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  1. Destiny 2

    We wanted the game to build on all the improvements they’d made throughout D1. At the end of D1 you’d for me near enough the perfect game. With D2 we were hoping for what we had already in regards to gameplay and rewards perhaps refined and a whole new world to play that in. What we got was a a big step backwards in regards to the endgame. Early to mid they knocked it out of the park, endgame they blew. That can be seen from LFG’s etc, in D1 throughout you never had problems getting a raid or even nightfall together. 4 months into D2 it’s a ghost town.
  2. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    No worries, was just interested in another gander at the raid lair, so I’ll give the nightfall a miss.
  3. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    Provisionally I’m in if you’re going for the 8pm start, can go to about midnight or so.
  4. Destiny 2

    Yeah but by the end of that ‘work in progress’ we’d probably the best game I ever played. That should’ve been their starting point, instead they’ve stripped out all that progress and have left something much more shallow that the base D1 (I’d say there’s more single player content in D2 but less reason to come back) I wasn’t bothered by Eververse a the start but it’s become obvious that it’s a really cynical move. Then there’s the ‘balancing’, the crazy change to the weapons system with two primaries, the comatization of crucible, the pointlessness of repeating the ‘it’s a knockout’ raid, the tokenisation of events, the separation of strikes from the main game, the lack of being able to go back a replay a mission, the destruction of the lore,.... I couldn’t get 6 people together to play the new raid content. That would never of happened at any point during D1 and especially not when DLC had just been released. I’m kinda with Gorf, burn it all to the ground, pretend it never happened and bring back the post TTK RPG FPS we all loved. Or just go back to making a straight FPS.
  5. Destiny 2

    Yeah, the grenades you'd actually use in PvP for the other classes are shite. Axiom Bolt doesn't even take down a shield, same with the sticky fusion grenade (which got me 100s of postmortems in D1). I'd argue that melee's need a buff too, a charged Warlock melee couldn't slap it's way out of a wet paper bag.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Well, all the Mario 64 talk in the Odyssey thread has sold me one. I think what they might be missing is a 2nd Party of the quality Rare was in the N64 era, someone to cover the gaps between the 1st Party stuff. That being said, the chat about Odyssey and Zelda sounds like Nintendo is outputting quality they haven't in a long time and that's enough to bring me back.
  7. Destiny 2

    I’ve said it before, but my biggest problem is the lack of a journey in the raid. If you think of all the others you’re progressing along it to a final conclusion. This feels small in comparison, which is an even bigger shame considering the size of the space of the Leviathan. The other raids action all essentially took place in rooms just like this one; think Warpriest, Crota, Golgy, Atheon, Aksis, Splicer priest... However those all took you on a journey between encounters, Hive tombships, VoG’s descent, Siege Engine, wall of dicks, etc. This just has you looping back to the room you started in to get to the next encounter. The really maddening thing is that there is that space for a journey, the underbelly is massive, but there’s really no reason to go there apart from some tokens.
  8. Destiny 2

    For people wary about nightfalls or saying they don't have the time, shoot a couple of messages out to people from the group you see online. Chances are if they've nothing planned they'll be more than happy to run a nightfall, or do some co-op. The nightfall will usually take no more than an hour to run, and that'd be with a couple of goes to get it down (barring last week's one). Even though I'm no longer in the clan (switched a while ago to a group playing raids a bit earlier in the evening than the mukkers), I'd say they're a great bunch. On the memories from D1 bit that popped up at the start of D2 it showed my first completion of VoG with folks on here. My Skolas completion was with Oz and Weavus. Those are great gaming moments for me, and it is something that is definitely better experienced with others. It's what keeps us coming back. Another great resource is this site https://www.the100.io/. I can't remember who originally posted it to give them credit, but it's how I found a group that played earlier. You can choose the time, the age range, etc. It's a lot better than LFG, and I've only ever encountered one dudebro rage gamer out of the numerous games I've played on there.
  9. Destiny 2

    I totally get that, and I agree with you to a point, the QOL improvements are a big step forward. It's more the lack of obvious progression with the NPCs, throw a number in there and when you hit level 10 or something you get an exotic. Currently you're doing it for infusion or shards. In TTK you'd the exotic quests when you hit level 25 with the factions (maybe something like this will come in with the factions this week)? Mystacon's kinda where I'm at Now I'm not suggesting we go back to doing loops of the Moon for helium filaments, or crazy stuff like radiant shards, but maybe there's a halfway house. If you had to put a bit of time into levelling up a weapon you'll appreciate it more, give you a reason to do patrols etc. It'd make you think a bit more about what weapons and armour you'd need for the Nightfall and Raid, which gives you small goals on the way to a bigger goal. The quests for Mida, Sturm and Man O'War were great, maybe lock some more exotics behind that sort of gameplay. Think Black Spindle and the Exotic Swords. They've got the Strikes and they're completely pointless at the minute, which is an incredible shame. I think the Pyramidion is an amazing space, but the only way you get to see it is if it turns up randomly in the Strike playlist which you've no reason to do. I wish they'd linked the Strikes into the main game a bit better. I think that leads into my biggest issue, the different pieces of the game seem disconnected from each other. The only way to play any of the missions again is to run an alt through, or if they show up as one of Ikora's four weekly meditations. It might seem that I'm negative, but I'm not. They've done a fantastic job with D2, it's just the endgame is a bit weak at the minute. I was expecting a Taken King like experience after the campaign, and it's not there yet. Hopefully with the talk of new dev tools we'll see more content more often, I really love the world and I want reasons to keep returning to it.
  10. Destiny 2

    The Raid for all the size of the space, seems really empty. They've created this truly massive area and all the action basically takes place in several rooms, so it feels small. I guess my problem is that there's no flow to it, in all the other raids you felt like you were on a journey of exploration. For the other issues, I'm in complete agreement with what others have said. There seems no point in grinding anything outside of the milestones, I've not gone back to the strikes since I've seen them all. I think they've made a big mistake with faction rep, removing the rep level number and the tokenisation of it has made it seem less worthwhile IMO. In D1 you'd pick up bounties, run patrols etc., you had to go somewhere to pick those up and you had to go back to cash them in so you felt like you were making progress. In this the 'bounties' are already there on each planet, I get it, but maybe bring back the number e.g. "you're now level 14 with Failsafe" Maybe my issues are coming from a bit of burnout, I took a week off work, rinsed it and time played is currently 70+ hours, but I'm currently feeling the way I did between rinsing "House of Wolves" and the release of "The Taken King" My fantasy is that when the Prestige raid arrives, it turns out that the NM Leviathan is a bluff and we get to see the main event. I just can't shake the feeling that
  11. Destiny 2

    1. Strikes are matchmade but for the regular ones you can get away without a headset, Nightfalls you'd want comms. 2. Yep each planet has their own specific challenges.
  12. Destiny 2

    @Gorf King Is there any possibility of getting your levelling guide in the first post?
  13. The video title says it's on an STE, that had all the fancy extras which I guess this is using. As a former STE owner, it gives an idea of what games could've been like if developers had decided to do STE only stuff. I'm not bitter...
  14. Destiny 2

    This is magnificent, I was worried after the beta that some of the magic had been lost (weapons sounded and felt weak, etc), but this more than lives up to D1. It seems to throw the power levels at you, so I'm hoping it has the legs for folk who like to binge on Destiny.

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