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    It just opens the launcher if you install through GOG so sadly not. I’ve never had any issues installing through Twitch mind. I also had no problem adding Twitch to the API, just followed the instructions on github. I think You need to use the folder in Appdata rather than Programme files, for some reason there are two...
  2. Ooh very much yes, although for me the sequel just eclipses it. Easy solution of course is to play them both
  3. Jedi Fallen Order has a similar third person Metroidvania structure along and I’ve been highly enjoying it
  4. Lots of fun but I did get a little frustrated your narrative thread could get broken and then it was hard to pick up another. At Romeo + Juliet I think we managed to do content but it wasn’t quite as strictly scripted
  5. Yeah it was great, although probably not as successful as Romeo +Juliet last year. Was a bit too easy to loose your plot thread if the sign posting wasn’t quite there and the queuing for the ‘quest givers’ got a bit tedious. We failed to get into the Russian base which was disappointing... Some absolutely fantastic casting for the series 3 mains though who were very convincing and turned up randomly in the 3 main scenes. Costume wise me and the missus were cast as rockers so we tried to go for it. My character was called Dennis and his favourite film was The Goonies hence the T-shirt...
  6. Okay maybe I was being a bit mean (and I didn't vote for GoW5 so can hardly talk) - you were still a little cruel about Awakenings mind. I just think in a top 20 rather than a top 100 the focus should be on why the game placed rather than its shortcomings. And god yes The Outer Worlds deservedly placed above the Outer Wilds, but yes this is personal biases slipping in. Fair point also that may of us didn't actually get to sample what the best of 2019 had to offer, probably given the glut of games we were still working off the backlog rather than trying the next big indie hit (yes I haven't played Disco Elysium and by all accounts I really should etc etc). And Sayonara probably should have placed higher (then again I didn't vote for that either...)
  7. Hmmmm don't get me wrong I love Wiper's acerbic and occasionally misguided takes on the more popular titles of the preceding year but given we are only doing 20 this year did we have to give him all the games he hates to comment on? I know we were short on entries this year but y'know there were still quite a few that well thought GoW5 was a return to form and a highly entertaining cover shooter or the new Fire Emblem was well great (okay I accept that second one was more balanced but it still contains some vicious libel against Awakenings). This is kind of meant to be a celebration of the forums favourite games of the last year - so yeah you wouldn't give me The Outer Wilds to comment on ( I thought it was tedious, pretentious and oblique) given so many loved it - so maybe lets try and focus on why the game placed so highly rather than why 'I' the appointed reviewer can not understand why it has placed where it did. Maybe all I'm saying is don't give him Jedi: Fallen Order to review. Or maybe I'm being uncharitable (as I do love reading 100% wrong opinions) but it doesn't quite fit this format is all I'm saying...
  8. Not to knock your generosity @CovisGod but why do you still subscribe to Humble when you don’t to seem to want the games?
  9. Just this months. They reveal all the games at the beginning of the month now
  10. Not necessarily contradictory. 90% or so of my Switch usage is handheld but the vast majority of that is in my own home (on the toilet, in bed, on the sofa whilst wife watches shite on TV etc)
  11. Edit is only for commentary Game of the Year A1. Darksiders Genesis I waffled at length in both this games shamefully tiny thread and the 2020 completion thread (hey I played most of it in 2019 okay). So yes its my pick of the year for 2019. Why? Well its the best Darksiders game since II and whilst its masquerading as a Diablo clone its actually well a Darksiders game. Basically if Zelda had more platforming and hitting people - only from an isometric perspective. Crunchy combat, big maps to explore, lose of secrets, environmental puzzles unlocked with combinations of your abilities, fantastic artwork, returning loveable cast of characters. Your mileage realistically is going to vary dependent on your love for the series, but this is basically everything a Darksiders' fan wanted but didn't know they wanted. A2. The Division 2 Ubisoft manage to deliver a game that fails at being a GASS but delivers massively as a truly epic cover shooter. Whilst I would never have been even vaguely arsed to chase yet another LMG, there is 70+ hours of really great single player shooter action here. And it looks absolutely phenomenal. So sod the endhgame, enjout the masses of content provided. A3. The Outer Worlds If Mass Effect, Fallout and KOTR had a baby using the aesthetic of Bioshock this would be it A4. Devil May Cry 5 Its more Dante, and Nero and Nero is actually almost as enjoyable to play. And you get an interesting third character with a very different take of the series signature combat. So yeah basically more of what made 3 and 4 great; lacks the sheer nerve of dmc (still may favourite in the series) but lot of fun. A5. Crackdown 3 Its Crackdown - only on a current gen system. Noting more nothing less. The formula still works. Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Z2. Z3. Z4. Z5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Darksiders Genesis S2. The Outer Worlds S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. The Division 2 V2. V3. Writing of the Year W1. The Outer Worlds W2. W3. Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. PC Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo Best Supported Game (released pre 2019) of the Year B1. Destiny 2 Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2018 or earlier) X1. A Hat in Time Best game character of the year C1. Annoying Goose C2. Pavarti C3. War And the big one: Game of the Decade D1. Alice: Madness Returns As its undoubtedly only me that put this on their list, let alone in first place I feel obliged to explain why. Quite simply this remains as far as I'm concerned the best 3rd person 3D platformer of the generation (not that's a huge genre niche these days but its one I love) but also one of the more important games if the last 10 years. Free of the constraints of the Quake engine that rather hampered American McGee's Alice, the follow up is a bold, bleak and downright twisted take on the Alice mythos. It has some important things to say about mental illness (along with Senua's Sacrifice one of the few games of the last decade to treat this subject with a degree of respect). It has a brilliant story playing wildly with the unreliable narrator premise. It still looks amazing (and incredibly ropy in places too but that's part of the appeal); a striking visualisation of a burning Wonderland symbolising the decay of Alice's mind thanks to the abuse she has suffered and Alice always looks phenomenal in every incarnation. It also plays wonderfully - genre flipping at will, how many other character action games can say they flow from Banjo to arty 2d platformer to pinball simulation? The combat is satisfyingly violent - where its slashing with an elongated kitchen knife or thumping enemies over the head with a hobby horse and throwing tea grenades. Its not perfect of course - overlong in places and the visual design doesn't truly come alive until the 3rd chapter but I've replayed this game at least 3 times in the lasyt decade and I never replay games. I adore this game - for all its acknowledged flaws its a truly individual work of art. D2. God of War (2018) A cursorily glance at this list shows a clear predilection for Sony's first party input and really the last two Uncharted games were very close to inclusion too. And that certainly sums up this last generation for me - Sony's first party teams repeatedly knocking it out of the park and justifying the place of my PS4 as an indispensable device. God of War is actually a favourite series of mine and one of the few multi year series I have actually played every instalment (yes even the mobile phone game - that was shit by the way) but this was something quite unexpected and stunning in its execution. Visually this pushed the PS4 far beyond what I ever dreamt it could do, but the level of detail in the world design is what blew me away the most. This is one of the few games I can think of where the side quests, of which there are a multitude are almost as well realised as the main plot line; my accidental journey through a gate where I discovered a number of islands, freed an imprisoned dragon and explored an abandoned castle only to find this is nothing more than a foot note in the games mythos will always stick with me.7 Kratos, anti hero extreme is finally reinvented as a relatable human being and whilst I have some concerns about who Atreus turns out to be from Norse mythology; the parent child relationship has rarely been so well realised in a video game. And its such a good feeling game - the combat is heavy, deep and hard hitting. The fan service is second to none - who else let out a small cheer when we end up on a quest to find a certain weapon. The characters new and old are well written and witty. The plot is an engaging and inventive take on the Norse myths that plays with your preconceptions. The main questline is epic and satisfying - the ending a massive teaser, and there is so much side content. As I said I loved all the previous GoW games but I never could have expected they would deliver anything like this for the reboot. D3. Destiny This could easily have read Destiny 2 - in fact were I allowed I would merge the games as the sequel is ultimately the natural development of the original - more like another WoW expansion than a genuine sequel. I have wasted more of my life as a Guardian then any other digital entertainment in the last ten years and for that more than anything else this warrants the games placement in my list. There are a million things wrong with Destiny - nerfs, haphazard storytelling, repetition (Christ there's a lot of repetition), but what it does right is the shooting. Nothing reels does the shooting quite like Bungee manage. And Destiny is about shooting. And turns out perfect shooting will get you a long way. I have raided - it was fun but I kept coming back to Destiny because well the game just feels so comfortable. I could talk about the intricate details that The Taken King gradually revealed, the awe of arriving in the Dreaming City, the well-balanced mix of a classic Halo campaign that was the main quest of Destiny 2. It all counts. I'm some 9 months out of my most recent addiction but the game will forever hold find memories for me. So yeah Destiny, maybe you had to be there at the time but what a time wee had. D4. Bioshock Infinite So more controversial choices, Infinite has got more subsequent slatings than any other at the time critically acclaimed game than I can think of and I remain at a loss as to why. Because its a fantastic game. Its a perfectly well realised FPS that plays well. And that story well, there a few games that keep you thinking beyond the credits but well Infinite stayed with me. And well Columbia is just a more impressive world than Rapture. Oh and also a a lovely circular and the DLC when combined is both basically a sequel and links the series beautifully. You know what - I loved it all - so there. <mic drop/> D5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds D6. Tomb Raider (2013) D7. Darksiders II D8. Horizon: Zero Dawn D9. (Marvel's) Spider-man D10. Titanfall 2
  12. So this as it turns out is absolutely brilliant and y'all need to play it right now Cross post from the 2020 completion thread
