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  1. Having a conversation with my wife and neither of us can remember ever seeing Kermit the Frog laugh. I seem to recall him doing a funny hissing laugh, kind of like "hek hek hek" but I can't find any videos or anything. This is what lockdown has done to us.
  2. Avatar is better than Korra, but both are phenomenal. I'd want the live action show to show the years after the cartoon and before Korra as well. No point retelling what's already been told, especially when it's as perfect as it is.
  3. Hamilton was great. Had heard a couple of songs, but not listened to the whole album, so most were a surprise and I loved it.
  4. Not only black but black AND lesbian! Naturally the internet took this in their stride, praising the level of awareness on behalf of the creators and how brave a choice it was, saying it was about time a black female lead had their own...no. It's been a shit show, obviously. Fucking internet.
  5. Genuinely shocked this reached four seasons. Didn't realise it even had a second season! It looked dreadful so I never bothered with it and, given that summary above, seems I was right not to.
  6. Anyway, horrid community aside, I must admit I am enjoying being back into Critical Role. Watching episode 82, "The beat of the Permaheart".
  7. Probably because the thread has been years of you saying how bad it is and how you're quitting for real this time
  8. Yep. Such a toxic, entitled, demanding, "inclusive until someone steps out of line or says the wrong thing" circle jerk of shitbeards.
  9. The film was successful in two aspects: 1 - it made my wife and I want to book a holiday to Iceland 2 - it made me consider watching the Eurovision for the first time, ever.
  10. I think I read somewhere he was supposed to be singing it but wasn't available for the overdub so they gave it to someone else who is actually an operatic singer.
  11. Rachel McAdams sang the quiet bit where she's practicing her own song in her hotel room. All her other singing bits were provided by 3 time Eurovision rejectee Molly Sandén. Apparently the director said they blended them both together for the singing but the singer says it's all her. Either way, it's not really Rachel McAdams. Of course she would have acted/mimed them for the performance and been overdubbed, which they typically do on all film musicals anyway, regardless of who is singing (the famous exception being Les Miserables, who all sung live). It's also worth pointing out that Dan Stevens doesn't sing Lion of Love, either, @Vimster
  12. I didn't like the singalong bit in the mansion, either, but overall really enjoyed the film. The music was brilliant and Will Ferrel was dialed back a bit. The real standout for me was Rachel McAdams, though. I know it wasn't her singing, but just in general she was brilliant in this. She's brilliant in everything, though, to be fair.
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