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  1. Yeah but some have that weird thing for Barca or Real and might prefer the weather. I thought Coutinho was mad to leave and that was before we won anything. I don’t think Mane wants to go anywhere, just that we’re going to start getting some big offers in for this squad and we should turn them down. Who would we get that’s any better?
  2. Someone’s going to offer us £200mn for Mane soon aren’t they? We should turn it down.
  3. Works every time. Despite that goal, he’s still having a nightmare, his angles are completely fucked up for him to be able to get that in.
  4. Salah’s having a nightmare. Just keep picking the wrong final pass at the moment. Must get one right soon.
  5. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m not going to get a 3D World on Switch Xmas again am I?
  6. Pep’s okay with that sort of thing though isn’t he. It’s just a bit of a laugh according to him.
  7. City will go on one of their angry revenge runs if they lose this game (and I’m not convinced they will) and will beat Leicester to widen that gap a little.
  8. Fergie grinning as Man U go 2-0 up. Someone should whisper in his ear ‘this would put Liverpool 14 points clear of Man City...’
  9. And despite dizogg being unclenched!
  10. Pfft. Lovren was looking lost again.
  11. Salah and Firmino starting to worry about how they’re gonna get back in the side.
  12. Told ya they woke the Divock too early. Gonna pay now.
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