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  1. Or maybe it’s just my genuine opinion, based on the fact that I own, have played and have finished Demon’s and Dark and find the combat in them to be simplistic and clunky? I have no idea how you think the action packed, fast, fluid, combat in this, that is totally reliant on skill and reflexes, is closer to Soulsborne than something like GOW, Ninja Gaiden or DMC. There’s literally a boss that’s Ninja Gaiden as all fuck! I mean I’m dashing, double jumping, sprinting, comboing, throwing bombs off, shooting them with arrows, charging arrows up, dodging, parrying, slowing time, hook-shooting around, using a range of special moves and powers etc all in the blink of an eye against a variety of pretty fast moving enemies and bosses, that have Zelda style vulnerabilities. This is classic action game stuff that I’ve been playing since I was yay big. Dark Souls is more of an RPG with basic, slow paced, methodical combat, that relies on stats just as much as skill. Each to their own though!
  2. I’ve not found that to be the case at all. Found the visual and audio cues to be great. Been dodging everything with no problems, using parry a lot and making the most of each item/ability. You pretty much have to towards the end of the game. Certainly don’t agree about the combat in From games. Not played Sekiro yet but have played and finished Demon’s and Dark Souls, plus put a fair bit of time into the others. The combat in them is pretty simplistic and clunky and is reliant on upgrading stats and items just as much as any real skill. I prefer stuff like Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden, Bayo, DMC etc, which this feels like it has more in common with. It’s more out and out action and dependent on reflexes. Classic video game stuff. If people don’t want a challenge then that’s fine, however games need to be designed for the people that do want to be challenged then adjusted accordingly with lower difficulties or hand holding etc. I’ve played Kena on hard and think the combat is excellent, as are the boss battles. The way you have to balance the Rot abilities. The use of different items etc. I haven’t encountered any difficulty spikes bar the end couple of bosses. It sounds to me like the balance may possibly be off in places on the lower difficulties though. Thing is, if you’re not looking for a challenge and are happy to notch the difficulty down, it’s not really a problem anyway.
  3. Ah right! What difficulty are you playing on? I wonder if the difficulty spikes are more apparent on normal and lower settings. Not really come across any on Hard other than the end game stuff, and have felt the standard battles are a decent challenge too. Maybe the balance is all off on the lower difficulties!
  4. For me, I love that - hitting a difficult bit and overcoming it or being stumped by a puzzle and having to spend ages figuring it out. It’s a large part of what I love about games, what hooks me in with them, and what sets them apart from other media. It’s also why I’ve enjoyed Kena so much. It’s not the most hardcore game ever, far from it, but it’s pretty old school in how it goes about a lot of stuff, yet still caters for a wide audience. Sounds like you made the right choice, as the end of the game is pretty brutal with some lengthy back to back challenges that have to be completely retried if you die.
  5. Nothing to take the wrong way there at all. You’re entitled to voice your opinion just as much as I’m entitled to voice mine.
  6. If I say I’m not having a go, then I’m not having a go. If you grew up in the 80s gaming, there was no option to just “drop the difficulty down”. You had to improve and get better at stuff, and work things out for yourself. You then improved, gained skills and could then go on and beat harder and harder games. That was a major part of gaming! Nowadays you can just drop the difficulty down, but by doing so you’re never going to improve and are just going to have to keep dropping the difficulty down on stuff going forwards and thus keep hitting the same brick wall over and over. And of course there will be games that don’t have a difficulty setting, so if you rely on it, you’ll be screwed and miss out on enjoying those games completely.
  7. I’m on hard and it’s a challenging game. It’s supposed to be a challenging game. Games are supposed to be challenging! Bosses are supposed to be difficult. That’s how video games have always been! You’re supposed to overcome that challenge. How about you stick with it? Try different tactics? Utilise all your skills that you have at your disposal? Practice and get better! When you finally beat the boss you’ll have developed skills that will then transfer to other games. You’ll get better and better at them. You’ll get a sense of satisfaction and reward from improving and honing your skills. Just like anything else in life, the more you challenge yourself and push yourself the better you will get and the more reward you’ll feel. Or you can just drop the difficulty down and do the same on every other game you play whenever you hit a challenge and never improve at anything. Not having a go at you. Some of the bosses and encounters on Kena have taken me over an hr of retrying to get past. Its just if I’d have said Outrun is too hard or Space Harrier is too hard back in the 80s and had the option to drop the difficulty right down I’d have missed out on so many great games and great experiences in the process.
