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  1. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    My first time in Wipeout VR with pilot tracking killed me for about two solid days after. I put back all the comfort settings and did a race every few days, gradually reducing the comfort options until I was back at full vomit-force but not feeling any lasting ill-effects. Play it smart and you should be fine (I realise some people never adjust)
  2. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    One thing I will add is the frequent transitions to the 2D anime sequences break the immersion a little too often. I wish they had found a better way, or streamlined it a bit - some cutscenes just show your orbital frame going through a door. I feel like those ones could have been smoothed out.
  3. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    I tried it. I will have to try it again, I was quite confused as it's been a long time since I played ZOE (5 years since the HD version) and seeing everything from within the cockpit left me a bit disoriented. It has a little display of your 3rd person model so you can see when you are charging etc, but managing the lock-on and keeping track of your position was tricky. There were a number of comfort settings that I didnt touch. Despite it not grabbing me immediately, I'm going to pre-order. An old favourite all in VR is too special to ignore.
  4. In the Greek alphabet, Jehovah starts with an I. Wait, that wasn't faith was it...
  5. Multiplayer is a massive turn off for me. I'm glad I got the most out of this before they changed it so fundamentally (unless they keep it so the odds of finding someone are infinitesimal).
  6. Darwock

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Settings on the TV or the PS4? I originally got a message on the PS4 saying something like "if you check your TV settings a higher quality display should be possible" so it seemed like the PS4 was aware the TV was 4K/HDR capable. Is that enough to indicate the cable was sufficient?
  7. Darwock

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Saw this thread on the front page so clicked it; the go to latest unread post feature took me back to January of this year, and a post about needing a new HDMI (2.0?) cable to get HDR on an XE90. I did not know this was a requirement for my own XE90 - when I hooked it up I just grabbed whichever HDMI cable was the appropriate length, I have never specifically bought one of a higher spec or anything. I thought I was getting HDR from it. I have no idea now. How can I actually confirm it? The cables I have (including one from a Pro) all have plain black connectors that only say HDMI on them.
  8. Darwock

    The Flash - TV series

    I was thinking that too. Cyborg Ninja's corridor meets Nanomachine Zombies from MGS4. Awesome scene.
  9. Sort of makes it look like every man's sky.
  10. The CG wrecked this IMO. Black Panther demonstrated the weakest animation in civil war, and that same weightless quality to his movement was on display all through this.The scenes in Wakanda were also way OTT with saturated colours and weird lighting - it was green screen on a Hobbit level. The story was better than the usual, but Black Panther was basically Superman?? He was completely indestructible- from the stuff on display here he must be the strongest Avenger by far. A great movie for what it represents but not a great movie.
  11. Darwock

    Jaws 2 - 40th Anniversary

    The improved bigger version is also still running at USJ in Osaka.
  12. Darwock

    Demon's Souls

    Demons Souls HAD summoning - it's probably been shut down now but it certainly wasnt an omission. I actually felt it was better implemented than in Dark Souls.
  13. Darwock

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I just saw it for the second time, months after the first. It seems to have taken exactly the opposite route from TFA for me. With TFA, I loved it in the cinema but when I rewatched it a lot of naff bits jumped out at me that I hadn't noticed before, and I kind of stopped appreciating it. With TLJ, I wasn't at all sure about it after the cinema, but watching it again, I loved it - even parts I wasn't sure about before. I started thinking maybe the director was feeling some weight of responsibility, knowing how influential Star Wars has been on the minds of children - and he set out to make a movie that would do justice to that. TFA is brainless in comparison (the scene that I can never get past is that one strategy briefing where Poe summarises it with something like "shoot at base, base go boom" and they all run off to their fighters). TLJ felt a lot like a 'teaching' movie with a point to make, whether you agree with it or not. TFA was just mindless thrills. I haven't read anything to support this idea, but it seemed a plausible motivation to me.
  14. Darwock

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    In TV, the first example of this I ever noticed was in Northern Exposure. The episode where Joel Fleischmann goes back to New York had this last scene with him on the ferry with this beautiful music by the Latin Playboys - Forever Nightshade Mary - its a song, and a moment, that I have never forgotten. Bought it on DVD when it came out and they had replaced it with some awful show tune or something, it probably wasn't that bad but it was utterly jarring and ruined my memory of the scene. In games my first thought is After Burner Climax, but at least that can still be had if you bought it once. There must be many other more subtle examples of similar shenanigans, through DLC going inactive etc. I'm thinking back to Samba De Amigo 2000 which had bonus tracks that could only be unlocked by taking your Dreamcast online. I still have the discs but I'd be very surprised if I still have access to those songs.
  15. I always get confused between Legends and Origins. Which was the one that everybody loved?

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