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  1. Yeah I stand by my original point really, hardly missing a great deal there - although EA do really see to be missing a trick given The Sims and Plants V Zombies will run fine on a toaster so just leaving money on the floor really not porting them but hardly short of places to play them. Call of Duty hasn't been worthwhile for years and I think something like the new Star Wars game would be pushing the little wonder machine a bit far. Capcom have already given us loads of ports but fair point on the Arkham games - they would be a great fit.
  2. With the exception of Ubisoft (as I think the Assassins and Watchdogs games would be a good fit for the Switch) what are we really missing from those publishers?
  3. It’s surely due to move over to the basic version within the next month or two. I’m quite looking forward to giving to giving it a go when it does. I’m guess a mixture of patches and being free must be worth a try if nothing else
  4. 8. Vampyr (PC) I do have a real fondness for Dontnod's material. Slightly wonky, not always quite realising the potential of their ideas but giving it a bloody good try. This is pretty much the studios signature style writ large. Its mega moody, graphically perhaps a tad basic in place (and quite why so many of the NPCs seem to be drunkenly swaying in conversation will remain a mystery) but hellishly atmospheric. Basically we get a very dark main plot , a conflicted lead character and a wealth of NPC backstory which you draw together piece by piece before deciding whether to eat them, all whilst navigating an endless series of Bioware dialogue wheels. What's not to like? And yet this is an action RPG and one that doesn't pull its punches, the combat is kinetic and gradually falls into a rhythm but is never going to be a draw in its own right but its brutal enough to compel you, particularly if you choose not to play as a homicidal maniac (and the game does go to great lengths to discourage you from such a play style). Its surprisingly tricky in places if you don't pace yourself, and your not eating everyone in sight, I was slaughtered by random mobs more time than I'd like to mention (and the game kind of gates that anyway by making everyone slightly tasty XP wise late game dining fodder, by which point you've realised that upgrading your weapons is as helpful as be becoming a more powerful vampire). And a couple of the bosses could have been dialled back a little given the games quirky approach to failing to replenish your ammo and health potions on a failed attempt. But it weaves a good tale with only the odd misstep (the main romance suffers a little from failed signposting) and the core gameplay (hack slash and vampire blood baldes, loot the area and then do some talking) stays enjoyable throughout. Its quirky, squared pegged and refreshingly unique. Overall a highly entertaining 30 hour or so experience. Previously
  5. Those two PoP were original Xbox/Ps2/GC era games weren't they? I know there were a few original Xbox titles that made it but BC was 99% 360 no? Also Warrior Within and Two Thrones pale massively beside the 2008 reboot and forgotten sands (which both did make it)
  6. That fucking last bit of the Raam boss fight took me literally hours in Gears 1. Didn’t help for some reason I couldn’t snipe for toffee. Still meaning to play through the remake but the dread of that bit is still a bit off putting. Cant remember anything as irritating in the following games.
  7. Lol I would never get away with that!! I have a gaming laptop and my Switch for lets be in the same room but doing completely different things evenings...although missy hates me wearing headphones
  8. Free this month on Twitch Prime if you have Amazon Prime.
  9. I just bought 3 Doom games. I have over 20 Switch games that I have barely touched. I have played and completed all 3 Doom games multiple times. But portable Doom...
  10. In next months humble bundle unlocks now for the tenner https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=takeover&hmb_campaign=not_sub
  11. The annual pass was separate to Forsaken, basically access to the following three seasons of content. Shadowkeep is a full expansion, one no doubt that will also have a season pass for updates past the first three months. So basically if you want to play the current content beyond the Forsaken campaign and follow on stuff you need to buy the season pass. Or you could just wait to come back when Shadowkeep drops with hopefully a decent amount of new content (although the free to play edition of D2 won’t include most of the Forsaken or annual pass content). I’m doing the latter as also going to switch platforms to PC
  12. So is Mooncrash worth £2.60? I’m tempted but whilst this is very much my sort of thing I have still not managed to play any of the three copies of this game I’ve managed to accumulate (PS4, Xbox and PC).
  13. Just an aside to this if you use the kids mode of the kindle fire and put the apps you want him to use in there IAPs are turned off by default. There is another option buried in the menus but to be fair to Amazon the design is a kids tablet is used in kids mode
  14. A more robust and smaller handheld only device is far more suitable for the 6-9 age range kids than the rather delicate Switch. Just like my pairs 2DS’s are still trucking despite the punishment where the original 3Ds would long have had its hinges killed. The original switch is a far better value proposition but this is far more suitable for the army of Pokemon loving kids which Nintendo wants to migrate from the 3DS family.
  15. Compared to a main line Switch it is
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