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  1. Tom Bombadil was shit and I'm glad they cut him.
  2. Did Battle of Dazar'alor achievements for the mount tonight. Only Eternal Palace left next week.
  3. Scientists have brought back dinosaurs and put them in a theme park but they escape.
  4. I bought the extended editions digitally and my wife and I watch them every year at least once. They're very special to us as not only are the fudging amazing films, but Return of the King was the first film we ever saw together at the cinema, so holds a particularly special place in our hearts.
  5. Do you think anyone will notice I'm in mercenary mode?
  6. There is, but it's so minuscule as to probably not be worth the hassle.
  7. Yeah Digital Foundry said as much due to less aggressive blur or something, I dunno. Glad it looks alright on the big screen. I wasn't expecting a 4k 60fps wonder, but thought 720p would just look a blurry horrible mess upscaled onto a 4k oled.
  8. This joke has been sitting there floundering for over a week, so I gave you a pity pos.
  9. Hold up...720p docked? 370p undocked? On a machine that can run Doom 2016, we're getting a 370p remaster of a ten year old Wii game? Won't this just look awful on a big 4k screen?
  10. I didn't finish Xenoblade 2. I didn't finish Dragon QUest 11. I didn't finish Final Fantasy VII remake. I never finish any JRPG. So why do I want this now?
  11. I think that looks great. There's just something about that gritty portrayal of great depression, prohibition America private detectives and mobsters that appeals to me.
  12. Has anyone else been watching these? Josh Gadd, he of Olaf fame, has done four episodes where he gets cast and crew of some of his favourite movies on a Zoom call and they talk about making the movie. They’re a great idea but they’re not particularly long so you don’t get a lot of insight or anything, not helped by the fact Josh Gadd won’t stop talking, but they’re otherwise fun and it’s nice to see the joy for these people reuniting to discuss their films. So far he’s done Goonies, Back to the Future, Splash and Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings one in particular was lovely, that cast have so much genuine affection for one another. Here’s the first to get you started. And no, I don’t know why he keeps doing the terrible jump cuts during the intros either.
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