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  1. I can't believe Cameron let them ALIEN 3, T2.


    He owes Fincher an apology. 


    I was enjoying the first half hour or so. The action felt bright and clean and visceral. It was rushing a bit, felt like they could have spent an extra ten minutes setting up Dani's character and seeing the terminator/protector searching a little more to find her.  But I was going with it... But then I think the movie just completely shits the bed. With the bad guy just turning up out of nowhere the second the character finish their exposition. HE'S HERE! No build up. No tension. Just crashing dark, murkey CGI. I pretty much despised the last half hour when it goes full INDIANA JONES 4 with people being able to survive anything as long as they're wearing a seatbelt.


    Anyone else find it weird that they make such a big deal of the immigration angle but his has no bearing whatsoever to the rest of the plot?


    From the trailers I expected a comment on how the rich west is too connected to machines/internet and it made us easy targets. The new saviour would come from the "third world". Just something to bring it together a bit more. But then they have her come from mexico city. She might as well have come from LA again. It added nothing new. 


    Also, who was the black dude she calls up for help? Did I miss something? 


    People seem to be digging the flick and saying it's the third best... I think it's the worst one yet...  


    The script was so bad... The "power source" thing at the end was laughable. 




  2. I'd rather see a sequel than a tv series... But if ya doing a tv show I'd make it a prequel and keep it canon with the original movie. Stick with all the tech and visual designs of the 90s. Rather than going the Star Wars/Aliens route of having more advanced tech in the past.


    Make is a story about the Event Horizon's original mission and follow the crew as they first activate the drive and find themselves in another dimension. This new place seducing them rather than terrifying them until they eventually realise they're in a place that has links to more ancient evil and have to escape and warn mankind...  which they do... but not before...you know... raping, eating and murdering each other in the process...


    I'd start out STAR TREK end up HELLRAISER.








  3. Man, they've been working on this flick for what seems like two decades and after all that time and all of the different versions they ended up with this...


    It looks terrible.


    Doesn't help that it also looks like it was shot on an iphone with that high frame rate shite. It also seems to have been a mistake not going the marvel route and de-aging/morphing with a real actor. 


    They shot all his younger parts in motion capture, AVATAR style then created the character in the computer. That's a fully CG Will Smith.






  4. Remember when making a hit movie meant you got to go make something original?


    Now it means you get to lock yourself into the best part of a decade of making the same movie over and over again. I'll never get excited about seeing talented filmmakers lost to franchise bubbles. It's depressing and this is from a fan of the franchise.


    Remember when Cruise was swapping directors, making each one something different?



  5. I only managed 76 movies in the cinema this year. My lowest number in a decade. Doesn't help that my once glorious local Cineworld has transformed itself into a fucking hell hole of gimmick screens (screenX, superscreens, 4dx) and pretty much scrapped all weekday morning showings. 


    I ended doubling down and watching a right load of shite at home this year. Very few new watches. After a day of work I just found myself rewatching old 80/90s movies.


    Anyway. I'm sure there will be a handful more before the year is out. but right now I'm at 449 for the year.

