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  1. Someone at work told me they were going to see the new Terminator movie, I called them a liar. I had no idea this had even been made...
  2. Knockhill. But as that is unlikely to be on many other people's wishlist, next hope would be Deep Forest, Trial Mountain or Grand Valley. I suppose Monaco, but for time trialling purposes only lol.
  3. Without knowing specifics about your vision, I'd imagine being blind in one eye makes you unable to perceive depth in real life also, so VR would be no different?
  4. I just watched the extended cut of Fellowship of the Ring. It's been a good few years since I last watched any LOTR. Hmmmm. Maybe it's the tarnishing effect of the Hobbit trilogy or maybe it's just the dated nature of the CGI, but it's sort of starting to look quite crap. Everything is all smeary and glowy, looks too unnatural and highlights how much of it was digitally added, which is a damn shame considering how much of it was actually physically present. I've also lost tolerance for Peter Jackson cranking everything up to 11 for emotional impact. Like that end bit when Sam follows Frodo's boat into the river despite not being able to swim. We see him struggling in the water, sinking, twitching, going still, mouth open, hanging motionless, give it a bit longer and yup, he's finally dead. Then Frodo hauls him onto the boat 'in the nick of time'. Don't want to rate it but it's less than it used to be/5.
  5. GOAT. Grozny Grad is etched into my brain. I went on my first trip to Japan in late 2005 (Akihabara had massive billboards up for Shadow of the Colossus - what a time it was to be alive) and on that trip I set myself a mission to pick up all the various MGS3 soundtrack discs, because they unlocked additional camo patterns in Snake Eater. It was a long shot but it actually worked with the PAL version. I loved the original so much, that the static camera was a fundamental part of the game for me. I rejected the Subsistence version with it's fancy 360 degree camera because it nerfed the need to use all the tools at your disposal while sneaking through the tall grass. No need to peek out from that tree stump when you can just rotate the floating camera. All the HD versions were the updated version so I had to come to terms with it eventually.
  6. It's odd that nobody is talking about this in the VR thread - Polybius was such a favourite, but nobody has tried this out?
  7. There's a dubious tweet out there of the line up for the world final, which is claiming that Laguna Seca is the track for one of the rounds. I found it dubious because it's in Japanese but it's the Monaco event next, and competitors need english information. Doesn't matter what I think, because one of the finalists just angrily tweeted about people leaking privileged info... So Laguna Seca confirmed.
  8. No way, it needed to have that ending shot. I think that scene, together with the concept art of the same shot that started the end credits, is going to define the whole series. It felt like a statement.
  9. I have played MGS2 loads of times, and I remember the first time I heard that codec conversation /cutscene playing out. I was hung over from the night before, and I think my brain just rejected the meaning of all the words, like I subconsciously refused to process it in the context of the game. I was hearing all the melodramatic voice acting and heart-string tugging music, but all that got through was that they were upset about some stuff.
  10. Oh. Well I guess the mind blocks out things it can't accept.
  11. It's not explicit in that regard at all - just because her dad dressed up as Santa and broke his neck coming down the chimney, it doesn't necessarily follow that the real Santa doesn't exist. Kids accept fake Santas all the time, this is just another one of those types of thing. My daughter watched it about a year ago and still believes in Santa. Pretty sure I still believed in him too when I watched Gremlins as a kid.
  12. Regarding the music, the very first notes we heard were when he stepped in to the bar and it had a real Ennio Morricone vibe for me - not quite pan pipes but something familiar from Once Upon a Time in America, which also then put me in mind of Lee Van Cleef stood in the doorway at the beginning of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly - I thought we were onto a winning soundtrack at that point. It did get a bit overbearing later on. My biggest complaint is probably blue alien dude being so normal. Yes there are plenty of Star Wars aliens that speak English (Ackbar, Yoda etc) but they all had unusual voices - having him talk like a normal guy was a bit too Star Trek for Star Wars. edit - btw, from the cast list and preview shots and stuff I assumed this was going to be a leaning a little bit towards the older audience, but it's actually very child friendly. I suppose that's obvious with it being Disney, but I was quite surprised. Seeing Dave Filoni's name as director at the end made me re-appraise this project as more of a live action version of Rebels, rather than the episodic version of Rogue One I was maybe expecting. edit 2 - I also had no idea it was Jon Favreau behind it, but with Iron Man being another masked guy in a cool suit that's a good thing for sure. Does it also explain Taika Waititi's cameo?
  13. I just saw "Maclunkey!" on another site and came here to see if it had been mentioned - pmsl at how ridiculous it is that they keep messing with this scene. It's like parody now, are they trolling us? Maclunkey!
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