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  1. Where did i say you can't have an opinion? I totally respect what you're saying, apart from when you seem to clearly be having a dig at me. The whole literature, films etc have been around for ages excuse doesn't hang with me at all. Yes, i've played Heavy Rain. It's laughably bad. From the way you're posting, it seems you consider yourself part of the "elite". I'm not telling you what to do, or making barely veiled insults. I've already said i'm in the minority. I like it that way. If everyone had the same opinions and views in this world, it would be a much duller place.
  2. Well, here's an example of what i'm trying to get at. GTA3, for me, felt like a videogame, with cheeky nods to classic gangster films. The gameplay content was fun, it didn't take itself too seriously. This gen we got GTA4, which for me, felt like a game desperate to be a big serious Blockbuster film. Yet the gameplay part seemed to be just - drive to location x, shoot someone, repeat. The game content was actually weaker than previous titles in the series.
  3. That's a pretty sad attitude to take. How about making something worthwhile? Something that does a great piece of art/literature credit? Something that interests and inspires people to read the book? Something that isn't just a disposable cash in? Seems you're just having another pop at me. With that attitude games are going nowhere. You could just say, don't play GTA, watch Goodfellas. Don't play Silent Hill, watch Jacob's Ladder etc.
  4. Once more now........you're agreeing with most of my points. If you read my posts i've been talking about big "mainstream" franchises, the big "meat and potatoes" games, like the ones on the list i provided. GTA - influenced by classic gangster films. Red Dead Redemption- classic Westerns. Resident Evil - clearly influenced by B-movie films. Silent Hill - clearly influenced by classic horror films. Assassin's Creed - clearly influenced by that piece of shit Dan Brown book and the Matrix. Heavy Rain - based on every film cliche known to man. Dead Rising - the entire scenario of a film. They're all essentially story driven games, but they get nowhere near their influences. The stories are terrible. The dialogue is appalling. They all appear to be aimed at young teens. They're pumping more and more money into making things bigger and flashier (just like Hollywood Blockbusters), but the actual substance is not there. None of this has really improved from games we were playing nearly 20 years ago. You say that cinema has not been as inventive and original of late. This is the way the big games are going, its a path they're following. Again, you're agreeing with what i've been saying. I'm in the music industry, if you think independent artists are better off now, with the way people access and buy content, then i'm afraid you're badly mistaken. Just to add to my previous point, look at the big game we got this gen, based on Dante's "Inferno". I mean think about that one for a minute. A game based on one of the all time great pieces of literature/art. Just think of the scope, all the incredible possibilities, artwork, amazing experiences you could create. What did they do with it? Turn it into a DMC/God of War clone. Says it all.
  5. Unbelievable! You can clearly read. You are clearly intelligent enough to follow what i'm saying. So why have you posted this? Anyone can see i'm talking about the big companies, focusing on churning out huge big budget blockbuster games/franchises, with ever increasing production costs. Just like Hollywood. In what way are games getting like Hollywood films? Seriously?
  6. Even before you've posted that you've got an agenda. You're calling me a troll again. I'm not even sure what that means. My point is that films were not thrown straight into global massmarket consumerism on a scale we've seen rapidly escalate since the 80's. It was around that time we started to see the big, global brand, Hollywood Blockbusters. Videogames started to take off around that time, and have followed that model. Many games feel like they really want to be Big Hollywood films, rather than actual games. They share many of their flaws.
  7. Good post! One thing though, obviously its good for consumers to have more choice. But it can also have serious detrimental effects, you've only got to look at the music industry to see that.
  8. Yes but, i'm not trying to insult anybody or tell them they're an idiot for having their own viewpoint am i. You are technically agreeing with what i'm saying, though i hardly think the old Westerns you're talking about, were global mega brand franchise films, with merchandising, toys, spin offs and countless sequels. Odd you speak that way of modern films, when that's clearly the way games are heading. Again, nobody's jumped down your throat for expressing those views have they?
  9. I wrote - "films naturally developed without massmarket consumerism hanging over them". Its obvious what i was saying. Films have been around for over 100 years. It wasn't till the 80's massmarket consumerism really started to kick in. See, if i'd have said those games didn't exist five years ago, some muppet would have jumped down my throat, explaining how i'm totally wrong. In fact they did. Interesting how they haven't done it with you. Some really nice folk on here though. Quite happy to keep chucking thinly veiled insults at me, claiming i'm ignoring other people, yet seemingly not actually READING WHAT I'VE POSTED. It appears they are in some way offended by me expressing my own opinions, instead of just following the herd like a Sheep.
  10. Well, what i'm saying is, in 10 years are we still going to be playing the same things? I'd wager we will be. How long's it been now, 30 something years? Games haven't matured at all. In some ways they've become less complex. Music and films naturally developed without massmarket consumerism hanging over them. I just feel its a shame, as games have the potential to be doing so much more than they are.
  11. What? You mean just like you've always been able to do, by ya know, taking the physical copy round? Awesome!
  12. I think you're being very, very, naive. Companies are all about making as much money as possible. Which is what's bringing about a lot of these changes in the first place. I really can't see why they'd let you buy a game once and keep it forever, when they have the option of making you buy it multiple times. Even with you're model though, if you stop buying the latest console etc, chances are you'll lose EVERYTHING you've purchased.
  13. It appears you're a bit challenged. None of the excerpts from my previous posts imply "EVERYTHING IS MODERN TRIPE". It looks like you've run out of things to argue about, and have bowed out gracefully. Congratulations.