    1. The Ghoul
    2. The Searchers
    3. Big Daddy (r)
    4. Molly’s Game (c)
    5. Call Me By Your Name (c)
    6. The African Queen
    7. The Maltese Falcon
    8. Goon
    9. Goon: Last of the Enforcers
    10. A Matter of Life and Death
    11. England is Mine
    12. The Devils Candy
    13. All The Money In The World (c)
    14. Backdraft (r)
    15. Cop Land (r)
    16. The Island (r)
    17. Brannigan
    18. Insidious: The Last Key (c)
    19. Darkest Hour (c)
    20. Hostiles (c)
    21. A Nightmare on Elm Street (c)
    22. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (c)
    23. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (r)
    24. Bullet Head
    25. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
    26. Nightmare of Elm Street 2010
    27. Ricochet
    28. The Commuter (c)
    29. Heart Condition (r)
    30. Downsizing (c)
    31. The Corruptor (r)
    32. Roman J. Israel, Esq
    33. Their Finest
    34. Notes on a Scandal (r)
    35. Maze Runner: The Death Cure (c)
    36. Enduring Love (r)
    37. Sweet Virginia
    38. The Cloverfield Paradox
    39. Plunket & Mcleane (r)
    40. A Perfect Murder
    41. Den of Thieves (c)
    42. Mimic (r)
    43. The Devil’s Backbone (r)
    44. Blade II (r)
    45. Small Town Crime
    46. The Ritual
    47. Hellboy (r)
    48. The Bad Batch
    49. The Phantom Thread (c)
    50. Pan’s Labyrinth (r)
    51. Hellboy II The Golden Army (r)
    52. Black Panther (c)
    53. Pacific Rim (r)
    54. Crimson Peak (r)
    55. The Shape of Water (c)
    56. Conspiracy Theory (r)
    57. Battle of the Sexes
    58. Executive Decision (r)
    59. Frequency (r)
    60. Welcome to the Jungle (r)
    61. Heist (r)
    62. Daybreakers (r)
    63. Predestination
    64. The Last Days On Mars
    65. Misery (r)
    66. Mute
    67. A Futile and Stupid Gesture
    68. Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story Of The National Lampoon
    69. The Machinist (r)
    70. My Cousin Vinny
    71. Red Sparrow (c)
    72. I, Tonya (c)
    73. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (c)
    74. Game Night (c)
    75. Lady Bird (c)
    76. The Ninth Gate (r)
    77. Born Strong
    78. Cold Skin
    79. The Fly (r)
    80. The Infiltrator 1995
    81. Annihilation
    82. Gringo (c)
    83. You Were Never Really Here (c)
    84. Family Business
    85. The Last Jedi (r)
    86. Confidence (r)
    87. Allure
    88. Furlough
    89. Tomb Raider (c)
    90. The Pallbearer
    91. Breakdown (c)
    92. The Firm (r)
    93. The Score (r)
    94. Cocktail (r)
    95. Top Gun (r)
    96. Days of Thunder (r)
    97. Deja Vu (r)
    98. Pacific Heights
    99. Obsessed
    100. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (r)
    101. Sleeping with the Enemy (r)
    102. The Fan (r)
    103. Unlawful Entry
    104. Fear
    105. The Good Son
    106. Lakeview Terrace
    107. Pacific Rim: UPRISING (c)
    108. Derailed (c)
    109. Far and Away (c)
    110. Spy Game (c)
    111. Deceived
    112. Ready Player One (c)
    113. Unsane (c)
    114. We’re no Angels
    115. Final Analysis
    116. Shattered
    117. Sliver (r)
    118. Vampires (r)
    119. Ready Play One (c)
    120. A Quiet Place (c)
    121. Ghost Stories (c)
    122. In The Mouth of Madness (r)
    123. Jagged Edge
    124. Armageddon (r)
    125. Nuns on the Run
    126. King Ralph (r)
    127. Spinning Man
    128. The Titan
    129. 24 Hour to Live
    130. Braven
    131. Cliffhanger
    132. The Relic
    133. Spartan (r)
    134. The Village (r)
    135. Rocky III (r)
    136. Dawn of the Dead (r)
    137. Rocky IV (r)
    138. Wild (r)
    139. A Walk in the Woods
    140. Rampage (c)
    141. Wild Things (r)
    142. Captain America: The First Avenger (r)
    143. Iron Man (r)
    144. Iron Man 2 (r)
    145. iron Man 3 (r)
    146. Captain America: Winter Soldier (r)
    147. Goodbye Charlie Bright (r)
    148. Captain America: Civil War (r)
    149. Doctor Strange (r)
    150. JFK (r)
    151. Without A Paddle
    152. The Wedding Singer
    153. Hard Raid (r)
