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  1. A guilty pleasure of mine is that I quite liked 'Memories' when I was a kid so I watched the trailer. A bit of restraint might have been a good idea with that song. It all went a bit overly bombastic, but maybe that's just poor editing... Also - James Corden. edit - yeah the CG'd actors are super creepy but so were the stage show costumes.
  2. +1 for Demon's Souls. The Tower of Latria alone seals it. Even the Nexus would put it way up there. This is a question that gets kind of redefined by VR though; I'm assuming VR stuff is out of the running.
  3. There's a Space Hulk game with a different subtitle currently on sale on PSN. Is that an older one?
  4. It is currently any circuit and any car for VR - although the garage selection option does say "select from VR compatible cars" so it might change at some point.
  5. I recently watched an old interview with Garry Shandling and he told the story about Rip Torn joining the show. He refused to do a reading of the script at an audition, said it was something he just didn't do, so that was it. Shandling really wanted him in the show so tried again but Rip just wouldn't do it. Until he just went "Aaah fuck it!" grabbed the script and read the part. There was another bit about Shandling having concerns about Rip having to fit into TV shooting schedules, so he asked if he'd done serialized TV before. Rip said he was in Rawhide. Then months later on set he randomly said to Shandling "you know I was only in one episode of Rawhide..." I can totally picture both situations as Larry and Artie.
  6. Have a salty dog, now shut the fuck up!!
  7. I watched that speech he made at that game developers conference - if I recall correctly he said he had learned a lesson like "don't talk, just do". Seems like that's what he'd been doing, but more of these speeches/talks are being linked to, so I guess he's getting sloppy. Which gives people like Broker the rope they need. No Man's Sky is an incredible accomplishment - it was then, and it still is now.
  8. I never considered that a bug, that's just how the game works. If you weren't able to enter the next screen with a jump etc lots of paths would be inaccessible. You just had to learn the rooms.
  9. Got a new dead pixel on my V1 set No chance that will come back to life is there? It's just a single pixel on one eye only, but I've come to love VR so much it's made me think about getting a V2 to replace it. Probably foolish.
  10. Darwock

    Gaming grudges

    Pushing flat buttons doesnt require you to move your thumb back and forth.
  11. She was on Stephen Colbert last year and looked pretty much the same as she did back then.
  12. Darwock

    Gaming grudges

    This is true, I just tried it. But where my thumbs naturally rest is not the best place for the sticks on my controller to be, because that made it quite uncomfortable to move left with my left thumb (the thumb was too close to my hand so I had to contort to move). The DS4 stick position required me to extend my thumb out a little bit, which made it much easier to move the sticks towards my hand.
  13. Darwock

    Gaming grudges

    As a lifelong player of (and perpetually attempting to improve my skills at) Guitar Freaks and Drummania, I hate Guitar Hero and Rock Band. That fad has passed thankfully, but for a while people were making out like the superior (and original) Bemani game series didn't get there first. Fair enough, it's Konami's own fault for not releasing those games in the west - but that doesn't change the fact that Harmonix or whoever made that lowest-common-denominator watered down pish were stealing the idea. Also, I have a grudge against people who forget about Demon's Souls. Dark Souls was NOT THE FIRST GAME.
  14. Used to love Mononoke-Hime, but after multiple watches it started to feel a bit bloated and po-faced. Totoro was super magical and fresh, but is horribly over-exposed in Japan and so the sheen came off it. Grave of the Fireflies is a life changing piece of animation - profoundly so, but I don't know that I could ever watch it again. Elements of it are burned directly into my brain*. The way choices made in the heat of the moment can set your whole life on a course you have no control over is something I have often thought about since seeing it. I don't know how anyone can stand Ponyo. It felt very forced and commercial when it came out, like he was trying too hard to make a new Totoro level phenomenon. I loved Pom Poko back in the day because I loved the whole folklore about Tanuki and their testicles, but the latter part of the movie feels a bit like an educational film made for schools - also it reminds me too much of Watership Down which had already left a much deeper imprint on my psyche as a child. I haven't seen any of the more recent movies, I think I got a bit tired of Ghibli. So I voted Laputa because I think I have only seen it once, loved it and would probably still enjoy it too.
  15. Changes to the handling and tyre models mean that previous records sometimes become obsolete (and they wipe the leaderboards).
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