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  1. The Deluxe Edition of WRC10 is £8 on Xbox atm. I’ve only ever used the Hyundai on stuff, with the various WRC games. Not sure why?!?!? Always just stick with the default tyres too. Never thought to switch them out. Will have to see how much difference it makes.
  2. Nah, it’s precisely because they all want to just make as much money as possible. Microsoft’s prices have been lower because they’ve tried everything they can to gain more of the market. Cheaper games, cheap Gamepass, Microsoft Rewards, selling their hardware at a massive loss. None of its worked, so instead of pissing more money up the wall they’ve been forced to put their prices up by their shareholders. Personally, I think Sony’s big AAA games seem about right, priced at £70. I’ve paid around £50-£60 and they all have huge amounts of content with incredible production values, plus you get the 3D Audio and DualSense Haptics etc. Microsoft selling stuff like Halo 3, Forza 5 etc at the same price? Er......no. They’re now going to have to up the quality and content of their first party games considerably. Anyway, popped into Tesco for a Pizza the other day. £6 for a shitty little frozen pizza! Took 5mins to eat. 10 of those provide 50mins of entertainment at a value of £60. Returnal cost that and I’ve played it for 200hrs so far. Think on.
  3. Eaxctly, just like Tomb Raider, which also used the “cinematic” camera angles, that GOW took on.
  4. The original God of War games weren’t side scrolling?!?!? I remember them as being 3D and heavily influenced by Tomb Raider, just as much as other hack and slash games. But then TR influenced pretty much everything in the same way that the Souls games went on to do. And the Souls games were clearly massively influenced by TR themselves. And of course look how GOW is now compared to what it used to be. Another clear indication of how things have changed over the years, not necessarily for the better. Anyway, this is getting away from the clear point I was making...... Tomb Raider a 90’s Blockbuster 3rd Person Adventure game - 99% gameplay, story was largely irrelevant. Incredibly compact intricately designed levels that seemed vast, but really were just designed phenomenally well. Proper skill based platforming. Proper puzzles that require thought. Very few items to collect, which made them interesting to find. You figure things out for yourself using your own intelligence. Gives you the freedom to do so. God of War a 2022 Blockbuster 3rd person adventure game. A massive focus on story, which is probably 50% if not more of the “game”. Massive, humongous world that looks good but feels repetitive and in places copy/paste. Copy/paste tasks and absolutely insane amounts of stuff to collect, that’s plonked everywhere, and so quickly becomes a mindless chore. Fake platforming that requires absolutely no skill. Mindless “puzzles”, that the game essentially solves for you. You’re constantly told where to go and what to do as if you’re two sheets to the wind. Feels largely on rails. These are the kind of things I’m talking about, which I think is pretty obvious. Original TR to modern TR. Original GOW to modern GOW. There’s a very clear progression and a big change in the focus of the games. Away from pure skill based gameplay and towards what is essentially an interactive movie.
  5. I’d say they’re pretty comparable. Tomb Raider was basically the big mainstream blockbuster game back in the 90’s, just as this is the big mainstream blockbuster game of its era. They’re both adventure games that have exploration, platforming, puzzles, combat etc. Playing them back to back you can really see how times have changed.......and imo not for the better. In fact playing TR Anniversary puts in a mid point that shows you the whole progression many games have had over the last 20+ years.
  6. Pretty sure I can remember the original God of War games being heavily influenced by Tomb Raider. Lots of platforming, environmental puzzles, mythology etc along with the hack-em-up style play. The games were 99% gameplay back in those days. I felt the exploration in GOW 2018 was pretty crap too. It’s strength was it’s combat and action, sort of like a “my first Ninja Gaiden” style game. It had snap and pace to it pushing you on. You can go for ages on this without hitting any combat or it just throws the odd easy enemy at you now and again. What I feel this does best is almost sort of like role playing?!?!? It feels like the game progresses in real time when you’re playing, so it gives it a sort of sense of place and scale that ties in with the story. Problem is, it’s like when you think “oh it’d be amazing to be a rock star/footballer/astronaut” but the reality of their life is tedious everyday bullshit, that most people have to deal with anyway. That’s sort of what they’ve created with this game. Instead of just having all the cool exciting bits like headlining Glastonbury, playing in the World Cup, blasting into space......you play as Kratos paying his gas bill , having a shit, doing his weekly shop etc.
