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  1. I've not seen this yet. Gonna try and catch it later this week before it leaves cinemas. The trailer is fantastic... But so was HIGH RISE trailer... I think Wheatley's problem is he's developed way more as a director than he has a screenwriter. Which does not bode well for his next flick, where he pulling another old script out of the drawer. He has a ton of heat as a filmmaker and can attract amazing casts... It just feels like he's pissing it all away.
  2. How depressing is this? He either can't or doesn't want to make an original movie. He just made a studio BILLIONS. He should be able to make anything. He's making batgirl...
  3. One thing they've kept quiet in the marketing is this movie takes place in the same cinematic universe as ALIEN. The crew were clearly trained at the same astronaut school as the dimwits in PROMETHEUS. I enjoyed it.
  4. This is what I'm hearing to. Rogue One being the model a lot of execs are looking at right now. New stories with new characters that exist around the edges of existing franchises. i guess The Matrix is ripe for this. I just can't help but think it would need a FORCE AWAKENS style soft reboot before trying to sell new stories in that world. ‪Something to wash off the sequel stink the same way Force Awakens did the prequels. ‬
  5. They had THE MATRIX script ready before they directed BOUND. That movie was designed to show they can direct before taking on the bigger project. I think it's just a second album thing. They spent years thinking about and preparing to make The Matrix then have to do it all again but twice the size in 18 months.
  6. I've just realised. Trinity died in the last flick, didn't she? Oh well...
  7. Because I know you've all been dying to know how I'd reboot the Matrix franchise... and because I'm procrastinating from real work... I've spent the last hour coming up with this shite. THE MATRIX: RESURRECTED We'd have a similar set up to the original where our new lead questions the matrix and follows a similar path Neo did to meeting a charismatic Morpheus type character named PHOBETOR. Same deal. Everything they know is a lie. They're chased by what we first assume are agents but we reveal to be a bad ass older version of TRINITY. Our guys escape by the skin of
  8. Mamet is pretty much as cliched a choice as Tarantino at this this point. But rewatched the underrated HEIST again last night and there's nothing better than Danny Devito delivering lines like this: "Lemme add this sweetener. You do the fuckin' job, or else I'm gonna turn you over. I'm gonna drop a Roosevelt dime on your ass. 'Finita la commedia.' How strict is that, you fuckin' vontz? I'm sorry that I have to use such language in front of a woman, were it not for whom I'd waste your fucking ass."
  9. For what it's worth, I enjoyed this movie. But man.. I've never wanted to rewrite a script so much in my life.
  10. The only reason I can see for Cameron going back to TERMINATOR, is if he had a cool way of merging it with AVATAR. To unify his fictional universe. Make it canon. They already share a visual/idea DNA. But god knows how he'll do it. It's always killed him seeing others "fuck up" what he saw as "his star wars". He was up for T3 at one point when he was going to get the rights himself. But let's face it. Unless he's at the very least writing it himself, who cares.
  11. I don't think I was clear earlier. My point is these movies are not out in the cinema yet. I'm not arsed about watching some dodgy dvd rip. When talking about release windows I meant between the states and here. Not cinema to home video. I watch everything I can in the cinema (about 130 flicks last year) but every November/December all these dramas get released in the states and all the end of year lists emerge and you feel left out of the conversation... I'd pay extra to go to select screenings ahead of the main theatrical release given the choice. I guess
  12. I just wish they offered a place to actually watch these flicks legally. I understand release windows. But I'd pay a premium to watch them now. This is the worst time of year to be British and a movie fan.
  13. Well here's my list. I'm sure I'm missing a few, as I wrote this up based on email bookings and I know I had at least half a dozen "walk ins". But it feels about right. 90% of them are cineworld with a smattering of Prince Charles/BFI for the golden oldies. 1. The Force Awakens 2. In the Heart of the Sea 3. Room 4. Creed 5. The Revenant 6. The 5th Wave 7. Dirty Grandpa 8. The Matrix 9. Ride Alone 2 10. Spotlight 11. 13 Hours 12. Youth 13. The Big Short 14. Goosebumps 15. Point Break 16. Deadpool 17. Triple 9 18. The Finest Hours 19. Grims
  14. she's off looking after the kids...
  15. Such a let down for me. While nowhere near as bad a movie, this felt like it's had SUICIDE SQUAD levels of fuckery going on behind the scenes. The characters are hollow in a way, there's no way they would have been created on the page. It feels like stuff is missing. To give them credit it looks fantastic. Edwards is the real deal. But the movie feels broken to me. Like early on they said go wild and make a true war film. Because tonally this is nothing like Star Wars. This is a dark grim men on a mission war film. But it's missing all the great c
  16. they're releasing a silent PIXELVISION version next year. Can't wait.
  17. Dracula Untold is not connected to this new monster franchise. There's something very 90s about this trailer that I kinda dig. I think it's that it looks like a disaster movie with a supernatural threat. I'm looking forward to it.
  18. I'm seeing more and more marketing of this movie essentially focusing on Lawrence's tits. And if they shot the script I read a few years back, they're gonna get SLAUGHTERED when the SJW's get a whiff of what this movie is about. Also... This trailer is horrendous.
  19. Movies or TV? I was always a sucker for A Christmas Carol. Loved the 80s version with George C Scott. But what are considered the best of the best? Are there any lesser known forgotten gems? Also, bonus points for adaptations that go to different paces with the material. Modernising them or recontextualising the stories. Guess my fave of this type would be SCROOGED. Any others like that?
  20. I'm worried. In a handful of episodes it's treading that same fine line between genius and absolute fucking bobbins, that LOST took 3 season to reach.
  21. Kinda burnt out and bored with comic book movies but I loved it. Biggest compliment I can make is the middle hour of the movie is essentially the Matrix sequel I wish they'd made. And that's pretty much what it is really. The Matrix with magic. It contains more ideas both visual and conceptual than pretty much every single marvel movie combined. If I had any real complaint it would be is the soundtrack. It sounds like they temped it with the 2009 STAR TREK score and told him to do it again. it's distractingly similar. That and the ridiculous of the costumes. But other than that, it
  22. damn. You forget what a horror movie with a real budget can look like. You can tell he spent years working on the BIOSHOCK flick before jumping onto this. Looking forward to this one.
  23. Oh dear... Almost none of that trailer was in the original (decent) script. I heard there were massive reshoots. You just never know.
  24. I'm quite looking forward to this. The one thing I'll give Ritchie, is that he at least tries. He has a point of view. I'd rather watch a glorious disaster than another bland blockbuster.
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