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  1. That script is a marvel. Just perfect. One of my favourite movies. The script book has a great intro from the writers too. Brent Maddock & S.S. Wilson Introduction to Tremors This was our film! That's how Steve and I felt when, after having written a number of screenplays on assignment, we decided to again write "on spec" as we'd done successfully enough with our first screenplay, Short Circuit. Our crafty little plan was to fashion a low- enough-budget idea that a studio would actually allow us to produce and, even less likely to happen,
  2. There must be something in the water! We just received positive feedback on a book adaptation we handed in Monday. Our script features the Kray bothers too, believe it or not. Though the movie is not about them.
  3. I think THE WITCH got a decent release because it could be marketed to fall neatly into the blumhouse shaped hole that all horror movies have to fit these days. It wasnt sold as an art film. They essentially tricked the INSIDIOUS crowd into coming to check it out. It worked too. I'm with Kerraig. I miss the mid level thrillers the most. Everything seems to be a 100 million dollar blockbusters or sub 5 million Blumhouse style horror/thrillers. Here's the thing though. As great as tv is these days, it takes up so much time. I can see it swinging back. Movies are still the
  4. this video was pretty much what was going on in my head while watching this show. I just couldn't get past it. It felt like every single moment/shot/character was lifted from something else.
  5. you know... with a little push this could have been GHOSTBUSTERS 3 and they would have got a fraction of the pissing and moaning and I think it would have been a better movie. The plot would have been similar but you make the bad guy Dana Barrett's son. He's pissed that the events of the first two movies have been covered up as mass hallucinations and that the Ghostbusters were blamed for it. Humiliated, they split up and go their separate ways. Worst of all, his adopted dad Venkman is dead. He died trying to convince the world that what happened was real. He was going to go to the
  6. She certainly felt like an after thought. She served no purpose in the story other than to literally stop it so they could go LOOK! A CHINESE PERSON! You Chinese people will fucking love this. It's weirdly offensive.
  7. I'm a fan of the first movie, but I can't fathom how this new one could have been any worse. You can see the dna of what, at one point, may have been a coherent movie here... But it's just lost amongst the mess of what made it to the screen. Anyone else think it would have made more sense to have Will Smith's characters son be the young lead of this movie? The Young guy trying to live up to the greatness of his old man (who is now commander of the moon defence force) He's be a MAVERIC type, shit hot pilot struggling to live up to his father's legacy and constantly gett
  8. this is essentially gonna be THE DA VINCI CODE meets. ALIENS. I do wonder If Tom Cruise's character will end up being (in name only, at least) Van Helsing. Seems weird to build a franchise around him and not give him an iconic character to play.
  9. anyone else think the wrong parent was in THAT scene at the end? I felt zero emotional connection between them. They should both have been there at least, let the other dude head off in the car. Such a weird, disconnecting choice.
  10. damn. Gibson looks like a fucking badass in this. This is exactly how I'd want Martin Riggs in my LETHAL WEAPON 5. Fucking unhinged. Make him a lethal weapon again.
  11. I had an idea for a sequel to this a while back. we'd fudge the times/ages a bit but it would essentially be a real time 30 years later sequel. Sarah is now a successful business women but never had time to have kids of her own. Her work is her life. She has few close friends and doesn't spend much time with her kid brother, who is now a grown man with a daughter the same age Sarah was in the first flick. Our story starts when Sarah is guilt tripped into spending the weekend with that kid. They're practically strangers and don't really get on. Sarah's mind is still on work and the kid would
  12. it's easy to keep a secret when you only decide it's a sequel well into production. This was originally a stand alone little contained thriller called THE CELLAR. It was Bad Robot having a crack at the BLUMHOUSE model. Sounds like they figured out a way of making it a lot more high profile.
  13. "Well, you better start putting your head on your shoulders and start thinking." "How can I? I'm really stupid, Mom. I can't help it." That moment broke my heart a little bit.
  14. I managed 126 on my unlimited card this year... Visited odeon a dozen or so times too. Ditto, local art house. It's been a bust year at the movies. Love it.
  15. It's far from perfect, but it is a ton of fun. It's a really REALLY great cover version of a song you love. A Cover version so good it makes you want to hear the bands original music. Fingers crossed for the sequel.
  16. there's already a DRAGO script out there. I shit you not.
  17. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't quite snappy enough in the middle and there's some really weird editing decisions throughout. Especially at he very end. But when it works it's a lot of fun. Overall it's just refreshing to see a movie that feels like it was directed by a human being with a point of view. Not some pre-vis team and a yes man. It doesnt always work. But at least those failures feel authored. Ritchie was at least going for something. Main problem is probably the casting of the two leads. I like them both and they're both fine in it, but it needed some movie star charisma. Imagine t
  18. it's weird how they went for near photo-real environments but super stylised and cartoony characters.
  19. I thought it was terrible. The new Sarah Conner was not a problem for me. Sarah in T2 is a completely different character. She's experienced the horror of going up against a machine and lost the father of her child in doing so. She now has to go on KNOWING the world is going to end and the best she can do is prep her Son to survive it and lead a resistance. She's broken and turned herself into a killing machine as a way of coping. This new Sarah Conner lost her parents as a kid and has since then been raised by a Terminator. She's never known pain or struggle. She may have been drilled on what
  20. This is Cameron doing his mate Schwarzenegger a solid. Nothing more.
  21. If at the end of this movie The Rock would have climbed in another rescue helicopter and gone back out "because there are other people that need help out there" I may have come away from this movie not thinking he's essentially a fucking monster. But he didn't. Instead he stood back and watched his work "family" race back out into danger while he enjoyed the sunset. I'm a huge fan of disaster movies. Love the Erwin Allen stuff. Really enjoy Emmerich's huge scale disaster flicks too. Hell, I even have a soft spot for 90s trash like DAYLIGHT, VOLCANO and TWISTER. But this was just terrible. Cou
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