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  1. I’m actually surprised Tetris still couldn’t beat Squadrons. That’s 441 hours entirely in VR btw. Any Activision games in this list?
  2. That had better be a shitty attempt at trolling. There are people in Japan still waiting to get one since launch.
  3. There was never any explanation as to why Holden was turning a sickly shade of grey through that whole last series, was there? It looked so unnatural I was sure it must be protomolecule related.
  4. No denying this is big news, but on a personal level it means absolutely nothing to me. I haven’t played an Activision game in the last two decades at least. I gathered from recent controversies that we weren’t supposed to anyway…
  5. (Completely OT) That’s fantastic, rivals my daughter’s attempt at one of the Beatles names: Paul McCurtains.
  6. I watched it this evening, it’s 2AM so no mental capacity for talking about it, I just wanted to know: Did anybody pick up on the fact the music for the climactic moments of the movie was 100% the Memoro de la Stono theme from FFXI? Fucking blatant! Somebody hire a lawyer for Uematsu (then again, maybe it’s payback for him borrowing from the Running Man)
  7. On 213 now for me, but I’m not posting my guesses, just the results: Wordle 213 4/6
  8. I’m sorry, I edited it out since none of you muppets can be trusted to control yourselves.
  9. This opened several weeks after the rest of the world in Japan so I have just seen it, and absolutely loved it. I had avoided this thread and all the trailers, although I watched an ‘honest trailers’ for the Matrix 4 last week which spoiled the best thing about this movie, despite being completely unrelated. Screw those guys! It still had the ‘woah’ moments though, so I’m not too mad.
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