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  1. You Suck at Parking is fucking amazing!!! It’s like some kind of long lost classic C-64 game. Sort of feels like something that might have come out on the Amiga too. Really cool and really clever idea. Proper pure, fun, skill based gameplay too. Gamepass is absolutely smashing it at the moment.
  2. @Alan Stock Already explained most of your questions in my previous posts. It’s Samael not Samuel. Lucifer was Satan’s angelic form in heaven. He wanted to be worshipped as God himself and refused to bow down to man, so he turned a 3rd of the angels in heaven against God.They warred in heaven and lost and where thrown out of heaven down to earth, which is why they are called Fallen Angels. They have fallen from God’s Grace and also literally fallen to this realm. Satan has many different names. He has many different roles. Plays many different characters. But behind them all it’s still Satan. Look into the origins of False Religion and Babylon if you want to know anymore. You will then see how this stuff is still being worshipped today. The Babylon and one eye stuff is everywhere. Which all ties in to what the Bible and the Quran actually say and their prophecies of where the world is heading. Answers to your questions are yes. Lilith could shape shift. Samael is Satan, and yes both physically and spiritually. Fire = being killed without spilling blood and evil being cast into the fire - this is why witches where burnt. Yes - Satan is known as the Great Deciever and the Father of Lies. He created false religion and thus many false stories to confuse mankind and turn them away from God.
  3. @Alan Stock Dude, Satan and Lilith are Fallen Angels. They’re the leaders of the Fallen Angels. There’s literally a scene where you see Lilith and Satan in the “film” footage. You rewind and the entities are shown as Lilith and Satan in the rewind footage. That literally tells you who they are! Their personalities match. Satan thinks humans are worthless. Lilith is fascinated with them and loves seducing men, but can’t stand being subservient to anyone etc. Their goals are exactly the same. The use of Lilith even ties into other themes in the game. As far as I’m aware, some religious teachings also portray Lilith as the first wife of Adam who left the Garden of Eden because she demanded equality. Pretty sure I’ve read or heard people refer to her as “the Other” too, Satan is known as “the Evil One”. The version of Lilith I know is that she devours people, especially children and can take on their form. Think it’s blatantly obvious who they’re supposed to be. Not sure how you can interpret them in any other way. Basically, it’s like me watching MOTD seeing Forest lose 3-0 to Liverpool, and then me going “I’m interpreting that as a win for Forest”!
  4. Because it’s how the human brain works. The human brain tries to create order out of chaos. That’s clearly the main hook of the game. At its core you are piecing together the narrative until it makes sense. So, for you, your brain is making sense of it all by finding the metaphors and symbolism. Other people may be making sense of it and satisfying their brains by creating a linear narrative. Then there are people who’s brains are trying to make the whole package work and make sense. As I’ve posted on the Immortality thread itself...... As a game.........there’s nothing to it. As a film..........its awful. The main pull is just making sense of it. You are rearranging the clips/pieces until they form into a bigger whole and create a completed picture and thus it satisfies your brain. At its core it’s basically just a Jigsaw puzzle.
  5. So I’m now fully finished with this. As a game........there’s basically nothing to it. As a film..........Worst film ever. So how does it work? Well the human brain needs to make order out of chaos. That primal urge will keep driving you on until you reach a satisfying conclusion. You are at its core, taking all these different clips/pieces and sorting them, until they start to form into something that makes sense. Until they start to create a bigger coherent picture. Does that describe anything? Yes it does. You’re playing a glorified Jigsaw puzzle. Having spent some more time with it though I’d say it’s a 5 or 6/10 for me, rather than a 3/10. There’s a crazy amount of detail that’s gone into it. I didn’t enjoy any of it though whilst playing it. Piecing the narrative together afterwards was where the main pull came from.