    154. Avengers: Infinity War (c)
    155. The Hunted (r)
    156. Over the Top (r)
    157. The Week Of
    158. A Big Love Story
    159. Broken Arrow (r)
    160. The Business (r)
    161. Goodfellas (r)
    162. The Strangers
    163. Men at Work (r)
    164. The Strangers: Prey At Night (c)
    165. Anon
    166. Knocked Up (r)
    167. Funny People (r)
    168. Neighbors (r)
    169. Neighbors 2: Soriety Rising (r)
    170. The Matrix (r)
    171. The Core (r)
    172. Made (r)
    173. Tully (c)
    174. Black Panther (r)
    175. This is 40 (4)
    176. Rise of the Footsoldier
    177. Rise of the Footsoldier 2
    178. Rise of the Footsoldier 3
    179. Knight and Day (r)
    180. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (r)
    181. Get him to the Greek (r)
    182. Deadpool (r)
    183. Deadpool 2 (c)
    184. Habit
    185. Crocodile Dundee (r)
    186. Crocodile Dundee 2 (r)
    187. Solo (c)
    188. Revenge
    189. In Darkness
    190. Death Wish
    191. Princess of Thieves
    192. Solo (c)
    193. The Hurricane Heist
    194. I Love You Man (r)
    195. Five Year Engagement
    196. The Beach (r)
    197. 50 First Dates
    198. Narc (r)
    199. Jurassic World (r)
    200. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (c)
    201. The Sitter (r)
    202. Fool’s Gold (r)
    203. Working Girl (r)
    204. Private Parts (r)
    205. Cocktail (r)
    206. I Feel Pretty(c)
    207. Hereditary (c)
    208. The Hunt for Red October (r)
    209. Patriot Games (r)
    210. Clear and Present Danger (r)
    211. The Bodyguard (r)
    212. The Sum of all Fears
    213. Blockers
    214. Dirty Dancing (r)
    215. Beverly Hills Cop (r)
    216. Air America (r)
    217. The Fourth Protocol
    218. Sicario (r)
    219. Sicario: Day of the Soldado (c)
    220. Calibre
    221. Tag (c)
    222. The Devil Wears Prada (r)
    223. Coyote Ugly (r)
    224. The Secret of My Success
    225. Top Gun (r)
    226. Willow (r)
    227. Pretty Women (r)
    228. Set it Up
    229. The First Purge (c)
    230. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (r)
    231. A Fish Called Wanda (r)
    232. Three Days of the Condor
    233. Talladega Nights (r)
    234. Beirut
    235. Point Break (r)
    236. Step Brothers (r)
    237. End of Days (r)
    238. Road House (r)
    239. End of Days (r)
    240. The 6th Day (r)
    241. Old School (r)
    242. Timecop
    243. Bridget Jones’s Diary (r)
    244. The Way of The Gun (r)
    245. Dodgeball (r)
    246. Big (r)
    247. Dumb and Dumber (r)
    248. Kingpin (r)
    249. Mission Impossible: Fallout (c)
    250. There’s Something About Mary (r)
    251. Mission Impossible: Fallout (c)
    252. Shallow Hall (r)
    253. Ant-Man and the Wasp (c)
    254. First Reformed
    255. Bad Samaritan
    256. Stuck On You (r)
    257. Bad Day for the Cut
    258. Fever Pitch
    259. The Heartbreak Kid (r)
    260. Avengers: Infinity Wars (r)
    261. Bad Day for the Cut
    262. Entourage (r)
    263. The Meg (c)
    264. My Best Friend’s Wedding
    265. Like Father
    266. Upgrade
    267. Cruel Intentions
    268. Avengers: Infinity War (r)
    269. Beast
    270. The Big Picture
    271. Terminator: Salvation (r)
    272. Short Change (r)
    273. Equalizer 2 (c)
    274. Apt Pupil (r)
    275. Gone Baby Gone (r)
    276. Sex Tape
    277. Hall Pass
    278. The Spy Who Dumped Me (c)
    279. The Internship (r)
    280. Action Jackson
    281. The Edge
    282. Ghost and the Darkness
    283. Horrible Bosses
    284. Horrible Bosses 2
    285. American Animals
    286. Hot Tub Time Machine
    287. Striking Distance
    288. Hot Tub Time Machine 2
    289. Searching (c)
    290. The Debt Collector
    291. The Nun (c)
    292. Gattaca (r)
    293. We’re the Millers
    294. Final Score (c)
    295. When We First Met
    296. The Predator (c)
    297. Metro (r)
    298. Cocktail (c)
    299. Boy
    300. King of Thieves (c)
    301. A League of Their Own (r)
    302. The Break-Up (r)
    303. Grown Ups
    304. Grown Ups 2
    305. Crazy Rich Asians (c)
    306. A Simple Favour (c)
