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  1. Darwock

    Playstation Vita

    Can anyone explain to me how I can use this process to play my PSN digital titles that I bought legit with two different regional accounts? Using official firmware I have to format the memory card with each profile change so the two regions are mutually exclusive. This should circumvent that, right? I can find lots of info on installing PSP and emu stuff, but I'm lost as to how to get the Vita titles onto my card without formatting. can it be done by temporarily copying them to the PC, changing region to download the other stuff and copying them back?
  2. Darwock

    A Lumines Thread

    It's loo-min-ess. Katakana spells it out phonetically, so there is no doubt.
  3. Darwock

    A Lumines Thread

    Worse than that, they broke the gameplay.
  4. Darwock

    Polybius. Jeff Minter's new game

    OK. My biggest concern was that what Jeff had said was true - that colliding with anything at all (even with deflector up) would interrupt the trophy run. That is just not possible as some levels demand a constant deflector to just barrel through the chaos. There are plenty of hard collision sounds between levels 6-10 in that video so I can breathe a sigh of relief*. Pretty pumped now, and finally willing to play it on my main account. Although that does mean I'll be competing with my own top 10 scores :/ I doubt there are enough people still playing to bump my old score off the list, so my OCD is going to start playing up. *although by extension this implies Jeff was making wild guesses? It's his game!
  5. Darwock

    Polybius. Jeff Minter's new game

    Nope, luckily for me it seems that person went straight to the yakyak forums. There are a few suggestions (he doesnt know for sure) but he seems to think it either doesn't work for the first five levels, or the actual trophy requirement is 10 levels. (also worth noting that he apparently went after the trophy because he in turn noticed someone else had got it, which means there are two people out there!) He posted this video - its twenty minutes long and too far past my bed time, but tomorrow I shall be reviewing it and donning the goggles once more.
  6. Darwock

    Polybius. Jeff Minter's new game

    Well f*** me, someone has achieved the platinum (a few days ago). I just checked but there has been no patch which means that 'Can't Touch This' trophy is obtainable somehow. The requirements are not explained by the trophy description. I'm gonna try to contact the person who got it and find out if they know what they did.
  7. Darwock

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    I tried to use photo mode, but after adjusting all the settings I couldn't find how to actually take a picture? Is it just using the built in share function for that bit? I was expectiing it to be more like Gran Turismo Sport. I had a similar problem with WipeOut's photo mode in PSVR.
  8. These things do not appear to be available in Japan. Does that make sense to anyone?
  9. Darwock

    A Lumines Thread

    It's the PSP game. The PS3 one had skins from the original but none of the ones with vocals. This has all of them.
  10. Darwock

    A Lumines Thread

    I think mastering time attack is the key to understanding how you should play. You want to be laying fast layers, thinking only one colour at a time. It's too easy in challenge/endless mode to get trapped in a slow planning state where you try to clear the whole field. You want leftovers each time as that's what facilitates high combos. (It's also what leads to early game-overs). I agree that the definitive Lumines is the original (i.e. this one). The second one had too much bloat and skins that were just music videos - if you want Genki Rockets play Child of Eden. Supernova had some great skins added as DLC and Dig Down mode was a nice diversion, but it lacked any real hook in the music (like Shake ya body etc). Electronic Symphony was broken by the awful gameplay gimmicks. This is pure perfection. With the Supernova DLC it would be the ultimate.
  11. Darwock

    A Lumines Thread

    Bought on PS4, suspend function is available there too so the 1,000,000 points challenge is one I'm willing to take on (having done it all on PSP a few years ago). Already cleared the Time Attack modes. That vs CPU though. I can beat them, but all 10 consecutively with no defeats? *impossible* I had literally no idea this was getting released on all formats, nobody was talking about anything except Switch :/ To answer my earlier question, all the original tracks are there.
  12. Darwock

    A Lumines Thread

    Does this have the licensed music stages too? Shinin', I hear the music in my soul etc? Very much tempted but a couple of the trophies look rage inducing (beat the CPU without using retries!!!)
  13. Darwock

    Code Vein - Prepare to Dine

    I got a PSN message recently from an acquaintance telling me about a Conan game that has a cock size slider in its character creation options.
  14. Darwock

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    Ahhhh, so it WAS shown at E3! Yay. No sign of any of the naff gameplay contrivances they introduced after AC:Zero, so I'm all in. Still expecting horrific levels of paid content/loot boxes, since thats what Namco do these days, but if the game has that classic feel I'll put up with it.
  15. Darwock

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    This E3 was a non-event for me (PS4 only owner). The most exciting thing by far was Tetris Effect, and I have never liked Tetris. That was also announced before E3 actually started. I played the original Uncharted a few years ago and found it to be an overrated chore, so never went down the path of getting hyped for Naughty Dog games. The From title interests me but I swore off Dark Souls sequels after Demons/Dark as milking it with yearly iterations would have only diminished the originals in my eyes. This is new IP so I'm a bit more interested but it has to join the queue after Bloodborne. Also not big on gory games, so all of that was a turn-off. I was most eager to see more of Ace Combat and new VR titles, and that has just left me concerned.

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