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  1. John Hamm would have been a great call.
  2. Naughty Dog seem to have a reputation for copying people’s likeness without permission. I mean, just look how they made their main star look like Tom Holland: Uncanny.
  3. He’s a great lad but he’s not the guy for this.
  4. That looks like it’d make an amazing game!
  5. I think James Mangold will do as good a job as he can - he's got a good track record - it's the story and Harrison himself I'm more worried about. But hey, it can't be as bad as Crystal Skull, right guys? Right?
  6. If you’re not sick of metroidvanias, or 16 bit graphics, or things fancying themselves as “soulslike”, then here comes the terribly named Souldiers, combining all three! Terrible name, but looks nice.
  7. I think it looks absolutely brilliant. The amount of people fucking whinging in the YouTube comments though, fuck sake.
  8. I could take only 30 seconds of the constant noise of the character throwing shuriken in that trailer. I’d never last the whole game.
  9. The Jason Statham alike, Cutter, is voiced by Graham McTavish, who is Scottish. Katherine Marlowe is voiced by Rosalind Ayres, who is from Birmingham.
  10. I insist you end all future posts with “but I’ve been drinking gin.”
  11. The likeness wasn’t authorised and he complained so it was changed.
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