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  1. In what way? MGS4 runs beautifully. The only downer is the install time, but that was patched so you only do it once.
  2. Panzer Dragoon Orta, Ace Combat 6 and Jet Set Radio Future. Just personally speaking, exclusivity deals only cause disappointment - it certainly didn’t sell me their console.
  3. That’s great, but I’m more interested/concerned in the PS3 than the PS4, given that those machines are much more likely to have drained their batteries by now. My PS3 is currently asking for a firmware update, which I have been rejecting (as I don’t play it online) under the assumption it was just a security fix. Is there any way to find out? You’d think they’d want to make it public after all the bad press they received.
  4. Yeah I never liked the pay-off in the end. Seemed very contradictory to the message the movie had apparently been making up until that point. In a similar ‘shit teacher’ vein, there is a movie called ‘White Water Summer’ where Kevin Bacon takes some teens on a wilderness trek and abandons them (and worse) to teach them to be self-sufficient. Watched it recently and it did make me think of Whiplash.
  5. Very OT, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone else point this out - the timing feels off on the PS4 version which makes it totally unintuitive to get COOL ratings or even play normally (nice sounding rhythms don’t work). I originally googled for reviews/opinions and as nobody mentioned it playing poorly I thought Parappa was just not as good as I remembered it being. Then I played it on PSP and realized it’s still COOL, and it’s just the port that sucks. Did everyone have this conversation somewhere in secret that I couldn’t find?
  6. Jeremy Corbyn’s favourite game, now with added nonsensical subtitle:
  7. I’m skeptical, because it suggests that nobody that worked on FFXI went on to do FFXII, and FFXII was almost exactly what you would get if you made FFXI offline/single player.
  8. I beat that motherfucking Tetramidion boss from stage 5 tonight, at long last! The challenge was turning into a lengthy war, most of the time I was the weakest link of whichever teammates I had (not always) so it wasn’t unusual to see SS, A, SS on the final screen, which of course makes it look like the failure is all my fault. I don’t accept it’s that straightforward though, because there were a surprising number of SS ranked players who don’t do a damn thing to try and revive when they get killed. Do they really not know? (there’s a visual clue as well as following the music btw, when the shrinking circle gets to the smallest point is when you need to tap the button) It was starting to get ugly after I got one repeat team mate that suicided himself as soon as the match started (after I joined as the last person). He then left the two of us to it and just spectated. Dick. Had to dodge him a couple more times after. So our winning team had one guy that was ridiculously fast, me, and another guy who was just a bit slower than me. We failed it two times with SS, A, A and I felt sure the expert player was going to bail on us, but he didn’t and third time we kicked the shit out of it with SS, S, S. We were lucky that our deaths were staggered to give each of us a chance to revive - the hairiest moment was when the expert’s well was already topped out but we were both still reviving - he managed to tread water by just spinning pieces while we kept up the tapping rhythm, even while the boss was throwing the worst possible stuff at him. My other team mate revived in the nick of time and he died one beat later. Doesn’t get any closer than that.
  9. You can sell anything anywhere and the bazaar will work the same, but in cases of repeatable bazaar goods it’s probably best not to sell all your loot at once. I think (for example) if something requires 5 bat fangs and 7 dark crystals, and you have 10 bat fangs and 29 dark crystals which you sell, you will only get the bazaar item once. If you sold 5 and 7, then 5 and 7 again, you would get it twice. I haven’t tested this but that seemed to be my experience. I don’t know how the bazaar could ever work without using a guide. 95% of bazaar items aren’t repeatable anyway, but the most important ones for endgame gear are the empyrean soul, serpentarius and gemsteel. You need 3 of each to make the Tournesol. Some are given as rewards and some can be stolen/dropped from the level 99 red chocobo, but you will likely need to get most of it from the bazaar. The loot you need to sell is also hard to come by, so if there’s anything you want to do some research on it’s those items. I’d personally also advise against selling horakhty’s flame, deimos clay and something else that makes the morbid urn bazaar item, just because when you buy that the chance to get rare drops from many monsters is lost (they start dropping arcana instead). I got every item in the game without needing to craft a single high arcana, so save it for the very end (there’s a trophy for buying the urn). Of course you can sell the loot and then just don’t buy it from the bazaar. I preferred not to tempt fate.
  10. Debenhams?! Why would anyone go in there looking for an arcade? I would say I don’t believe you, but I don’t think I ever went in there so would have to give you the benefit of the doubt.
  11. All done now, waiting for S4. Loved it. I hope they keep all the allegiances exactly where they are going forward though. Having all the cunts in one team keeps it nice and straightforward. That Netflix future episode spoiler thing happened again. Minor spoiler this time, but I was treated to a splash screen showing Sam and Daniel training with the staff weapons a long time before that ever came up in the story.
  12. That’s true to a point, but once past a certain age of course it changes. My dad read the Hobbit to me, introduced me to 2001: A Space Odyssey, got me into F1, gave me a decent knowledge of classical music through prog rock cover versions - all when I was still small. I’m forever grateful to him for those things. But then he used to blast non-stop modern jazz on the weekends, and in lieu of having any lyrics to sing along to he would sort of ‘scat’ along with it. Obviously that’s when I started to develop interests of my own.
  13. I do wonder how much the games I played conditioned my young brain into expecting failure in life. I never saw the end of anything in an entire decade. First thing I ever remember finishing was Batman (the movie) on the ZX spectrum. Everything was impossible.
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