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  1. This is how I'd do Lethal Weapon 5. I'd start by taking it right back to that core idea. Deep down Riggs is a fucking killing machine. A Lethal Weapon. It's been 18 years since the events of the last flick. Murtaugh is long dead (heart attack) and Riggs is now retired, divorced and living alone. Even his dog is gone. His life sucks. He's back to a similar place he was in the first movie. He's angry at the world, he's drinking too much and entertains himself instigating bar fights with much younger guys, where he usually gets his ass kicked. Deep down he still needs/misses the action.
  2. Yup. The movie is fuckin baffling on all levels. I just don't know how it got a release as is. I mean even with what's there they could have edited it down to make some kind of version of sense... But it's like they knew it was fucked and didn't even try and fix it. It's insane how many random characters/subplots there are in this that go nowhere. What's even more fucked up is they had a pretty good draft of this movie written by Matthew Carnahan (brother of Joe) and they ditched it completely and started again.
  3. Zahler is a maniac. He's already onto his next one. DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE starring Vaughn and Mel Gibson as cops suspended for violence on the job who decide to join the criminal underworld. You can bet that one will be a laugh a minute. He also recently wrote the remake of PUPPET MASTER.
  4. He's talking about his time coming into the industry at the height of Weinstein's powers when they were the rebels doing their own thing. He says later on he lost touch as he was essentially sucked into the studio system. You're assuming he had the same relationships/experiences with the guys managing huge companies for mega corporations as he did with the mega rich dude running his own show out of New York. I think that statement was less about him holding back names and more directly pointing at the "i'm shocked and horrified" crowd who were sat on the private jets with him. He'
  5. Damn... Scott Rosenberg lays it all out on Facebook. So, uh, yeah. We need to talk about Harvey. I was there, for a big part of it. From, what, 1994 to the early 2000s? Something like that. Certainly The Golden Age. The “PULP FICTION”, “SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE”, “CLERKS”, “SWINGERS”, “SCREAM”, “GOOD WILL HUNTING”, “ENGLISH PATIENT”, “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” years… Harvey and Bob made my first two movies. Then they signed me to an overall deal. Then they bought that horror script of mine about the Ten Plagues. For a lot of money. Also bought that werewolf-biker script. That no one else like
  6. Sorry if I’ve missed this from earlier. But what’s the best “cut” to watch in preparation for the new flick?
  7. ""I just smoked a victory blunt for no reason.. now i'm upsettingly high" That line just killed me.
  8. I read an interview somewhere, that he was sick of playing shitty small parts so quit acting with enough money in the bank that he could take a year off to try and make it as a writer.... He wrote three screenplays back to back in the first six months. Sicario, Hell of High Water and Wind River... I have no idea how much of that is self mythologising or not, but it's a hell of a story. He's now writing and directing a ten episode series starring KEVIN COSTNER.. Talented bastard.
  9. BLACK SWAN is ten times the movie mother! is, because it works as a narrative outside of it's allegory. mother! feels like he tried doing that, but got about sixty pages into the script, found it too hard work and thought fuck it.
  10. I don't see why this could not be a direct sequel to the movie and even feature cameos from all the original cast. Harry and Helen are retired and the show is about their kid now doing the same thing. I'm not sure Dushku has the pull she once did as an actress but I could see a nice inversion of the movie. A show about a 35 year old secret spy struggling to settle down and find the right man while also saving the world. It's ALIAS meets ALLY MCBEAL. You bring Arnie and Curtis in for the pilot or even more if they'd be up for it. How great would it be to essentially have a MEET THE
  11. I think the draft your read was early 2014. The "goldfish" draft was late 2015. Poor old Stan clearly devolved as a character over that year.
  12. Understated is one way of putting it. Like for a start, in Fukunaga's script STAN was not a timid Jewish kid. He wasn't a kid at all. He was Bill's pet goldfish. Really.
  13. One of the creepiest moments for me was when Ben is in the library earlier on BEFORE he goes downstairs. Did anyone notice anything strange in the background when he was looking through the book? It was the one thing that really disturbed me.
  14. I've been trying to thin of what the movie reminded me of the most. It's THE MONSTER SQUAD. Feels way closer in tone to that movie than it does the book/mini series.
  15. The kid stuff was great. It's a novelty these days to hear kids swear and tell dirty jokes. It's really fun and despite 80s nostalgia being everywhere these days, it actually felt fresh to have a bunch of kids speak like kids. It's the "horror" aspect that is really weak. Which is weird considering they have one of the scariest books of all time to mine for material. They decided they could do better so made up a bunch of new shit that was just by the numbers and boring. I kinda hated it. They needed to cut 15 minutes of cgi monsters and gave the characters a little mo
  16. A good explanation for this would be that they are on a space station. Firing bullets and lazers is probably restricted in case they like breach the hull or some shit. That kind of slime weapon would be the norm in there... So having that kind of defensive gadget would make perfect sense for an agent... But in every other scene they're running through walls and shooting lasers and bullets. So that's clearly all bollocks. I think Besson was just making shit up as he went.
  17. The "plot" is kinda shitty. The lead is miscast (way too young looking) and his character's banter with Delevingne (who is quite good) is often terrible and cringeworthy... Yet I kind of fucking loved it. The first hour is especially fantastic. I'd take a movie that does not quite work but feels like a true "vision" up on screen over a "product" genetically engineered to sell toys by 35 different marketing departments, any day of the week. This movie has more going on visually and conceptually in it's first half hour than the MCU/DCU have in the last half decade.
  18. anyone else find the beaches surprising sparsely populated, considering there were supposed to be almost 400,000 men there? Compare what this movie did to this one.
  19. There's a few hints. Smeary bloody hand prints, people being shot in the face, someone falling to their knees, covered in blood, holding their stomach/bloody hands.
  20. I've not read the reviews yet, mate. I tend to wait until after I've seen a flick and then work my way through them. I did like it by the way. Just didn't LOVE it.
  21. DUNKIRK may be my least favourite Nolan flick. It's still better than most movies I've seen this year. The spitfire shot had me in tears at the end. It's his slightest movie by far. Feels way less structurally precise than his other movies. Which is weird as he's playing with all the same time manipulation gimmicks he seems to be obsessed with. Just feels like foe the first time, he shot a first draft, rather than a script he made sure was a locked tight.
  22. Damn... I was full on expecting WARCRAFT style hulking green Orcs in this. Kinda hate that they've gone the Alien Nation route.
  23. This! A ton of Amelie in there too. It has Jeunet all over it. Which is weird considering Del Toro himself has such distinct visual kinks. Other than the creature which is right out of Hellboy, I would never have guessed this was him. There is something very 90s about the trailer. Like it reminds me of the days we used to get big weird expensive movies on the regular. Miss those days. Hope it's good and does really well.
  24. This is looking pretty good.
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