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  1. Dunno if I’d want to face them in the CL next year but yeah, they deserve to.
  2. Salah’s pass button’s broken again.
  3. I just pop in before each game to check these are here now.
  4. People seem to have fun in these games and I’m always tempted to try to join in, but when I do I just never get on with them at all.
  5. Pockets


    Top tip that’s probably obvious to most but that I only just realised - Oled owners - turn any wallpapers off and play in the dark and the oled blacks make it look like you’ve gone tate.
  6. Pockets


    Is there any benefit/reason for one auto fire rate over another? Should I set it to 30 or 12 or what? I've got it sort of set up now with my auto and slow down focus fire on their respective buttons but I don’t notice as much difference in this as with Mushi. I also feel like there almost an inertia type thing when moving side to side but could be in my head. Might just be how the sprite spins.
  7. Pockets


    Fuck. Okay, will look into that. Assumed I must be missing something there. Trying to set this up in Japanese with m30 pad with MD buttons is quite the headfuck.
  8. Pockets


    Okay thanks. I had a look but assumed I was misunderstanding as my guy’s power shot thing seemed slow and weird on its own. Got enough to fuck around in my own with now though. Thanks.
  9. Pockets


    Cheers, anything I should be doing with the power shot or is it a hold to slow down thing like Mushi?
  10. Pockets


    I've got some Esp.Ra.De questions if anyone could answer them: What is my hitbox? Is it my head? Is there a way to make it appear otherwise? In Mushi I'll often hold down the other shot button to slow down (and show hitbox) is there a similar mechanic here (can't really tell if I slow down ever). What is the second 'power' shot for? How should I be using it? Hold it down all the time? The shield thing. I've figured out I can hold it down to absorb bullets so I suppose it's a bit like a bomb but should I be using it in a certain way? I seemed to only have one, where do I look to see how many/if I have this? A rough guide to how I'm meant to be playing with regard to scoring would be nice I suppose but as I'm sure you can tell, I need to get my head around the basics first. Thanks. Is there a best/easiest character or option? Eg, strong style was my fave in DoDonPachi (autobomb ftw) and I liked blue shot in Mushi. It seemed the characters first levels were different to, any other big differences?
  11. It’s a footballer hipster affectation. Like constantly moving the ball before a free kick to no obvious advantage - having to pick it up and backspin it before putting it back (no looking for a valve going on as some make out). It started getting worse when keepers would take goal kicks from the middle or even other side of the 6 yard box instead of the corner. I think it’s just a weird desire to seem casual and cool in a world where only Jack Grealish has the balls to keep rolling his socks down.
  12. “It’s not the ‘90s anymore” which, to be fair, is an argument I can sympathise with.
  13. Nothing major but lots of little things - seemed like he was giving them everything he could. Dunno maybe it’s just the nature of these game but I felt he was trying to give them a chance when he could.
  14. Ref’s left it all out on the pitch for Man U today. They can have no complaints there.
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