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  1. I’ve been focusing on map 2 a lot and it’s just so great. Some real ‘Wait, I don’t suppose I could... oh wow I can!’ moments. I also played the first two ‘special assignments’ or whatever that I hadn’t played from Hitman 2. Fun but both very straightforward. Maybe it’s time to wean myself off my coin/lockpick/emetic poison pickup combo...
  2. After reading this thread, I have just ordered a simple light strip to jazz up a big bookcase. We all know where this is heading, hey?
  3. Imported before I played it. Still shows all the things I did yesterday in my mastery track but was just re-popping the XP for discovery. Smallest glitch ever. Guess it’s to do with the server issues yesterday.
  4. It’s just always so hard to resist jumping into a new place, but I’m doing similar now. I loved the old episodic model for that — it really made you go deep on the levels while waiting for the new one. One weird thing: I just did a run of Dubai and it was giving me XP for ‘discovering’ locations I already discovered on my first run. Did it always do that? Don’t remember it from Hitman 2.
  5. Just did the obvious mission story on location two. This game is just insanely good. Torn on what to do next! Not sure whether to plough through the levels just doing main stories, or spend more time in each place just to spread them out a bit.
  6. Just did a story through the first mission. Fantastic. And in contrast to people struggling to figure the confusing content stuff out, importing has highlighted that I have special side missions from Hitman 2 I never knew about, as well as the sniper stuff that I forgot existed. So much Hitman!
  7. Is there any news on elusive targets in this? I saw they were coming back ‘with some changes’ but nothing else. Is it something they’re revealing post-launch?
  8. I think so — and evasion in a fight if my muscle memory allowed me to even consider that.
  9. I stuck to my trusty dual blades — Mizutsune gave me the whooping I probably deserved!
  10. Oh no I thought the demo was tonight and got myself all charged up to bash things. Might give Iceborne another whirl — only got a couple of monsters into that!
  11. The only technical issue I’ve had with my ps5 so far is controllers sometimes not connecting properly. Lights but no action. Quickly solved with a reset but irritating. Equally I still haven’t connected an external drive out of pure fear, so that might be removing one of the more flakey areas!
  12. Game of the Year A1. Hades. I’ve never enjoyed a rogue like/lite before, but Supergiant did it in a big way. It’s also a benchmark game for me in terms of changing my attitude to dying — without Hades, I don’t think I would’ve stomached Demons Souls. A2. The Last of Us Part 2 A3. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 A4. Astro’s Playroom A5. Desperados 3 Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Cyberpunk 2077 Z2. PS5 SSD capacity Z3. Super Mario 3D All Stars Sound Design of the Year S1. The Last of Us Part 2 S2. Carrion S3.
  13. I’ve still been dabbling in this on Switch. I wish there was a quick play mode with objectives like the campaign, but it’s a lot of fun and seems well supported by dlc (which is reassuring after the impossibility of trying to find certain Dropmix cards!)
  14. I was busy being boring and saying 'Wow look at the state of that UI', but it was drowned out by my two girls losing their freaking minds over Calico. A level of hype that can only equal Cyberpunk in its inevitable disappointment. Important life lesson to be learned so refreshing the eshop as we speak.
  15. I think I still like this? I’m kind of yearning for the ‘I played a long session and did multiple areas’ evening, but still baby steps here. I count ‘I saw an additional three corridors and managed to get out with a handful of souls’ as a huge success!
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