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  1. dreamylittledream

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    No significantly shorter, which makes it a much tighter experience. Its probably my favourite in the series, despite lacking Nathan.
  2. Based on the demo, and the fact I loved all 3 of those and I loved it - yes
  3. dreamylittledream

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    And I think I'm finally done. Originally I just intended to kill all the Valkries post game (I cleared all the other side quest stuff before finishing the story) but I ended up rinsing Muspelheim for all the challenges and grinding my way through Nifelheim to get all the chests and realm tears as turned out I had to go there anyway. And it was all great, Nifelheim was a grind but a fairly entertaining grind nevertheless and that never ending loop of something else to aim for to upgrade your gear kicks in and just like Destiny when combined with a fun gameplay loop it gets intoxicating quickly. Anyway disposed of the Valkrie queen with a little less fuss than I expected (I guess brushing level 9 with fully upgraded Mist amour helps) and that seems to be it...still very impressive that thinking I was pretty much done about 15 hours ago turns out there was a significant amount more game there. And yeah, its a flipping amazing game and I truly am going to miss it.
  4. dreamylittledream

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Just a heads up to the terminally cheap such as myself. Although Splatoon 2 does have some region locking, all the NoE shops sell the same version so you can pick up the Octo expansion for £14.50 or so from the South Africa shop and it will work fine with any Euro cartridge or download. Can confirm the download from the SA shop works with a UK cartridge.
  5. dreamylittledream


    Apologies to @Shimmyhill and @pulsemyne who managed to join me and my 8 year old on pretty much my first game of this. I had virtually no idea what I’m doing and this might have been evident lol
  6. dreamylittledream


    As I pointed out in another thread it’s not a Nintendo tax, they used the same pricing strategy when the game released on PS4. The paid for founders pack came first at F2P followed later. Its a curious tactic given its launching with Fortnite which is free to play from the get go and it’s been f2p on other for some time but it is consistent with what they’ve done before so I guess must have been successful?
  7. dreamylittledream

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Pretty sure you’d want the danger arrows regardless of difficulty level, as the camera is so zoomed in that without them you really have no idea what is about to twat you off view. The game has that slightly of Shadow of Mordor inverse difficulty curve in that the early game is tricky even on normal until you get some abilities and get used to the combat but from about 60% onwards it kind of lacks challenge. The post game will keep you busy mind. On hard once you are over the initial bump I guess things become more straight forward
  8. dreamylittledream

    Nintendo Switch

    But but but from what has been said so far (which admittedly isn’t a lot) this is basically a Pokemon RPG without wild pokemon battles and a slightly different dynamic for catching, which is hardly game breaking (seems like you can use the touchscreen?) I mean it could be awful but a little premature to rule out all interest yet. But then again I love Go so we may be different audiences
  9. dreamylittledream

    Nintendo Switch

    Fortnite with touch controls is not really Fortnite
  10. dreamylittledream

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    You do know you can have more than one Nintendo account on the same switch (and all accounts can play on anything one account has bought)? I have a UK account and then another that globe trots depending on whatever is the best deal (normally flitting between South Africa, Norway and Russia).
  11. dreamylittledream

    Nintendo Switch

    Fairly sure its the same model they used when it released on PS4 - Founders Pack first and then free to play later
  12. dreamylittledream

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    You’re about 3/4 through the story. More than 2 hours but perhaps not as much as 5 if you are just doing the campaign
  13. It was a network stress test rather than a traditional demo just for last weekend - hence the client being removed.
  14. dreamylittledream

    Buying games on release in 2018

    I kind of combine the two - if I'm desperate to play it buy on release and play through it straight away (current example God of War - although given my slow gaming pace I still only finished it last week but even so still got £30 back in trade). If I want it but can wait than wait for the inevitable price drop. Given just my current gen backlog could easily keep me going until say 2022 at a conservative estimate this at least saves me money. For Switch I just buy on release if I want it as the prices just don't fall and given the portable nature its great to dip in and out of things.
  15. dreamylittledream

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Unlikely unless you bought it on the budget rerelease - £24.99 was the cost of a full price Amiga game back in the day But then again who on earth bought Amiga games (cough Playground X Copy cough)

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