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  1. Well yeah but you still can't play ME 1-3 with a pad on PC now can you? Bloody remaster them will you EA? I'd pay cash money for ME1 with the ME3 combat engine you hear...
  2. To be honest the main plot line in Origins is never so massively compelling that you want to ignore everything else it in favour of progression. It drips feeds things nicely but the hook is wandering around, doing the side quests and seeing how they link together, exploring tombs and seeing what the question mark in the corner of the map is. You either fall for the gameplay loop of invading base, grabbing treasure and bad ass assasining it up or you don't I guess
  3. In the early part of the game I had to play the side quests in the area before I was up to the level of the next main quest mission. By Alexandria however my explore everywhere and do all the side quests before moving things along has led to me being pretty over levelled for all the story quests
  4. I’m also playing through this fashionably late and really enjoying it. It’s bloody huge too. I’m 50 hours in and have barely visited half the map. At some point I may abandon trying to visit every question mark, but for now still enjoying the flow of exploring as much as the story and side quests. I particularly have loved the tombs which have a great explory vibe. You can restore Bayeks hair and beard on the gear screen along with choosing if he has his hood up or down. I’m still rocking the same look as the opening section of the game as he decidedly looks cooler with hair!!
  5. IO are giving away steam keys for Hitman season one https://www.ioi.dk/store Use code CELEBRATE47 Site is getting a bit hammered currently but I managed to get one after a few tries
  6. There's actually two 'endgames' in effect. WT1-5 is basically like the second half of the campaign - Black Tusk invade and you play remixed versions of the main campaign levels - these actually play quite differently despite the repeated environments thanks to the new enemy. You just switch up from loot gained from these missions which raises your gear score which lets you play a remixed Stronghold - this leads to the next World Tier. You won't really need to grind much beyond playing the extra missions - these should give you loot aplenty. Finally WT5 climaxes with a new Stronghold. You then can play the episode 1-3 content (6 missions) which are amongst the best content in the game and also the Kenley College stuff (which isn't but is ok). Then you are into the second endgame where you grind the remaining remixed levels which rotate weekly and harder version of the normal missions to get up to 515 (which honestly if you have done all that doesn't take all that long). Only then are you into grinding, crafting etc to try and get different builds - this is the point where I lost interest as there's not enough variation between the guns and armour. Or you get the expansion and head back to New York...
  7. Its kind of an interlinked question. My wife and I's joint CD collection lives in the garage and has done for the last 10 years or so; during which time you could probably count the number of times its been looked at on one hand. We certainly probably haven't bought a disc in that time frame and whilst we have a CD player still it is basically just been used for kids stuff. The music was all ripped and uploaded to google years ago but these days we basically play everything through Alexa anyway. The cars don't even have a CD player in them anymore. Really they are just taking up a large amount of space (think a very large floor to ceiling bookcase with CD sized shelves) but I don't think I could ever part with them
  8. For me its full size thumb sticks and larger face buttons. Basically it feels like playing with the Switch Pro controller but in handheld mode. It has its disadvantages (mainly no gyro and no rumble and also it does make the Switch rather long) but it is massively more comfortable than any grip that I've tried and massively better for any game that relies on duel stick control
  9. Get it - its really good
  10. In simple terms it’s another large company taking a revenue stream from publishers IP without them giving a cut. Moreover by making gaming pcs more accessible it potentially restricts their ability to sell products at a higher price on other formats. The Switch ‘tax’ springs to mind for one. If you can stream on a shitty laptop, tablet or mobile phone why would you pay significantly more for the Switch version when you can probably get a PC key for buttons? Almost everyone has one of those three devices... I wouldn’t say I agree with the move the big publishers have taken but I can understand it and NVIDIA is going to have to make deals with them if the service is to survive
  11. Molly only ate the berry’s because she was sent to bed without dinner. Who the fuck builds a swing on the edge of a cliff and lets the kids use it unsupervised (Calvin) Where exactly is Edith the night Molly is murdered? Walter as already suggested
  12. And there goes 2k's games too This is fucked basically isn't it? https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-announcements/22/346564/2k-games-on-geforce-now/
  13. So in new female fronted indie music shizz news the much critically lauded but perhaps not yet massively commercially successful Soccer Mommy has a new album out. And in even better news its really good. I have to admit I didn't really feel Sophia Allison's debut despite the rave reviews from Pitchfork et al - a little too try hard perhaps, however this is something quite different ; a self described album of 'bops'; mid paced 90s guitar pop influenced by the likes of Natalie Imbruglia's Torn and Avril Lavigne's Complicated. I'm not quite sure that's the right description myself, nothing on this record is as straight forward as the reference points cited and never nails a hook filled chorus in the same way; what we have instead is a lilting collection of mid tempo but achingly sad pop songs, that gradually become more infectious on repeated listens. There's a lot of the 90s female fronted 4AD bands here along with a smattering of REM. A couple of stand outs for me Its taken a few listens but this has quickly become my favourite album of 2020 to date
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