  6. Satan created False Religion to confuse the truth, in an attempt to stop Jesus from saving humanity. Satan is known as the Great Deciever. The Father of Lies. This is what I was talking about earlier in the thread, with regards to Babylon. Ninrod, Semiramis and Tammuz who are Gods associated with Babylon. Semiramis is Lilith, Nimrod is Satan etc. Then that story is retold through history with the same Gods, only with different names. If you want to look into it read up on Babylon and Nimrod and you will see who our governments in this world worship and why. As I mentioned the personalities and traits of the entities themselves are displaying the personalities and traits of Satan and Lilith not just in the “film” clips but in the hidden clips too. It’s consistent no matter who they are playing. They also have the same aims as Satan and Lilith. To deceive humans, to stop Jesus Christ from saving humans and to turn people away from God. So what you and Thor seem to be saying is that- The two entities in this game are demons (how if demons don’t exist) that came from nowhere. Humans came from nowhere too. The entities created the whole story of Adam and Eve and Jesus, which would make absolutely no sense, as the story of Adam and Eve is about the origins of man and about how Satan promised them enlightenment but deceived them and so Jesus comes to save them.They then made loads of blasphemous stuff for no real reason. Enjoyed specifically denying Christ and killing Christians for no real reason. And they did all this to help humans, whilst of course possessing and killing humans. So at the end of the game, after possessing the film that uses Satanic practices of reversing stuff that don’t exist because Satanism doesn’t exist............the friendly entities that just want to help humans have improved everything and everyone’s finally enlightened and it’s all great! Seems a bit of a stretch! As for my feelings on the game.......I thought it was complete bobbins. I’d say it’s now more like a 5 or 6/10 based on all the detail that’s clearly gone into it. And no I don’t find it distasteful at all. Why would I? Just find it weird how it’s getting away with the anti-Christian stuff when everyone these days is talking about equality and fairness no matter what you believe in etc. Think about it - would this game get released if it used Islam? Would it get released if it showed trans/gay/black people being beaten to death etc? Of course it wouldn’t! But the Bible mentions all this stuff anyway, so it’s to be expected.
  7. @Thor 100% serious. 100% truth.
  8. I used to be interested in lots of Occult stuff. I’m now a Christian and believe in the truth - Jesus Christ my saviour. My Uncle was a Paratrooper in WW2, dropped behind enemy lines on D-Day. He saw horrific stuff, Nazi’s captured and killed most of his friends. He wasn’t religious because of the stuff he’d seen. He passed away numerous times in his life. Each time he ended up in Paradise. The first time, Jesus showed him how his actions had impacted other people. He didn’t want to leave because he was in pure love, peace and joy but was told he had to go back, as his time on earth wasn’t over. He then dived back into his body as though he was diving back into freezing cold water. He then became a believer. Once you’ve seen a 6ft 7 man mountain, that had the courage to do what he did, crying and in awe at what he’d experienced on the other side then, there’s no going back. He was also the most straight up, honest, kind, caring man you could ever meet. You’re entitled to believe in whatever you want to believe in. You never answered me though. Have you actually looked at the teachings of Jesus? You seem to saying you don’t agree with being anti-government, anti-money, an individual, not worrying and not living in fear, and loving everyone else as you love yourself? Why would you want to shit on that? Makes no sense to me. But each to their own.
  9. @Thor If they’re not Satan and Lilith.......why is the game full of Blasphemy? Why are they denying Jesus Christ? Why is the game, as you put it “taking a big shit on the Bible”? Why are you constantly reversing stuff to get the Entities to appear, which is a part of Satanic ceremonies and Witchcraft? Have you ever read the Bible to make such a decision, or any other Holy book for that matter? Seems odd why you would decide that Jesus who was anti-government, anti-money, taught us to love and care for one another, not to worry about anything, to be an individual, to be treated fairly, would always forgive, provide and comfort and was sent to lift the weakest people in society up, would deserve your toilet based shenanigans. If they are not Lilith and Satan then you would have to ignore their entire depiction in the game, including their personalities. They would then just be two entities trying to enlighten humans. But of course that describes exactly what Satan did in the first place. Promised humans enlightenment but deceived them to turn them away from God. If you want to see things in a different way though, then that’s cool!