    307. Lady in the Water (r)
    308. About Time (r)
    309. Mile 22 (c)
    310. The House With the Clock in the Walls (c)
    311. Desperate Measures
    312. Identity Thief
    313. Hold the Dark
    314. An American Werewolf in London (r)
    315. I Feel Pretty (r)
    316. The Howling
    317. The Haunting 1963
    318. The Haunting 1999
    319. The Omen (r)
    320. Venom (c)
    321. Operation Finale
    322. The Omen II: Damian (r)
    323. Mind the Gap
    324. The Omen III: The Final Conflict
    325. Mandy
    326. The Omen 2006 (r)
    327. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (r)
    328. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (r)
    329. Body Snatchers (r)
    330. The Invasion (r)
    331. Eighth Grade
    332. Miracle
    333. Hit & Run
    334. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (r)
    335. Pineapple Express (r)
    336. A Star is Born (c)
    337. Scream 1 (r)
    338. Scream 2 (r)
    339. Haunters: The Art of the Scare
    340. Scream 3 (r)
    341. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (r)
    342. Cocktail (c)
    343. Zack and Miri Make a Porno (r)
    344. Working Girl (r)
    345. Dirty Dancing (r)
    346. Bad Times at the El Royale (c)
    347. Halloween 2018 (c)
    348. What Lies Beneath (r)
    349. 30 Days of Night (r)
    350. Days of Thunder (r)
    351. Blackkklansman
    352. Top Gun (r)
    353. Ghostbusters (r)
    354. Poltergeist (r)
    355. The Frighteners (r)
    356. The Monster Squad (r)
    357. Explorers (r)
    358. The Witches (r)
    359. Jennifer’s Body (r)
    360. Police Academy (r)
    361. The Gift (r)
    362. First Man (c)
    363. A Simple Plan (r)
    364. The Skeleton Key (r)
    365. Neighbors (r)
    366. A Private Life
    367. When Harry Met Sally (r)
    368. Slaughterhouse Rules (c)
    369. 22 July
    370. Widows (c)
    371. The Outlaw King
    372. The Blindside (r)
    373. Neighbours (r)
    374. Neighbours 2 (r)
    375. The Pianist (r)
    376. They Shall Not Grow Old (c)
    377. Forrest Gump (r)
    378. School of Rock (r)
    379. Contact (r)
    380. Overlord (c)
    381. Rocky (r)
    382. Rocky II (r)
    383. Rocky III (r)
    384. Rocky IV (r)
    385. Head Full of Dreams
    386. Rocky V (r)
    387. Rocky Balboa (r)
    388. The Girl in the Spider’s web (c)
    389. Apollo 13 (r)
    390. The Interview (r)
    391. Groundhog Day (r)
    392. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (r)
    393. Christmas Chronicles
    394. Paddington 2 (r)
    395. Robin Hood (c)
    396. The Client (r)
    397. A Time to Kill (r)
    398. The Chamber
    399. The Pelican Brief (r)
    400. Working Girl (r)
    401. Creed II (c)
    402. The Rainmaker (r)
    403. The Gingerbread Man (r)
    404. Runaway Jury (r)
    405. After the Screaming Stops
    406. Bodied
    407. D-Tox (r)
    408. The Ice Harvest (r)
    409. Love Actually (r)
    410. Man Up (r)
    411. Uncle Buck (r)
    412. War of the Roses
    413. Ruthless People (r)
    414. About a Boy (r)
    415. Gremlins (r)
    416. Turner & Hooch (r)
    417. The Clovehitch Killer
    418. A Christmas Carol 1999
    419. Meet the Parents (r)
    420. Meet the Fockers (r)
    421. The Heartbreak Kid (r)
    422. Miracle on 34th Street (r)
    423. Cam
    424. Bohemian Rhapsody (c)
    425. Lethal Weapon (c)
    426. Die Hard (c)
    427. Aquaman (c)
    428. Jingle all the Way (c)
    429. Love Actually (c)
    430. Old Man and the Gun (c)
    431. Roma (c)
    432. Elf (r)
    433. Cocktail (r)
    434. Pretty Woman (r)
    435. L.A Confidential (r)
    436. The Night Before (r)
    437. Fahrenheit 11-9
    438. Mid90s
    439. Bird Box
    440. White Boy Rick
    441. Santa Claus: The Movie (r)
    442. Serendipity
    443. Good Will Hunting (r)
    444. Gone Girl (r)
    445. Raiders of the Lost Ark (r)
    446. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (r)
    447. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (r)
    448. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (r)
    449. Die Hard 2: Die Harder (r)

