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  1. Apologies for the constant bumping of this thread. Where have all the new switch players gone? I’ve been practicing in every spare moment using Puyo Puyo Tetris on the vita. I tried stiff_one’s advice about trying not to use hold, but I can’t fathom doing that at all. Also made sure to count my Tetrises, and on one go where I called them out loud I actually broke my record with a 1:35. I was only focusing on counting, not the game so it was very strange how it turned out. Back to the PS4 to try and match that time - lol no. I was getting 2:20 and stuff. It’s this wild inconsistency that is so demoralizing, like I’m not actually learning anything. 50 seconds slower but it feels like I’m doing the same thing! So now I’m trying to break it down into basics. I need to be better at building a big 9-1 stack instinctively without gaps or errors, never mind doing it at speed. I’m hoping this comes naturally so I’m just doing it over and over. I’m always vaguely aware of the next piece from peripheral vision but I don’t look any further ahead than that. Also finding I quite often fudge an input so a piece doesn’t rotate or misses a gap by 1 square, so I need to be more precise. Then there’s the matter of knowing when to abandon building the stack and just combo it down at the end for a quick finish. That’s where the counting comes in, but no point doing that until I’m stacking correctly.
  2. My 40 line clear time will not come down. Not at all, after hours of attempts. When I played to clear a single line ASAP with whatever pieces drop first, I managed a 1:45 (my best ever is only 1:39, I didn’t get close tonight) If I follow conventional wisdom and do Tetris clears only, I’m not even breaking 2 minutes. Apparently this method cuts down on time lost with line clear animations? Even if I feel like I’m stacking rapidly and well, I always hear that change in the music that indicates I’ve passed into the ‘might as well pause/restart’ phase. Or I’ll have 36 clears and realize I’ve already wasted 15-20 seconds building pointless extra layers of stack waiting for an I piece when I could probably have just blasted out random lines. Feels a bit hopeless, if I haven’t learned optimal piece placement after doing a million bloody rotations then I’m never going to learn.
  3. Fucking cleared it!!! I had no idea I had even done it until the game over screen, but looking at the replay I just barely scraped it yet again. If I had noticed I would certainly have binned it. This is one mode I am never touching again, it’s super stressful. Also passed 1,000,000 rotations in the round just prior to this one. No more procrastinating on sprint mode. Argh.
  4. Speaking as someone who spends most of their free time playing games, I don’t actually buy a lot of games. My most played games this year are VF5 (which was free with my PSN subscription), Tetris Effect (which I bought three years ago) and Star Wars Squadrons (bought last year). When there is something I really want, I’ll pay full whack and not flinch. I think I paid £70-80 for AC7 with the season pass etc, I paid similar for GT sport too - it got massively discounted eventually but that didn’t bother me, because I got a lot of mileage out of it and it’s not like I’m flinging cash at games every month. I don’t have a PS5 of course, but if I did I wouldn’t be stressing about the cost of games as I wouldn’t be buying every game on the market.
  5. The last two minutes of my most recent Master attempt. FUUUUUUUUUU— Now at 973,000 rotations. Seems like 20,000+ per day of attempts
  6. That bug did happen to me, in 4. The ‘no missions’ bug got me when I was about half way through, I deleted it, returned it to the shop and have never played a GTA game since.
  7. What the fuck is this shit, why do Sony keep ignoring their home market? Looks like the only chance I will have is to get one imported from Amazon UK when they restock, or use a shipping service from the USA. Really starting to get annoyed now, after ignoring the situation for best part of a year. Rant aside, is there any reason I shouldn’t be looking at importing from the UK? I bought my PSVR from Amazon UK when those were also readily available there but not in Japan, but that’s a slightly different kettle of fish.
  8. I can’t think what you are referring to? Best line I remember is from Delenn, which was all in the delivery
  9. Byron hears you. He’ll be waiting.
  10. Master mode SS needs 150 line clears. In my first proper go at it I got to 135 (for S rank), and started to get cocky thinking I’d have it done today. Turns out those last 15 lines are the whole challenge >< Best I managed was 141 in dozens of attempts, nearly all of them end around 130-135. At M13+ spinning the pieces at all is a risk as they often lock in at 90 degrees when you were going for a 180. I tried starting from M13 to get used to it, I was usually dead in under 10 lines!!
  11. The disc drives were a bit shit too. Even during it’s working lifetime mine had stopped reading discs consistently - and I had one of the desirable models of drive too.
  12. The thing that really helps is doing ‘All Clear’ mode - it gives you ready made set-ups and the pieces you need for T-spins and other tricky manoeuvres. It pretty much brute forces that way of thinking into you. Then once you get it, the tactics make sense when you watch other examples. That’s the route I took anyway.