  8. Not sure what the big fuss is all about! I personally don’t think £50 for a game that uses dated tech and only lasts for 10hrs is particularly great value for money, no matter how good it is. I’ve paid £37 for Metroid, as that’s closer to my own perceived value of what it’s worth, especially after recently paying £30 for a AAA next gen game with stunning graphics and audio that lasts for 30-40hrs.......or when I can pick up games the quality of Nex Machina for £3 that will look, run and play better than they ever have done before. Or when I get free upgrades to my old games etc. My PERSONAL OPINION is that I think the Switch seems archaic when compared to the PS5 and Series X/S. I think Nintendo’s Online offering feels archaic when compared to what’s on PS5 and Series X. I feel that Nintendo’s pricing, especially stuff on the eShop, offers poor value compared to the competition. I think Nintendo’s reliance on its traditional games, when Sony and Microsoft are acquiring new talent, new studios and creating new IP, is slightly blinkered. If you or anyone else doesn’t agree, then that’s fair enough, I’m just having my say and other people are free to have theirs. That’s a good thing! I say all the above as a big fan of Nintendo and their games, having bought most of their consoles and first party stuff on launch going back to the 90s. They used to be all about exciting cutting edge tech and amazing innovation. Nowadays they feel very conservative and safe. Would love them to shake things up a bit. Anyway, I can’t wait to get my hands on Metroid Dread and rinse it!
  9. I get what you’re saying but, you can play any game through multiple times, so it really comes down to how much value each specific game has, for each specific person. For me,. I think Kena has shown you can have next gen AAA values without the massive price tag. After playing that it does make Metroid Dread’s price seem steep as all fuck! It also makes £70 PS5 games seem steep as all fuck too, unless they offer a considerable amount of gameplay hrs in relation to the outlay. No way would I drop £70 or even £50 on a game that only lasts for 10hrs, whether I can replay it again or not. £37 off eBay still seems steep but it’s new Metroid man, so I’ve crumbled! Again, for me personally, I think Nintendo’s stuff is ludicrously overpriced. Multi-platform stuff on Switch usually costs considerably more than the same game on PS5. You’re buying an inferior version yet paying more money.......which is mental! It’s led to me not buying anything on Switch and just picking everything up on PS5 instead. Outside of their occasional big game it feels like Nintendo are becoming increasingly irrelevant.
  10. I think Kena Bridge of Spirits on PS5 has just set a new precedent. £30 digital and it has AAA production values across the board. Stunning next gen graphics and audio and around 30-40hrs of gameplay if you’re going for 100% completion. I also think it’s dependent on how much you get out of the game too. Returnal - £70. But I’ve played it for something like 130hrs and still need to get the full ending and Platinum. Makes £50 for Metroid Dread, technically a “last gen” game with only 10hrs of gameplay, seem a bit steep. Hasn’t stopped me from picking it up though, as I love Metroid and Nintendo. Looking forward to getting stuck into it!
  11. Aaaaaand down he goes!!! Quality boss fight that. Love how you have to balance the Rot abilities for attack and defence, it’s really well done. The way you can use lots of different techniques to take stuff down is cool too, just realised I never tried using bombs on that fight, just went with parry and dodge. Fuck me, how EPIC is the next boss!!! Graphics are absolutely nuts and the music and audio is going full guns!
  12. Soooooooooo........the final boss is way, way, way, way, waaaaay, way, way way, way, waaaaaaay, way, waaaaaaaaay harder than anything on Dark Souls. It’s up there with Ninja Gaiden in terms of difficulty. It absolutely batters me yet I can barely scratch its health! Edit: Just looked it up as this is one of the biggest jumps in difficulty I’ve ever come across in a game.......and........Its not even the last boss!!! Hahaha. This is going to take some beating!
  13. @Popo There’s walk, run and then sprint, which is on L3.. I had the same feeling when I first started playing. The 3 could be blended together better. If you’re enjoying it 15mins in then, you’re in for a real treat! It just gets better and better and opens up more and more as the game progresses. Spent ages last night trying to beat the “defeat 15 enemies in 1min” battle chest. Absolutely nails hard! That hard that when I finally beat it I jumped up and punched the air. Hahaha. Then wandered around for a couple of hrs and managed to find another chest containing a Rot. Just 2 hats, 2 Rot and 2 battle chests left to go now spread over 2 very large areas.
  14. So, I now just need to complete 3 optional Battle Chests that I walked away from as they were rock hard, then somehow track down 3 Rot and 2 Hats. Seems like it’ll be pretty nuts to do, as they’re spread across half of the world! Typical! Then just got the final Boss to go and smash up and I’ll be 100% complete. So yeah, not rushing things, in order to get 100%, you’re looking at around 30hrs of gameplay, probably around 40hrs if you’re into getting all the trophies.
  15. No worries! The main place it does it, is in certain spots within the village, especially towards the end of the game, when stuff opens up more.
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