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  1. They’re gonna equalise. All gone a bit Rodgers.
  2. Something about his voice makes me imagine him casually patronising everyone in his life and making his shit jokes and expecting people to think he’s witty. I suspect everyone thinks he’s a cunt. I’ve thought about it too much, I know, but he really grates on me. He sounds genuinely depressed now we’re 2 up.
  3. He hasn’t stopped moaning about it has he? I know every fan thinks things like this, but I really don’t think he likes Liverpool. Thats aside though, I really can’t stand him and his weird mid-sentence pauses.
  4. Looking forward to the grizzled 37 year old Trent, neck heavy with medals, Pirlo-ing shit about the pitch for us in 2036.
  5. Yeah, I was all set to go mental when we moved and buy one piece of expensive furniture and get the £945 one, except they didn’t have any at the time so I had to get the £1250 one. It’s crazy but it is nice and it was my treat for new house so fuck it.
  6. Probably not helpful as still expensive but Onske do good replica Eames from £945. They have other stuff that might be cheaper and do the job though.
  7. 15 frames in 60fps is quarter of a second delay. I used to add about that when double tracking guitars in audio software (maybe a bit less actually but the point still works for explanation). Hard pan either side, one side with slight delay to give doubling effect. It’s something you can notice (otherwise the effect wouldn’t work) but when it’s not against anything it’s almost impossible. In this case it’s against the visuals (as opposed to another guitar track), but would only be noticed in extreme circumstances when you’re maybe so finely tuned to a game having played it for thousands of hours or in rare instances where the visuals and sound need to be tied exactly to the gameplay.
  8. They charged me for both. My mate’s gonna have the other one at cost to save the return hassle. They only sent me one email and there was no sign of a second until I checked the status yesterday and saw a second had appeared. Their ticket system to raise issues is hopeless and they don’t answer the phone so couldn’t sort it in time.
  9. Get rid of your PS4 or Xbox or whatever then. This (Japanese version) is the best looking piece of 'plastic crap' ever made. It, along with black ash stereo cabinets with black tinted glass doors*, might be the most '90s thing ever. *My sister's one had a 'I killed Laura Palmer' sticker on it, which won it the 'most '90s thing ever' award at a recent vote.
  10. Still the best looking console ever, but only the Japanese version. So pleased I let my crazy self win and went for that from PlayAsia. Was shipped today, just got to wait for it now. Then I can put it next to my SNES mini in an exact, miniature, homage to under my telly in 1994.
  11. I had that too, could you do me a favour and look at your shopto account and see if it shows as two orders? Worried they’re going to duplicate my order.
  12. Of course, but it’s not like we’ve been smashed and have actually dominated the second half. A sense of injustice could actually be helpful in the long run. Little bit more motivation. I’d rather get that from a game like this where we should still get out the group than drop points in the league.
  13. It was a harsh penalty that I wouldn’t have given, but I can see the argument for it. I hate VAR for all sorts of reasons, but I think that one was just subjective enough not to overturn.
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