  14. Well, decent intelligent stories that are actually worth telling for one. I mean, even Silent Hill 2, which i think was a step in the right direction, is hardly "Through a Glass Darkly" is it?
  15. Er, its pretty obvious that NSMB Wii is essentially a retro title. I'm talking about games moving forward and progressing. The experiences getting deeper, with more intelligence and challenge, more varied, with interesting well told stories etc. We're clearly not seeing that. Its all very disposable. I think my main problem is that fundamental game mechanics are not really progressing much.
  16. And...........assumptions. I love David Lynch films, "Inland Empire" probably being a favourite. My current favourite band are probably British Sea Power, i spend lots of my time listening to new unsigned bands. My favourite game is probably Ninja Gaiden or maybe Crazy Taxi. At no point have i said "everything is modern tripe". You've invented that in your head, to back up your own views. If you actually read what i'm saying, without your own agenda, its pretty easy to follow.
  17. Again, you've made assumptions and not read what i've posted properly. FOR ME, it had zero challenge, at times it felt as though i may as well have been watching the game play itself. I've played NSMB Wii. FOR ME, it lacks the charm, magic, and wonder of the earlier titles. It feels a bit empty and bland. I didn't find it that hard at all. FOR ME, Donkey Kong Country Returns is a far better game. One of my highlights this gen in fact. Thought the difficulty level when you're collecting everything was spot on too.
  18. People are once again making assumptions, and not focusing on what i've already posted. Super Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2 are good games. Galaxy 1 had zero challenge for me. Which is a pretty big flaw. I can appreciate how well made it is etc. But for me, the challenge a game provides is crucial. At times i may as well have been watching the game play itself, which really isn't much fun. Galaxy 2 for the vast majority of the game had no challenge. It wasn't until you got to the very end of the game, that anything even approaching difficult cropped up. This is one of the main points i've been making in my posts, but people keep ignoring. They scaled the difficulty down to appeal to a mainstream audience. It was hugely detrimental to the game in my opinion. I'm sure if you're just starting out gaming today, then Galaxy is miles better than Mario 64. I'm not though. You have to put things in context. For me playing Mario 64 back in the day, was a far, far better experience than playing Galaxy today. You had the jump to 3D, the analogue control, the design and use of 3D space etc. It felt revolutionary. It had a brilliant difficulty level and tons of well hidden secrets that rewarded you for exploring. The world felt more open and interesting. Obviously, this is all my opinion, but its just as valid as anybody elses.
  19. Amazing! You're on another thread saying i'm talking nonsense with regards to this kind of stuff, then on this thread agreeing with what i've been on about. Brilliant! Companies are constantly coming up with new ways to make money, and make it seem like a good thing for everybody. It rarely is. But they say "jump", we say "how high"? I'm guessing everything will be digital download eventually, and tied to a specific console. Which will be shit for countless reasons.
  20. This post pretty much sums up what i'm on about with regards to posting on forums. You've totally ignored what i was actually saying, made some assumptions, then replied with something that makes little to no sense in relation to what i posted. Yes, the original Tomb Raider is really ropey these days. Yes, it controls like a tank. But the gameplay has real depth compared to similar games these days. The levels are complex. You're left to figure out what to do next yourself. There are proper intelligent puzzles. Its challenging, is takes skill to play. If you make a mistake you're punished big time, which gives the game tension and excitement. Get stuck, lost, or struggle with a certain section, and you're forced to figure things out for yourself, hone your skills, and in doing so get better at gaming. There have been very few games since, with such a brilliant sense of isolation, atmosphere, and a genuine sense of exploring the unknown. The whole package felt new and fresh. We don't see many games like that these days. In order to sell a trillion copies, everything has been simplified, and made easier. You're told what to do, where to go, how to do it. You're constantly streamed in one direction along tunnels. Or worse still, plonked in a massive world, that's a technical achievement, but there's bod all to do in it. We get the same tired old switches, keys, and block puzzles, but they involve no thought at all to solve. Stories haven't moved on. They still appear to be written by primary school children, for primary school children. Maybe certain people don't notice this kind of stuff, all they really need are the latest shit hot graphics, or added wavy waggle and that's enough. The Anniversary remake was guilty of these kind of things. It felt wafer thin compared to the originals. What i'm saying, is not that i'd prefer to play on my PSone, far from it. I'd like to fire up my 360 and get stuck into a game with the depth, intelligence, challenge and freshness of something like the original Tomb Raider. That's not going to happen though, as those big meat and potatoes console games, are now tailored and targeted towards a more mainstream audience.
  21. Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata, Oblivion. Might be some i've forgotten. Quite enjoyed Blue Dragon. Thought Lost Odyssey was monumentally shit, only kept playing it because i love the guys music. Eternal Sonata i really enjoyed. Oblivion, not my kind of game. I prefer Japanese stuff. Grew up loving arcade games. I also love adventure games like Zelda, Tomb Raider etc. Favourite games this gen though probably Child of Eden, Assassin's Creed 2, Banjo Nuts and Bolts.
  22. You are now underestimating my knowledge of videogame history. We'll get there eventually!
  23. A touch screen is certainly great for some stuff. Korg DS-10 for example. For games though i just prefer a pad. I just like to have physical objects for my money, not something that exists in the ether.
  24. Jumping Flash or whatever it was called, first 3D platform game? New Genre?
  25. No, its only the best RPG for me, because its my favourite RPG. What's a troll?
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