  10. This still has one of the best stories in gaming, especially using the “In Water” ending to interpret it. Insane that they didn’t just use it for the original film. Would prefer they make a totally new game though. It’s not going to top playing through the original for the first time as the story is what made it so great.
  11. Some of it is Biblical, some is from other Holy books, some of it is from the Occult. Unless you know a fair bit about this stuff then it’s easy to miss the symbology etc. One is in the Ambrosio film footage. It has Marissa as Lilith talking with Satan. They are talking in reverse. Not sure how many people will notice what they are saying as it just seems like gibberish. I only checked it because of things being recited backwards in Satanic/Witchcraft rituals. Read the subtitles backwards in the right way or reverse the audio at the correct speed and you get the stuff about Satan and the player being his and the player being weak whilst the characters look at the player. This has a rewind nearby and we see the real Lilith and Satan talking to each other. The other scene where they talk about the player is in the Minsky footage. Think it’s Carl and Marissa in bed which switches to Satan and Lilith with a reverse. I’ve played for about 15-20hrs now and there’s still a huge amount of footage left. It feels like the footage is now getting darker and darker and the Satanic influence is being revealed more and more. Could just be coincidence I suppose. It feels like the game has taken on a whole other life though, and the more footage you see the more fucked up it gets!
  12. Loads of that is wrong, even if you piece it together like that. Imo after seeing more footage, this is the only way the story fully works....... MOST IMPORTANT SCENE....... The 2 characters of Lilith and Satan, both film version and real version turn to the camera and say in reverse......”Satan is Lord. He is mine (the player). He is weak (the player). Whilst looking directly at the player. There is another scene where they look at the player and say similar stuff and talk about influencing millions of people. Marissa does not exist. Nor do any of the other characters. Nor do the films. You are just playing a video game that contains the spirit of Satan and Lilith. That’s it! The Entitites are definitely Lilith and Satan. The symbology clearly shows that. Twins, brother and sister, lovers, and also as one. Satan thinks humans are worthless. Lilith is fascinated by them but also believes she is above them, so they always end up disappointing her. They are trying to turn people away from God. They do this by influencing and “enlightening” humans through books, art, music film.........and now games. They have succeeded in influencing humans through this game. See how we’re discussing it? See how its influenced us? And thus Satan and Lilith’s power and influence becomes so much more. That’s the clever “hook” of this game and what’s at the core of it imo. The game itself is basically like the video in the Ring. Taken like this the idea is definitely up there with loads of classic Horror films and works really well.
  13. Watched some more clips and from the symbology used the entities are Semiramis/Lilith and Satan. There is footage designed so that when you interact with it and play it backwards it states "Satan is Lord" along with some other stuff. So it's pronounced as it would be in ritual. What the actual fuck!?!?! The company that make it are literally named after Semiramis. Their logo is an inverted Crucifixion. The game denies Jesus Christ and puts Satan on the cross in his place. Mother Mary is called a prostitute and repeatedly stabbed. Christian Saints are beaten to death. One priest, who seems to be used as a representaiotn of Jesus, is seduced, tortured for 6 days by Semiramis and then sent to hell on the 7th. It inverts bible teaching and promotes False Religion/Occult teachings. And now the game is pronouncing the above. Fucking nuts that this has even been released! Imagine if they'd used Islam, the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed. Or if they'd shown Black/Gay/Trans people being beaten to death etc. But in 2022 it's ok to make a gane with this kind of content? Absolutely fucking nuts!
  14. Has anyone figured out how the female entity possessed Marissa, killed Carl, then killed and possessed John, then morphed back into Marissa, then 20 years later is still Marrisa but John is still alive and sat reading lines with her as if nothing’s ever happened? Surely there’s no way they could have fucked up that badly?
  15. So there’s a scene with the FE graphically beating a Christian Saint to death, who’s implied to be a sex offender and then the FE says “no matter how many I kill, there are always more”.. This dude really doesn’t like Christians much does he!
