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  1. I guess I am alone on this one then... The Soundtrack. By that I mean the music score, and sometimes the sound effects. A good movie can be turned great, and a bad movie made better just by a good musical score. Music can make you smile, cry, and tell you when the bad guys are coming.
  2. My previous employer shipped all support and development out to India. Over 50 UK programmers out on the streets purely because the company owner could quote "get 3 people willing to work twice as many hours for the price of 1".
  3. It was a rushed "download-and-try-it-at-work" session before going home. The emulator was set to "normal", but for some reason every GBA title seemed to run like a lunatic. Once I tweaked the settings the next day, things ran okay.
  4. Shops are running their stocks down to make room for the PSP launch. Then GBA stuff will become "back of the shop" material. Just you wait.
  5. First time I played Wario Ware was on an emulator at work. I was running on a P4 with 512Mb of RAM and 128Mb graphics... the emulator was set to full speed... The game played like try again try again try again try again... Thought you lot were a bunch of nutters. Got home, loaded on to my GBA, and then I realised what I had been missing. Played it, bought it, loved it. Perfect 80's gaming. The way things are meant to be.
  6. Stop teasing me... I'm downloading it at the moment, and it is taking bloody ages. Need more seeds... RE the Gosen statement - videogames, just like music and film have changed a lot over the years. Consumer taste has changed, and so has what tops the sales chart. You can either ride the wave, or be drowned by it.
  7. F355 in my opinion. (arcade/home console format) Grand Prix 4 (PC format). Yes it needs time and effort, but you are greatly rewarded for it. Sega Rally is one of the best "pick up and play" racers though. It's like wrestling naked school girls in a paddling pool full of engine oil.
  8. As has been said, I do not think we will ever see it. The PS2 will be in the Retro folder, and PS3 under our televisions before the limits are really found. With lazy developers and poor code (not just for PS2, but for consoles and computers in general) all we will see is more power being applied to cope with bad coding. Some of the new Spectrum titles that have appeared completely blow away everything I played on mine during the 80's. This is not because the developers have doubled the memory and changed the processor, this is because they are coding smart, and being creative.
  9. I am quite happy to wait for pre-owned, or offers to appear. While the high street and online stores battle it out with offers, and people buy the latest game on a Friday, and trade it back in within a couple of weeks, I am happy to sit and wait for the game to come down to the price I want to pay. I rarely buy new games. The last new one being PGR2 for XBox, only because it was on Game's "Deal of the Day" or something. This in turn means I can buy 1 or 2 games a month, play them, trade them in or eBay them, and look for more. Bottom line - if games were cheaper (I'm talking £15-£20 new) I would buy more new ones, and take more "chances" with the mediocre titles. Does this damage the industry? Probably. Do I care? No.
  10. After the "Emotion Engine" and promises made with PS2, is anyone else here looking at the PS3 news sat back in their chair, arms folded, with one eyebrow raised?
  11. Selling my Dreamcast to fund the purchase of a PS2. Dreamcast is now back, with more games and accessories than before. The release of PlayStation. This is not a dig at Sony, they have the right to make money, and have done a great job of it. PlayStation's arrival however seemed to signal the demise of innocence in videogames. Gone are the brightly coloured happy sprites of fantasy worlds, replaced with real life scenarios with moody characters packing an Uzi.
  12. Did they say what specification PC though? I'm thinking 3Ghz with X800 Pro graphics and 2Gb of RAM here. Maybe Sony are thinking 486 DX2, 8Mb graphics and 32Mb of RAM. H.Y.P.E.
  13. They will be putting X-Ray machines on the doors of cinema's soon to ensure no unwanted electronic devices are brought in. Just like the airports. RE the night vision, make sure they are generation 2. Gen 0 and 1 were pretty poor compared to the new stuff. Generation 3 is still in use by most armed forces. Gen.2 NVD's fetch quite a bit of money.
  14. HPS

    Why PSP will fail

    Cheque is in the post.
  15. Finally Microsoft realise the XBox is not a NextGen console... it is an AllGen console. They see how much money there is in chipping an XBox to play emu, and decided they want a finger in that pie too. Cannot say I blame them.
  16. HPS

    Why PSP will fail

    Sony are not aiming the PSP at the "hardcore" MP3 market, like all their products it is only aimed at the "casual" user. It is a device that plays games, and does some movie playback and some MP3 playback. It will appeal to the regular masses. My MP3 player cost me £20 from eBay (some mpman with 64Mb plus a 128Mb SSD). The reason I don't swap it out for an iPod (as much as I would love to) is because I only use it for about 30 minutes a day. I'm only a "casual" MP3/Music listener. What people seem to be doing is comparing the MP3 and Video playback of the PSP to best in class of other devices, when that is not where it will succeed. It looks nice, has the Sony logo, and will come with more positive trendy advertising than the average Presidential Election. Like PlayStation and PS2, it will appeal to the masses, not the connoisseurs. I am more than happy with my Afterburnt GBA (SP not comfortable enough for me), so will sit this one out. The price and battery life are what will become important in the video game part of the PSP's feature set.
  17. So the games come on static media AND a disc. I can see developers abusing this. We have DVD reading monster home consoles, and still most struggle to get loading times down. Nice looking machine though. Analogue stick and D-pad should be swapped around though. Come on Sega - do a DCP.
  18. For travel/journey use 2.5 hours is poor. Day-to-day use however, 2.5 hours may be enough. Use for the day, charge at night. I don't see how game playback is any different to movie playback. With button presses etc., there is more for the machine to do. Problem is though - how long will the battery last once it has been charged a few hundred times? My phone used to last 10 days on standby. Now it only lasts 7. I have had it 12 months, and charged about 50 times. I would sooner have AA's (not in the PSP though). At least when they run out you can pop into almost any shop and buy some more and continue playing. Seperated at birth: Atari Lynx 2 & Sony PSP.
  19. Am I the only one that found Kill Bill (Vol 1 and 2) utter twaddle? I did watch it while having to endure the constant rabbiting of SWMBO about how much she hated this kind of film though, and that she was "off to bed". This went on for about an hour and a half.
  20. Ewoks > JarJar. I've not watched it in a long time, but I cannot remember any Ewok spears/arrows going through the armour of the Storm Troppers. All I remember is falling logs, rocks and a Chewie driven walker.
  21. Think we could find 3000 people to chip in a fiver? Anyone got Geoff's email address?
  22. I had the same thought on Friday after reading the GP4 thread. (even bought in GP4 to install at work for some play time during lunch). With all the great third party stuff on XBox, I am surprised nobody has picked it up (or even GP3) and given it a go to convert it to XBox.
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