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    Big Fish

    Hey there. "Tim Burton wrote, produced and was involved in the production design." He didnt write it... And there were also 7 other producers on that movie. Despin out.
  2. Despin

    Big Fish

    Hey there. "A Nightmare Before Christmas, who did direct it then?" Henry Selick. He also made James and the Giant Peach. Despin out.
  3. Despin

    Big Fish

    Hey there. I didn't like it... It was Burton lite. Again. It felt like a Sunday afternoon TV movie done with a Hollywood blockbusters budget. I preferred Forest Gump to this without a doubt. Also. When did Martin Johnson take up acting? Despin out.
  4. Hey there. "Its a bit like a Japansese version of Bad Taste." Yeah... But nowhere near as entertaining. It did have a fantastic poster though. Despin out.
  5. Hey there. "Despin old son, could you elaborate before I download this please?" Sorry man. It's a movie trailer. Someone recut The Passion of Christ trailer to different music. Check it out. Despin out.
  6. Hey there. Click me I'm a 10mb .mov file Despin out.
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