  16. Is Sam Barlowe a Satanist? No idea. Does he know a lot about the Occult and its something he’s heavily into? It certainly appears so. Dunno really. What I do know, is that I wouldn’t call my company Half Mermaid (Semiramis), have a logo that looks anything like an inverted cross/crucifixion and then make a game hugely and accurately modelled around the Occult that denies Jesus Christ ever existed, shows his mother being called a prostitute and then stabbed repeatedly in graphic detail, completely inverts the teachings of the Bible and is rammed with blasphemous content. People might start to get the wrong idea from somewhere!
  17. No worries mate, appreciate you taking the time to post that! Yeah, a lot of the rewind scenes have multiple rewinds in them. Some of them go into depth explaining things such as how they are Fallen Angels/Immortal beings. I agree with you, that there is a fair bit of stuff that just doesn’t make sense. Not because there’s more to it but because it appears there are plot holes. I mean, like you say, why did no one question that she didn’t age and apparently neither did John? Why were none of the deaths investigated properly? How would people have just accepted that Marissa had retired from acting and not questioned her disappearance? Why would Fallen Angels insert all this bullshit into film footage in the first place? Better way of looking at this game. It’s pushing an Occult agenda that’s very much real. Government’s turn people away from the truth and God by distracting, controlling and influencing them through music, art, film, games, social media, fear etc. Look around you! It’s everywhere! This has been going on since Nimrod the One Eyed King of Babylon (the rebellious one), who created the original Tyrannical Government and defied God. This game itself is inverting the truth, promoting the occult through its story, planting this stuff in people’s heads and ultimately influencing people........and it’s all wrapped up in a shallow distraction. The game is even telling you that’s exactly what they do, whilst doing it!
  18. This may just be a joke (and a funny one at that) but it’s also just about the most accurate review/description of the game I’ve read. I’ve spent waaaaaaaaaay too long fannying about with it now and....... Basically it’s not just like playing the Die Hard 2 DVD...........it’s like taking the Die Hard Trilogy Boxset and chopping the 3 films up into an insane amount of clips. Said clips then link to faces/items/explosions in other clips seemingly at random, just by clicking on stuff willy-nilly. After waaaaaaaay too many hrs that you’ll never ever get back again, you’ll eventually see the end credits roll. “What the fuck was that shit? Must be well arty. Only proper brain bins can understand it. Oh yeah, I get it now. I must be a fucking genius” you’ll say to yourself, whilst noticing that you’ve only actually watched 25% of the footage. Yippee Ki-Yay motherfucker! Then somewhere in the back of your mind you have a brilliant (not brilliant) idea. “What if I watch more clips from the Die Hard Trilogy Boxset and piece all this shit together and discover what’s 100% behind it all...........for absolutely no reason whatsoever. That sounds fun right”? RIGHT!!! Off you go spending hrs and hrs looking at Bruce Willis’ balding head, trying to put clips into chronological order based on his disappearing hairline. Time becomes a meaningless blur. You spend hrs of your day at work in a Die Hard Trilogy Boxset dreamworld, wondering what if Willis had been wearing a hair piece in the later films, thus messing up your chronological flow? But then, on returning home........FINALLY! You’ve rearranged the clips and can now watch the Die Hard Trilogy Boxset in order and prove to yourself you’re a fucking absolute beast of a genius. “Oh, turns out it’s just 3 action films with lots of explosions and shit back to back”. Here’s my point.........why not just watch the Die Hard Trilogy Boxset as a film and thus skip all the pointless bullshit? Here’s another point.......interactive films are too restricted so nowhere near as good as straight up films. Interactive films are too restricted so nowhere near as good as games. So what’s the point of making an interactive film in the first place? I’ll take Returnal and OOT, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and National Lampoon’s Vacation over anymore interactive films thanks! P.S my new album is out October 10th. It contains 20 songs that have all the notes and chords mixed up to all fuck. And for just the low, low, looooooow price of £199,99,99 you can fast forward and rewind through them until they start to sound good.
