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  1. Biomutant is fun but in a slightly hollow way. The team built this huge and impressive world but then didn’t manage to put a huge amount for the player to actually do in there. However if you like the open world exploring and looting thing (which I do) it does have an entertaining loop. Kept my attention for 30 hours or so and I enjoyed it
  2. I didn't actually and I clearly misread the context of your post completely (also the Pokemon refunds lack any actual citation and is pretty ridiculous as the game is slightly janky round the edges rather than broken - Sonic Colours was actually broken on Switch and could cause epileptic fits from the flickering - although my Sonic loving youngest loved it anyway). I've got no skin in this game - there will be a copy of it in the house on Xmas day and said youngest child has asked for it so I'll probably play it - I'm easily pleased and have actually enjoyed many of the much derided 3D Sonic games - I thought Generations, Colours, even Unleashed were all quite playable so by all accounts I'll probably like this. dekay is just being dekay
  3. Post Endgame. Its the past pre leaving Thanos version of Gamora who ended up being won over the hero’s side at the end of that movie and was left in the future but she has no memory of her time with the Guardians and isn’t in love with Peter as she literally just met them (as all those events for her had not happened yet).
  4. Loved that too but surely that one is less controversial…it’s a bloody great game
  5. Didn’t the original Gameboy run on AA’s so as long as you’ve got a massive supply of those you’d be golden?
  6. The usual 2k bonus round is up on the Xbox rewards app as is a 500 pointer for getting an achievement from a specified list of games. Equally as ever the latter is not working properly and achievements don’t appear to be ticking off so probably best to leave that one until later on in the month.
  7. I’d completely given up getting the Scallywag title as was not going to craft and level 3 seasonal weapons to level 20 (had already done all the other challenges for the title) so I was officially out. But now it’s down to one it suddenly looks doable if dull before Tuesday. Gah don’t drag me back, I was staying away until Lightfall
  8. Its clearly testament to my taste in games that I also enjoyed Ryse and Perfect Dark Zero. Seriously I thought Ryse was really fun…
  9. I liked it. Surely you can pick up a disc copy for about a fiver these days though
  10. Yeah various thoughts earlier in the thread when it came out. Its a great piece of TV with an outstanding performance from the lead but don’t expect it to tell you too much about the story which is already well known (it finishes before the the conclusion of the trial).
  11. The characters level up together so you can switch between them, but annoyingly you have to do the Knighthood challenges on all four to get the 4th skill tree and the extra navigation ability which takes a bit of grinding. Depends how much time you want to take over it I guess. I’ve been flitting between Nightwing and Batgirl so far (Barbara seems far more powerful) and each character seems to have their own subplot story you can access but unless you play the game through 4 times fully with each character you will miss quite a lot of stuff as apparently all the main story cutscenes are different depending on who you are playing.
  12. It’s actually pretty good, in a generic open world fluff fashion. No doubt it helps immensely that I both have weaknessfor the genre and appreciate the level of fan service in the setting which of second to none. It’s a well executed triple B game. But it is fun. It’s nowhere near the standard of the Arkham games, there’s too much filler in between the story content, the frame rate it a bit choppy on my mid range 3060 laptop (veers from a nailed on 60 to dips down to the mid 30s) but it does look pretty. Some of the appeal will vary on your tolerance for messing with gear and levelling but there is a very decent core game in here. Im enjoying my time with it anyway and having the four characters that play noticeably differently is a neat touch. No disaster certainly but no masterpiece either.
  13. Nope you have to buy them all separately. Witch Queen is plenty to be going on with and all you need to play the current content. Beyond Light is only really needed for the Statis class and Shadowkeep can be safely skipped unless you get madly back into the game.
  14. FWIW it definitely used to be very noticeable on some games…AC: Origins was particularly badly affected I remember, although it might be something Windows has subsequently patched out. At any rate I’ve used the adapter for the last couple of years and it works a treat, caveats about being careful with them notwithstanding.
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