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  1. Matchmaking was boned in the early days, but they actually made a reasonable job of fixing it a while back. If they’d fixed it earlier perhaps those players from the first few weeks would have stayed on - but this was never supposed to have had any ongoing support, so it took them a while. Didn’t realize what a gem they had edit - forgot to add the important part! It *was* fixed, but it’s ballsed up again now because there aren’t enough players in the pool to make it fair.
  2. Cosmetics don’t hurt anyone, incoming profits keep the accountants happy, and maybe they wouldn’t have treated the best spaceflight/dogfighting game in the last couple of decades like a failed passion project. The community at large has been begging for some paid DLC, or anything that would allow them to show support in exchange for continued developer engagement to stop the community drying up. Unfortunately without corrective patches for all the exploits, that’s exactly what has happened.
  3. Squadrons received it’s final server side balancing patch a couple of days ago, which was just a couple of tweaks to the boost activation costs of the X and Y wings. The devs have all been moved on to other projects, so for the game to have any legs going forward it has to have been left in a good enough state. Sadly (for me) the cross play feature which should have been, and was, one of the strengths has turned out to be a bit of a curse. PC players have access to control bindings, exploits and macros that essentially break the PVP game, and console players don’t have. Due to the
  4. How am I finding the new gen? Well a lot of people recommend stock alert services but those don’t seem to account for being in Japan so no good to me. I basically gave up looking actively - there is a shop that holds stock of PS5 for sale to owners of their credit card only, so I check there sometimes to see if they’ve dropped the restriction. Otherwise I just check Amazon. As for Xbox, I have never found any evidence of those consoles being for sale in Japan.
  5. Next you’ll be telling me Yavin IV was the fourth moon of the planet Yavin IV in the Yavin IV system.
  6. ROFL, do you even Star Wars bro? The Ewoks lived on the forest moon of Endor, not Endor itself. LMAO! So you’re saying his full name is Cassian Forest-moon-of-Andor. LOL!
  7. They didn’t fully explore what he did in the time between getting off the ship and making his way to the tape tower though. How many officers did he have to KO before he found one with a uniform the right size? Did he need help with the zip? And so on. How *did* he manage to climb back up the tower after that nasty fall? These are questions the fandom probably want spelled out for them in excruciating detail. Along with why he’s called Cassian Andor. Maybe he was going through a pre-flight checkpoint and was told he could bring in one item of hand luggage AND/OR a stowa
  8. The one most memorable for his witty droid sidekick, K2-SO.
  9. He’s also dead. Judging by the Shoretrooper in the set photo above, the show is going to be set on Scarif in the hour or two prior to his demise. Doesn’t leave them a lot of room for narrative expansion. Unless it’s a twist like the movie ‘Predator’? It was titled after the alien but the alien isn’t the main character and doesn’t show up until the end. So here they tell most of the story from the perspective of a random trooper just doing his daily empire business, and Cassian Andor turns up in the finale (only to be defeated in the last act by a blast from the Death Star)?
  10. The bunch with Horatio Hornblower, Vic from the Shield and Captain America was pretty good I thought - Jessica Alba was probably the weakest casting choice there.
  11. I wouldn’t be looking down on people for describing it as ‘Lynchian’. It most definitely was, especially in the early parts. Twin Peaks was in itself a melodramatic TV soap opera on the surface, so snobbish film critic elitism doesn’t really have any place here. I mean, come on - that scene with the guy choking at dinner in episode 1?
  12. Is this remake you are all talking about the one that you can buy on the PS store (listed just as ‘Flashback’)? That was on my wishlist, but not if it’s crap.
  13. We don’t pay anything though, do we... from my perspective crossplay in Squadrons just works. I suppose if you have a strong concern about EA losing money you might feel aggrieved?
  14. We do have cross play though? My regular group in Star Wars Squadrons consists of 3 PlayStation guys, 1 on x-box and 1 on PC.
  15. I always assumed it was the prison of ‘hope’ because the inmates in that first area have actually got it easy compared to the poor sods locked up in the next part.
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