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  1. Probably not what you're after though.
  2. Reznor’s done a top notch job with the soundtrack.
  3. This is great. I’m just wondering is anyone watching it who hasn’t read the comic? How are you finding it?
  4. So many favourite quotes already. Always thought the delivery of this is fantastic These are both from Rimmerworld and That whole sequence in Rimmerworld is brilliant.
  5. "Sexualisation of the character"?!? A few of the Horace videos popped up on the "You may like" bit in Youtube, they were very entertaining, a bit of craic and mild innuendo at the worst. This is ridiculous, does the dude think he's really going to make his fortune out of a character that's 37+ years old and no one gives a crap about. It's a blue blob, I can't see a CBBC series in the future for Horace 'sexualisation' or not.
  6. Have they got stingier with the amount of bounties you can have at once. It seems random too, some days it allows me to have 21/22 today it's not letting me have any more than 19.
  7. Woohoo, I was just about to post a question about whether the download for the update was coming today!
  8. I’m in on PS4 but where did the music go? D1 has never been topped for soundtrack.
  9. I remember getting the Target books out of the library when I was a kid. His were the ones you always hoped they'd had.
  10. Menagerie is a good way to level up. If you’ve a slot with a particularly low light level you can pick that for your reward. Means you can avoid the frustration of, for example, having a chest 10 below everything else and never getting it to drop from powerful rewards.
  11. Cheers guys. I’ll give you both a shout if I manage to get back earlier.
  12. I should be back home about 8:30pm, would 9pm be okay?
  13. Yeah let's give it a go today, should be able to 2 man it if we can't pick anyone up from our rosters.
  14. Sweet, tomorrow works for me.
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