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  1. World of Warcraft is still the biggest mmo, yes. Mmos in general aren’t as healthy as they once were, it’s true, but wow is still the biggest.
  2. Ah. That explains it. Dickheads on Twitter is, unfortunately, the cause of many issues these days.
  3. They'll probably make more money selling stuff like CoD on PS5 than making it exclusive due to the massive install base.
  4. Who is asking for that? No one. Star Wars has never had blood and gore (well...not much, anyway). But it's never exactly been shy on the violence. Besides, we wanted Boba the Bounty Hunter, we got Boba the Errand Boy. I can understand them wanting to balance the story (he's a new crime lord!) with making him actually likeable, but they've got to do something with him soon. He's completely flaccid, at the moment.
  5. Using a Barioth hunting horn (toot toot) and a clown suit of mixed armour. 9 hours in and doing 4* quests. Love it, as I knew I would. Sure, it doesn't have the amazing graphical fidelity of MH World and the zones don't feel as....alive, I guess? But it runs butter smooth and tbh it's no slough at all in the graphics department with everything cranked.
  6. Maybe it’s finally time to learn hunting horn. I mean, it’s basically a more stylish hammer, right?
  7. Well, he certainly looks closer to the Reacher from the books than Tom Cruise did
  8. I keep meaning to try new weapons, but...hammer I've been a hammer bro since MH3U on WiiU. Currently rocking a full arzuros set with Izuchi hammer and just opened up 3 star quests - not bad for 2 hours play
  9. I’ve not read wheel of time nor watched the show so can’t say how good it is or isn’t, but most people seem a bit ambivalent about it.
  10. Wheel of Time, the supposedly unfilmable book series Amazon recently filmed.
  11. No one watched episode 4 yet? Was much better than 3, but still not great. Show needs a fire lighting under its ass.
  12. So I watched this yesterday. It’s an odd film. I like what was there, but there wasn’t enough of it. It was both too slow and yet too rushed. Not a lot happened for a long time, then lots of things happened very quickly. Nothing was resolved, there was no payoff. Not a lot is explained, much is confusing, but that’s ok, that’s proper sci fi. That’s the world, deal with it and come along for the ride. I know it was part one, but even then it didn’t feel like a complete movie. also, easiest payday ever for zendaya. I want to watch the next part, but it’s a shame this feels like half a film.
  13. Well I’ve bought it, so looking forward to it! I used to love the nerscylla fight.
  14. Having looked through the monster list for Rise I'm pretty disappointed to see it's mostly dragons and dinosaurs, again. MH4U had some of the best monster variety, with things like Nerscylla the giant shadow spider, that big cobra snake thing, the giant wasp monster and scorpion thing, tetsucabra the big frog thing, the big crabs, the big fish beasts etc. Where are all of them?!?
  15. I'd argue Sea of Thieves doesn't support microtransactions at its core: it has them, they're all 100% purely cosmetic, completely unnecessary for the game and your player progress/enjoyment. Saying 'at its core' suggests they're integral to the game, when they're not.
  16. Can we just appreciate that the gaming leadership team has people of colour and a lot of women in the most senior roles? Surely that’s a good indication of how MS like to do things?
  17. You can argue all you like, you’re not changing my mind or my score, so
  18. A film tells a complete story. This does not. It’s half a film and half a story so it gets half score.
  19. Dune (2021) I liked what was there, but come on; it’s half a film. 2.5/5
  20. Blameless? Doubt it. Entirely at fault? Probably not. Fisher comes across as a bit of a twat, as well.
  21. World of Warcraft is still ongoing, overwatch 2 is in development as is Diablo iv so the only dormant big blizz IP currently is StarCraft. There are dozens and dozens of games blizz have green lit and then cancelled and which never saw the light of day, so maybe some of those will go back into production, or perhaps Microsoft will just be happy for blizz to just keep doing what they’re doing, only without all the sexual harassment.
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