  19. @George Clooney The male and female entities are Fallen Angels or could possibly be based around Baal/Marduk/Nimrod and Semiramis, seeing as that’s who all our governments, celebrities and shit are totally fucking obsessed with. Oh, what a surprise the games made by Half Mermaid (Semiramis) and their logo looks a lot like an inverted cross/crucifixion. And they just happen to be making a game with these themes. The entities claim Jesus never existed. They were the ones that invented “the Greatest Story Ever Told” - the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in order to elevate humanity to their level. They claim to have played out the roles of Adam and Eve and Jesus etc themselves. The male entity hates humans, the female entity is fascinated by them. Their aim is to enlighten humans and thus turn them away from God. They try to do this by influencing humans and corrupting them through stories. The female entity and the male entity keep killing one another through time and returning back to life and seeking one another out as they are the last of their kind. The female entity burned the male entity at the stake sometime in the past causing him to have a “heavy death” and be on the other side for longer. What happened to Marissa? The female entity possesses Marissa. The male entity returns in Carl in New York. Marissa/FE is fascinated with John. She plots to kill the ME with him as he tells her John and humans will only disappoint her. They shoot Carl/ME on set whilst filming. John is scared of her after she killed Carl/ME. They discuss this and whether the ME is actually dead. By doing this John disappoints her just like the ME said he would do. Marissa/FE then kills John and possesses him. This is where I need some help. The FE appears as John in public 2 years later, saying that Marissa has exited from the limelight and doesn’t want to be a celebrity, after the “on set accident” in which Carl was killed. However, in 1999 John is alive and well again and the FE is now back in Marissa. The ME has now returned and possessed Amy. Any/ME is poisoning Marissa with poison laced fruit (Adam and Eve/forbidden fruit/tree of knowledge/enlightenment - the original story told). We see Marissa/FE collapse after using the olive from her drink. The FE asks the ME to burn her as she burned him as it means she will have a “heavy death” and be on the other side for a long time. We see Amy/ME set Marissa/FE on fire. The FE then makes it clear she’s going to possess the player, which was discussed by the ME and FE in an earlier scene. It also implies that millions of players will learn the story and be influenced and “possessed” by her. She is a part of you now. Think that’s pretty much it, at least going on what I’ve seen, still loads of footage I haven’t watched. Oh and the backwards talking, and things being reversed is a part of Satanic ceremonies and Witchcraft, so that all ties in.
  20. That’s interesting! They’re great films and I love them too but, I definitely lean more towards his style in the films I mentioned. They’re what I associate him with the most. Maybe that could be something to do with how we see things differently with the originality of Immortality? Maybe! Wild at Heart was when I first noticed his obsession with the Wizard of Oz! Then years later I remember watching Mulholland Drive and later still Inland Empire and realising they were hugely influenced by the Wizard of Oz too. That sort of points more towards what I was getting at. With those influences it’s not at all obvious to spot. You 100% watching something original and it screams David Lynch but then behind it there’s the Wizard of Oz!!! Then went back to Twin Peaks and sure enough.......little influences from the Wizard of Oz. Loved that film as a kid so it sort of makes sense why I like Lynch’s stuff so much. Think that’s one we’re just going to have to disagree on! I think it could work but not really done in this way. I think they should have either focused on an amazing straight story or gone down the batshit, arty, full of metaphors route. Once you hit the straight story there’s no real going back, it destroys the mystery and interpreting stuff. Yeah, I really like that whole mechanic. It seems like it’s linked to speed as well which made things more interesting in places. Think that ties into the heavy death thing. She wanted to be gone for a long time, so he had to burn her. There are still quite a few things that don’t make sense but the problem is, I feel the basic plot/premise doesn’t make sense, so there’s not much point in trying to make sense, of something that might not make sense. If that makes sense?
