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  1. Back in the day, in my family we swore by the Cheetah Bug joystick - but they often broke down and had to be replaced. I think we went through three or four of those. In my After Burner Climax days, that game murdered a few DS3s - the shaft of the sticks were grinding against the housing (leaving a visible line cut into them) and the fine dust from that appeared to be getting into the workings and causing duff inputs. It wouldn’t probably have mattered for most games but After Burner needed really precise responses. I think one controller bought specifically for that game only lasted a few wee
  2. 4 pages down for this thread now, so am I the only one still playing? I have gotten into a daily routine now where I log in on my playstation after my kids have gone to bed, and join up with a hotel manager in Kentucky who plays on his (sleeping) sons x-box before he goes to work. Between the two of us have a small pool of trusted players to call on so we roll with anything from 2-4 and an occasional 5 in a squad, play for between 1-2 hours and see how we go. It largely depends on the opponents we are matched with and whether our random squadmate dies too much for us to
  3. I think the only thing highlighted there is that the Demon’s Souls remake is the same as the original... Bloodborne changed all of that up many years ago (can’t speak for the other From games that followed it though)
  4. Of course 60fps is better, but the ‘problem’ is overblown and saying you will never play 30fps again is a bit OTT. Just one example that I am currently enjoying - Bloodborne. Is that an unplayable game?
  5. Can I still assume this never got a global release? I have never seen any trace of it on any of my devices in Japan.
  6. I’m tempted, is it PSVR compatible? I skipped Tempest 4K because Atari scrapped the VR mode for unknown reasons.
  7. Don’t worry, it finds new and inventive ways to stop you playing it the way you want to (that was the worst of them, especially when going for S rank)
  8. The original was supposed to have world tendencies change based on the overall player base’s average for each world - it did change when you were online, but mostly it just moved constantly back to neutral so a lot of the pure tendency stuff had to be done offline (or in a single session). I haven’t seen anyone complaining about that so I guess they ‘fixed’ it (removed it). An earlier post here has just made me realize something about hidden walls. The walls aren’t hidden, are they? It’s the hole that’s hidden, by a fake wall. Why do we call them that then...
  9. My Yodobashi has just had a sign up since last November saying “we don’t know when PS5 will be restocked”. I don’t even bother looking anymore.
  10. I don’t think I’d call any of them game breaking, because they are specific situations only, but the Souls games are riddled with things like this. Going all they way back to Demon’s Souls, I don’t think I ever beat the Flamelurker without trapping him on the stairs - numerous bosses and tough enemies can just be poisoned from afar and let you sit back and watch them die etc. I just cheesed a really tough fight in Bloodborne by letting three enemies chase me into a cell wherein I closed the door and killed them through the bars. The thing is, I don’t think I would have survived oth
  11. You can’t do that if you’re already on Ultra Hard though
  12. I would like to be the first to recommend *not* doing the DLC before the end of the game. The last mission is turned into a piece of cake with all the DLC equipment, plus the last few missions of the Frozen Wilds are probably more challenging, so it would in fact turn the main game into an anticlimax. After beating the main game it drops you back at the point before the last mission, so it’s simple to just run up North to do the DLC in the best shape you can be. After you do the DLC you can come back to that point super-powered and notice some of the few minor changes that happen w
  13. The only significance I ever attributed to the shape of the monolith in 2001 was that a perfect geometric rectangle was quite clearly out of place in prehistoric earth, and unambiguously unnatural. By itself, the fact that it was a rectangle did not particularly give me the heeby-jeebies.
  14. I had an amazing session last night after getting into a group with a guy in Romania who was a natural at calling the shots. I learned quite a lot about when to attack and so on, but it takes a certain personality to be able to communicate that in game (especially when the majority of your team usually don’t respond). It’s a skill I don’t have, so I made the most of the opportunity and stuck with him from 10pm until 1am. We didn’t lose a single round, including one we absolutely should have lost - the opposing team were all leveled in the 200-400 range and we had only one who was over 100 (me)
  15. In the year or so after TFA (before TLJ) a lot of people were saying they had no interest in Solo, it was a story nobody thought was needed, recasting a character nobody wanted to be recast. That never changed for me and I doubt it changed for lots of others either. I didn’t go and see it (tbh if it was still on at Xmas I probably would have as it was traditional by that point, but it wasn’t so I didn’t). Also I loved TLJ.
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