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  1. That's right! The first campaign for the Critical Role gang came to a bittersweet, emotional close after five long years. The new campaign, set in a different corner of Exandria and after a few decade time jump, kicked off on Thursday, 11th January 2018. The gang have a snazzy new table! And in spoilers below are the new character cards: Where can you watch this exciting new campaign unfold? Don't worry, @MDY has got your back: More details coming soon...
  2. And CD Projekt Red's reaction: N'aww, they're so nice, considering this is only happening because of the games Let's be honest, it won't be as good as this: Any excuse to post that again, tbh!
  3. Orko

    Better Call Saul!

  4. So this was odd news to wake up to. The 35-year-old was arrested for her role as a co-conspirator in a sex cult called Nxivm, which is being prosecuted for sex trafficking and forced labor. From the Guardian: She was always my favourite on the show. Allegedly Kristina Kruek may also have been involved in the sex cult but is currently denying any involvement.
  5. Hello and welcome to the General MMO discussion thread! Please ignore the pleonastic title, it sounded weird just calling it 'The General MMO Discussion'! The purpose of this thread is for people interested in MMOs to come together and chat about what they’re playing/have played, what they like and don’t like, current trends and the future of the genre, the arguments for and against the move to more casual friendly MMOs or subscription fees…whatever you like, really! The RLLMUK MMO lot are a friendly bunch with a wealth of experience across loads of different MMOs over the years, so if you’re interested in the genre but have never dipped your toe in, feel free to ask questions! This forum is home to a number of MMO fans such as myself and we’re something of a bunch of tourists, regularly playing the ‘next big thing’ before abandoning it before the free 30 days are up (hence why our guild in Wildstar eschewed the traditional guild name of ‘Muk’ for ‘Thirty Days Later’), always trying to find our perfect game, or the one to finally replace our favourite - for some, that was/is World of Warcraft, for others it was Star Wars Galaxies and for others still, it’s Final Fantasy XI and these are the games by which all others are measured. It’s been an increasingly popular genre over the last decade after the phenomenal and runaway success of World of Warcraft which, at its height, pulled in over 12 million people worldwide. WoW became the undisputed king of the genre and the one all subsequent MMOs have either tried to beat or differentiate themselves from, but none have ever come even remotely close to emulating that success or knocking the king from the throne. Some would argue the genre is on its last legs; people are bored of the stale gameplay mechanics with new games offering only small, iterative improvements rather than revolutionary new ways to play, subscription based MMOs quickly lose players and switch to free to play (with varying degrees of success), which is often seen as the game in question’s death knell, or even close completely and even World of Wacraft has been steadily losing its grasp on players, with the current active player base somewhere around the 7.6 million mark – a far cry from its heady days of 12 million, yet still about 6 million more than most others MMOs on the market! Blizzard’s last expansion for WoW, Mists of Pandaria, was its most radical departure and not based on the storylines from the RTS games that spawned it. It was possibly the most divisive expansion amongst the playerbase, whether due to that departure from the status quo, or the inclusion of big, cuddly kung fu pandas (which actually turned out far better than I expected, I must admit), or the continued perception of the game being dumbed down and made more casual friendly by the developers, who have also seen some high-profile staff departures in the last year. It’s hard not to see the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, which sees the storyline involve a weird sort-of-time-travel-sort-of-alternate-dimension return to the Orcs and Humans storyline from the very first Warcraft game as Blizzard acknowledging that division and returning to the well, trying to recapture what made Warcraft such a popular franchise to begin with. Personally, I love MMOs. I try most of the new ones that come out and I always gravitate to whatever class lets me tank, especially if I can use a sword and shield (my ideal weapon setup). I've made some great friends over the years because of MMOs, even bagging a holiday to Norway out of it, and I’ve lost some friends because of them, too. Even so, I love that new MMO feeling, especially if my bestest longstanding MMO buds Nicky, topcat, Rikku, Karthirian and Spork are on board, too, as well as newcomers like PK. Special mention goes out to Xibxang as well because, although he doesn't often play MMOs with us, he ensures that when he does, it's always a memorable experience; Loki, JLR and Trigg who are demons in PVP and a great laugh (JLR misdirecting mobs onto Celestine in Karazhan still makes me guffaw like a fool whenever I think about it) and Flub, who always seems to start playing new MMOs just as everyone else from the forum stops . Below is a quick trip down my MMO memory lane. You might find my opinions interesting, you might not; you might agree and you might not. Either way, contribute to the thread and let us know! World of Warcraft My first true MMO love and the one I invariably go back to, having played it on and off for almost 10 years now. Too much time invested to ever truly give up and the game is the 'gold standard' I hold other MMOs to. I haven't played it since January; I hit a bit of a lull