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  1. Opening my gate — my shop has a throwback wrestling figure that might be of interest to someone? Code is N8YPM
  2. Heading in for some turnips! Thanks.
  3. Well, I’ll inform the kids it’s better to be mildly observant than digging up literally every inch of beach.
  4. Very minor Gulliver spoiler, but don’t want to ruin the pure joyful fun of discovery for anyone.
  5. Not sure if the plan is to add to the list, but mine is SW-6943-2525-4307
  6. Jarden is up and running - the home of fast moving spiders and ample apples. Gonna go through and add some friend codes from here in a bit, so feel free!
  7. Five and a half hours to think of a killer town name.
  8. Far behind the hardware owners in here, but I've been getting back into making music recently and made a firm resolve to actually learn synthesis a bit more. Anything more than the preset tweaking and random knob twiddling I've been doing so far. So I've been working through Syntorial (https://www.syntorial.com) which has no doubt been mentioned on here before. But what a revelation! You can tell it's all a bit DIY, but I'm genuinely listening differently in the week or so I've been at it. Couldn't be more impressed.
  9. Oh wow reading it back it is ULTRA bleak! We have two kids and are still very much friends, so slightly less bleak IRL. But apologies to anyone who has been sobbing gently for the past few hours.
  10. With the New Horizons hype at breaking point, guess who’s been weeding and re-paving all day? Only a few familiar faces left in my little town - and my ex has a house there, with a postbox that will be forever full! Wanted to get some Western-themed furniture together and realised just how empty my catalogue still is. Such a strange feeling to have spent so many hours in the game and realise there was still so much to do.
  11. I'd say Monster Hunter World. A core loop that's incredibly satisfying, and every gain leads you to a new challenge, and a new grind. Forever.
  12. Having never played a console AC, are we assuming it’s one town per Switch (not one per user account)? Explained to my 11yo that she’ll probably be a mere visitor to my town and she didn’t love the idea.
  13. Are Xbox One controllers generally a bit flakey or could mine be defective? Got one bundled with my all digital and its forever disconnecting, even with fresh batteries in.
  14. So awesome to see people in here loving this. They keep mentioning it over on Giant Bomb and that kicks me into getting into it again. My only issue so far is time — it just seems to take an age to do even 10 mins of ‘proper’ exercise time. Might move away from the RPG into the sets, but I do love the game-y potion making and stuff.
  15. Oh wow. If I get to the end of just one project I'll be winning.
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