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  1. It was the gunplay, man. It felt all sorts of off to me.
  2. Refunded after 20 mins. Did not enjoy it at all. Gunplay feels well off, I hate that card system. Vermintide is far better, as is Left 4 Dead. Blurgh.
  3. £35.99 for the ultimate edition on steam, £39.99 on xbox (base game on gamepass). Ultimate edition comes with the annual pass and some other shite, so might be worth it.
  4. They look great! What are they, though? Some sort of steam punk robot guys?
  5. Looks great. This and dead space so close together…we are spoilt!
  7. Depends on your party, but sushi go was the gateway drug for my family.
  8. I bought Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition. It says there are 12 characters but there are only 6 minis...is that normal??? Also, is it any good? Reviews seem to suggest so, but anyone here played it? Also bought Mysterium.
  9. They had two or three boxes of this, but at £105...I'll wait for a £30 box or something
  10. I've watched the first Deadpool 3 or 4 times now. I've watched Deadpool 2 once, don't remember much about it and don't really feel the need to change that so yeah, I get where you're coming from.
  11. 'Not near the skill level' posts an incredible job...piss off
  12. Thanks man, that's amazing. I like the look of those Gellerpox things more and I don't care about RULES (since I have absolutely zero interest in actually playing), so I might grab the basic bitch box and the gellerpox. Thanks again. Going to pop out at lunch and grab some!
  13. Soooo I fancy buying my first ever 40k stuff. This is to paint, not to play with. I’m thinking of picking up one or both of the following: - League of Votann - Plague Marines Does anyone have any experience or recommendations? I know the league stuff is brand new so I expect not, but any plague marine stuff would be appreciated!
  14. Hard space ship breaker Hard ship space breaker Hard breaker space ship They all work, I cannot remember which is correct. I think I’ve called it all of the above multiple times now.
  15. This was Barley. Except he forgot to run away. I updated his mini on HeroForge accordingly... RIP Barley, you daft bastard. I'll miss the terrible West Country accent I did for you.
  16. It’s fair man, it’s a bloody mahoosive game.
  17. Yeah they totally are. A whole game of that? Mmmmmm
  18. Deep sea plus coastal villages plus From’s fetish for all things cosmic horror and Cthulhu? Sign me up!
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