  6. 17 hours ago, mushashi said:


    Has there ever been a stupidly expensive horror film anyway? The reason they keep on churning them out is precisely because they cost fuckall to make.


    Crank 3 ain't going to happen, even if the director and Statham would be fine doing another one.


    PROMETHEUS went into production like a year later at a similar budget level and with a very similar plot.


    It made about the same amount at the box office as THE MUMMY did.


    They should have just made Del toro's flick when they had the chance...

  7. 1 hour ago, Stevedave said:


    I read the book a few years ago after hearing it was the inspiration for The Thing. Didn't disappoint. 


    I think Tom Cruise (cunt) tried to get involved and that stopped development at one point. Does he have to try and insert himself in every single leading role!? let other actors have a go ffs. Pisses me off. I still think Edge of Tomorrow would have been 10x better without him. 


    Tom Cruise was part of the movie. He signed on with Del Toro directing and James Cameron producing. It was Universal that killed it. They were in pre-production when the studio decided a 150 million dollar R-rated horror movie was too risky... They demanded it be PG-13 and Del Toro walked. The movie collapsed.


    Universal got their Tom Cruise starring PG-13 horror a few years later with THE MUMMY... It sucked and killed their "DARK UNIVERSE" franchise stone dead.


  8. I put most of the logic problems on Krasinski. He completely butchered the original script. Used maybe 30% of it and restructured it entirely. For the record, I think he directed the fuck out of what he was left with. But agree with those who couldn't get past the crappy world building and stupidity of the characters.

  9. Man. I think we need Indy fighting Nazis again.


    My idea would be to do a 60s set sci-fi adventure. It would open with Indy stealing a holy relic from Hitler’s lost art collection, held in a private museum in the Swiss Alps. He would return the relic to Washington when it would be revealed to be a fake. It's really the key to nazi rat line. A map leading to a bunch of real surviving nazis living in exile in South Africa and thought to be close to completing an unfinished nazi weapons project developed in WW2.


    The yanks had heard about it from paperclip scientists. Something known...only as “Die Glocke” but until recently did not believe it existed. Mixing advanced and occult technologies, the device is said to be capable of controlling time itself. The nazis believe they’ll be able to use it to go back to the 1930s and change the outcome of the war and allow the Third Reich to reign supreme.


    Indy, of course, thinks they’re delusional. He’s seen crazier shit than most… But time travel? The Americans don’t need him to believe it. Just find it. A group of black South African mercenaries will do the rest. Led by their enigmatic female leader. The last thing they want is more racist fuckers in control around the world.


    So Indy heads off to South Africa, pretending to be a wealthy German businessman… trying to find his way “home” to his fellow nazis. There are all kinds of fun and games before they eventually find the secret nazi hide out where tests are being done with the “Die Glocke”. Young prisoners are sent into a room with the activated device and come out seconds later looking like shriveled dying old men.


    Our big bad guy is not an evil old nazi but a young genius American physicist. An alt-right prick. He sees no difference with what he’s doing working with the exiled nazis to make greater discoveries to what the US are doing working with Nazis scientists to put a man in space. They’re are all just searching for answers. But the scientist is having problems. The device is not working as expected. It’s localizing the time displacement. It’s changing time in the vicinity of the device rather than sending the people themselves back in time. People are growing older before their eyes…. Indie sees it happen and shrugs. He’s seen this kinda thing before… It never ends well for Nazi scum…


    So… erm… there are complications. Indy is betrayed at some point and ends up captured in time for the bad guy to have figured out the problem with the device. But they need to test it first. Might as well use their new prisoner. They put Indy in in the device, assuming he will die with the rest of them, when the south Africans Mercs arrive to save the day…


    They take out the big bad guy and the nazis… but its too late for Indy. He’s already in the device and it’s gone past the point of no return…. But for the first time…  the device works. They look on in wonder as rather than aging before their eyes, the already old as fuck Indy… begins to get younger, the decades falling away (to reveal a recast YOUNG INDY) when with a blast of light he disappears. The South Africans realize they were too late… destroy the device and get out of there…


    In Washington word comes through the mission is complete but Indiana Jones never made it… A small state funeral is held… People will never know what he did for his country... Or the world.


    Fade to black:


    Then fade up again…


    Reveal the year. It’s 1936 and with a blast of blinding light, in the middle of a farm in rural South Africa… A farmer finds a young man unconscious on the ground. He wakes up and the farmer hands him his dropped hat… We may not recognize his face but we know the man.


    This is our rebooted Indiana Jones. Back in 1936 and ready for a bunch more adventures around the world!


    Okay. I realize none of this makes a lick of sense. But I’m avoiding real work. What do you want from me?


    Oh yeah. The title? Let’s call it: INDIANA JONES AND THE RISE OF THE BLACK SUN.

  10. I was so looking forward to this flick... And found it all a bit underwhelming.


    I was shocked at how much it felt like all the other Marvel flicks. I was expecting more of a departure. Ultimately it felt a lot like all the other marvel origin movies but rather than a fun/interesting hero fighting a bland characterless dark mirror image of himself, we have a bland characterless hero fighting a fun/interesting mirror image of himself.



    Can anyone explain what the bad guys plan was for the first hour of the movie? By the end it looked like he just needed to  bring gollum to africa like some kind of returning hero. So why did he fuck about with the heist at the museum and all the korea shit? Why didn't he bonk Gollum on the head in the opening scene? Did I miss something?














  11. i used to  ask the same question about the music industry getting a free pass.


    Around the time it felt like every other DJ or a Top of the Pops presenter was being accused of banging a 15 year old in 1976. At that same time pretty much every rock and roll star you can think off was doing ten times worse every night of the week. I used to think it was purely down to money. Someone like Mick Jagger can shit out 200 grand of hush money every other month for the rest of his life. Freddie Starr has no choice but to face the music...


