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  1. Gave myself a day off to play this — early Father’s Day treat for myself. Had to take over childcare duty from 11am. Massive fail! Roll on bedtime.
  2. Thanks for that -- I'd seen that the 'sunsetting' was through limiting upper power limit, but didn't really understand the rationale behind it. I suppose it does make sense at that true endgame level, which I never have been overly interested in. But I really want to make the effort to get into more stuff like raids (or at least dungeons) so I guess it will become relevant to me in the end!
  3. Totally not shocking: the way Bungie have put some information out is making me very confused. How come certain loot (from, say, Menagerie) will become irrelevant after the big vaulting? Edit: Ohhhhh I see. Fair enough.
  4. Oh are they retiring all of Leviathan? Seems a shame. Guess I’ll not get round to doing that raid after all! Luckily I’m still in the closing stages of the sub 950 or whatever power level increase. So all these items need to do is include bigger numbers! To be fair, that’s about the depth of my Destiny anyway.
  5. Interesting that everyone finds it a bit impenetrable. I thought it was just me! Also found the umbral Engram thing a bit weird — if I need to do a 1050 or something public event to use them, don’t give them to me! Idled through it to eliminate waste in the end. Finished Shadowkeep which I enjoyed. But also discovered Menagerie which I love — a no talking required way to do something that feels a bit more involved than just shoot everything.
  6. Not a huge one because who knows if I’ll drop off again in a week or two, but if there’s any space in the PS4 clan, that’d be good!
  7. Added. Left the desperate 'PLEASE be my friend!' in because it made me laugh.
  8. After the stream yesterday, I’m getting back into this on PS4. Not because the stream was super mind blowing, but because it reminded me Destiny exists. I didn’t buy Shadowkeep so starting there - keep stumbling into things that want 850+ when I’m at 750-ish, but having fun. I also never did a raid or dungeon. Feels like that should be something I’m working towards if I want to get the ‘proper’ experience?
  9. StephenM

    Nintendo Switch

    Us! Although straight away I can’t seem to get other local players to join and link their Switch profiles, which is weird...!
  10. StephenM

    The Pop Thread

    Carly Rae Jepsen just released a set of B sides. I say B sides, it's as solid as the album.
  11. I'm very impressed with the technology too; Destiny never looked so pretty and, after years of being a console gamer, reminded me how much I miss the mouse. But I'm just not 100% convinced the games will ever come. It sounds like developers aren't interested in doing whatever work it takes to bring them over; I would happily drop real money on things I can't get elsewhere (Chimera Squad being a timely example).
  12. Nipped over for a quick sale, thanks!!
  13. Eek. I was sure there'd be some amazing trick I'd overlooked!
  14. I got started on making a mirror-style level last night (the world is one way up top, and another mirror world when you go through the pipe). But is there a trick people are using to make them in a less tedious way? It's so slow to go back and forth checking where I placed things. Can you just copy an entire layout from main level to sub-level?
  15. The week I go hard on turnips is not the ideal time for this upgrade.
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