with it due to end-of-expansion blues. I honestly can't decide if I liked the Mists of Pandaria expansion or not; the story and Pandaren themselves weren't as cute, silly and fluffy as I'd anticipated, but at the same time I really don't feel like they 'fit' in with WoW - it was the first expansion not based on pre-existing Warcraft games (i.e. the RTS series), and I think it showed. Whereas all the old expansions felt like the ongoing story of WoW, Pandaria felt a bit like a weird holiday expansion, where nothing really mattered or had any impact on the real world. This feeling is further compounded by the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, going back to the well/dead horse to sort-of-but-not-quite reboot the very first Warcraft RTS, Orcs and Humans. The fact that it's all about the bloody Orcs again and set on Outland pre-explosion means it all feels far too similar. The devs seem intent on dumbing down the classes, too, stripping out long-standing abilities left and right, simplifying mechanics, reducing rotations to 3-4 button affairs...I've long argued that things like LFR and LFD weren't dumbing the game down/making it too casual, but rather they were making it more accessible, but it's hard not to see what they've done with the classes as dumbing down and I don't think I like it. Wildstar My MMO of the moment. A greatest hits compilation that includes all of the best (and some of the worst) aspects of many MMOs from the last decade. Great combat, great art style (although it doesn't capitalise on its sci-fi setting enough, imho), brilliantly challenging and fun dungeons and player housing that I not only care about, but actually love - something that I never thought I'd say! It's not for everyone and seems more divisive than any MMO I've played before, but personally I think it's the best current MMO available. The Secret World Ah, TSW. Some of my best memories of MMO dungeonerring come from this game; our nightly excursions into haunted ships and the various levels of Hell were amazing fun. The setting and story was a lot of fun, although the combat was a bit shit. Funcom tried some interesting things with levels/ability points but it didn't really make a lot of difference - there was still a gear grind, people who'd been playing for ages were still way more powerful than a new person and so on. It's the one MMO I'm gutted didn't catch on with the RLLMUK crowd. Such a shame, but it will forever live in my memory as a whole heap of adventure and fun. Tera Tanking in this game was the most satisfying tank experience in any mmo I've ever played. The fact you had to physically block attacks, rather than rely on RNG or cooldowns, meant skill and determination won the day. Three manning dungeons with topcat and Rikku was a wonderful experience, but the main core of the game, with terrible quests and weird enemies and a very confused aesthetic, meant it struggled to hold my attention for very long. It should have set the bar for MMO combat to come, but instead it kind of whimpered and died like a fart in a hurricane. Rift I can't remember much about Rift other than that the Rifts themselves were pretty much the only unique and fun thing about it. Says it all, really. Age of Conan I loved this game, but it ran terribly on my machine at the time, with frequent crashes, memory leaks and general poor performance. The combat was cool and unique at the time, the mature theme and graphic violence was fun, I loved the more realistic vibe of armour and weapons (some of them were amazing) and it had, by far, the best shield slam in any MMO I've ever played. Think 300 and you're halfway there! At release the game was a confused mess, though, with the opening section on Tortage being brilliant, only to quickly be replaced by generic MMO 101 upon hitting the world proper. Lord of the Rings Online If there was ever going to be an MMO that took me away from the early days of WoW, I would have thought LOTRO would be it, but instead the terrible combat animation and floaty, almost ice-skating movement put me right off. I love LOTR, the setting and the characters, but I just couldn't get on with this at all. I've tried a few more times over the years, even getting a Hobbit (whatever the class with the spear and shield is called) to about level 17, but it never could grab me the way I'd originally hoped. Everquest 2 I was well into WoW when a friend convinced me to try this and I hated it. I hated the graphics, I hated the classes (although my frog monk was alright), I hated the boring, generic story and world...I quickly gave up and never went back, although I recognise this game is some people's equivalent of what WoW is to me. The Elder Scrolls Online I tried the beta and hated it. I bought it anyway and struggled through, eventually forming a weird 'it's alright, I suppose'/hate (because love/hate would imply I liked it a lot more than I did) relationship with it. I didn't make it past the free month. I thought it was a confused mess of a game, too full of bots and hackers to derive any real enjoyment from. Plus I didn't really like any of the base classes. City of Heroes My wife, who hates games, played this more than I did. It seemed janky as all hell aside from the amazing character creation. Sadly I could never create anything truly amazing as I have the imagination of a brick. I did make a tiny monkey man I named 'Atomic Ape', and won a contest run in game for most unique character. That was pretty cool. DC Universe Online What a load of utter shit. Star Trek Online See DC Universe Online Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn I knew I wouldn't like this, but I tried it anyway. It was better than I was expecting, but it was still shit. Guild Wars 2 I've said what I think of this in the appropriate thread. Some