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  1. I've recently started playing this, and I'm struggling a bit with the loot and crafting systems. Is it best to rely on soul forge to bring your preferred equipment up to the level of enemy drops, or should I just be crafting new pieces of armour periodically to replace what I'm wearing? The latter seems much cheaper than soul forging, as far as I can tell. Thus far I've basically ignored the blacksmith entirely and just relied on dropped loot, as I haven't felt like reading a guide to learn what all the options are. Also, do I access the DLC during the main story? I'm at the resurrected castle area (with the repeated boss fights) - I don't know if I should have started on it already, as I get the feeling I'm nearing the end of the main chapters.
  2. Ludwig is where I gave up on my BL4 run (and Rom prompted me to give up on the chalices iirc). He's a huge leap over the main game bosses, and at BL4 you can't really afford to take a hit. I (mostly) enjoyed everything up to the stage. You don't get the chance to learn the bosses properly on a first playthrough if you overlevel, as I tend to do in these games. But taking a few hours to work through each one on a low-level run was great. Reminded me of my first time playing Demon's Souls, where everything seemed threatening. Ludwig was a real trial, though. I'm half tempted to resurrect my BL4 save this weekend and have another shot at him, but I've already cleared the main story so it'd mean doing it in NG+, which sounds less than fun..
  3. I think they're about £450, so not that much more, but I'd still be wary. I bought one of the original models, thinking I'd use it to play all those indie games filling my steam library that I never find time to play at my desktop, but in practice it was useless. Buttons were stiff and would constantly get stuck, while the analog sticks were really loose. And it would get so hot, even with the fans on full, that I couldn't use it for more than an hour without feeling I needed to run my hands under a cold tap. There are a lot of evangelists for the device on GAF/ResetEra, but I get the feeling they're indiegogo backers who haven't yet received the thing.
  4. Don't know if it's been posted, but there's a lovely SoM theme available for free on PSN. I love the art for this game so much. That original boxart is so beautiful. As for the remake itself, I can't make my mind up on it. It looks good in places - mostly the greener areas and the starting zones - but really cheap and nasty in others. Some of the weapons and movement feel off. But then the original had it own quirks that I've just become accustomed to after playing through it a half dozen or so times over the years.
  5. Thanks for the overview. I must admit I'm a bit disappointed they haven't added more floors to the tower, but it sounds like there have been a lot of QoL improvements and a general easing of the grind. I had burned out on the game by the time I finished the last floor this time a year ago - the amount of prep that went into each run, combined with the load times and how long everything seemed to take, had started to make it feel like work. But it sounds like things have improved a lot in that respect. I'll probably log in this evening and let my fighters out of the freezer. I wonder how many times my base has been raided and trashed in my absence...
  6. Anyone still playing this? Has it changed much since launch? I've been away for the better part of a year, meaning I've now got most of 2017's big releases to catch up on, including BotW and Mario Odyssey. Yet oddly I've got to urge to jump back into Let it Die. I stopped playing this time last year after clearing what was then the last floor (floor 50 I think?), but I don't know how the game has changed since then or if they've added worthwhile new content.
  7. Code for Overgrowth if anyone wants it: 0D3EX-329AX-22NXX. Replace XX at the end with the name of the main protagonist from Nier Automata. Just added to the latest Humble Monthly and didn't realise I already owned it until I went to activate it.
  8. I've got a rank 5 Striker ready to go. I levelled them up last night with all the golden snails and pillbugs I'd been hoarding, and also created the death burner iron. I'm ready for anything (I hope...) I'm stuck working today, but if I get a chance to play this evening I'm going to see if I can make my way back down from floor 39 - assuming the pathway isn't locked - and see what I missed by taking the side route. This game is so absorbing. I tried to distract myself from it with Watch Dogs 2, but that's gathering dust, and I haven't even got around to opening Nioh or the Last Guardian. I'll have to take a break when I clear floor 40.
  9. There's a team translating the DS version of this into English, and it looks like they're pretty far along: https://gbatemp.net/threads/ni-no-kuni-translation-eng.373770/ Not sure how the DS version holds up to the PS3 version. I think it's fully turn-based.
  10. In hindsight, I was damn lucky. But it didn't feel that way while I was climbing. I was cursing every time I took an escalator up to the next floor and ended up seemingly further and further away from the main course.
  11. Do bosses respawn while you're in the tower, if you return to their floors? Or is it only if you return to the waiting room? During that long run, there were several points where I thought I should head back, but I wasn't sure if that would mean fighting the flying dude again. I'd already used all my transparangus and most of my weapons against him the first time around, so there was no chance of me surviving a second fight.
