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  1. There are different builds of the DVD software for different models of PS2, although I assume you know that. Maybe try a different version?
  2. I wish I could help as the freeDVDboot process was so incredibly easy, but I didn’t get stuck on any message like that. It all just worked. Just to add though, if you do a multi-region, multi-console install the memory card will appear to have corrupted junk data on it. Only looks normal if you install for a specific machine, which an Aliexpress seller obviously can’t do. I learned about the FreeMcBoot one Saturday morning a couple of months ago from scanning this thread, and by the end of the same weekend I had a fully mechapwned machine running all my games off a server. I actually got carried away and flung myself into it all without reading things properly. I ignored the warning about mechapwn removing your uloader install, thinking “I’ll just install it again from freeDVDboot” while also not having seen the warning that mechapwn removes the DVD player functionality of your PS2. Yet when I found that I had to go through the whole process again, it just worked. My DVD software was still there. Dodged a bullet somehow. Then there was the stuff about it not being able to boot PS2 DVDRs without using a secondary loader. I’m trying to protect my original GFDM discs so wanted to make usable copies. I couldn’t get any of the methods to work, just got the red disc screen over and over. In frustration I hit reset on my PS2 and when it booted up with the disc already in the drive, it just straight up loaded without any hassle which isn’t supposed to be possible. So some definite weird voodoo shenanigans going on with my PS2 hacks.
  3. I thought Phil Harrison was one of the favourite people for fans of the Xbox? Wasn’t that long ago I was reading about how great he was, I didn’t even realize he had moved to Google. What did he do wrong at his previous job then? edit - holy shit he left Microsoft 7 years ago lol Something very wrong with my perception of time
  4. I loved ZOE2 at the time of the original, and I rinsed it again with the HD version on PS3, but loved it a little less. The constant cutscene interruptions (and poor translations) started to feel dated and bugged me in a way that MGS never did. I was then super excited to play the MARS version in VR, but after tying the demo they made the bone headed decision to yank you out of VR into 2D for every single bit of dialogue with the character portraits. The dialogue is constant in this game! It was exactly the opposite of immersive. Please let me know if the full game fixed that though…
  5. This sounds a lot like the problem MGS: Twin Snakes had. I’m gearing up to play RE4 for the first time and getting the purity of the experience has been something I’ve considered, as I will be playing on a Wii. Is it better to play on a GC pad as intended or with the Wiimote?
  6. I hope that they still do the smaller sizes when I’m next due an upgrade for our main telly then. I did suggest to my better half that we do that this time, and I inherit the larger living room TV to replace the dying one in my room. It would have been way too large for the space but that component input is very desirable lol. She said no, as it feels like we just bought it and the picture quality is great.
  7. Sounds like you are in a similar place to me, although the retro requirements limit me a bit more in terms of screen type. I expect OLED etc put the price up anyway. This is the model I’m probably going for: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B01N4R8AOB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I use a 49” regular LED Bravia for my current gen stuff in the living room (although it currently also has a GameCube attached) which was a 2017 model I think. Probably from the last generation of TVs to still have non-HDMI inputs (it has a single component input). 49” is about as big as I can go, I hate that better screens pretty much always mean going bigger. In my little room I have a 20” LCD from 2007, it has nasty ghosting/trails when dark things move across bright backgrounds, but also has S-video, DVI, VGA and composite inputs so can use it for my Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, Wii, PSP Go.. you name it. The ghosting is surprisingly easy to ignore, but I wish it wasn’t there. Sadly this TV is showing signs of being near death - the actual broadcast channels don’t work any more, it just says ‘please wait’ and on all other modes if I have turned it on from cold the picture cuts out every few seconds (doesn’t happen if it’s from standby or warmed up a bit). I’m about to replace it, but nothing has the range of inputs any more so I’m also investing in an OSSC (can’t afford Retrotink). I gather OSSC can exacerbate burn in on OLED and IPS displays so they are off the table, also as this TV is going in my little hobby room I don’t want the room to be overwhelmed by a giant screen. It’s tough to find anything current that meets my requirements. Looking at a discontinued 32” Sony from the same year as my main TV (32 is still bigger than I would prefer). It only has HDMI despite being from the same gen but the OSSC should make that irrelevant.
