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  1. Excuse my MHR 101 basic question but: what’s the most intuitive way to work through hub quests online? Start a lobby where I choose the quests? I thought I would just join random sessions to get em done, but it doesn’t count it unless I’ve unlocked it, I don’t think.
  2. Ugh I am still so mashy in this (long sword). I love it but really want to be more disciplined that flailing around like a mad man!
  3. On the handshake issue: I know certain TVs have fairly widespread issues too (with ps4 and ps5). My Samsung had constant dropouts and, weirdly, they increased when something was plugged into the adjacent HDMI port (the Xbox in this case). A decent HDMI hub thing sorted it out, eventually, and no amount of new cables did on my instance. It’s still flakey for some reason when HDCP is turned on to watch a Blu ray, but I keep it off most of the time.
  4. I’m similar. I’ve realised that all the games I enjoy the idea of but fall off of are turn based RPGs. I think I’m part of the problem, though: just randomly picking skills I fancy, and never engaging with the systems and thinking strategically. I don’t think I ever played a turn based RPG as a kid, so maybe I missed the fundamentals somewhere. On unrelated Yakuza news: smashed the aforementioned wild beast’s face in. Thought I’d put the PS5 on rest mode and pick it up later. PS5 helpfully installed a firmware update for me so back to the start of the chapter I go
  5. Triggered all the main ones — some nice touches in there. And a dose of pure insanity. Shame a sequel isn’t on the cards. Makes me think of a franchise like Assassin’s Creed — the first one laid the groundwork, but it hit its stride after. I have a feeling this could have been similar.
  6. Finished this just now — was quite happy with it by the end! Now I think I need to amble around waiting for some remaining story endings to trigger, though. Which isn’t ideal. I’d Google the details/whether I can force them but feeling very spoiler conscious!
  7. I’m not sure how much I’ll be back in, but it’s the first time I’ve seen Guardian Games and the tower skin was such a fun thing to see.
  8. Played a little more of this earlier in the week. It’s such a catch 22 — love how random interactions with other pirates add flavour/fun stories, but could do without a step on a tall tale being interrupted like 3 times in a row by randoms!
  9. I’m not sure how much of it was psychosomatic, but this really got my interest after reaching the third camp — exactly as everyone on here was saying! Just arrived at camp 4 and one thing did annoy me a little... Hopefully as I press on and learn more it’ll feel more understandable. Still very interested to see it through!
  10. I know — and it was more like 180 before that. Absolutely no clue what changed, although the game did get very stuttery at one point, so maybe that messed something up. Plugged an optical in today and it’s back to a reasonable amount. And seems to be playable again!
  11. Pleased to see the crew is flourishing like the special flower it is. Just played some of the rockumentary mode with the kids — seems fun the first time through at least! But ffs my latency is all over the place. Seemed pretty decent until now, but suddenly the calibration tool is saying it needs 375 for audio but only goes to 300. Not sure what’s changed. And there’s always that deep paranoia of has the lag really changed or am I just being crap / one of my cymbals is double hitting / other related drum crap. Not even sure if my little all digital one
  12. I’m giving this a second chance now on the PS5 — only a couple hours in. Was totally into it and wondered why it didn’t get me before. Then had my first forced Nero stealth section. Eek. I’m wondering: side stuff — skippable, certain storylines worth pursuing, or all pretty essential?
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