  13. New Year. New resolution to stay on top of this thread and actually update it as I go rather than a six month blow out after the event so I forget half the things I wanted to say. Anyway on with: January 1. Darksiders Genesis (PC) So mystery of the week. Why is no one talking about this game (seriously the thread has about a dozen posts (two of them by me before I even bought it). I guess that's because no one is playing it. And why is no one playing it? Well fcuk'd if I know because its absolutely fantastic. Okay I will admit a modicum of bias here. I adore the Darksiders series. Its the mix beautiful mid 90s Imagine comics style art with the po faced but at times hilarious story beats and the way it the series realises that basically any genre is improved if you mix a bit of Zelda in there. Here comes a history lesson: Darksiders I - basically God of War meets Zelda, during and after the apocalypse. Run around dungeons, hit things with a comically over powered sword, get items and solve clever but never terribly tricky environmental puzzles. All with a chunky gorgeous art style. And Vulgrum - everyone loves Vulgrum. Darksiders II - basically the above with a more mobile lead, and lashes of Prince of Persia style platforming, an open world to join the dungeons and a dash of Diablo style loot. Its undoubtedly one of my favourite games of the last decade, even though its oh so terribly clear how the budget gradually ran dry as the game moves towards its conclusion (massive impressive first open world area with loads of side dungeons, much more linear second map, by the third we're down to a single path). It has its weaknesses (the plot never really goes anywhere, Death is as far less interesting character than War, its obsessed with 3 McGuffins being the key to move forwards and as a prequel it fails miserably to deliver on the best ending to a game ever (No, not alone...)). But its great really. Darksiders III - as above, but with about a 10th of the budget and no horses, less platforming, a rather shoe horned in Dark Souls vibe but a quite nicely executed Metroidvania level design. Its the weakest of the trilogy for sure but I still love it. So yeah the Darksiders series has had a bit of a rough ride. The first game managed to be something of a sleeper hit for THQ, surprising everyone who expected another God of War/DMC/Dante's Inferno knock off with basically the best non Nintendo version of a 3D Zelda. It sold far better than expected. Slightly desperate at this point, THQ basically threw all their money at the sequel hoping for a mega hit (they even bought all the advertising space on Time Square on release). This was never likely for a niche title like Darksiders. The sequel did good business despite everything but it wasn't enough. THQ went bust. Tragically no one saved Virgil Games but Nordic bought the IP. Virgil dissolved and about half the company drifted off to form Gunfire Games whilst the other half became Airship Syndicate who made the also rather wonderful Battle Chasers. A couple of HD remasters and the now THQ Nordic (because when you've bough most if the IP of a defunct company why not also take their name?) released Darksiders III from the Virgil off shoot Gunfire. Teeny tiny budget was evident and it is comfortably the weakest of the trilogy, but it was still more Darksiders and therefore great by default. Suggesting that AA games do have a future, despite modest sales it turns a healthy profit. Which leads us to back to Darksiders Genesis. As noted earlier half of Virgil (or so) ended up as Gunfire, but the other half of the senior team founded Airship Syndicate. And made the really rather great SRPG Battle Chasers (basically a modern Vandal Hearts if you've not played it). So we have half the creative team who made Darksiders, they are making games for THQ Nordic, they have a overhead isoometricc engine, they have the lead artist from Darksiders. Why not make a Darksiders Diablo game? You could even introduce the 4th horseman we've barely met (Strife)? I'll admit I was a wee bit sceptical when this was announced at E3. Darksiders has always been about genre mix, but I was far from convinced that Diablo dungeon crawling was a good fit. I was wrong. Mainly because this is not a Diablo style dungeon crawler. Its a Darksiders game. A proper Darksiders game. More of a Darksiders game than the threequel in fact. It basically plays like a mix of 1 and 2 from an isometric perspective. Or a 2D Zelda game with more hitting things and platforming. Its bloody brilliant. The combat feels great - War is just as he was from the original and despite the change of perspective the combat feels just as visceral Strife meanwhile adds a dash of twin stick shooter to the proceedings. The campaign is 16 levels long and meaty. There are a shit load of secrets to find in the maps. You get to ride you're horse(s). The puzzles are never really full on Zelda head scratchers but keep you on your toes. There's a surprisingly complex levelling system with the creature cores which has loads of potential for messing about with builds.. Oh and an arena mode for pure combat chaos. And War is back and is still the best horseman by a mile. And Vulgrim. And Samael too. If you even got a smidgeon of enjoyment out of the three preceding games you owe yourself to get this. Its about £17 from CDkeys right now on PC. Its out on console (would be great on the Switch) in February. If you never played them the first 2 are free from Epic Games store until tomorrow evening so off you go. Its my game of (last) year - hey I played most of it over Xmas - by a country mile. After 33 hours and managing to get almost all the items from the maps and clocking all of the arena levels aside from the endless final one I saw the credits last night. Loved it. Of course its not perfect. Its another prequel (really, a 3rd one, after that ending?). War rather overshadows Strife despite this being the latter's debut. The plot doesn't really go anywhere (as its a prequel) and the MacGuffins are all present and correct. But its just so much damned fun. Phenomenal / 10
  14. Yeah this - we are now a 3 Switch household and I am very glad I went mainly physical
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