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  1. The levelling speed is really out of whack. For me, it worked out like this: Bastion - 7 story chapters and all but two of the side quest hubs took me from 50 - 54 (just shy of 55) Maldraxxus - 7 story chapters and all but two of the side quest hubs took me from 54 - 57. Probably my least favourite zone, it felt like a slog and the xp rewarded seemed low. Ardenweald - 8 story chapters and all but one side quest hub took me from 57 - 60. You have to finish the whole campaign before you can unlock all the endgame stuff, so I still had to go do Reve
  2. I’m on defias brotherhood, which is linked with ravenholdt, scarshield legion and venture co. No queues. Come join team red over there.
  3. Have done five of the eight dungeons on mythic. Skipped normal and heroic and went straight in to mythic even though my ilvl wasn’t even high enough to queue for some of them on normal! Luckily they’re pretty easy. Went from ilvl 133 to 162.
  4. Just hit 60 on my Protection Paladin. Hadn't even finished Ardenweald, the third zone. You have to complete all four to unlock end game content, so I'm off to Revendreth to hang with the vampires for a bit.
  5. You need the bridge, it's what the lights connect to to work on the wifi/the app.
  6. It’s definitely an investment! Over the years I’ve bought a lot of hue stuff, and it all started because I wanted a night light for my son and didn’t want one with a wire. Now I have 3 rooms with the main bulb as a hue bulb, two light strips, two hue go lamps, a couple of lamps with hue bulbs in and two hue play bars.
  7. No, it was the motherboard, but you need to have bought it between 10th November and 31st December. Unfortunately I bought mine in September! I also bought the processor in September I think and I didn’t get anything free with that, either.
  8. Yeah Rebels goes the same way as Clone Wars: starts as a kids show, quickly becomes not really a kids show. The best of it is up there with Clone Wars, although I never liked Ezra.
  9. Tonight’s the night, ladies and gentlemen. See you on the other side (not the dungeon).
  10. You’d also need the sync box, which is £229, if you want it to sync to what’s on your tv. The strip will work without it, but it won’t change based on the screen.
  11. Seems so! I don’t have the gradient strip, it’s fairly new, but I’ll probably pick one up at some point. I only recently got the play bars and I really like them. I stuck them to the back of the TV and they’ve held so far...
  12. Yes https://www.philips-hue.com/en-gb/p/hue-white-and-colour-ambiance-play-gradient-lightstrip-55-inch/8718699784751
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