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  1. Darwock

    Games for Psychopaths

    MGS3, Grozny Grad, with the stars & stripes camo (and soviet facepaint) and the M63. Hold down the fire button until Snake starts screaming. All those white coats don't stand a chance. I still do this from time to time.
  2. I'd be gutted. Every hard fought gold is a memory I keep, that I can also tie back to my real life memories. The night my daughter was born I went home from the hospital by myself and got the platinum for Dark Souls. A few days later on the day I was picking them up from hospital and bringing them home for the first time, I got up early to finish off Child of Eden - landed 'The Purest Shining Light' trophy which felt very appropriate. There's a 5 year gap in my trophy list for MGS4 because I was hospitalized midway through my platinum attempt and dropped it for half a decade. All those moments would be lost in time, like tears in rain. edit - by the way anyone who thinks sacrificing trophies for a name change is a good deal, you can do that already. Make a new account.
  3. Darwock

    Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Anyone watching the live broadcast of the World Tour event from the Red Bull Hangar? In addition to the new track (Fuji) there are a few notable cars on display that aren't currently in the game... This event is legit by the way, they have proper race scrutineering going on and all sorts. I'm impressed. edit - the finish to the first race was incredible! I enjoyed that more than a lot of real motorsport I've watched (was rooting for the RX-7). Is this actually the first time there has been a mixed N300 grid rather than a one-make? Kaz's infamous notebook guy is there to translate for the Japanese competitors. edit 2 - jeez, 25x tire wear for 3 laps of Le Mans
  4. Darwock

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    Is it odd that my first thought was Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk in Daredevil? Now that I've had that thought I can't think of anything else either.
  5. Darwock

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    If that's the case, then using that example to demonstrate to Obi Wan how fast the Falcon is seems a bit pointless.
  6. Darwock

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I didn't enjoy it very much. Not exactly sure why, but that droid was definitely a significant factor. Explaining Han's name* (ffs) and having him receiving and using his iconic pistol exclusively was another reason. Groan. And the Kessel Run, that always sounded like a point-to-point race type journey to me? Instead of a big faff around that would apparently make timing it irrelevant. I'm looking forward to the future in which this movie has joined the Robocop remake as a movie I have no recollection of. *Edit about the name:
  7. Darwock

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    Ah yes, very distinctive man. Never had any dialogue to speak of, very rarely named, and never changed his hair or beard, so it was like literally the same guy in every movie.
  8. Darwock

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    No, is Brian Cox in that too?
  9. Darwock

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    Brian Cox! Became a favourite of mine when he was the Major in those early episodes of Sharpe. He often turns up in unexpected places. I just watched him as the bad guy in a Kiefer Sutherland western. He seems to have trouble losing his accent but he's always a fun watch. I also want to mention the younger Pertwee (is it Sean?) - been a fan of his since his turn as Colonel Radec in Killzone 2. Currently enjoying his role in Gotham. edit - I just checked and Brian Cox was in Killzone 2 as well. Not surprising though as he has apparently been in everything ever made.
  10. Darwock

    Space Channel 5 VR

    Incidentally why is it that the name Sega was nowhere to be seen in that video?
  11. Darwock

    Space Channel 5 VR

    After Burner Climax, man!!!
  12. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    I think you should qualify that last statement! I played 5 mins with full pilot tracking when it first came out and spent the next 2 days wishing I was dead. However I was able to acclimatise myself to it completely with carefully rationed play.
  13. Darwock

    Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix)

    That was a massive clanger of a cultural faux-pas from Colleen Wing in ep.1 - she's meant to be Japanese right? It's Japanese etiquette 101 not to pass food directly between chopsticks, they kept doing it over and over. Hand back your katana and kamon at once, you fail!
  14. Nope, none of them either.
  15. The mixed reception this is receiving is confusing me. The last open world game I played was GTAIV - I have never played Infamous, Crackdown, or any of the Arkham games - a lot of the complaints about this seem to reference one or several of those titles. Does it make this more appealing if you had nothing to compare it to?

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