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  1. Well, it’s over. Disappointed/10.
  2. Demons invading earth? Nae bother, just have a wee dance and summon a kaiju.
  3. Looks good for a GameCube game
  4. That’s what Splatoon needs tbh, more story and lore. YOOOOO WTF was that awkward pose?!?
  5. Sweet, another splatoon game for me to buy and never play!
  6. Jack Black as Bowser and Keegan Michael Key as Toad and Seth Roger Donkey Kong wtf is this
  7. Shadowrun is good. But also on PC for super cheap.
  8. That Metroid Dread voice over, tho
  9. Oh hey look, it’s still not Metroid prime!
  10. Always remember to stay human, and not go round thinking you’re a giraffe or something.
  11. Kirby is such a shit character. Be gone!
  12. So, what is everyone’s favourite faction? I don’t know much about the factions, but I like the adepta sororitas and plague marines.
  13. Eternal Darkness remake, please.
  14. What a dreadful song in that trailer
  15. Willie Garson aka Stanford Blatch from Sex and the City, has died aged 56 from cancer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58647331
  16. Yes those are both good shouts. Considering that a significant portion of games are made in or heavily influenced by Japan, it's surprising that Samurai games aren't more prevalent. Western games, too. Perhaps it's that the Western genre isn't so popular in Hollywood anymore so public desire for it is also more limited and not considered a winner for games developers, outside of Rockstar who could probably release a game about anything at any point in history and still sell millions.
  17. New Musical Express. Branching out into video game reviews, I guess? EDIT: Shit, I was taking the piss but it turns out they totally are! https://www.nme.com/gaming
  18. Recently I've been thinking that, with the resurgence of top down or isometric, story-driven RPGs, what I'd really like to see is something horror based. I find it odd that this genre seems to be solely stuck on fantasy or post-apocalyptic. To be honest, there's really a complete lack of good, story-driven horror in general. Recently we've had games like Call of Cthulhu and Sunken City which, for all their jank, had decent enough stories, Vampyr is kind of a horror game but not, really, and Alien Isolation, good as it was, was more a tech demo of terrifying AI than a 'good' story. Where are all our solid, in-depth horror stories?!? Things with mystery, with intrigue, with suspense? We need more of them! If I had to guess I would assume the typically lower sales of horror games plus the typically lower sales of RPGs is a recipe for profit disaster, but that's just a guess. Are there any other genres/styles you think are curious by their absence?
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