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  1. The full fat one will be £599 rrp.
  2. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    They’ll charge you £50 for each one over a period of 6-12 months and you’ll be expected to lap that up.
  3. It’s certainly possible there could be limitations in place for the rest of the year in which case, why not wait and carry on this season from the same point next year. So around mid-Feb 2021 and we go from there with this season’s remaining fixtures. Except maybe back a week before Liverpool’s second leg against Atletico - replay that. Might sound mad now, but it’s possible we may have to go without football for that long anyway.
  4. I’m sure it’s hilarious.
  5. I hope they cut to Manchester singing it in the video.
  6. If they end up having to call off the season they could just start again but everyone keeps their current points from this season. Not ideal but it’s another one to throw in the hat.
  7. I like to live vicariously through the achievements of significantly younger millionaires as much as the next man, but I’d be wary about spending a fuckload on a ticket when that game might get locked down and the best you can get is a RRP refund.
  8. As the resident thread downer, just a reminder that before people go crazy buying tickets for massively inflated prices to be at what could be the game we win our first title for 30 years at - it’s possible they’re going to shut it all down and make the games be played behind closed doors. Maybe wait and see how that pans out first.
  9. Threads like this normalising the idea of a £650 console are why you might end up with them. Things are only worth what people will pay for them - they aren’t created with an intrinsic value. The discussion of tech and feverish excitement for it are what drives the prices up. RAM or whatever is only expensive when/because people want it. It’s the preparedness of men in middle age to spend big on consoles that makes them expensive.
  10. He did a decent enough job earlier in the season but I think it’s fair to say Adrian is a bit shit now.
  11. With Allison out he’s probably been told to be careful about catching anything.
  12. I think, having lost a game now, we’ve just decided to go for the one point win over City like they did last year. Make them think they’ve got a chance and then snatch it away.
  13. Nah, not enough in that. It was a little nudge. If Gomez can’t deal with that he shouldn’t be a premier league defender. Even if you want to argue it’s a foul, he should play to the whistle and not stop and look petulant about it.
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