    But now Hollywood is in the thick of it and movie stars and directors with real money are going down too. So it can't just be that... God knows.


    This is a weird one... But maybe it's also down to the fact that a lot of the groupie stuff... The kids at the time didn't see it as "abuse". They were just as predatory in getting what they wanted out of the experience (shagging an idol of theirs) as the rock stars were. Doesn't make it legal and doesn't make it right. But would explain why a bunch of 60 year olds are not coming forward saying they were abused.

  12. Here's my list for the year.


    I'm gonna do the annual rewatch of the LORD OF THE RINGS movies today and take Niece and Nephew to see Jumanji this week, so there's a few more to add.


    366 movies watch in all. That works out about 108 movies in the (c)inema  (A good 20+ less than last year) About the same number  of new movies on bluray/vod and then the rest are just (r)epeat viewings. Been so busy with work this year that at the end of the day I've found myself putting on some old crappy movie ive seen before rather than trying to catch up with classics I've never seen... Gonna try and switch that up this year.


    1. Silence (c)
    2. Assassin's Creed (c)
    3. Birth Of a Nation (r)
    4. Tombstone (r)
    5. Wyatt Earp
    6. Underworld (r)
    7. Underworld: Evolution (r)
    8. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (r)
    9. Underworld: Awakening
    10. Denial
    11. A Monster Calls (c)
    12. Twelve Monkeys (c) (r)
    13. Collateral Beauty (c)
    14. Donnie Darko (c)
    15. Inception (r)
    16. La La Land (c)
    17. Dracula
    18. Bright Lights
    19. Boy A (r)
    20. The Nanny
    21. Christine
    22. The Crazies (r)
    23. The Last of the Mohicans DC (r)
    24. Aliens DC (r)
    25. Hidden Figures
    26. The Mummy
    27. Moonlight
    28. Underworld: Blood Wars (c)
    29. Manchester By The Sea (c)
    30. Leviathan
    31. A Monster Calls (c, r)
    32. Live by Night (c)
    33. The Curse of Frankenstein
    34. Quatermass And The Pit
    35. Picnic At Hanging Rock
    36. The Revenge of Frankenstein
    37. Deepstar Six
    38. Split (c)
    39. XXX: Return of Xander Cage (c)
    40. Goodfellas (r)
    41. Looper (r)
    42. Jackie (c)
    43. Thirteen Days (r)
    44. Hoosiers (r)
    45. The Devil Rides Out
    46. Hacksaw Ridge (c)
    47. Trainspotting 2 (c)
    48. Awake
    49. The Evil of Frankenstein
    50. Son of a Gun
    51. Resident Evil (r)
    52. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (r)
    53. Resident Evil: Extinction (r)
    54. Resident Evil: Afterlife (r)
    55. Resident Evil: Retribution
    56. Lion (c)
    57. Gold (c)
    58. Out of Sight (r)
    59. The Limey (r)
    60. Erin Brockovich (r)
    61. Traffic (r)
    62. Solaris (r)
    63. The Informant (r)
    64. Contagion (r)
    65. Haywire (r)
    66. Side Effect (r)
    67. Turkish Delight
    68. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
    69. Scanners (c)
    70. Tremors (r)
    71. Tremors 2: Aftershock (r)
    72. Tremors 3: Back to Perfection
    73. Tremors 4: The Legend Begins
    74. Tremors 5: Bloodlines
    75. Frankenstein Created Woman
    76. The Great Wall (c)
    77. John Wick 2
    78. The Long Good Friday
    79. Frailty (r)
    80. A Simple Plan (r)
    81. A Cure For Wellness (c)
    82. The Founder (c)
    83. Logan (c)
    84. Videodrome (c)
    85. Edge of Tomorrow (r)
    86. Fist Fight (c)
    87. Patriots Day (c)
    88. Kong: Skull Island (c)
    89. Lego Batman (c)
    90. Prisoners (r)
    91. Maniac
    92. Kiss the Girls (r)
    93. Along Came A Spider (r)
    94. The Bone Collector (r)
    95. Frenzy (r)
    96. Peeping Tom
    97. Get Out (c)
    98. Beauty and the Beast (c)
    99. Personal Shopper (c)
    100. The Thomas Crown Affair.
    101. Miss Sloane
    102. Power Rangers (c)
    103. Lost City of Z (c)
    104. Life
    105. Ghost in the Shell
    106. Invisible Agent
    107. The Discovery
    108. The Man in the White Suit
    109. The Lavender Hill Mob
    110. Going in Style (c)
    111. The Belko Experiment
