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  1. Pockets

    Your music/band

    New single - https://etruscounico.bandcamp.com/track/time
  2. Men fist a pie is looking lively.
  3. There’s not been enough Ally McCoist in this tournament for my liking.
  4. If Turkey’s largely Muslim population all decided to become Christians, it’d be like Turkey voting for Christmas.
  5. So will they just be serving pints of bitter now at Molineux under the new Bruno Lage regime?
  6. I’ve quite liked the Bombcasts since going back to them after the Beastcast stopped. Danny is way better than he used to be and seems reasonably likeable now (though he still comes out with some real bullshit at times which I don’t understand - having to travel to specific places in Dublin to buy hoodies). I don’t really like the sound of what they’re doing though. It seems like they’ve just found a way to cut costs by having fewer salaried staff and just chucking a freelance bone at people as and when needed. I wonder how often that might include the supposed enticement of ‘exposure
  7. You know that was Brad’s idea.
  8. I wonder how long it’ll be before the Jeff’s quit GB and join this. Having effectively just sold the GB name.
  9. When I had a Switch I only used it in docked mode so a TV only version would have been good - except the idea of Nintendo passing on more than £20 of any savings is unlikely so it’s ultimately pointless.
  10. Pep’s gonna have to try to find some real humility to go with his usual disingenuous humble act that’s very easy when you know you’re going to win.
  11. This has happened at every game with fans that I’ve seen. Except Liverpool actually, I’m sure there are others. Anyway, that’s Britain in 2021 isn’t it.
  12. Thanks for the pit stop info. I don’t know how to do anything with buttons on the wheel so will have to look into that.
  13. Well yeah, Nintendo consoles are made from varying numbers of old GameCubes. This new one will just require a few more. There are billions inside Mount Fuji.
  14. Time for Big Sam to have a go, surely. He’ll be sufficiently exotic there.
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