local than your front room.
  8. I think the key to this year's FIFA will be how you approach it. Playing with top tier teams and a must win mentality it can still feel quite FIFA-like but if you want to try playing some football you can and with slightly lesser teams, where the skill level of players is more varied, you can have some interesting games. It seems that with those teams the physicality is a little more apparent too as people aren't just slipping by super fast. There's a big guy at Sheffield Wednesday who was dominant in the middle. I've been playing a Libertadores with Santos and had a great game against Boca. It was great because it was largely shit - not much happened until the teams started to tire in the last 30 mins and it ended up a 1-1 draw. Some nice moments in the first half gave way to a pretty scrappy affair. That's nice to see as one of the biggest problems with FIFA is everything being too perfect all the time. Millimetre precision passes and bullet shots rifled in. Didn't happen here. I was playing on World Class. I can win on Legendary but it requires me to play 'FIFA' rather than football. I have my controls set up with everything that can be on semi manual - so just lobs on assisted - and I have the setting on so all those auto kick assists and things are off. This makes it just that little bit more challenging to make world class give me a game but I don't know how long that will last as I get used to it. The AI is better at this level than it was last year though, they don't make so many deliberate mistakes and it's not so obvious when they do. I have played FIFA in full manual years ago but I just don't think the game is designed for it. It seems to break the player behaviour too much. It works nicely in PES when you get used to it but not in FIFA. Semi is quite a nice compromise when you get too good with the default settings on world class but don't like the super human moments the AI cooks up on higher difficulties.
  9. Didn’t Wolves used to be more orange and black rather than yellow? Going back 30 years or so. The first league game I ever saw was my local team Southend playing Wolves. Could have been any time between ‘88 to ‘92 ish, I’m not when they’d have shared a division. Anyway, I remember Steve Bull smashing a thunderbastard against the bar and later scoring a header maybe. Think it was 2-0 or 2-1, but I’m sure you were more orange. Edit, yep!
  10. If you’ve got gamepass, and therefore EA play, then the fifa 22 10 hour trial thing is out at 6pm today. Go to my games, show all, EA play, trials. (That’s where Madden was anyway)
  11. Gordon looks quite good doesn’t he? More impressed with his effort and desire to get involved than anything.
  12. Pockets

    PES 2020

    Have a poke around Pesuniverse.com That was the thing to do last time I heard but fuck knows now. I don’t think there’s a one file for everything though due to Konami’s needless restrictions on editing or something. You have to pick between US or something.
  13. I actually find Bradigor’s reviews to be the most helpful of anyone’s as I know if he likes it I’ll think it’s shit. Don’t mean that to sound aggressive, it’s just genuinely the case with most things.
  14. Is Ireland just a big Vegas island now? Never seen so many betting ads.
  15. If this happened in a game of FIFA you’d have entire forums complaining about the scripted AI and how it was far too arcadey and unrealistic. “Look at my first half stats and I go in 2-1 down!? Pathetic! Programmers have never watched a game of football!”
  16. They’ve got form for this sort of thing. I’ve seen it a lot in recent years. It’s almost the better Liverpool start the more worried I become.
  17. I said to my friend when we were peppering them that this would probably end up a draw. Seemed hilariously hyperbolic at the time but I was half serious - seen it so many times when we don’t take those chances while dominating.
  18. He means Liz Truss is now foreign secretary.
  19. Yes. I think the key is to understand that, as some others have pointed out, it's 'not a game' in the way that curmudgeonly middle-aged men like me understand them. That doesn't mean it's bad - it seems like a fun interactive experience - a digital pop-up book - and when you accept that's what you're getting, which is much easier when it's 'free' on game pass, then you can enjoy it for what it is. I've found I'm able to do that, but I'm not really enjoying it as a 'game' because it isn't one, that fits my perhaps narrow definition at least.
  20. I’m finding it to be one of those painfully twee rich kid hipster fake nostalgia games that there seem to be so many of these days. There’s something that troubles me about them - might be me being old and grumpy, might be the waxed moustaches covered in cold brew espresso that I imagine programming from their condo in Portland as they code some faux poignancy from their position of unfathomable privilege. Can you see how hard it is for me to enjoy anything? Having said all that - it does seem much better than most of the other ones. I will keep at it for a bit.
  21. Both true, though I’d argue the former isn’t really necessary these days. It’s also the consumer’s choice as to whether they agree with or enjoy these decisions. Maybe Blair Witch Project was an effective novelty but everyone got sick of that schtick pretty quick when every indie film was shot on a camcorder. I personally find 30fps really off-putting these days and a game would have to be astonishing for me to suffer through it. To people who don’t care that sounds silly, because they don’t care. If they did it would make sense.
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