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  1. Oooh, does he know Lovren used to wear that? Are the accountants in here okay with us risking a whole £5mn up front for a 29 year old?
  2. Yeah, I assumed it would be something like that. Thought it was worth doing now as a potential back up rather than later, though I may already be too late.
  3. Anyone seen this? I saw people getting ShopTo emails asking to turn interest into pre-orders in the PS5 thread so thought I'd register interest there in case other avenues fall through. I now appear to have paid some sort of 1p pre-pre-order interest registering fee. I dunno, might be worth doing if you're antsy I guess.
  4. I’m amazed the Express didn’t mock up a sad face shot of a child and outraged parent to go with that.
  5. You’ve lost the news! (Card maybe. Probably fine though).
  6. Why do we need the money after winning the league and CL and only buying a Greek left back? (Until Thiago who wasn’t expensive).
  7. Leider haben wir zu viele Karte verkauft. Sie werden nicht eine bekommen. Tut uns leid.
  8. The owner's of Scan and Overclockers are clinking glasses on their yacht set for South America, leaving this doomed island behind.
  9. I too worked in Thamesgate House, but much later for C&W when they took over Thus. For a year. I did nothing. Did you know Fox?
  10. There’s nothing wrong with that. Me deciding I’m going to buy everything up so you can’t unless you pay me double is what’s fucked. Who even thinks like that? Businessmen I guess. Probably why I’m not rich.
  11. I’m not suggesting this applies to anyone here, but every time there’s a big launch like this, it turns into concert ticket scalper time. Think of the psychology. You’ve got loads of money, or enough to buy a load of expensive things anyway. You create bots or go out of your way to buy loads of something you might not even want just to prevent others getting it so you can sell it to them at hugely inflated prices. There are millions of people trying this. Then you look at political discussion and some people have hope for the future? I don’t see how the two work. Imagine these people when the food and water shortages hit.
  12. Yep, I was torn between Amazon for potential pandemic reliability and wanting to use a smaller company but if Simply are going to be cunts about it they can fuck off. Will be opening up Amazon and Microsoft store windows on Tuesday and hoping to get something there.
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