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  1. You can still do the gold conversion thing once your £1 month expires. It will just cost you £11 for a normal month subscription rather than £1 to do the conversion (add the Gold after the Gamepass expires and then resubscribe).
  2. And snap also finished this last night. So I said this half a dozen times during this thread already but I really did enjoy this game despite it trying its level best to wind the player up with some bizarre design decisions. I couldn't disagree with most of the criticisms levelled in the thread previously- the absence of a run button is almost unforgiveable given the game loves to send you traipsing all over a huge game world, the broken fast travel system which inexplicably limits where you can travel to without needing to wander for 5 minutes to reach a lift to the next floor, the games failure to fully explain some crucial mechanics like upgrading your weapons, the truly bizarre side mission structure that delights in giving you low level side quests that you can't access until much later in the game but fails miserably to tell you that until you reach a waypoint you can't travel past. To add a couple of extra ones, towards the end of the game you remain under levelled for about 7 of the side quests (and that's with ticking most of the ones possible off) but the game then funnels you into an endgame of 3 successive missions where you are miles away from the rest of the game world to grant you the XP to meet the level cap for all of them and also drops a load of weapons upgrades for you but gives you precisely zero vendors to make use of them until you finish the main story. And yet and yet, it has several massive things going for it that meant I forgave all of the above because I was so thoroughly entertained. Firstly it looks absolutely stunning; I played 2/3rds of the game on a competent GTX 1060 setup and thought it looked great on medium settings (albeit with a bit of frame rate crashing when the explosions got completely out of control). The last third I played on my new hardware with everything turned up to max and its just stunning and such a detailed exquisitely rendered world that you forgive being asked to slowly walk from way point to way point. The soundtrack is also magnificent. But more importantly secondly the key game loop is really well done - your character always handles great in combat and it feels so god damned satisfying once you have some upgrades in your arsenal. There's a good variety of weapons that feel meaningfully different to use and all have a place which makes switching your loadout satisfying. I particularly favoured the nano-bots, a robot shooting companion and the ability to summon a mech suit when things got hairy but loads of room to mess about with loadouts for any given scenario. I liked the way the difficulty spikes actually came when the game challenged you to mess about with your different abilities to find what was needed to progress and apart from the first spider-bot battle (which is a real arse until you realise you really need energy weapons to deal with the robot enemies) thought the game had a nice difficulty curve. Surprised several here reported difficulties with the final battle - I agree with @Boothjan it was a bit of an anti-climax but I beat it second time without breaking too much of a sweat (and to be fair nearly managed it on my first attempt - got to the last wave before getting overwhelmed). For anyone struggling - the flamethrower and the mech powerup will pay massive dividends. I also quite enjoyed the story and the every single character including the player is a self serving bastard theme. Appropriately nihilistic for a cyberpunk game. I'm toying with rounding off the remaining sidequests having completed the story but I suspect the momentum has gone now. So yeah flawed? - undoubtedly. Loads of fun? - check. Stunning beautiful? - oh yes. Will I be here day one for a sequel - hell yeah
  3. To be fair that will suit me too. I loved those PS2 games and there are so few 3d platformers these days
  4. Really rather keen on the look of this; cross Zelda with a 3D platformer. Should really wait for it to inevitably in the epic game store sale in a few months though
  5. Pretty sure they can’t use the phone app as they don’t have Gamepass in their own right but when logged into their account on the Xbox they will see and be able to download all Gamepass games as normal if it is set as the home Xbox for an account with Gamepass (even when that account is not signed in). (this actually also works on a second Xbox providing it is online and the main account is also signed in. Any other accounts on the console can see all the games and download them as long as the Gamepass owning account is also signed in. So my kids can play on both Xbox’s at the same time playing Gamepass games (although I couldn’t log in and play anything on a third Xbox, but interestingly I can play PC Gamepass games when they are both on).
  6. Feels like a Halo game....Halo 5 really didn't I'll admit I'm in the minority in that I think that Halo 4 is great (i actually think its better than 2 and Reach) but I thought Halo 5 was a the weakest game in the series by a ridiculous amount
  7. Halo 4 was great Its Halo 5 which is the low bar it needs to beat
  8. So loaded this up for the first time in a fortnight on my new laptop (GTX 3060, I7 11800) and threw up to every thing to max as you do with sexy new hardware. And OMFG this game is stunning with the twiddly bits on. I thought it was very pretty on my old 1060 set up but on ultra and with the DLSS and the ray tracing on it is absolutely gorgeous. Its still a little basic as a game and with major design oddities but god it looks amazing. And I still maintain its a lot of fun
  9. Oh two Tvs and playing at the same time - I get it now (and yeah I remember - that front room would have put my other half into a trauma based coma but I could see the appeal). Its completely understandable though - I have a stupidly expensive laptop to game on as we like to be together in the evening even though we don't want to be watching the same thing and we only have the one TV. I reckon the Series S would be perfect for you then - its a fabulous little machine. Maybe an external HD to transfer stuff though rather than the ridiculously priced SSD card thing - it really doesn't take long to move things. I have a 2gb HD hooked up to mine and its easy just to move the things that are frequently in play in and out.
  10. You have 2 Series X's in the front room? Would it not make more sense to move one to the games room and just have 2 profiles on the one in the living room (adding extra storage if required)
  11. I preferred Origins (but I have a big thing for Egyptian mythos) but Odyssey, Origins and Valhalla are all great (albeit largely very similar games). The female leads in all three are the more interesting characters
  12. Ooh yes forgot Guardians…I really liked the Avengers games despite its myriad faults so I’ll no doubt pick that up this year
  13. The old console companion app only works for Xbox One machines and not the Series S or X (never been entirely clear why). Steaming now works for all Xbox’s in the main Xbox app (formerly Gamepass Beta app) and they are sun setting the console companion app. As I noted yesterday however although it’s there and can see my Series S in the app I couldn’t get it to actually stream…
  14. Been playing through the content in order - the original game is great but the bosses are bloody awful. So far the expansions are actually a lot better (finished Armageon, half way through Dissolution) - far more intense and leave you thinking about your weapon choice and positioning. Looking forward to trying the two MachineGames penned packs as I love their work on the Wolfenstein reboots
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