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  1. I don’t think he’ll come back but I’m not fussed either way so long as we pay no more than £50mn and his wage demands are reasonable. He’s not getting the no.10 back either. Coutinho always seemed fairly humble so I don’t think his returning would cause much disturbance. If he had a huge ego and thought he was a returning Messiah it’d be different but he’s not that kind of guy. Still dont think it will happen though.
  2. Pockets

    PES 2020

    They (PES) had exclusive rights to the Nou Camp stadium, not sure if they still do. Various partnerships and things but not sure if any to the extent that they can't appear in FIFA - maybe some South American teams. I still think it's a bit of a silly thing to focus on. Juventus would have been edited in five minutes anyway, why spend the money other than to fuck over FIFA which is no good for anyone really.
  3. I always liked Moreno. He was like a happy puppy who just happened to be completely unable to fetch or catch a frisbee or toilet train and he shat on the carpet one too many times.
  4. Pockets

    PES 2020

    Demo’s out on 30th July so you’ll get to have a good go before release at least.
  5. The answer being implementing VAR.
  6. I recommend Charité at War. I tried watching the original series set earlier when learning German but didn’t get into it. The addition of Nazis in this one has had the usual effect of spicing it up enough to be gripping. 6 episodes and very watchable.
  7. The £60 version on the eshop comes with the online sub yeah? They don't explain it very clearly.
  8. Do they play the wafer cup games on Thursday nights?
  9. It already has, it’s a matter of seeing if anything is done to fix it.
  10. The sport’s a fucking joke now. Stupid handball rule and VAR have fucked it.
  11. Best women’s football match I’ve seen. Not that I’ve seen that many. I think Japan’s approach is really great and suits the subtle differences in the women’s game. Having said that, the men’s team had the same patient build up last year. Worried Japan will get robbed of this with a silly mistake.
  12. Good goal by Japan there.
  13. Pockets

    F1 2019

    I bought F1 2017 and quite enjoyed it, having given up on attempting hard control settings and admitting that using a pad I was going to need assists. It had a pleasingly arcade feel to it that still made me feel like I was doing stuff even if I wasn't so much. Is that kind of thing still possible or is it more full on sim now? There was a time I'd have preferred the latter but without a full wheel and pedal set-up it's nice if there are options to make playing with a pad feel fun too.
  14. Finished it on 99.6%. No real desire to chase the last .4 and I didn’t bother with one of the optional secret bosses in the end as it seemed a silly extra challenge for the mental. It’s very good but there are minor issues and towards the end I just wanted to get it done. A solid 8/10 from me. Maybe a 9 personally as it grabbed me for 20 hours which is rare these days, but the issues and over-obtuse nature of some parts knock it down. It seems like certain things would have been impossible to figure out without blind luck or the internet which I always find frustrating. It takes away some of the sense of achievement. Of course it’s up to you if you look things up, but it really seems like you have to unless you’ve got all the time in the world.
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