  9. I don’t mind a slow pace overall but I did nod off for a second when Elrond was talking to Elf king bloke, had to force myself to sit up and keep paying attention.
  10. Sadly not. We must have exhausted all reasonably well known possibilities by now. My options are to contact my old friend or go through every cover disk and PD disk I can find one by one. There seem to be quite a lot of gaps in the lists of roms for cover disks though so that probably wouldn’t be conclusive.
  11. We got to see her enjoying a horse. And smirking a bit in a sword fight.
  12. I’m still trying to make do with what I already have (for now) and discovered something about the problem. The buzzing appears when I have something else plugged into the same double wall socket as the dreamcast. If I unplug the other thing it goes away. So googling tells me this is a ground loop… but so far no solutions other than to plug stuff in different sockets. That’s not very convenient so I’m hoping to find a better fix.
  13. To recap, the closest games visually to what I’m looking for were Logical and Elemental, but neither of those can be the one because of the music. The music was the main thing that struck me about this game.
  14. Not Atomino - too much empty (and black) space in that, in the one I’m trying to find you moved things around on a pre-existing screen rather than trying to build something. I’ll check out 7 Colours. edit - just looked at screenshots, nope for the same reasons. I think I may have to try and get back in touch with my friend to see if he remembers…
  15. I thought Elemental was going to be the one, started the video and… no music at all it’s probably the one Festoon can’t find lol
  16. All reasonable guesses but no… I should probably explain a bit more what’s in my mind - it was definitely flat to look at, a top down view or diagram layout, and it was quite bright - no black backgrounds. That’s why Logical seemed like such a good prospect.
  17. That’s Maze - but that’s not the one I’m trying to find, it just helped to time stamp the memory. We played Maze quite a lot though.
  18. OOOHHHHH that looks very familiar… need to get to a PC sharpish! edit - or I could just watch the video. I really thought that was going to be it but the music doesn’t fit the bill unfortunately
  19. Yeah nothing like that. You were moving something around on a board to try and match up colours. I think. There was probably a timer.
  20. I can send you it if you want, was playing it last night (the title is just ‘Chaos’ which makes it harder to find obviously) edit @Vimster not that hard actually https://www.atarilegend.com/games/3528 I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, I squirreled it away about 25 years ago when I didn’t even have a working ST emulator. Got to think about the future. Best thing about that wasn’t even the samples, it was the new spell ‘mutation’ which turned the monsters into something else, with a chance of becoming a xenomorph (the only way to get one).
  21. I played this once at a friend’s house, I think it was probably on a cover disk from one of the magazines (ST Format/ST User/Zero… any others I’ve forgotten?) but it may have been a public domain disk. My memory has me playing it around the same time we played this other awesome game called ‘Maze’ (first person tag with monoliths) and that was on the cover of ST User 68 in October 1991. This one was a single screen puzzle game, with the gameplay based around matching colours in some way that I can’t remember. I want to say it involved changing coloured fuses, or there were glass bulbs and electricity involved in some way but that may be a red herring. The thing I mostly remember it for was the really catchy music, which at the time sounded to me like a chip tune version of a pop song I already knew (like the Thompson Twins or something). It may not have been a cover disk but it certainly wasn’t a retail game. I can’t for the life of me remember how we got hold of PD disks, but we must have done somehow because I used to play a few. Sinister Development’s Asteroids was a big favourite, no idea how I got it.
  22. That moment where the big brother slams the piano lid shut in his aunt’s house, decides to take his little sister and leave. Grave of the Fireflies.
  23. Everything in the Hobbit ‘trilogy’ was shit. I watch the friendship onion podcast with Billy Boyd/Dom Monaghan pretty regularly and they are always talking about LOTR, reminiscing about the days in NZ and all that. The Hobbit stuff very rarely gets mentioned, which is understandable as they weren’t in it - although it does come up now and then. Rings of Power hasn’t been mentioned even once, despite high levels of audience interaction with an audience that is full of LOTR fans. They must be intentionally ignoring it, but I wonder why?
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