of it was cool, the dungeons and end game grind killed it stone dead for me. Probably the most disappointing MMO release for me, personally. Star Wars the Old Republic I actually really liked most of SWTOR. The PVP was great fun, the classes were cool and interesting, the personal storylines were brilliant, the dungeons were fun, the companions were a cool idea, but the world itself was too big, too empty and too dull, to the point that not even the Star Wars licence could save it. A shame, really. I only really stopped playing because everyone else from RLLMUK did, otherwise I probably would have continued. I actually went back to it a few months ago and really enjoyed myself. Neverwinter Everything I'd read told me this game was utter toss, but I actually though it was alright! It was F2P through and through, though, and didn't really hold my interest for all that long. Fun whilst it lasted considering it didn't cost me a penny, though! Dungeons and Dragons and Vanguard I can't remember which was which, suffice to say I played both and they were both gash. Guild Wars It was a weird fake MMO, more like PSO. I didn't like it much and didn't stick with it for long. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning How can a single MMO do so much so right, and yet so much so wrong? The BEST pvp in any MMO I've played...until you hit about level 30. The creator of the event quest style of questing (As far as I know). Fun classes but generic as hell PVE content. Matrix Online A game that completely missed the point of what was cool about both the Matrix and MMOs. Load of gumph. Star Wars Galaxies My first ever MMO. Ran like utter crap on my machine - I'm talking single digit FPS, here, so I never got very far into it. A real shame. Ragnorok Online My second ever MMO experience. A top-down, cutesy Japanese grindathon. Was pretty shit and yet I played it quite a lot. Phantasy Star Online (Xbox) A bit like Guild Wars in that it wasn't really an MMO, but I played hours upon hours of this back in the day over Xbox Live. I think that's all the MMOs I've ever played! Phew, was quite the trip down memory lane!
  6. Long rumoured to be in development since the licence was aquired following the collapse of THQ, Eurogamer are now reporting that the first details of the new game Darksiders 3 have been leaked. Screens Trailer More details here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-05-02-darksiders-3-leaked-with-screenshots-and-details I loved Darksiders, although I never finished it. I also liked what I played of Darksiders 2 although, again, I never finished it. I do love Joe Madureira's chunky art style, though.
  7. From IGN. Sad news, although I guess we all knew Hellboy 3 was likely never to happen. Still, a reboot could see it brought to a new audience and reinvigorate the franchise, I suppose.
  8. "Embark on an exotic journey into danger in this rip-roaring 1930s third person adventure for 1-4 players! Encounter pulse-pounding action, treacherous traps and tales of derring-do!" Recently in some other thread I said I wished there were more games set in 1920s/30s Egypt, as it's a setting ripe for gaming, but curiously underused. Well, apparently someone from Rebellion was listening, travelled back in time to 2017 and announced Strange Brigade, a third person coop puzzly adventure horror shooter thing. Story trailer here: I'm a sucker for the time period and setting: the era of derring-do adventure, ancient curses, mummies, giant skorpions and the like. The first two Mummy films are definitely guilty pleasures of mine, mainly due to the setting (and Rachel Weisz, obviously). Here's the cast of characters you'll take control of: And here they are shooting some mummies and stuff: I think the only Rebellion game I ever played was the first Aliens Vs Predator. I've not played any of the Sniper Elite games, so no idea whether their involvement is a mark of quality or not. Regardless, I'm excited! http://strangebrigade.com/en
  9. This looks lovely. So much charm and personality! Looks like everything Yooka-Laylee should have been. Eurogamer Recommended GameSpot 7/10 Destructoid 8.5
  10. I don't know about you guys, but it always baffles me that deep-sea exploration and adventure is such an under-utilised area for games and films. We know more about our solar system than we do our own oceans and there is some proper freaky stuff down in the depths. A (not that) new game seeks to address this, however, and provide all the underwater adventure and hijinks you can ask for. Developed by Unknown Worlds and currently in early access, Subnautica sees you as the lone survivor of a crash that's left you stranded on a bizarre ocean world and you need to swim, scavenge and survive long enough to be rescued. You can build bases, explore the wreckage of your starship, craft gear and you need to eat and drink to survive. The game is currently £14.99 on Steam and coming to Xbox One at some point, too. It's a very colourful game, as shown in the screenshots below and, watching the trailer and some streams of it, it looks remarkably polished and feature complete for an early access game. Trailer Screenshots Concept art
  11. A rumour has appeared, courtesy of user Klobrille on Resetera, that Fable 4 might be in development, alongside a third person Perfect Dark sequel and a new Forza Horizon set in Japan. The only thing adding credence to these rumours is that a guy with the same username correctly leaked some of the e3 2016 reveals. Pinch of salt for now, but I'd love to return to the world of Albion. Would it have that flawed charm of the others without Molyneux and Lionhead at the helm, though? For all their faults, I bloody love the Fable games, the second in particular.
  12. Planet Coaster was superb, so I'm mega excited for this.
  13. Orko

