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  1. Ahh, I know you’re joking but from that it occurs to me that maybe they meant the cables sticking out the back when you plug them in. When I first read it I thought they were referring to all those weird aerodynamic ‘projections’ on the case. In which case, the unknown factor is the depth, whereas it’s the width that’s the problem for most people. I assume. edit - just whipped out my ruler, the PS4 is currently in a shelf with 470mm width. I thought I was going to have to wait another few years for a PS5 slim.
  2. This is the only information I was waiting for - to see if I could fit it in my TV stand - and they give us dimensions ‘excluding largest projection’?? WTF is that? How tall are you, I’m 4’8”, excluding my uppermost section. I still have no bloody idea.
  3. The Auteurs was really just one guy, who was a bit of a dick. Is that Sega? Probably.
  4. The Hori stick is a different bag - for example in Ace Combat 7 you don’t configure it in the HOTAS menu, you do it via the regular controller options. It has a touch pad etc on the base. There’s also a switch to select PS3 or PS4 mode, so I believe it identifies to the game exactly as if it was a DualShock (which is why it works in No Man’s Sky and I was never concerned about compatibility with this either). PS5 future compatibility on the other hand, seems less likely - but if the console plays the PS4 game supporting PS4 controls then I guess it will be fine.
  5. I have an 8yo daughter and 3yo son, I play games in front of them - neither one is the slightest bit interested in playing themselves. I wish they would be a bit more tbh, so I’d have someone to play with lol.
  6. That was just me wildly speculating btw. They should do it though.
  7. I finished unlocking all the nicknames about a week before the latest update, so I totally missed the 25th anniversary announcements. From a quick YouTube search it looks like we are getting one more paid DLC (outwith the season pass) containing three planes: Shinden II CFA-44 XFA-27 Also lots of skins from AC Zero and other prior games. I’m happy to see the Shinden at least, but why did it have to be three fictional planes? Can’t we have some of the missing real world planes to keep us plane geeks happy? Also they dropped hints about 25th anniversary stuff last year, and I imagined more remasters or VR enhanced versions of the PS2 games. If this it, I feel rather let down.
  8. I just finished the Frozen Wilds. It was tough as nails - despite having the thing merrychan was talking about in my inventory I swore not to use it until NG+. I had to break that promise to get through the DLC. I think it confirms I would not have been able to handle the DLC if I’d tried it any earlier, but at the same time I wish I had. It gave meaning and purpose to a lot of the game tools I had completely ignored when playing the main game (elemental resist potions, different outfits - I didn’t give a monkeys about changing from my main outfit in the campaign, but in TFW I was switching regularly as the situation required it, and scoffing potions constantly). I think the new unique weapons had a large part in that as well - there is a great high damage one that will kill you as well if you aren’t wearing the right gear, and it is most required when you are fighting enemies that need you to be wearing a different set of gear entirely. Hmmm... tactical. The chieftain trial at the hunting lodge was a highlight - 4:30 was the target and I cleared it in 4:28 (without having the uber-weapons at my disposal yet). Also, the final errand (after the final ‘story’ quest) was phenomenal - I burned through every last bit of ammo I had, including all the materials to craft them. So I need to go farming before I convert to a NG+ save.
  9. Just watched it through to the end myself. Regarding Linden, I watched the whole show viewing her as a female character, especially after they said she was 19 I never remotely considered it was supposed to be a male until I came to post about the show and read this. I’m not familiar with the name Linden, I guess I missed a personal pronoun or two.
  10. There’s no emphasis on any of the syllables in Japanese - that’s the trick to convincing the natives you know how to speak properly. I don’t think it’s a Glasgow thing, as when my mate from Renfrew visited my wife was super impressed with how accurately he pronounced everything (I remember ‘Nagano’ being the stand out example) when in reality he is just kind of a low effort talker, rather than a linguistic mimic lol. (it gets complicated when the usual romanization neglects to include all the important bits, like in Osaka. Pronounced as Oh-sah-ka by most foreigners, it’s written as O-O-saka in the Japanese phonetic alphabet and is pronounced Awe-saka)
  11. This is like when the Sith rise to bring balance to the Force. For the record, I’m on the side where TRoS is total shit. JJ Abrams should be ashamed of himself, as should everyone who allowed it to happen. So much utter bollocks shat out onto the screen... it’s actually winding me up thinking about any of the numerous examples. “I’m the spy!!”/ the chewie incident / the entirety of the Emperor’s inclusion / the Goonies knife / Lando transforming from a mild sleaze into a full nonce. I’ve blotted out a lot of the worst stuff. I’ve read the Trevorrow script now, and while it was still a bit overly crash bang wallop, at least it made some logical sense as a follow up to TLJ. If Carrie Fisher’s death is the reason it wouldn’t work, I can at least forgive that - but JJ dropped the ball massively.
  12. It’s Bo that wrecked it for me. WTF was up with that scene where she introduces Woody as her accessory? edit - oh, I see I said as much not even five or six posts ago... oops
  13. I thought that bit *was* ad-libbed... edit - I googled, it was, but by the receptionist - not Steve Martin
  14. hmmm, is that actually going to be implemented? Gameplay mechanics that stop players from being able to play the game freely don’t seem like a great idea to me. You play shooty games for the Rambo Experience, surely. Imagine picking up the M60 in MGS3, letting rip and five seconds in it’s >click< gun jammed. WTF is fun about that? See also Ace Combat 7 with it’s ‘IFF is broken so don’t shoot anyone’ mechanic, or the ‘you’re only a distraction, no weapons fire allowed’ stage. We don’t play games to be told we can’t play them.
  15. I’m still more interested in the size than the price. Although I suppose both will get smaller in a few years time, when I might be ready to buy one.
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