  7. Yep, it’s been obvious they would do this since the start of the generation. Which is why I found all the “Sony’s first party game prices lol” stuff pretty weird. Gamepass will go up significantly next year too, as will the S/X themselves.
  8. Hate to say I told you so but.......I told you so! And I bought Tomb Raider 2 for a grand total of 2p yesterday and it’s about a million times better than most modern games. Next game being bought - Broken Sword 2 for a couple of quid.
  9. Cheers for that mate! Really good read and I agree with pretty much everything he says. Been a real eye opener to go back to the original TR games all this time on and experience them almost as if they’re new. They’ve always been some of my all time fav games but I assumed going back to them would reveal they’re ropey as anything. Couldn’t be further from the truth! Right across the board they’re still just as good now as they’ve always been. They also show that whilst graphics and audio and production values have increased massively over the years, a lot of magic has been lost. Crazy that games from the 90s totally show up most new releases. @Stanley You’ve mentioned something there that I’ve noticed whilst playing these old games......... In say Uncharted or God of War or take ya pick from any modern title, the game often portrays you as being in danger or in a precarious situation but, you very rarely actually are. For example, when you climb the wall in God of War.......it’s nothing but empty spectacle. You know you can’t fall, you can’t even really make a mistake and it all feels totally flat and lifeless. Whilst the game is trying to portray this epic sense of danger and adventure, you just feel bored and know it’s all on rails. On the other hand I got to the bit with the Chandeliers on TR2 last night and whilst just making my way across the rafters of a room (which I had to actually figure out how to do), I was getting vertigo in real life. Literally, leaning and flinching away from the edge of platforms or leaning towards them when making jumps. There were moments of genuine anxiety I could feel in my stomach. There was a huge sense of danger and threat, because there was an actual danger of fucking up. That’s been lost in so many games now, where they just put you on a theme park ride instead. The bit I got to on God of War was just bollocks. I “explored” an area but it didn’t feel like I was actually discovering anything at all. Another 3 urn things to light or hit, just like all the others. Another predictable fight with the same 3-4 enemies in a similar looking area. Another collectible hunt to go on, along with all the other 100s of collectible hunts I’ve already unlocked. Another “thing” plonked into the world to increase percentage completion. Then after clearing out the whole area the game took me back to all the same areas I’d just been to for the next story part, yet the NPCs are suddenly discovering shit they walked past 5mins ago and never said anything about. Really shoddy design.
  10. The best example of that and also the game that does it best is Tomb Raider. The originals not the reboot shite. I’ve recently played through the first game again and it’s use of audio is incredible and the polar opposite of modern games. It’s mainly just ambient sound effects, or at times total silence as you traverse the levels. It’s incredibly atmospheric because of this. Then every now and again, when triggering something important, the score kicks in and it sounds fucking unreal and has a massive impact because it’s used sparingly. Game is still incredible.......so I’ve now bought TR2 and Last Revelation for 80p and I’m playing them over this. They wipe the floor with it in terms of gameplay and quality design.
  11. Game clock is now saying 37hrs and am just wandering the Lake of the Nines, before heading to the next story part. It looks amazing, it sounds amazing but the area just hasn’t progressed anything on at all. It’s all incredibly simple and I mean INCREDIBLY simple and feels by the numbers, more so than earlier parts of the game. It’s almost like I’m on auto pilot whilst playing. Yet the game is now telling me what to do and prompting me with stuff, way more than it was at the start. The whole area is pretty big, yet feels like it has about 5mins of wafer thin gameplay in it. Bizarrely, the combat encounters have just got easier and easier too. I’m not even having to mix stuff up like earlier in the game, hammering buttons now feels like auto-win. Just done another Hateful encounter against a single Hateful enemy, and it was a piece of piss, whilst the very first one I encountered , near the start of the game, was rock hard and involved multiple enemies. Also did a nearby mini-boss that looked like it was going to slap my arse all over the shop. I just stood still and spammed throwing the axe at his head for 5mins and it didn’t bother to attack me up close. Job done.
