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  1. Not a chance, sadly. A quick Google and the cheapest gaming laptop I found was £650 and it's not great. Laptops aren't great for gaming on, which is why gaming laptops cost a lot more than a standard laptop. A 'decent' gaming laptop would set you back about £900 - £1700. You might be able to get a normal laptop for £500, but it wouldn't run much in the way of games, I'm afraid. You'd run into heat problems fairly quickly. This is the thing about pc gaming: you can build a pc that's far more powerful than the ps5 and xsx, but it'll cost you more than they do. You'll also struggle to build a pc that matches them performance wise for the same price you'd pay for a console; that's the sweet spot they sit in.
  2. It's weird that BBC is the only place I've seen this reported: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54191058 I mean it's not shocking, Nintendo said last year I think they weren't making any new games for it but still; Sad day.
  3. So what we've learnt is stay the fuck away from shiteheels like overclockers and scan, yeah? Cus they're price gouging wankers. Good to know!
  4. Oh cheers for the heads up, I'll take a look. My build wasn't going to be finished until November anyway, so getting one now would only mean it'd sit in my cupboard for a while.
  5. If I can't get one next week for a decent price I'll just buy the rest of my new build and wait patiently for the GPU to come back in stock
  6. I can go more it'll just push back completing the build by a month.
  7. I mean I haven't checked, but Amazon sells pc stuff so surely they'll have some at reasonable prices? I've set the £700 limit and will look to buy next Friday (pay day!), If anything is in stock and reviews well.
  8. Well, that's shit. Didn't realise they could do that.
  9. Why are the prices going up? Why aren't they just fixed?
  10. I love world, it's almost everything I ever wanted from monster hunter. Where it falls down for me is the monster variation. Too many Dinos, dragons and wyverns, not enough giant spiders, bugs or giant bunny bears and shit.
  11. I love Dark Souls, but Demon's is still my favourite.
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