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  1. Never got on with mouse and keyboard, also prefer gaming on the couch. The PC visuals are tempting though!
  2. Was stuck on trying to figure out what to do to upgrade the chalice. Turns out it’s the circles at the bottom is the first one you can get quickly. Also in case you don’t know, cash in any Menagerie triumphs in the book for more mint imperials. I was running bounties for a paltry 150 when those triumphs give out 500 a pop.
  3. Maybe not outsold but would’ve done a lot better. It was too late for early adopters. Anecdotally everyone I gamed with was on the 360, after we knew what MS were launching with 90% of us jumped to Sony. That creates a critical mass at launch, if the mates that you game with are using a particular console that’s the one you’re likely to buy.
  4. I'm the same, I don't think I've booted it up since Christmas. Gambit's always been a bit meh for me.
  5. I was in tears at the end. Amazing.
  6. Mass Effect. A friend lent it to me, I played it for about 30mins and didn’t get along with the controls. Fast forward a year, I picked it up again and rinsed it in a weekend. Then went straight out and bought Mass Effect 2. The first game is the best Babylon 5 simulator ever.
  7. I just find the forest a pain in the hole, it's something you rush through to get to the actual fun bit. The Halloween thing was the only time I enjoyed it. I particularly dislike the strike where you start the other side of the map to the forest entrance and you can't even get your sparrow out to save a couple of seconds.
  8. Is that guaranteed? I'm sick of loading into Leviathan all the time.
  9. Can you solo them? I’ve been avoiding them as I can’t get a group together at the times I play. What light level do you need to be so it’s not too impossible?
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