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  1. It’s not explicit but the implication is there will be 10 games a month. Classic means you get all 10. With basic and premium you’ll pick 3 or 9 respectively
  2. As long as you join before it changes (2019 is quoted so its either next month or December) you can lock into the Classic package and they are retaining the pause option for now Given the massive value of this months package just on the early unlocks be a bit foolish not to signup and see how the new offer pans out. For a tenner a month I've always thought its a great deal for selection of normally decent games so for me this is a no brainer to stay subscribed/ I'll miss the monthly unlock reveal mind....always something to look forward to on the first Friday of the month
  3. The youngest got Yoshi has 'his' game when he got his Switch Lite last month (both the eldest and I already have full Switches and our library is 95% cartridge making game sharing less problematic) but to be honest he's spend most his time with Mario Maker 2 and Lets Go Evee (the eldest has Pikachu so he's appropriated my copy of Evee) since getting the console. Can not tell you how hyped they both are for Sword/Shield however...I seriously think if Junior Mastermind returned the youngest could win with the Pokémon series as his specialist subject - this is what too much You Tube does to you I guess
  4. I think we only get one email a month that carries points - the rest are just marketing guff. The latest points bearing email came out this morning. I'm still pissed I didn't get the cosmic reward quest thingy...
  5. My Pokémon obsessed pair have been playing since they were about 4 and 6 (now 7 and 9) and are well still obsessed. So yeah it'll be perfect for them. Like deKay says it helps immensely with their reading - although to be honest I think Alex got as much out of the catching and battling mechanics when he first started playing (as he could barely read at that point) and just needed a bit of help in places. He actually finished Sun before his older brother did. Yo Kai Watch is/was also a huge hit with my pair - although no sign of the translation of 4 as yet (much to the kids chagrin)
  6. Has run everything I’ve thrown at it fine so far on my Air 2 although only Sayanora Wild Hearts seems like it cause much trouble
  7. Ah Minit is being added to PC Gamepass not Console - hence my comment that you can currently get it for free permanently from Epic.
  8. Minit is still currently free on the Epic game store... I think I now have access to it on four different launchers...
  9. I can't get it to work either and its not appearing on my dashboard. Chat on the Microsoft rewards reddit is its invite only rather than open to all - so if the offer isn't on your dash you haven't been invited!!
  10. I only started recently (Uplay+ sub) but really enjoying it. I’m only level 14 though and on PC these days so not sure that cross play thing is up and running yet...
  11. It supports controllers on iPad anyway?
  12. Always carry spares for your spares
  13. Which as it’s a Microsoft published game it will be day one. Gamepass - removing the need to buy games
  14. Yay. The collection on steam has the DLC so was somewhat disappointed when it appeared to be missing on the epic store version
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