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  1. Darwock


    This is in reference to the video link in the post just before it? That link is now dead... what was it? Any news on what’s next? We need high quality versions of the extended remixes from Parade (and other stuff of that era), but as the trend seems to be to go bigger and bigger with each release I don’t think that there’s enough there... I wondered if they might do a Pink Floyd style ‘early years/later years’ box set or something to lump it all together for maximum RRP.
  2. That number is not a level - it’s experience, but that goes up rapidly just for participating. If you finish a ranked fleet battle after choosing a random team, you will gain something like 8-10,000 xp points, even if you lose badly. The gap between levels maxes out at 25,000 once you get above level 40 I think, so you shoot up really fast. I’ve now played against people level 100+ who finish near the bottom of the ranks, whereas I’ve seen level 10-20 players wiping the floor with the opposition. Matchmaking is a bit messed up, but that number you see is not an indication of it.
  3. Personally I’d say go with the VR - I’ve played the whole game that way, and it just feels.. incomplete.. to do it in pancake vision. If you had never tried it I don’t think you’d mind, but I’ll never go back.
  4. Patch notes: 60% reduction in maneuverability while firing the rotary cannon... WHAAAAA? I appreciate the TIE bomber needed an armor nerf, but this is too much - the Y-wing is gonna be hurt. Better hope the B-wing feels handy or I’m out of a ship that I can comfortably use
  5. How many pint cans of Tennants had you had?
  6. Where is update 3.0 then? They said 25th November! (I appreciate the day isn’t over in all countries of the world but I was looking forward to it, and now I have to go to bed. Shite)
  7. I have to disagree with that, I’m still sore about all the great features I had got used to with the PS3 XMB being ditched completely. For me the PS4 interface was a massive step backwards, and although it got better it never matched the PS3. The biggest pain was the loss of custom soundtracks integrated with games (WipeoutHD would cue your music to start along with the races, add reverb in tunnels etc) , so it could be replaced by just having Spotify playing in the background all the time. Bollocks.
  8. I see... I was concerned I was doing it wrong and you had just provided me with the crucial information that would prevent me getting my ass kicked, lol. I finally started on the story missions (did it all backwards) and was that actually Denis Lawson reprising his role as Wedge? If not, it’s a perfect Scottish-pretending-to-be-American impersonation, and far more attention to detail than I would expect find in this kind of game.
  9. I thought all the advice pre-launch was “don’t use rest mode”? Why is nobody heeding that advice.
  10. Why do you suggest this? I use the traditional roll and pitch method of turning and I don’t believe it gives me any problems. It just depends which way round you have yaw/roll mapped, surely?
  11. This may be a silly question but if you delete Astro’s Playroom is it possible to download it again? It came pre-installed, right? Does it exist on the store?
  12. I am currently in a state of having abandoned this game about 6 months ago, shortly after beating Father Gascoigne - I did explore a bit further and through online play I got to take a look at the next boss in someone else’s game (which I could barely scratch and got murdered by). It just always seemed too much like work to try and continue. I’m thinking I might try and break my mental conditioning, which is to keep my soul level (or whatever the BB equivalent is) as low as possible and go for efficiency. If I just make a bloated build with loads of experience put into my health ba
  13. Your picture seems to indicate the opposite! You should probably take the pic from the PS5 side if you want to show how big it is.
  14. Interesting reading of what I said. I buy the games I want to play. If I wanted to play Bloodborne or Sonic Mania that badly I would have bought them long before they got added to PSN Plus, I’m not new to video games. I’m not motivated to play them because I would rather play the games I wanted.
  15. What on earth does that mean? Keep what up - playing games I like?
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