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  1. There’s a level, I want to say it’s level 5, where you’re platforming in the dark and it is utter, utter bullshit.
  2. It’s great to hear some of the old music again, but it would have been better to fully orchestrate it rather than have the weird chip tune version we have which doesn’t go with the graphics.
  3. Oh god I’d forgotten you all nearly killed yourselves trying to jump over a hole
  4. £29.99. I’m really not sold on the graphical style, but it’s a great game so far.
  5. I hadn’t realised it was only in Super Ghouls n Ghosts, since that’s the only one I really played so I thought it was standard.
  6. The ign review said there is no double jump! :O
  7. "15 minutes of gameplay" I was expecting it to be 15 minutes straight of someone repeatedly dying to the same enemy without ever reaching a checkpoint
  8. Still raiding and doing lots of PvP.
  9. Lost Vikings and Rock n Roll Racing are both amazing. I get this for “free” as I’d bought the Blizzconline ticket thing.
  10. If you go round someone’s house you can nick all their stuff as long as you crouch whilst doing it.
  11. Hugh Grant was superb in the second one.
  12. Godawful trailer but day one for the game.
  13. I started watching this a couple of weeks ago. It’s really, really good! Some of the early comments in this thread though...yikes
  14. Zombie Kidz Evolution - 18.83 Rhino Super Hero Battle - 25.11 Total for the month: £124.90.
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