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  1. I've been getting back into Rise past few days (never got far into high rank) and was gonna say exactly this: I think once you have dog riding and zip-anywhere move it'd be hard to go backwards!
  2. Wordle 198 5/6 Pure luck that I got it when I did, to be honest!
  3. Wordle 196 4/6 Whew, didn’t think I was gonna make this one happen.
  4. Haha wow, I was trying to keep it light and festive. But same. I already knew I was bad at games though.
  5. Decided I was gonna finish this off before new year — biome 5 says otherwise!
  6. I was just reading about that MTU trick. Such a strange additional obstacle to put between me and the new stuff.
  7. I’ve been back in this for some Dr Dre content, which seems pretty fun so far. To check I’m understanding Rockstar’s insanity, though: to do story content you need to be a CEO, but also there’s a hard limit on the number of CEOs per lobby? Seems too mad to be true.
  8. I do have to say that, after finishing the chapter I was struggling with, I’m back in super hard. For the first time ever, I actually get why the grind - and eventual payoff - is rewarding. Probably helped by having a place to grind that didn’t involve going back hours. But bashing them up was delightful.
  9. This maybe isn’t the right thread, but: is remote install different to installing via the mobile app when I’m at home? I’m out and about and the app says no consoles registered. But I definitely have remote features enabled.
  10. Hrmph got to the tough battle in chapter 12. Failed a few times so might bail and level more at the fight club. But wondering whether that’ll be enough - I could do with different jobs/skills. But then levelling those will take an age!
  11. Pocket circuit was so good! I’m back in Like a Dragon. It keeps losing me - just a product of the length and the fact I’ve never quite ‘got’ turn based combat. Just this constant feeling that I’m missing something — my team composition is random, my skills are random, and i’m never sure how to do better. Been doing some levelling before what I hear is an impending difficulty spike. But also took in a few side stories and, honestly, it still amazes me how great some of these are. There’s really nothing like it.
  12. I’m wondering this too, was in the second 50% but it all got a bit too tough!
  13. I’ve been looking out for any nice deals — tempted by Terraforming Mars or Scythe, but very similar rating on BGG though so hard to choose! So used to letting BGG steer every decision…
  14. I should really go back to this -- loved pretty much everything I'd played, but then hit a hard wall where I had no clue on any of the available puzzles. Might see if there's a non-spoiler hints website somewhere.
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