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  1. I was just coming on here to report how painless it was. Sure they literally said 'We have enough for everybody' and then didn't.
  2. Seemingly busted on steam deck, will give it a go on iPad!
  3. Loving Rail Route thanks to the recommendations on here. Not played much but it just unlocked auto signals and I’m incredibly hyped for automation (once I figure out how they work!)
  4. Only realised Cunk had been made into a ‘proper’ show the other day, so I’ve been enjoying these. Mainly for the video game jokes, of which there are more than I’d expected!
  5. Dorfromantik's on my list. I've had to stop buying things so I actually play something on it! Shame to see Grounded is having issues with the xbox live login pop-up -- would be great to have the native version on there so I can successfully set up multiplayer with the kids.
  6. I’m getting some weird stuttering/framerste stuff on a Master System game — any ideas? I tried turning off framerate cap which someone mentioned but didn’t seem to help. Been years since I tried any of this stuff so not sure if I should be tweaking in Retroarch…
  7. I’ve already gone way over my ‘buy some games to get me started’ budget BUT is there a go-to PC rhythm game I should be getting for the deck? Wondering if any might have custom dlc even, which would be amazing.
  8. Came here to ask the same thing! Making a list of stuff I want to sort — ideally Itch, Epic, and then Emudeck if that’s the best way to start sorting emulation. Love a tinker.
  9. Those mad lads at Evri actually delivered. What a day. Don’t know where to begin (Vampire Survivors, I know). Maybe the real game was the tracking all along?
  10. How’s the rest of the Evri nightmare crew getting on? Do you all have yours yet? Getting a bad feeling about my replacement - very messy, back and forth tracking since it hit the UK at the weekend. I thought it might go smoother this time as it’s headed to a Parcelshop! Not sure my F5 can take a third attempt, so hoping it surfaces.
  11. Crunch time time for attempt 2 - loads of weird back and forth on the Evri tracking, it’s either imminent or never coming. I reckon 50/50!
  12. Just finished this half hour ago and didn’t use them. I think that’s a theme: various things in the game that I didn’t feel pushed to really engage with, including follower traits by the end. But that’s my only critique really - I think this had a great balance to it, I loved that the runs were so short, and I’ll be back if they do any interesting updates!
  13. I mean I’m assuming nobody is gonna open their packages out of solidarity, right?
  14. I can't believe there isn't a Carly Rae thread so I'm just co-opting this to say her new single with Rufus Wainwright is absolutely incredible
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