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  1. no. this is actually the set up for the bulk of the shot. I think a producer posted it on twitter. I'm assuming they wanted all six set ups locked in place so once they started they never had to stop.
  2. 100% It feels like that info all may have came later in the script but they wanted his face/the money shots all front and centre.
  3. Interesting look at how they shot it.
  4. yeah... If you think this is one of the worst films of the year... You're not watching enough movies. I thought it was good fun. Reminded me of the action thrillers of the mid 90s. It's CLIFFHANGER meets HOME ALONE. And just as fun and silly as you'd imagine. Far from perfect. But it found it a refreshing change from the cookie cutter blockbuster remakes/superhero movies we're mostly get these days.
  5. just back from this. Opening 5-10 minutes were clunky as hell (they didnt need that character introduction/device at all) and the final five minutes really bad (not to mention downright sinister) but the 90 minutes or so in-between were a ton of fun. Way better than I expected to be. But I guess my expectations were pretty damn low. I think it's well worth checking out.
  6. Deakins is gonna light the fuck out of those green screens.
  7. the original FURY ROAD pitch document.
  8. you're right. And with Amazon prime, there really is no excuse.
  9. I'm guessing there was no room for a clothes rack on the giant rolling war machine.
  10. Watched this again today. It's so good. Came away loving the NUX character so much more this time. Also, this is an interesting little video. 200 shots in 2 minutes. Goes to show that "fast editing" isnt the problem when it comes to modern film making. SHIT FILM MAKING is the problem.
  11. or The Gyro Captain? Also.
  12. Holy. Shit. FURY ROAD is the real deal. The opening 30 minutes beat ANYTHING I've seen in the cinema in maybe a decade. Then it keeps going. It's a miracle. At points it leaves you breathless, shaking your head at the madness on screen. People need to see this in the cinema.
  13. You just know JURASSIC WORLD’s gonna have a heartbreaking scene where a loyal raptor dies protecting Pratt’s character. AND I WILL LOVE IT.
  14. the T2 "twist" was a play on the expectations of the audience that was fully revealed at the end of the first act anyway. Essentially just part of the set up of the movie. In this trailer they gave a major plot twist that changes EVERYTHING. So silly to give it away now. they totally could have sold this movie on the Back to the Future 2 elements of revisiting the original movie from a different angle... Then again... how many 15 year olds have even seen T1 or even know who John Conner is...
  15. also... how do you make an iconic Terminator exoskeleton even cooler? You paint it tactical black.... THAT'S HOW! Also. NANOBOTS!
  16. I am in shock. No way did I think they'd give that twist away in a trailer. It would be one thing is it looked good. But Clarke looks like a character from an Austin Powers movie with that scar, if bright light and wearing every day clothes. Mental.
  17. that clip is kind of horrible isn't it?
  18. the clue is in the title of the movie.
  19. the above spoiler is incorrect, by the way... If ya wanna get technical about it.
  20. If you liked the tv show I reckon this is going to be the movie for you.
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