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  1. I played games back to back most of the afternoon and had no issues with wait times. Weird.
  2. Thanks! This new one is the most in-depth because I've actually played the game now
  3. Well the fourth and (for now) final one of my character videos is live:
  4. Fair enough. The game changes up a bit once you unlock perks (e.g. my Tooke's grenade now heals instead of draining stamina), but if you don't like the core loop then that won't help much. Ah well, it's not going to be for everyone.
  5. If you only get the last checkpoint of the winch and claim 'victory' you don't technically win, because the treasure is portioned out for every checkpoint along the winch progress bar, so if you've only got one you likely get less overall treasure than the 'losing' team who did all the work. Regardless, it is infuriating. I've suggested in the game's official Discord feedback channel that they change the victory/defeat screen to be a gold counting screen, tallying up who has earned what and awarding victory to the team that earned the most - that would feel more 'fair' and fit with the theme t
  6. Having a mostly female cast is great unless you force them to play the most cliché, shit characters imaginable. There's the rookie cop wrongfully accused of a crime she didn't commit and you can tell she's a woman because she cries a lot. There's the psycho criminal, then there's the really psycho criminal channelling a bad Harley Quinn impersonation, then there's the creepy scientist with the futuristic hannibal lector mask, there's the skeezy hacker who you can tell will probably turn out alright. And then there's a lady who can attack people with her dreadlocks for some reason, like if Sind
  7. I’ve not seen killing eve so can’t compare but I watched two episodes of this and really wish I hadn’t. It’s an alright premise, but everyone in it is bloody terrible.
  8. I went year one - it was only £28.99 on cdkeys. @iknowgungfu yeah believe you would still be eligible- it’s still technically a preorder purchase so it should just let you play.
  9. Yeah, had no issues so far. Longest I’ve waited was maybe 3 mins and that was as a full group of 4 so you’d think it’d be more difficult.
  10. It’s out on Monday. Early access was just for people who preordered.
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