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  1. Spider-Man is coming to PS4 so there’s even less reason for new console purchase. I suspect I may upgrade the kids creaking original Xbox One to a Series S given the price point as they only use it as a Gamepass machine and its on its way out anyway which gives me a foothold in the next gen camp, but as Horizon and Spidey are cross gen I’ll be keeping my PS4 for now. I game mainly on the PC currently and hopefully my 1060 can keep up at lower settings for another year or two...
  2. Really fancy playing this again, definitely my favourite game of the PS4 era. Fingers crossed that this is on the PC port list for Sony...
  3. I have spares if you need one, I’ve made the Virgo harp thing and don’t think they do anything else?
  4. Forgotten Sands is probably the second best game in the series and really feels like the SoT sequel we didn’t really get (it even inserts itself in the plot line pre Warrior Within post SoT). It is basically more Sands is time with some bells and whistles but it’s a very good game if you like a good platformer. The completely different Wii version is also worth playing. I have a real soft spot for the 2008 reboot, which to my mind was very underrated but even the two mainline sequels had their moments. Was really excited by the prospect of a remake but never imagined for a second it would look like this!!!
  5. Hype factor engaged. I’ve been waiting a decade for a new PoP
  6. Celeste give you a recipe every time she visits although you can get them from other islands if you find her there. You can buy wrapping paper at nook’s cranny.
  7. The EA play stuff is referenced to coming to Ultimate this holiday so I wouldn’t cancel EA play just yet if you want to use before Xmas
  8. By default you pay at the end of the month (week before the new choices are released). You can however pay early at any time to unlock the games prior to this
  9. It’s still in early access, 1.0 is due this Autumn so surprised they’ve reviewed it now unless they had the 1.0 code
  10. I think the weight of expectation for the Alan Wake cross over may have coloured perceptions on this. This was DLC for a game rather than a cross over sequel, so yes it does make extensive use of the environments from the parents game, because well its DLC yes? Anyway I would class this as a another enjoyable slice of Control, and I am always up for a bit more of my game of 2019 (that I um played in 2020). Personally I'd keep throwing money at Remedy if they can serve me up another few hours running around throwing scenery at fools as end game Jessie and this has all the things I enjoyed in the main game with the addition of the darkness light burning element to add a little variety. I didn't think the big bad was that annoying and I quite liked the chase sequences trying desperately to get the lights on Anyway this was another three hours of things I like - lots of info dumps to read, plenty of hiss to throw things at. Lots of exploration. Shum is infuriating but fun - major fist pumps when I beat both bits of the first machine. Even the maligned final boss was far less annoying than the Mould or Marshall from the Foundation. The biggest disappointment was the side content - much as liked the dialogue in the Gerbil quest there was no real game mechanic there and the train quest was sparser still and barely a puzzle. The caretaker quests were more window dressing as was the letter one and none of them gave you any more ability points so frustratingly my skill tree is still not maxed. And yeah the end basically amounts to a sequel tease. So yeah its weaker than the main game or The Foundation but still well worth playing if you enjoyed the main game. The season pass cost me a tenner and I feel I got my monies worth.
  11. Thanks a lot, my son had it yesterday but I couldn’t get it as of already bought from Redd that day also...
  12. Ooh I’ll pop back for it if that’s okay...
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