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  1. I really like the setting and mood but I do find the combat against bosses a bit annoyingly trial and error and wonder if I could do without it. Would I really be missing out if I turned some assists on to ease through a bit more?
  2. It’s a bit attitoooode man. All that shit really turns me off a game fast. I begrudgingly live with it a bit in FH4 because the game is good once you get to it but this is a little soulless and lacking. It’s not bad, it’s just not good either.
  3. I downloaded Elite to try on game pass earlier but it insisted I set up some account before allowing me past the title screen to even look at it so I deleted it. No time for all this fucking bullshit.
  4. Sounds more like an airport novel targeted at middle-aged women holidaying alone in some sunny resort.
  5. I would say I can’t believe this is still happening but I can. It was obvious after all my Watchdog shit in 2015 that they weren’t going to do anything about it and 6 years later they still haven’t. Why would they? Hop over to the PS5 thread and it’s full of people falling over themselves to pay up for the next round as soon as they can get their hands on a console. A lot of them are the same people who were horrified by my, and other’s, stories but decide to hide in the corner with their precious telling themselves it won’t happen to them. There’s an element of bad luck, o
  6. Pockets

    PES 2020

    I’m The Devil Rides on Xbox but am similarly offline only in my gaming habits so you can probably add me safe in the knowledge it’s unlikely either of us will arrange to play a match. I do think PES, when it works, is a better game online than FIFA - it’s more similar to the offline game, FIFA is an entirely different sprinty pinball thing. I’ve got some memories of a few decent games I had against random Italians but that’s maybe 4 or 5 since the series has been online.
  7. Has this been in any sales at all? I looked at it the other day and it briefly showed as £25 50% off but then changed to full price. I wondered if maybe it was due to go on sale maybe or if I had an old price cached or something if that’s even possible. This was the store on the console.
  8. Salah dives, sure. But I’m not sure why a Man U fan thinks they’re in a position to criticise bullshittery in football. A supporter of a smaller side having a go I could get, it tends to be the bigger clubs that benefit. Liverpool are one, Man U, City etc. Players dive. Kids up the fucking park dive these days. It’s bullshit but there you are. Sometimes it will fuck you over, sometimes you’ll benefit. Football is a sport of luck and interpretation more than people realise and the attempt to nerdify through stats and technology just leads to shit like VAR. People n
  9. I stand by it but fair enough. It’s gone. I’ll stick to the main thread if I have anything to say from now.
  10. Fans of all football clubs in being pricks shocker.
  11. Yeah, recent form shows my negativity is misplaced doesn’t it? I was wrong when I suggested we might not get top 4 this year. I think you’ve made it something in your head that it isn’t. Sure I make negative comments but I make positive ones too. You always seem to pop up with a dig every time. It’s pretty weird behaviour. Just ignore me. Or I tell you what, I’ll make it easier for you. As you seem to think this is your thread where we can only post things you approve of, I’ll fuck off out it.
  12. I see the rumours of Sancho and Mbappe and all sorts of other are flying again. I know it’s all just bullshit but I find it surprising that when we’ve won the PL and CL you see less of this shit but when it seem like we’ll be playing UEFA cup football next year, suddenly we’re meant to be in the running for all these names.
  13. It’s been so long since Liverpool were really successful in a meaningful way that I forgot how riled supporters of other teams got and how much they delighted in them losing. It really hasn’t changed at all since the playground 30 years ago. Enjoy it while you can, we’ll either be back next year or it’ll just start to become so commonplace that it won’t be as enjoyable again for you for another 30 years.
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