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  1. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    I was really put off by how generic the music seemed to be in Beat Saber - a rhythm game really depends on its music, do the unique aspects make it less of a problem?
  2. Darwock

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    Right, as I thought. Nobody could know what you are referring to without having to explain via the number, which is how they are officially referred to, so why force a bunch of fanfic names?
  3. I've tried three times to watch Solo and fallen asleep every time. I can't see why others liked it. Rogue One is legitimately great imo.
  4. Darwock

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    Where did you get those names from? Easy mode (and reminiscence mode for some) are required to unlock all the art stuff... that's my ongoing reason to occasionally boot it up even after I rinsed everything challenge wise. Still irritated that I bought the Japanese version and it had no English support at all :/
  5. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    I just recently noticed there is a free trial of Ace Combat VR mode on the Japanese store (unsure of other regions). This has been amongst my favourite of all the VR experiences I've had, so check it out! I want them to make a full game - a remake of one of the old PS2 titles would be perfect.
  6. Darwock

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    I swear I saw people already using the Mihaly skin in multiplayer last week (on PS4), but according to this it's released today? Just had a look on the store and couldn't find anything. There is now a free VR demo though. Life changing stuff y'all.
  7. Darwock

    SUPERHOT - one to watch and now a reality

    Are they? It seemed to work perfectly for me - I only played the demo version but that sold me on the full version (missed the sale so waiting for it to swing round again).
  8. Darwock

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Not knocking another dynamic theme opportunity, but the selection is a bit predictable. Will also undermine the 'specialness' of the last level if you've always got a reminder of it on the PS4 dash. I'd have voted for Forest Dawn or Aurora Peak. On another note, I hit level 100 on May 5th - so apparently my level is Grand Master, despite the fact I have never had a Perfectris, or got a 15-combo, or done better than a B in Marathon, Sprint or Mystery mode, or had anything above A rank in a journey mode :/ It's a bit embarrassing to have played it that much and still not be very good at it.
  9. Darwock

    How it should have ended

    It's still cool. The Matrix is a bit like Star Wars, you have to let yourself forget that there were other films.
  10. Darwock

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Mobile gaming did exactly the damage people were worried about didn't it? All the talent in the Japanese games industry seemed to disappear overnight as every company shifted the main focus to 'Mobage~' crap.
  11. Darwock

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    Mission 2 in VR seems to demonstrate that they could easily have done more - at the very least the multiplayer should have been VR capable*. There's nothing going on in multiplayer except 2-8 planes flying in circles around each other. The opening of VR mission 2 may have been scripted but there was all kinds of stuff going on, so any argument that the hardware isnt up to the task would seem not to hold water. All I can think is they did it for comfort reasons - didn't want people pushing themselves too far and throwing up, possibly a Sony enforced limitation? But Wipeout would suggest that's not happening either. I have to admit that in my pursuit of S rank on mission 1 after my previous post I possibly pushed the plane a little further than my brain was happy with, and had to let my stomach settle for a while afterwards. *Or how about remaking AC4 or 5 in VR?
  12. Darwock

    Nintendo Switch

    Sega made 23 million dollars profit??? How in the... Do they have a side business in sports and fitness centres like Konami? Either that or that Shenmue collection really did the business for them. Or possibly bumper licensing fees for that Sanic movie?
  13. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    What's next, Zumba VR?
  14. Darwock

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    I haven't exhausted the game - just finished the campaign on Friday night (I was basically pacing myself to only do one mission per week, with the rest of the time spent in multiplayer) and ony on normal mode. However the wife and kids are away for an overnight trip so I decided now is the time to have a go at VR. It's funny how I can start feeling totally blasé about VR when I'm not playing anything, but as soon as I try something new it's like WOAH all over again. The VR mode of AC7 had me shouting out loud, in an empty house - several times in fact. Damn it Namco, the whole game needs to be like this! I normally use the no-cockpit HUD view in AC, despite wanting to appreciate the planes in all their detail - because the front of the cockpit usually obscures the view of the landscape too much. In contrast this is just stunning in how wide your field of view is, and totally instinctive and natural. I was trying to get in position to take out a Mig, lost him, looked back and saw him on my tail lining up for a shot. I pulled some stupid manouevres too close to the ground as I was just enjoying the flight too much, looping all over the shop while looking out the canopy to my right etc - had no ill effects on my stomach at all. I only did one mission just in case, but really wanted to do more. Again I want to savour it as much as possible. (Actually after playing I went directly to GT Sport to see what a Halo looks like on a racing car, took the SF-19 around Autopolis for about 4 laps, and that messed with my head more than the flying did.)
  15. Darwock

    Gran Turismo Sport - Mondays 8PM UK forum races!

    There is a bunch of single player content, but it's important to point out that this is really intended to be all about the online side. If you really can't stand racing with others there is a variety of different time trial options - in fact they have recently started running official time trial competitions in Japan. In terms of actual races, online has unofficial custom lobby races, PD's selected daily combinations of car/track (that affect your driver ratings) with no limit on qualifying attempts, and then twice weekly official FIA competitions - these are the longest races, with fixed length one shot qualifying sessions. Do (very) well in those and you can earn yourself some trips around the world to be in the finals. I find my actual driver rating to be artificially inflated somehow, so in serious races I am very much a back marker. That sometimes means I lose my motivation to race online, but I do still enjoy the car collection aspect and taking part in the AI events. There are several (like 5 or 6) classic cars that require serious grinding to be able to afford, but that is entirely optional.

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