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  1. If this happened in a game of FIFA you’d have entire forums complaining about the scripted AI and how it was far too arcadey and unrealistic. “Look at my first half stats and I go in 2-1 down!? Pathetic! Programmers have never watched a game of football!”
  2. They’ve got form for this sort of thing. I’ve seen it a lot in recent years. It’s almost the better Liverpool start the more worried I become.
  3. I said to my friend when we were peppering them that this would probably end up a draw. Seemed hilariously hyperbolic at the time but I was half serious - seen it so many times when we don’t take those chances while dominating.
  4. He means Liz Truss is now foreign secretary.
  5. Yes. I think the key is to understand that, as some others have pointed out, it's 'not a game' in the way that curmudgeonly middle-aged men like me understand them. That doesn't mean it's bad - it seems like a fun interactive experience - a digital pop-up book - and when you accept that's what you're getting, which is much easier when it's 'free' on game pass, then you can enjoy it for what it is. I've found I'm able to do that, but I'm not really enjoying it as a 'game' because it isn't one, that fits my perhaps narrow definition at least.
  6. I’m finding it to be one of those painfully twee rich kid hipster fake nostalgia games that there seem to be so many of these days. There’s something that troubles me about them - might be me being old and grumpy, might be the waxed moustaches covered in cold brew espresso that I imagine programming from their condo in Portland as they code some faux poignancy from their position of unfathomable privilege. Can you see how hard it is for me to enjoy anything? Having said all that - it does seem much better than most of the other ones. I will keep at it for a bit.
  7. Both true, though I’d argue the former isn’t really necessary these days. It’s also the consumer’s choice as to whether they agree with or enjoy these decisions. Maybe Blair Witch Project was an effective novelty but everyone got sick of that schtick pretty quick when every indie film was shot on a camcorder. I personally find 30fps really off-putting these days and a game would have to be astonishing for me to suffer through it. To people who don’t care that sounds silly, because they don’t care. If they did it would make sense.
  8. Here’s an equally hyperbolic counter - 30fps in 2021 is like Christopher Nolan deciding his next pretentiously overlong film will be shot on cameras form the 1920s with no sound because for modern audiences not to accept that when modern tech exists would be ridiculous. It’s not that you couldn’t watch it, and no ones saying they can’t play games at 30 (I’m saying I won’t, not can’t though the words can be interchanged), it’s that it’s far less appealing to do so with everything else out there being that much better. You’ve got to be really fucking astounding (BOTW?) to make putting up with 30 be worth it.
  9. I’ve drawn a somewhat arbitrary line as my own personal protest. Yes, it’s a bit silly maybe but I don’t really care enough these days to worry about missing whatever is sub-60 as fortunately not a lot of decent stuff is now hitting that frame rate. The kind of things that aren’t tend not to appeal much anyway. The last 30fps game I played and enjoyed was BOTW. After five plus years of PC gaming at 60 I’ve just become more sensitive to anything that isn’t to the point that it impacts my enjoyment of the playing experience. I know that sounds really wanky to people for whom that doesn’t happen, but it’s just the case. I’m not being elitist, I just don’t like the jerky blurriness of 30. Others who play at 120 probably think I’m scum.
  10. I’m 41. It’s because I do remember that I don’t see why we should still have to put up with it. I’ve served my time with that shit. There’s no excuse anymore.
  11. Arguing about it in the main football thread is fair enough if that’s what you want to do but following people into club threads to continue your weird campaign seems a lot like trolling or harassment to me. Reported.
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