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  1. Amen to that. Actually after the patches it wasn’t even really that buggy and the combat was indeed great and the new team were a great crew. Yeah so maybe it was a bit DA:Inquisition in space but I also loved Inquisition. It really does give good Krogan too. I bounced seriously hard off ME1 at the time but then fell head over heels with the series after playing 2 and I also think 3 is a masterpiece (and whisper it maybe my favourite, even despite the ending). I was really hoping they had tweaked the combat more as that was what put me off at t
  2. It was always a graphical tour de force on the 360, really looked like a Xbone gen title. I also maintain it’s a much better game than 2 and maybe even Reach (which I was disappointed by) but that’s my heretical view and I’m sticking with it
  3. Its on EA Play Pro on Origin which is £15 a month so if you just want to play it that’s the cheapest option (lack of ownership aside etc), I’m actually doing the sub for a few months as they are also getting Biomutant on release in a couple of weeks and have the Amular remaster on there too. I only tend to play games through once and if i fancy another play through in a couple of years it will be buttons by then. CD keys have it for £39.99 (although it was £35 for quite a few weeks pre release) and slightly cheaper at a few less trustworthy key resellers. Anyway 4
  4. I was going to say are you not doing rewards? My Gamepass sub has literally cost me the £1 when I converted my existing Live sub - I've currently got 18 months worth and you can easily earn points faster than you need to spend them to extend the sub (don't forget that every live account in the household can earn Microsoft points)
  5. All working fine for me - got all my normal points for the web stuff The 50 points for getting an achievement is massively flakey at the best of times though - its 50/50 whether it works for me on any given day
  6. C’mon lucky people with unlocked copies, impressions. Mainly are the improvements in the combat on ME1 significant?
  7. A bad word should not be said against Shiny Happy People which plays both with deliberate lyrical irony much like The One I Love did but is also a damned fine pop song. I actually still have a soft spot for radio song though, certainly has never put me off listening to Out of Time although I normally mess with the track order and always open with Country Feedback as it is clearly the best song... just in general
  8. Yeah I am exaggerating for comic effect, Black and Blue is not completely atrocious, it’s just mediocre and doesn’t belong on such an iconic record that doesn’t really put a foot wrong otherwise (I disagree with the band with cutting The Power, I think it’s a mid paced glam power ballad fits at that point on the record). The problem really is that all of the Stay Together EP really belonged on the album as its amongst their best work (although it did mean that disc 1 of Sci Fi Lullabies combined with the likes of My Insatiable One and HighRising and The Big Time created arguably o
  9. So to be fair there's a lot of this around - for some reason nailing a track list of all killer no filler seems beyond most bands - I dunno maybe the bassist or the drummer had a soft spot for a track or two that sneaks in - its most egregious of course when there are bloody b-sides that would fitted so much better on the record but instead they included this shit. My most visible example would be Dog Man Star by Suede - a pretty flawless record until we get to this shit I mean you could have easily included The Living Dead, My Dark Star, Killing of a F
  10. Yeah it is, pretty doable with end game powers though. Do it post campaign. Max launch and remember throwing things twice at a flying enemy almost always guarantees a hit second time and use Shield against those invisible fuckers that like to scream in your face. The adds are best dealt with on the walkway above the main arena as less chance of boxing you in. Oh and don’t forget you can fly by this point
  11. This honestly isn't being facetious but have you tried fully turning the machine off and back on again - its amazing how many things that fixes on any Xbox
  12. Actually got in first time on Xbox; opening mission is indeed very Tron meets the Vex and basically a bit like the agility simulation mission on Europa (complete with annoying jumping bit at the end). Bagged my freezy sidearm, now to investigate what else is new (they seem to have changed the director a bit...) Edit: well turns out I won’t be doing any more investigating as kicked whenever I try and load an activity. Ah Bungie new content launch day, never change
  13. April 2. Destiny 2: Beyond Light/Season of the Chosen Yes, yes I know before we even get started you can't 'finish' D2. However you can pretty much play out all the available content at any given time, get the season emblem and well 'complete' the expansion and I'm fairly content that I have rinsed this one as far as I'm going to get until season 14 at least. Now my relationship with Destiny is a bit like that old flame that you can't ever really let go; you think you're done, you think that everything that could play out already has and you have grown apar
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