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  1. these short films depress the fuck out of me. I wanna see feature versions of all of them. I miss this exact type of movie in cinemas.
  2. I really didn't like it. Loved the first two. But this felt underwritten and over directed. Half the movie felt like it was in slow motion with the same piece of music over it. Character work is what made these movies great. Ceaser was an amazing creation. I kinda hated him in this movie. The nods to the original movies are ridiculously clumsy. The human characters are cartoons... Such a letdown.
  3. man... they're making this look like an UNDERWORLD movie.
  4. These are all designed to be four quadrant movies. When you're spending hundreds of millions of dollars they need everyone to come and see it from 5 to 15 to 50. Though I must admit. Was not expecting the F/MARRY/KILL gag. Ha
  5. Despin

    Creed 2

    here's how I'd do CREED 2. ADONIS is on top of the world. He's had a handful of fights since the first movie and won em all. He's shaping up to be a champ like his old man. With a major title fight coming up with a MONSTEROUS RUSSIAN. ROCKY is still his trainer. But he's in bad shape. Cancer back. He does not have long to live. He promises Donnie he'll be around long enough to see him through this next big fight. "these Ruskies can be tough... trust me" It's a promise he can't keep. Rocky dies in his sleep three months before the fight. The nation in mournin
  6. I'm generally quite tired of super hero movies, but I loved this flick. For the first time I got the sense of like...a ground level view of a world where gods and monsters are now the norm. I loved how Tony Stark is used. Him and the avengers felt almost mythical. This movie is what the shit marvel netflix shows should have been. And I don't mean in terms of action/fx. I mean character and world building. The actual action scenes (especially the end) were the weakest aspect of the movie for me. They were fine but nothing really stood out like the Spider Man 2's action
  7. the original is not exactly a classic... But it had that real melancholic Amblin vibe to it. This just looks like generic fx comedy.
  8. yeah. Cameron talked about them being able to stand alone, around the time he announced there will be four of the bastards.
  9. There's clearly something weird going on behind the scenes of this entire franchise. First, Abrams walked after one movie. That is bizarre in of itself. He wrote and directed, did all the heavy lifting of kick-starting a new trilogy but had no interest in finishing the story in a franchise he says was his first love. He directed two TREK films and he said he was never a fan. I'm sure it's happened before (the new APES movies?) But when was the last time a writer director or a major modern movie setting up a series walked away without any continuing involvement? Not even a story b
  10. Just having some fun with it mate. Sorry for derailing thread.
  11. Or.. Maybe he is a literal phantom. A man able to transcend his physical form. Erik had it all. King of the Paris opera scene, with movie star good looks and a voice of an angel. But after a near-death experience left him hideously disfigured he found himself with the strange ability to leave his physical form and astral project his soul. He can become a living ghost. In this astral realm, he's back to his good looking self... But here's the kicker. He can't communicate with anyone vocally. So that's his curse. He can be his "hideous" masked self and use his voice... or he can do c
  12. Not had time to see this sucker yet, but I am fascinated by the idea of taking all of these movies and unifying the mythologies. I can see a version where VAMPIRES/WEREWOLVES/THE MUMMY/GILL-MAN are all variations on same primary "evil". Something corrupting humans in varied ways and giving them supernatural powers and the ability to "turn" more people. Essentially It's a low key invasion from another realm. it's been going on for thousands of years. A battle across time, from crusader knights to US troops in fallujah. We've given this "evil" many names. From Satan to
  13. I dunno. I think the crazy praise for this flick shows how low our standards have become for mainstream blockbusters. Two likeable charismatic leads with clear goals and it feels better than it is. In a years time, we'll look back at this as the least worst DC flick.
  14. We handed in a script last week that is a heist movie set around a big sporting event, featuring an explosive expert named Hugo "bang bang" and a sequence where they have to break a member of their crew out of prison before the job... That trailer was some déjà vu in reverse type shit. It looks like a ton of fun though. Can't wait to see it.
  15. imagine if Michael Bay ends ups making a better KING ARTHUR flick than Guy Ritchie. A guy actually descended from royalty.
  16. Of a glorious failure or a bland success? How about PROMETHEUS and HERCULES?
  17. Man am I conflicted on this flick. There's a bunch there that I kind of loved. But on the whole it doesn't work. The movie is at its best when it's pure Guy Ritchie. Essentially a medieval caper movie. It really works and is a ton of fun. Problem is, he has shoe horned all that shit into a script that was a pretty straight faced fantasy adventure movie. When he goes full fantasy there are actually some stunning sequences. But then you cut to the guys pulling a con on Brick Top's dark age equivalent and all of a sudden fuck all makes sense. It's a shame. i would loved to have seen h
  18. I loved the Rasputin/nazi/prophecy stuff in the first flick. Shame Del Toro is not going to get to finish it. Anyone read the comic books? Any idea where the series may have ended up?
  19. There are now too many options to change things in post. Producers/execs always had all the power when it comes to script development, but on the whole, once on set, that power shifted to a director. Too much money is being spent per second to be fucking around with story. It happened, sure. But on the whole you had a script and the power shifted to the directors who laid out their vision and the caked was essentially baked. Sure the suits could take control again in post., but the worst you could really do was play with structure or change a few lines of dialogue. It w
  20. Nolan and Bond would be a perfect match.... Five years ago. I feel like SKYFALL is essentially the exact type of Bond Nolan would make. I kind of hope he doesn't do it. We don't need more of the same from Bond or him.
  21. Han was such a cool, laid back nice guy character. It would be cool to see him come back as the villain. All twisted, both mentally and physically.
  22. been thinking about this flick. Brian “retires” and the characters in the FAST franchise speak his name with reverence. Han DIES and they invite his killer to family BBQs. Family my arse.
  23. How the fuck is SAM JACKSON still looking that good at almost 70 years old. This looks like a ton of fun.
  24. Man. That trailer is kinda lame. Anyone else feel they're completely fucking up the marketing on this flick? I mean just take the poster. They have couple of household names in this movie but the poster looks like a piece of fan art. As for the trailers... The movie was always kind of generic in concept, but the big unique aspect of it is the execution. Something they're not even hinting at in the movie. They need to cut a trailer that's just a 2 minute sequence from the flick in context. I dunno. Feels like this movie is being weirdly dumped.
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