  21. Yep, 100%. I mentioned it earlier in the thread, as did a couple of other people. Literally cleared the game just clicking on anything at the end of each clip. It basically plays itself out. I didn’t even need to use the sort features. Finished the game without knowing who anyone was or caring! You couldn’t do that with Telling Lies. Also, because you were in control of your own searches playing that game it felt more interactive, more like a game, more like a real mystery too. Plus it meant the story branched in different ways, making it significantly different in the way it was told for each player. Really cool! That game didn’t have the greatest plot but it made sense. From the fact that you were role playing a character, in a room, browsing footage on a cpu, on a deadline working through the night, the room changing as the sun came up.......to having to figure out the characters motives, who was lying, who was crossing who and all the twists and turns in between. Sure it was trashy, but it was entertaining, had good character development and it all held together well.
  22. Cool! What’s your favourite of his? For me it’s more a case of the David Lynch influence is way too overt and direct and outweighs any originality. The reverse stuff (Twin Peaks/Fire Walk With Me), the film within a film stuff (Inland Empire). The entities that possess people (Twin Peaks/Fire Walk With Me). What happened to Maria Marcel (Laura Palmer - (Twin Peaks/Fire Walk With Me). Alter ego/acting stuff (Mulholland Drive). The rumbling sound to signify unease. (Lynch trademark). The stuff you’re describing above. It’s all Lynch. The list goes on and on. There’s barely anything in it that’s original outside of the clip mechanic and that’s just from Telling Lies and Her Story. Don’t think them supernaturally inhabiting scenes makes any sense either. The superimposed stuff works like that, but the rest doesn’t. Soul devouring Fallen Angels that are reciting long monologues explaining the story in detail, doing dance routines, getting dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, appearing on chat shows etc! It just doesn’t make any sense or work at all! Yeah there are some cool bits! I liked the end credits where you slowly reveal her face. And the first time you hit a rewind bit is really creepy.
  23. If this is a 10, I could still work at my job and knock something up that’s equally revolutionary whilst taking a toilet break.
  24. Have you watched any David Lynch films? They’re an acquired taste and all of them are great but, if you haven’t seen them I’d recommend Fire Walk With Me, Mulholland Drive, and Inland Empire (probably his least accessible film and not one to jump straight into). They’re like lucid nightmares and capture perfectly what you’re describing there! If they click with you then they really click. There are bits of all 3 of those films that have stuck with me for years, and just thinking about them can give me chills! Anyway, back to Immortality! Can anyone explain why 2 Fallen Angels would use a camcorder to film themselves doing Chartpop dance routines, reciting pretentious monologues or appearing on jaunty chat shows to discuss their lives..........and then insert the footage into reels of film, conveniently signposting it with rumbles so that you know exactly when to rewind to view it, so that 10hrs later after viewing a specific vlog of theirs, they can possess you? Makes sense!
  25. I’d say it’s well worth giving it a go if you can play it for free on Gamepass or whatever. No way could I recommend this if you have to pay for it though. The reason I was delving deeper into it and analysing it, was because I was convincing myself there had to be more to it. There isn’t, it has a very straightforward linear story, which destroys any lingering mystery and interpretation. The premise might be enough to fill a 30min TV Show. At most a 1hr 30 film, if it was padded out to all fuck. 10-20hrs of footage though? Heeeeeeeell noooooooooo!!! It left me feeling completely cheated. And the reason this bugs me is..........it could potentially, possibly, maybe, have been so much more than it actually is. So much is already in place but, you then realise..........it has to work within the context of a found footage story. That’s massively limiting. Telling Lies pretty much perfected that setup too. Thing is, this doesn’t even work as a found footage story imo. When you step back and actually think about what you’ve played/watched for about 3secs or so, it all collapses in on itself and doesn’t make any sense. And if it makes no logical sense and has plot holes galore, then how the fuck can it be a revolution in video game story telling? I really don’t think the crazy reviews have done it any favours. Basically, I enjoyed that Untold Stories game more. This would have made a decent episode in that.
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