    112. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
    113. Unforgettable (c)
    114. Starship Troopers
    115. Showgirls
    116. Guardians of the Galaxy (c)
    117. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 (c)
    118. Nighthawks
    119. The Void
    120. A Dark Song
    121. Bye Bye Man
    122. Sleepless (c)
    123. Alien: Covenant
    124. Sinister (r)
    125. Universal Soldier (r)
    126. Colossal (c)
    127. Logan (r)
    128. Free Fire
    129. Sphere (r)
    130. P.O.T.C: Curse of the Black Pearl
    131. Wonder Woman (c)
    132. Footloose
    133. Hounds Of Love
    134. Aftermath
    135. The Mummy (c)
    136. Wonder Woman (c)
    137. My Name is Lenny
    138. Transformers: The Last Knight (c)
    139. Gifted (c)
    140. P.O.T.C: Dead Man's Chest (r)
    141. Baby Driver (c)
    142. Raw
    143. P.O.T.C: At World's End (r)
    144. P.O.T.C: On Stranger Tides (r)
    145. Three Men and a Baby (r)
    146. Three Men and a Little Lady (r)
    147. Jawbone
    148. The Riot Club (r)
    149. After Hours
    150. Spider-Man: Homecoming (c)
    151. Predator (r)
    152. Predator 2 (r)
    153. Predators (r)
    154. The Eyes Of My Mother
    155. The Circle
    156. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (r)
    157. War of the Planet of the Apes (c)
    158. Creep (r)
    159. Severance (r)
    160. Triangle (r)
    161. Black Death (r)
    162. Get Santa (r)
    163. Detour
    164. Shut In
    165. Condorman
    166. Adult Life Skills
    167. Sleight
    168. Pilgrimage
    169. Dunkirk (c)
    170. F/X (r)
    171. F/X 2: The Deadly Art of Illusion (r)
    172. Trespass
    173. The Running Man (r)
    174. No Escape (r)
    175. Fortress (r)
    176. Aliens vs Predator (r)
    177. Speed (r)
    178. Valerian (c)
    179. King Kong (r)
    180. Little Monsters (r)
    181. Phone Booth (r)
    182. Cape Fear 62
    183. Cape Fear 91 (r)
    184. Black Hawk Down (r)
    185. Escape From Alcatraz
    186. Atomic Blonde (c)
    187. It Follows (r)
    188. The Craft (r)
    189. The Wedding Singer (r)
    190. Annabelle: Creation (c)
    191. Arlington Road (r)
    192. Security
    193. Shot Caller
    194. The Cable Guy (r)
    195. Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl
    196. City of Tiny Lights
    197. Nerve
    198. Road Trip (r)
    199. American Pie (r)
    200. American Pie 2 (r)
    201. The Hitman's Bodyguard (c)
    202. Assault on Precinct 13 (c)
    203. Prince of Darkness (c)
    204. Christine (c)
    205. Night Moves
    206. Hardcore
    207. Lone Survivor (r)
    208. The Dark Tower (c)
    209. Unforgiven (r)
    210. Old School (r)
    211. Plains, Trains & Automobiles (r)
    212. Berlin Syndrome
    213. Sleepless in Seattle
    214. You've Got Mail
    215. Death Note
    216. Rough Night
    217. American Made (c)
    218. Terminator 2 3D (c)
    219. Cujo
    220. Lucky Logan (c)
    221. The Blue Brothers
    222. Cars 3 (c)
    223. Bad Boys (r)
    224. It Comes At Night
    225. Icarus
    226. El Mariachi (r)
    227. Desperado (r)
    228. Dunkirk (imax)
    229. The Verdict
    230. The Big Sick
    231. Runaway Jury (r)
    232. IT (c)
    233. Girls Trip (c)
    234. Michael Clayton (r)
    235. Inconceivable
    236. Unlocked
    237. My Cousin Rachel
    238. Fight Club (r)
    239. Arachnobophia
    240. mother! (c)
    241. POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    242. Overboard (r)
    243. Close Encounters Of The Kind (c)
    244. KINGSMAN: The Secret Service (r)
    245. About Time (r)
    246. KINGSMAN: The Golden Circle (c)
    247. In The Line Of Fire (r)
    248. Top Gun (r)
    249. Warrior (r)
    250. Young Frankenstein (c)
    251. Gerald’s Game
    252. Cult of Chucky
    253. Scrooge (1935)
    254. A Christmas Carol (1938)
    255. American Assassin (c)
    256. Jerry Maguire (r)
    257. About A Boy (r)
    258. Bridesmaids (r)
    259. Almost Famous (r)
    260. Blade Runner (r)
    261. Blade Runner 2049 (c)
    262. Trench 11 (c)
    263. Freehold (c)
    264. 68 Kill (c)
    265. Better Watch Out (c)
    266. The Mountain Between Us (c)