    Aggretsuko - cool series on Netflix

    That looks dreadful. And besides, the ultimate "I hate my desk job" movie is Office Space.
  14. Orko

    Tomb Raider (2013)

    It's almost like different things appeal to different people.
  15. My initial, clearly facetious comment was blatantly laced with sarcasm at the fact that games like this, and Hatred, and Postal were all marketed in a certain way and were all shit. @JohnC understood what I was getting at. ah well.
  16. If you believe something like Doom had the same design philosophy as something like Hatred, then I don't know what to say.
  17. Hatred! That's the one I was trying to remember. Shite, one and all.
  18. Orko

    Tomb Raider (2013)

    No doubt. I guess it depends how they're trying to define "survival" in the context. In this case, I believe survival simply means kill or be killed, trying not to die in the face of overwhelming odds, an army's worth of enemies and crazy traps, as opposed to survival like you might see in survival games i.e. limited resources. It makes sense within the context of the game that you have a lot of ammo, since the island is apparently full of mercenaries with guns and ammo to spare.
  19. Have you ever noticed that games that market themselves on the fact they're super violent, angsty, gladly court controversy and on the wrong side of "too much" are always, without fail, fucking shite?
  20. Orko

    Tomb Raider (2013)

    Eh, it's a game. Surely you can forgive a bit of gaminess in your games? Why is it so egregious here? Does this kind of thing annoy you in all games, or is it just because you've got such issues with Tomb Raider in particular? Does it annoy you that your character can carry whole sets of armour, multiple weapons and a library's worth of books in Skyrim? Is it vexatious that only every third enemy you kill drops the thing you need in an adventure game?
  21. Orko

    Tomb Raider (2013)

    Well, you know... Samurais used bows, so it's not that far fetched But everyone has different opinions on what is "fun" and what is "engaging". I enjoyed the reboot well enough, though it wasn't perfect. Not bothered with return, yet, but it's on my to do list.
  22. Yeah, it's distractingly awful. Shocking, as I remember it being quite the colourful and attractive game at release.
  23. Orko

    Tomb Raider (2013)

    Too many QTEs is probably a fair criticism, although they're mostly contained to the early game and then reserved for big set pieces, but there weren't that many "press forward and nothing else" sections, and they were only added for narrative impact (Lara climbing a massive, rickety tower but gosh, look at the view and Lara is injured so stumble forward slowly as she bleeds out - something they nicked wholesale from Uncharted and equally shit there). Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't. But, as someone else said, they're a drop in the ocean compared to the majority of the game. They certainly don't make up the bulk of the experience.

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