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  1. Probably as soon as they announce the price.
  2. Hopefully Sunak’s rumoured £500 vouchers will be redeemable against an XSX. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jul/05/sunak-considers-500-vouchers-for-all-uk-adults-to-spend-in-covid-hit-firms
  3. I get why people don’t care and I know I sound really fucking petty but this is bad. It’s a really shitty performance and they should know what this would mean to the fans after the league win. Actually pretty angry which is ridiculous I know and yet I think it’s the correct reaction if we want and expect to be at the top.
  4. All to make Pep believe he’ll be back to winning the league without having to touch his defence at all.
  5. This will have everyone saying they’re better and should have won the league etc. Tiresome and it’s disappointing we’re giving them that because you knew they wanted it.
  6. I really don’t like Martin Tyler and am always amazed that such a mumbler got a job as a commentator. I feel an overwhelming need to state this about once every six months.
  7. This is gonna get ugly, but it doesn’t fucking matter. Give them a false sense of security for next season.
  8. Bit dumb from Gomez. Sterling of all people too. He’ll always buy what you’re selling.
  9. That’s just Gary Neville letting rip after his past few days of self-pitying binge eating.
  10. Feel like buying a Polaroid camera.
  11. Are they made in a factory round the corner from you or something?
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