  12. Edge don’t have names attached to their reviews do they? On here, say you praised 10 games, I tried them, liked them all, then I would have built up trust that you have similar tastes to myself and so would be more likely to enjoy the games that you recommend in future. Plus, on here you’re getting multiple opinions, both good and bad on a game, instead of just one persons opinion. At the end of the day, that’s all a review is, someone’s opinion on something. I’m not bemoaning anything, just stating why Edge reviews or other reviews, don’t have any real relevance for me anymore and haven’t done for years. Buy, hey, that’s just my opinion.
  13. So, for example.......if I score a game I use my own system. That system provides a consistent outcome, because there’s only me coming to that outcome. If you have say 10 different people all scoring stuff, how do you keep the scores in line? One person may give away 10s like candy, another may be really stingy. They might favour certain genres. They might despise others. Take Somerville - it’s glitchy as all fuck. Worst screen tearing I’ve ever seen in a game. Framerate is terrible. Characters drop through the floor and get stuck in scenery. At one point I had the character get stuck in an object then vibrate at light speed like one of those characters on Jacob”s Ladder before firing across the screen like a missile. Some puzzles don’t trigger properly and you have no idea if the game has broken and requires a reset or not. There are mechanics that seem unfinished, lazily implemented or just don’t work. Some sections totally break and require a reset, like when the characters that are accompanying you decide to stop working or drop through the floor again. The animation is awful and it literally has missing frames on big important cutscenes, to the point characters disappear then reappear. You are constantly bumping into invisible walls and the controls are horribly fuzzy. The story is a total non event and halfway through, the story and game just collapses in on itself. Plus, most of the game feels really derivative and a poor version of other games that it is essentially just copying. 7/10. Fair enough. But then giving a huge, polished, sprawling, complex, genre defying, best in class, blockbuster game like GOW the same score, in the same issue? Nah mate! There’s no consistency at all, which is why I stopped bothering with Edge many years ago. I simply cannot trust their opinion as a whole. I prefer peoples opinions on here (if they think Somerville is on a par with GOW I’d know not to listen to them ). Vampire Survivors, the Forgotten City, Unpacking, Tunic all great games I discovered on here, along with loads of others. Plus word of mouth, or thanks to Gamepass and PSPlus, I now just jump straight into giving stuff a go myself.
  14. The point I was getting at is that one is easy to review, whilst the other is way more difficult. Somerville I finished in one sitting and thought was a 6/10 game.I mostly enjoyed it, until it dropped off a cliff 2/3rds in, even with the awful glitches and horrible technical problems which were some of the worst I’ve ever experienced on a console game. After over 40hrs of God of War I’m not sure I’d be able to give it a score. It’s up and down. At times it’s felt like a straight 10, at others more a 7. The pace is all over the shop, it’s sprawling, there’s loads of substantial optional content. One early optional mission that I really enjoyed was longer and far better than the entirety of Somerville! One minute it’s an action game, next it’s an interactive movie. One minute totally linear, next it has some freedom. The freedom is mainly optional. It’s a game that I feel could potentially score very differently depending on how you choose to play it. I feel that if I’d mainlined the story it wouldn’t be as good or as enjoyable, as how I’ve actually played it, which has been wandering along at a glacial pace, taking it all in. Never really done that with a game before. It genuinely feels like playing and being part of a Hollywood Blockbuster. I’ve also spent ages marvelling at the sound design, the 3D audio and the graphics, which in many places are astonishing, something else I rarely do. Add to that - when numerous people are providing reviews, how do they even keep the scores consistent?
  15. Here’s hoping! I also can’t understand why there hasn’t been a compilation of the older games released on consoles? Not sure how much work it would be or if there’d be problems with who owns what rights or whatever but, I’d happily pay for them as a bundle on PS5 or Xbox with 4K, decent controls etc so I’m sure many others would too. Just been looking at some footage of that Indy game and noticed it was also released for N64. Definitely would love to give it a go. The story sounds pretty cool with the Babylon and Tower of Babel stuff. Anyway, now bought TR Underworld off the Xbox store to get my next fix. I think I can remember that one being pretty decent.
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