  12. I ended up climbing through most of the fourth section of the tower yesterday, without even intending to. I started on floor 31 and was hoping to get to the next elevator, but somehow ended up taking a winding path around, unlocking a side elevator, and getting all the way up to floor 39. The whole time I was trying to get back onto the main route so I could unlock an elevator and return to the waiting room, but I kept taking the wrong paths - usually due to just going up the first escalator I could find while running from haters/screamers, without stopping to look where it was taking me. Before I knew it I was near the top. Bloody terrifying run. My rank 4 collector wasn't cut out for this section, and after running out of brainshrooms, transparangus and weapons, it was taking me several minutes to take out ordinary screamers with fists. Towards the end I was just running from most encounters. If I hadn't had the treasure hunter decal to show me where the escalators where, I'd have been hopelessly stuck. The whole time I was terrified that if and when I did eventually find a route back to the main floors, it'd be locked and I'd have to return the way I'd come.
  13. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I have the suit of armor, just the helm or legs. Guess I'll have to get searching for that blueprint.
  14. Amazon have a couple of good 3DS deals. Metroid Federation Force for £12: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Metroid-Prime-Federation-Force-Nintendo-x/dp/B00ZGEXK9S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487419118&sr=8-1&keywords=metroid+federation Kirby Planet Robobot for £23: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/PC-Video-Games/Nintendo-UK-2233346-Kirby-Planet-Robobot-3DS/B01ESO21TQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487419104&sr=8-1&keywords=kirby+robobot
  15. I think I actually have that one, but thought it used leather. I guess I need to get it to the next tier before silk is needed?
  16. Are there many blueprints that require silk? I'm up to floor 34 and I haven't found a single one. I've got a mass of the stuff, and I'm tempted to sell some of it, but I know as soon as I do I'll find a blue print that requires it. Similarly, hovering metal. I've got so much of this stuff, but have seen very few weapons that upgrade with it. Unlike scratch metal, which I'm constantly short of.
  17. I'll probably end up buying VIII, but I really haven't liked the recent Ys games. Adding a load of cutscenes, fetch quests, and stripping out the platforming really hasn't helped the series. The older games were completely devoid of padding. 7 and Celceta seemed to go on forever.
  18. The saif is underrated, though I can see why. It's standard attacks are a bit dull, but the transform attack is amazing. It doubles as a backstep, and lets you jump in and out of combat while attacking at the same time. I can't remember for sure, but I think it even has i frames on it. It's great. Moreover, no one uses it, making it really good in pvp.
  19. JohnnyRyall

    PS4 Pro

    We had these arguments when the Pro was announced, but I think at that stage people were assuming Sony would be pushing the Pro in place of the base model, which hasn't really happened. Pro owners are presumably a tiny fraction of PS4 users and it seems likely to stay that way. I think I read somewhere that Sony makes more money per unit on the base hardware than the Pro. The Pro is really only there to keep enthusiasts from migrating over to PC. We'll still have games than run like ass on base hardware, like Just Cause 3, but we'd have them one way or another.
  20. @friedgold Yeah, you can get into the DLC area after beating Amelia. At that stage it will be pretty tough, but you can do a run through the starting area and pick up several of the weapons there.
  21. The saif is so good. It seems like a slight variation on the cleaver, only without the cleaver's extended, overhead swing, until you discover its transform attacks. Probably my favourite weapon in the game.
  22. I was only commenting on the video posted a couple of pages back. I wasn't getting into the debate about whether or not the guy's a racist, or whether he needed to apologise in the first place. His jokes may have been fine in context. But the apology video was awful, and so are some of the arguments around it. I don't see how the same types who like to complain about outrage culture, about people who can't take a joke, or who are too eager to play the victim, could rally behind a man who spends 11 minutes complaining that the wider world hasn't given him his dues, while setting himself up as some sort of martyr in the culture wars, in what is supposed to be an apology. Were you to read some of the comments in this thread in isolation, you'd assume it was Chris Morris in the dock, not pewdiepie.
  23. @ Napoleon. I haven't commented on those videos - the videos that sparked the WSJ article, that is. I watched the video posted a page back, and it was excruciating, and would be regardless of whether the accusations against him are fair or unfair.
  24. Some of the posts in the thread on GAF are amazing. His eyes were red, showing how sincere and pained he is by the whole experience, suggests one poster in earnest.
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