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  1. StephenM

    Rhythm Heaven: The Best+

    I went there around my last birthday when my friends had strict instructions to ‘find a real arcade somewhere’. Lots of great stuff, a surprisingly affordable afternoon out, and the always-endearing spectacle of incredibly fit, often incredible sweaty people doing miraculous things on a dance machine. Highly recommended.
  2. StephenM

    Monster Hunter: World

    Next up on HR: Vaal whatever his name is in the manky monster graveyard. I did Google his weaknesses / resistances which feels a bit cheaty. Debating whether to spend some time gearing up or just jump in — once I’ve replenished my dwindling great potion supply!
  3. StephenM

    Monster Hunter: World

    PS4 over here! I think my gal is ready to take on Nergigante finally. I’ve had such a great few days with it, just pottering around to up my defence, get some thunderous dual blades, and so on. I think the early in the year release skewed things a bit in terms of GOTY, but the fact I can come back a year later and it still be this compelling is incredible.
  4. StephenM

    Monster Hunter: World

    This is low rank, right? If not, I'm about to start farming him for some horn tonight on HR, would be happy to team up.
  5. StephenM

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Forget hype for games, I’m purely hyped to hear Giant Bomb talk about Battle Royale Tetris.
  6. StephenM

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Is there anyone who 1. Is interested in Fire Emblem but only if they get in-depth lore in this direct or 2. Doesn’t care about Fire Emblem and, after seeing all the lore, is hyped?
  7. StephenM

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    I’d love to finally do a raid, but finding time at the minute might be tricky. I’ll keep an eye on when you set it up though.
  8. StephenM

    Monster Hunter: World

    Is this first part time limited to the 15th? Went back for the first time in months today only to realise I quit around Nergigante. I’m never gonna get to 16 quick enough :-(
  9. StephenM

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Huh. That’s annoying! Thanks a load for checking though, much appreciated.
  10. StephenM

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Donut County is on the Switch, right? When I search the eshop I don’t get any results, and trying through a web browser brings me to a 404.
  11. StephenM

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I thought ‘Woah, B&M have diversified...’ And now I wish I was doing their copy so I could turn it into a backronym for Brick and Mortar. Anyway, I’ve almost finished... KH1. On the last run of bosses and at this rate could be into KH2 by 2020.
  12. StephenM

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Ah, I wasn’t sure if I could return to specific ones until I’d finished the world. Fingers crossed — it’s grinding time!
  13. StephenM

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Probably not the ideal thread, but KH1 question — if I leave a world at a save point, do I have to trawl through it again to get back to where I was? Struggling with a boss in Hollow Bastion (?) and could do with buggering off to grab a few potions, but don’t want to make my way back.
  14. StephenM

    It's Another Gitaroo Man Thread...

    Standard ‘saw the bump and thought we were getting a re-release’ post. Although it was an enlightening way to find out the Twitch app on my tv is HORRIFIC.
  15. StephenM

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Exapunks Quick Look is just Vinny muttering to himself for 90 minutes. Perfect.

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