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  1. You won’t get one until Friday, or maybe Thursday evening.
  2. Pockets

    Sekiro Official PC Specs.

    These spec guides are next to useless I find. They really need to give more details like what you need for 60fps at various resolutions maxed out or with medium settings etc. Saying 2500k and 970 means nothing. What do you get for that? 30fps at 1080 or 60 at 4K? What level of detail etc?
  3. Bone bumpers will break. It's just a matter of time, at least with the Elites. I don't know if the 'working class' plastic on the normal versions is made of stronger stuff but the metropolitan liberal Elite bumpers just snap like little public schoolboys on their first night away from home after a while.
  4. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Innocuous little thing there but VvD leaving that Fulham cross that went near the spot is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen him do. Striker right behind him, he’s was lucky.
  5. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I agree, but it would be nice if he was used for that even.
  6. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    This is not the performance of league champions though, unless you’re Man Utd in which case it’s exactly how you luck your way there.
  7. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Ah, stream’s behind.
  8. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Nervous if Salah takes this.
  9. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I bet they’re quaking right now.
  10. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    There’s your league gone then. Focus on the CL now I suppose.
  11. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Klopp’s all about training and I get the impression Shaq might be the sort who’s not 100% in training. I don’t really agree with it though, some players are just game players and that’s exactly what Shaq is, I thought he knew that when he bought him.
  12. Pockets

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    We should buy a big lump of a striker for TAA to hit. Just as an alternative option. Carroll and Benteke might have has glittering careers if they’d had his crosses flying in.
  13. Pockets

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Sterling dive resulting in the ref giving City a pen when they’re in trouble? Well I never.
  14. Yeah, but this is out next week, was gonna try one before. No worries though, I’ll probably have a go at it anyway. It’s the lack of build/RPG stuff in this one that has made me think it might be less ‘hassle’.

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