    267. Flatliners (c)
    268. The Wolf of Wall Street (r)
    269. Crimson Tide (r)
    270. The Hangover (r)
    271. Black Sea (r)
    272. The Babysitter
    273. Brawl on Cell Block 99
    274. Scream (r)
    275. Scream 2 (r)
    276. Scream 3 (r)
    277. The Mothman Prophecies (r)
    278. The Great Outdoors (R)
    279. The Abyss (r)
    280. The Snowman (c)
    281. The Hangover 2 (r)
    282. One False Move (r)
    283. Sling Blade (r)
    284. The Gift (r)
    285. Book Of Henry
    286. A Simple Plan (r)
    287. The Hangover 3 (r)
    288. The Blob
    289. Thor: Ragnarok (c)
    290. Dr. No (r)
    291. Saw (r)
    292. Saw II (r)
    293. Saw III (r)
    294. Saw IV (r)
    295. Saw V (r)
    296. Saw VI (r)
    297. Saw VII (r)
    298. Wheelman
    299. The Crush
    300. 1922
    301. Jigsaw (c)
    302. Happy Death Day (c)
    303. The Death of Stalin (c)
    304. Thor: Ragnarok (c)
    305. Lethal Weapon (r)
    306. I Love You Man
    307. The Debt
    308. Geostorm (c)
    309. Murder on the Orient Express (c)
    310. Lethal Weapon 2 (r)
    311. Lethal Weapon 3 (r)
    312. Lethal weapon 4 (r)
    313. School of Rock (r)
    314. Extreme Measures
    315. Paddington (r)
    316. The Florida Project (c)
    317. Paddington 2 (c)
    318. Mayhem
    319. The Firm (r)
    320. Rock Star (r)
    321. A Bad Moms Christmas (c)
    322. Only The Brave (c)
    323. Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond
    324. Creep
    325. Creep 2
    326. Super Dark Times
    327. Justice League (c)
    328. Elizabeth (r)
    329. Elizabeth: The Golden Age (r)
    330. Couples Retreat (c)
    331. Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World (c)
    332. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    333. Daddy’s Home 2 (c)
    334. David Brent: Life on the Road (r)
    335. The Adams Family (r)
    336. The Adams Family Values (r)
    337. Ingrid Goes West
    338. Get Shorty (r)
    339. Be Cool (c)
    340. Kidnap
    341. Swimfan
    342. The Meyerowitz Stories
    343. Mudbound
    344. 88 Minutes
    345. Slumber
    346. The Santa Clause
    347. The Santa Clause 2
    348. The Santa Clause 3
    349. Fred Clause
    350. In Bruges (r)
    351. Changing Lanes (r)
    352. Krampus (r)
    353. The Holiday (r)
    354. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
    355. Reindeer Games (r)
    356. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (r)
    357. The Disaster Artist (c)
    358. The Man Who Invented Christmas (c)
    359. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (c)
    360. The Foreigner
    361. Bright
    362. The Night Before (r)
    363. Home Alone (r)
    364. Home Alone 2 (r)
    365. Jumanji 2 (c)
    366. The Last Jedi (r)

  13. It's far from perfect but I thought it was a ton of fun.


    super derivative in plot and structure. It really is just ALIEN NATION meets TRAINING DAY/END OF WATCH but Smith is great and the fantasy elements were novel enough to make it stand out.


    I loved how it's photographed too. Maybe it's a taste thing, but this is a really good looking movie.


    I'd love to see more movies set in this world.

  14. I loved this movie. It was not at all what i expected it to be.


    Less a Jackie Chan action movie than it is a Tom Clancy style thriller but done on a more personal level. lt's the exact kind of movie we rarely get in the cinema these days. Brosnan is fantastic in it and I loved seeing Chan go full FIRST BLOOD for a huge chunk of it.


    I''m gutted this didn't get a cinema release.  I would love to have seen it up on the big screen..

  15. He was nominated for Best Director at the academy awards last year and is starring in an 80 million dollar family comedy for Paramount this year. I'm not sure how much more progress Gibson needs to make to get back. He's back.


    Don't get me wrong. I think he's broken as a movie star.I'm not sure he will ever be seen as that charming lovable dude again. That's long gone. That's why I say you bring back crazy Riggs. Bring back this guy.


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