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  1. Pockets


    If they put the stuff they did for 360, PC and Switch together - the Mushis, Esps, DDPs etc - on one disc or collection on XSX/PS5/PC they could charge £60 for it and probably sell a decent amount. Maybe 10 games or so there and most of the work has been done for various formats, it can’t be hard to then unify them for all as they’re so similar.
  2. I've enjoyed messing around in FH4 and I suppose the way it constantly shouts at you is what the youth like these days, but I could do without it. Maybe an option to turn all the 'festival' shit off and just have events to do. It's like a great racing game that you can only play round the house of the most fucking annoying hipster cunts. It's like millennial Top Gear.
  3. It’s been credit that has caused issues I think. Maybe that’s understandable but it’s also annoying as you usually buy it in the moment you want to use it. I may well buy CP from them as it’s a fair bit less and if I have to wait a few hours it’s not the end of the world. I won’t be in a rush. I’m not warning people off them but, if it’s launch day and you decide to buy it and expect the code immediately, you may, just may, not get it for a while which might ruin your day if you’re in that mood, which we all can be at times.
  4. Even as the critic, I’ll say that I’ve always got my keys and they’ve been fine and historically I’ve not had problems but, as others have been saying over the past few months, they are worse than they were. Of my last three orders, two took about a day to come through. Not a big deal really but annoying if you want a game then and there. They’re fine it seems, but just don’t rely on that ‘instant delivery’ because it’s not true anymore. In my experience, I think it’s mainly credit purchases that get held up rather than games but there’s plenty of noise online abo
  5. Which is good if you don’t mind them fucking you around for a day or two.
  6. HDR 4K 60fps (120 if you like) ray traced Zelda BOTW. You don’t need to change the graphics beyond that tart up really so not a remake. Sorry if that doesn’t qualify or isn’t considered last gen by the Switch fans but, in terms of power, it is now.
  7. Does that burning Qs vid tell you what the XSX frame rate is? Because if not, it’s not really doing what it claims.
  8. I dunno if anyone comes into this sub forum anymore but just in case, who’s up for some next gen games? I’m on XSX. I can’t be arsed with leagues or anything but will happily play some games now and then against people who are willing to have fun and not take things super seriously.
  9. You're right, but I don't think it'll be 'finished' for another year. I suspect Xmas 2021 will be the 'definitive' aka finished edition. As for next gen patch, I wouldn't be surprised if that didn't turn up until then either. It's not like there's any real incentive for them to do it. The people that want the game and only have consoles will have to buy it there anyway, those who are that fussed will buy it on PC. I don't think there's a huge market of people waiting for a console patch - it'll sell millions regardless.
  10. How the hell did you find it to buy? I can only see giant £15 bundles.
  11. Won’t somebody please tell me the XSX frame rate?!
  12. Add a fiver and get Shadow of the Tomb Raider and let me know what it’s like.
  13. Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that but it was on that weird Starz channel so I don’t think I got round to it. Will have another look, cheers. Just watched a trailer. I did watch it. Dunno if I saw both seasons though. Can’t remember much.
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