  13. There’s loads of videos of expert Tetris players getting SS ranks out there - who wants to see what it looks like when a shit player gets SS in Marathon? I tried out speed 9 for most of the day, broke my record once but there were so many abortive attempts where I got myself into a dead-end that I put it back down to 8. It felt like I could handle the speed but the games were going nowhere. Played in VR for this round, with the 1984 skin - my S/T stacking went a bit unorthodox from the very start but somehow I got it back together, until 3 minutes in where I totally blanked on putting the I piece where it was supposed to go and ended up screwing everything. Just tried to survive the rest, and broke past the SS limit on line 149 of 150. Bloody hell! After that experience I think I’ve been imprinted psychologically with Mr Pajitnov’s lovely Russian tones. He’s like the Santa Claus of Tetris.
  14. My Marathon record is creeping up - 478,000 today, so just 22,000 short of SS. That’s starting at speed 8, S/T stacking for around 200,000 points and then winging it to the end. On that run I just happened to get a bunch of Tetris clears in the mid-phase. I either just need to do it better or nudge it up to speed 9. When I fail the S/T stacking it’s mostly an input error rather than a mental one so I think I’ll stay at this speed for now.
  15. I was going to excitedly mention Freddy Kruger’s guest spot before, but the ‘spot the famous bit part’ game was spoiled a bit when someone just posted a list. Oddly though, the actor I remember most was the absolutely godawful ‘English villain’ officer who came to try and take over the command of the station. He spoke like Matt Berry in Darkplace, but with sincerity.
  16. Is that the one with the virus that wipes out an entire race? Or the one with the religious zealot parents who murder their son after Dr. Franklin operates on him?
  17. I chucked Mystery mode back in the bin for the time being, kept getting utterly shafted by the RNG. It got me a little more used to starting at speed 15 though, so I went to do Marathon using my S/T stacking knowledge from Ultra. Holy shit, I am not ready for that. I need a little more time to look at the pieces, and by the time they drop it’s already missed and got stuck in the wrong gap. Dropped it to speed 10 but even that was rough. I can just about handle 8 but when there is a weird combination of pieces it’s very likely I’ll mis-place them. I took the S/T stacking as far as I could and then switched to normal play - new high score but miles off the target. New found confidence, gone.
  18. I get frustrated with Mystery mode because the only way to score big enough is Tetris clears and T-spins, but trying to set either of those up is a complete waste of time when the game regularly messes up your grid. It seems like the only way to get around that is to run at max speed, get single line clears (and the odd T-spin) and hope for some good bonus effects. After two or three attempts I had improved to S with 348,000 (52,000 short). Luck was against me after that though. I’d often get screwed up in the first two minutes by something like a massive piece dropping in and then the field being bumped up by 4 lines, so I had no chance at all.
  19. That guy must have eaten his spinach between rounds. What a change in performance. By the way, was that silver or gold tournament? The in game text indicates the gold tournament is open to all ranks, whereas silver is opponents close to your level. I was watching a stream earlier that said the text is wrong and the opposite is actually true? My tournament last week was silver and everybody was in the 1st-10th dan range, so it seemed to follow the game description. You were 24 vs 32 though, which seems like a huge gap?
  20. Do it! Keep the thread alive. I would have done the same except my competition was really low level so not very interesting.
  21. Yeah that winners/losers bracket thing seems like it just gives the loser a second chance? It doesn’t exist in any competitive sport tournament I’ve ever watched, seems a bit unfair to me. Especially as it gives more opportunity for the loser to learn your tricks. I nearly went out to the same guy as well when we faced each other the second time.
  22. Is the play field bigger on the switch? It’s zoomed out really far by default on PS4, I’d imagine they must have made it bigger for the smaller screen? Time for my my daily Tetris update that nobody asked for: I got the SS in Ultra mode! Stiff_one need not be concerned though, I’m still 300 points behind him. Here is how it went - I did my usual cock up half way through and switched out a piece instead of dropping it, which would normally have spelled the end - but this time I recovered it. Not sure what to tackle next but I think I want to try Master. Sprint terrifies me so I’d like to leave Marathon to have something more achievable when it gets rough. Mystery is part of the Zone event this week though so I’ll do some half-assed attempts. Embarrassingly I think I’m going to get the trophy for 1,000,000 rotations before I get the one for all SS ranks. That’s by far the rarest trophy, because even people who are good at Tetris don’t make such a meal out of it lol. I’m at 913,000 after that big push on Ultra mode.
  23. It plays over real video footage of animals in the snow - caribou, wolves or huskies etc… after the speech about how Snake should just ‘live” and not worry about how much time he has left.
  24. A lot of people that bought it got a copy of the soundtrack on CD (premium box was everywhere), it’s probably one of my most well known pieces of gaming music.
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