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  1. Bands are business and branding. Dave M. wasnt going to take a chance on this snowballing. easier to get shot. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets the bass rerecorded for the new album.
  2. Just give us Bad Company 3. The destruction hasn't been as fun since BC2. From BF3 onwards there's been no complete destructions of maps a la White Pass, there's been no fun of bringing the building down to destroy the MCOM's in Rush, etc. I also really miss the rush for vehicles at the start rather than just starting in them, and discovering some bastard has C4'd your helicopter. It's been diminishing returns for me, 1000s hours on BC2, 100s of hours on BF3, 10s of hours on BF4 barely 20hrs on BF1.
  3. I didn’t realise his track record was that bad. The Dark Tower was an abomination, a 1000s of pages book series turned into a 90min film. Who at Paramount took a look at that CV and thought “This is a person to bring back Star Trek”
  4. Last episode was a bit of misstep but overall enjoyed it.
  5. What age ranges, as I could never see Discovery being in the 6pm BBC2 slot? It wasn’t as gratuitous as Picard but there’s bits you wouldn’t want youngsters seeing.
  6. I’m just surprised that they’re taking stuff off. I’ve quite liked it for the nostalgia and was hoping it was going to eventually be a large archive of British TV. Removals don’t fill me with hope. On the lighter side, kicked off the first episode of the adventure game. Didn’t remember it being as convoluted, It’s like a raid from Destiny!
  7. That’s nuts, I just checked an it’s gone.. It was on it last month. I watched through it all. So they did have it and now it’s gone.
  8. F-Zero X on the N64. Opened everything, was a beast a the time trials. Albeit it’d be the me from 22 years ago not the 40 something me now!
  9. Judging by the thumbnail for the four PS4s video, he'd be better spending his money on a new sofa.
  10. I've no idea what it's downloading on PS5. I deleted the PS4 version and tried the option to download in the store. There's now two Destiny 2's downloading one that is 60.703GB and the other at 60.519GB.
  11. I'm probably going to come back when the PS5 update is out. Would be interested in raiding again too. Haven't really touched it since the initial Shadowkeep.
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