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  1. Yeah, noticed a bit of a difference between the two versions. It’s a shame the Switch version isn’t 60fps. Playing the PS4 version on PS5 and it looks really nice though!
  2. Definitely! After finishing this I went back to Dark Souls Remastered on Switch and the 30fps felt horrible. Ended up binning it off and buying the PS4 version for the better frame rate. The 60fps makes a huge difference.
  3. Yeah, as Mogster says you can beat stuff at pretty much any level. What I’ve found is that your Soul Lvl is not as important as your Weapon and it’s Lvl. Some other bits I’ve picked up....... 1. Make sure you’re fast rolling by having less than 50% equip load. 2. Ditch your shield. Rolling and going two handed provides far more of an advantage against most enemies. 3. With most bosses.......don’t be scared to let rip! Just roll into them and press against them and try to stay behind them. Don’t get carried away attacking though, always make sure you have time and stamina
  4. The Rapier dudes that come out of the church, you don't have to fight at all, if you don't want to. They get triggered by you entering through the front of the church. There is another Rapier dude nearby, on a balcony, you don't have to fight him either if you don't want to. The only one you do have to get past is on the raised walkway towards the side of the church. You can always leg it past him if you're struggling, as just past there you'll find another bonfire and a way of upgrading your stuff. Plus once past that Rapier dude you'll never have to fight him again either. So yea
  5. No point at all! It’s definitely a bit daft! You’re getting a PS4 and PS5 version of the game for less than just the PS5 version alone! I’ve bought AC Valhalla, Watchdogs and WRC9 all PS4 disc copies, because they have free PS5 upgrades. Saved about £40 over buying the PS5 disc versions.
  6. The PS4 version has a free upgrade to PS5, and its £39.99 using the 20% off code on eBay if that’s any help to you?
  7. Looks like you need to get 25,000 Souls and then offer them to the statue. You can do that by just playing through 1-1 until you have enough to offer.
  8. Played a bit of this on Apple Arcade when it first came out and thought it was underwhelming. Have just cancelled Apple Arcade and saw this in the PSN sale, so dropped £5 on it, as I suspected that playing it on an iPad hadn’t done it justice. I was right! It looks amazing on the big screen and sounds amazing through the studio monitors I’m currently using. It’s a joy to play and highly addictive. The Zodiac Riddles are really cool too and remind me of Fez, which was another game that had an awesome synth soundtrack. So yeah, glad I cancelled Apple Arcade and used the money on this
  9. Yeah, that boss is a real player if there’s one available! Really cool idea! You’re very close to the end just a bit left to go. I was in the same boat - never went out of my way to grind levels, just did some grinding to upgrade my weapon. I don’t think it matters if you’re overpowered or underpowered. If you’re enjoying the game then, that’s all that matters! The game gives you a lot of freedom to play the way that you want to play. Under levelled, over levelled, different builds, different weapons, soul form, human form, the order you take things on, helping, hindering
  10. Played it when it first came out on 360 and got to the Gargoyles. Bought it on Switch and rang the bell, just after the Gargoyles. Now bought it again to play on PS5 thanks to this post! Went back to the Switch version, and also tried Bloodborne again but, just can’t go back to 30fps. Looks a lot better than the Switch version and plays loads better due to the 60fps. Picked up loads from playing Demon’s and managed to go straight through to the Gargoyles again after exploring Darkroot for a bit. Rest of the game is going to be brand new to me. Proper looking forward to getting stuck i
  11. You have to put the World containing them into Black Tendency. You’ll then get better drops from the enemies and more chance of getting the items you’re after.
  12. Ah! I think I know where you mean now! As @FiveFootNinja mentioned, some of the Phantoms appear normally in the levels and are nothing to do with Black Tendency. Pretty sure that after you kill them they don’t reappear, whereas the Black Tendency phantoms do (until you take the World out of Black Tendency). Here’s how to deal with those particular enemies if you’d like to take a look. If I’ve got the right enemies! If so, it’s a good example of the kind of stuff I was mentioning earlier.........
  13. Lol! It’s still worked out because I’d forgotten about that Phantom! Meant to go back and take it down, as I just avoided it first time through as it seemed to have infinite health! No, not that guy, although I’m pretty sure I’ve screwed his quest on my NG+, as I equipped his weapon to have a look at it and he didn’t seem to like that! It was on the stairs at the start of 4-1. I was hitting the first few Skellys for some Souls then suddenly got an invasion message and the Phantom appeared at the side of me. First time it had happened, so I panicked especially as I thought
  14. I’m probably mistaken thinking back, as before it happened I got an invasion message, although it seemed as though it was a CPU controlled character. It was on 4-1 not far from the start. Does that happen in the game at any point to teach you about invasions? Don’t think I’ve even encountered that one! Will have to jump back into the level now and have a nose around!
  15. They’re phantoms and I think they are related to Black World Tendency. What I don’t really understand is that they appeared on my game when I was dying in Soul form on World 4. I’d not been in human form so not sure how they appeared. Maybe someone with more knowledge can explain a bit more? Remember you don’t have to fight every enemy! If something is too hard then just avoid it if possible and return to it later.
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