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  1. Patch 1.5 out, as Magic Racing Rally too.. http://marketplace.xbox.com/it-IT/Product/Magic-Racing-Rally/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550d6d
  2. I own LRS, but it's a 3D view camera. not a top down, if I remember well.
  3. Hi man this is how I would create the season mode. without points, but with time gaps from a race to another. I didn't understand. my fault what do you mean?
  4. Right now, the view distance depends from the actual car speed.. the player can only enable/disable this "auto-zoom". but probably, I'll add a slider option, so that you may select this "range". Online up to 16.
  5. Please.. there's no reason to do this.
  6. Just a quick video. There are 157 cars, grouped in classes (F,E,D,C,B,A,S,R) There are 4 kind of single player game modes: - Time Trial (with online Top20 fastest lap, like MRGP2) - Time Attack, pass the checkpoints and complete the most amount of laps. - Head to Head, finish first after a one-lap quick race, to advance on the next track. - Quick Race There is one local-multiplayer game mode: - Battle Mode (up to 4 local player), you should stay ahead, and gain a screen distance over opponents. There is the online race mode (like MRGP2) I will add some other kind of games, and probably a "season mode". (but I don't know if before or after the release as update) Just to have some feedback (positive/negative) from you (if you want, I'll appreciate it). I know that it's just a video.. but also with MRGP2, starting from a video, I got some nice suggestions. Have a nice day
  7. Ok, the update passed the peer-review. I'll put it online in the same time when Magic Racing Rally will pass the peer-review too.
  8. I just put in peer-review the version 1.5: - Faster loading time (3-5 seconds) - Europe track. Fixed skidmarks. - Italy track. Fixed skidmarks. - Kart Track - Removed the black border around the track. - Hud - Adjusted fading effect when the car is too near the hud elements. - Minimap - New minimap view. Meanwhile, you may get it here it only 80MP: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Magic-Racing-GP-2/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550a16 P.S: Magic Racing Rally is in playtest, but near to be released soon.
  9. I don't know if he plans a Steam release too.
  10. A friend of mine, has released this really cool game. if you love fps+minercraft style, I suggest you to give it a try Have fun! http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Blocks-and-Tanks/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550d17?cid=RSS The world is fully destructable. You have 2 kind of fire (cannon and gun) and 1 block rebuilder (you may build blocks, as defence). Both cannon and gun, have the "sniper" mode.
  11. it was clear that the name issue is totally pointless for me. Anyway, I may reply to you.. if JPickford instead of the sentence "Bit of a trademark infringement there." wrote a more frendly "ehi Magic, watch out.. you may have some problem using a copyrighted name as "Kick Off" in your title".. and pheraps, adding a smiley, to give a more friendly appearance to the text... which was my reply? is it a friendly reply, or not? JPickford 's sentence was a advice written in a friendly way? (as you noticed, english isn't my motherlanguage , and I'm far away to use it properly.. but I can't see anything of friendly in that phrase. ) I dismiss beacuse is a non-sense to continue a thread, after 4 pages of OT. at post #17, there's the start of the "name's challenge", without any winner. I replyed at the few of you that wrote some feedback, trying to "ignore" the challenge. but afte 4 pages, it's enough, wasn't it? There's no naming issue. When I put the game on release, the title will be "secure". When I decided to open this thread, I was hoping to have the same support and constructive exchange of feedback as it was for MRGP2. Probably I wasn't lucky as before.
  12. we talked about other.. I already changed the game name, before I contacted them.
  13. After 4 pages of nothing.. it's clear that there's no interest of any constructive feedback. why should I continue in this thread? I removed the infos at the start of page 5. I though that it was enough. or not?
  14. I opened this thread to have some valid feedback about the game. I'm happy to get feedback and any sort of idea. JPickford, doesn't give an advice... he wrote a sentence (a general sentence, without qualifying it..). but then, my reply, was good. wihtout any disappoint to him. I put a lot of smiley also. It was clear that I wasn't interested about the game name potentially issue. this is not the place, and it's not the time to have this kind of problem. then, 4 pages of what? it's clear that many of you need a place where write. Ok, without any problem I got out of here. I gave respect at all of you, but I can't say if you do the same. It doesn't matter. Back to the name of the game, the copyrighted name was/is "Kick Off", and not every sort of derivate. So "KickOff" is not the same. but again.. we are talking about nothing. The final name of the game will be set when I'll put the game on release. For many of you how are interested about my law-issue.. I just set the name to "Magic KickØff SØccer".. so be happy. Clipper, thanks to your feedback about the "on ice" movement, I found that I made that video without removing 2 debug instructions which prevent the anims to be synconized with the real player speed, and the fading between animations was disabled also. Thanks to you. Next video will be better, and with a longer gameplay. In this video I would like to give a general view of the game. Just one thing: I could use "Formula GP", beacuse it doesn't infringe any trademark. I changed it, because once a big company claim it.. you can't do nothing even if you are right. But it was usefull to me, beacuse then I contacted directly NetResult (the lawyers behind the FOM trademarks), and I had 6 months of email with them.. but this is a long story.
  15. No, you can't. you are limited to the international pitch dimensions. width from 64 to 76 meters and length from 90 to 110 meters.
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