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  1. I can't believe Cameron let them ALIEN 3, T2. He owes Fincher an apology. I was enjoying the first half hour or so. The action felt bright and clean and visceral. It was rushing a bit, felt like they could have spent an extra ten minutes setting up Dani's character and seeing the terminator/protector searching a little more to find her. But I was going with it... But then I think the movie just completely shits the bed. With the bad guy just turning up out of nowhere the second the character finish their exposition. HE'S HERE! No build up. No tension. Just crashing da
  2. I'd rather see a sequel than a tv series... But if ya doing a tv show I'd make it a prequel and keep it canon with the original movie. Stick with all the tech and visual designs of the 90s. Rather than going the Star Wars/Aliens route of having more advanced tech in the past. Make is a story about the Event Horizon's original mission and follow the crew as they first activate the drive and find themselves in another dimension. This new place seducing them rather than terrifying them until they eventually realise they're in a place that has links to more ancient evil and have to esc
  3. Man, they've been working on this flick for what seems like two decades and after all that time and all of the different versions they ended up with this... It looks terrible. Doesn't help that it also looks like it was shot on an iphone with that high frame rate shite. It also seems to have been a mistake not going the marvel route and de-aging/morphing with a real actor. They shot all his younger parts in motion capture, AVATAR style then created the character in the computer. That's a fully CG Will Smith. Weird.
  4. Remember when making a hit movie meant you got to go make something original? Now it means you get to lock yourself into the best part of a decade of making the same movie over and over again. I'll never get excited about seeing talented filmmakers lost to franchise bubbles. It's depressing and this is from a fan of the franchise. Remember when Cruise was swapping directors, making each one something different?
  5. I only managed 76 movies in the cinema this year. My lowest number in a decade. Doesn't help that my once glorious local Cineworld has transformed itself into a fucking hell hole of gimmick screens (screenX, superscreens, 4dx) and pretty much scrapped all weekday morning showings. I ended doubling down and watching a right load of shite at home this year. Very few new watches. After a day of work I just found myself rewatching old 80/90s movies. Anyway. I'm sure there will be a handful more before the year is out. but right now I'm at 449 for the year. 1. The Ghoul
  6. Saw this at the cinema last night. It's just a big bonkers rock solid b-tier DIE HARD knock off. If you're like me and enjoy shit like SUDDEN DEATH, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. It's way more fun than shit like SKY SCRAPER and was made for a tenth of the budget. I'd love to see more (british) movies like it in cinemas. Shame it's on so few screens. For the record... We pitched and came pretty close to writing this movie. I should be bitter as fuck and hate it for that fact alone... But they won me over. So yeah. I'd say it is worth checking out.
  7. PROMETHEUS went into production like a year later at a similar budget level and with a very similar plot. It made about the same amount at the box office as THE MUMMY did. They should have just made Del toro's flick when they had the chance...
  8. Tom Cruise was part of the movie. He signed on with Del Toro directing and James Cameron producing. It was Universal that killed it. They were in pre-production when the studio decided a 150 million dollar R-rated horror movie was too risky... They demanded it be PG-13 and Del Toro walked. The movie collapsed. Universal got their Tom Cruise starring PG-13 horror a few years later with THE MUMMY... It sucked and killed their "DARK UNIVERSE" franchise stone dead.
  9. Yeah, I'm not sure if there are articles out there. I just read the original draft when it sold last year.
  10. I put most of the logic problems on Krasinski. He completely butchered the original script. Used maybe 30% of it and restructured it entirely. For the record, I think he directed the fuck out of what he was left with. But agree with those who couldn't get past the crappy world building and stupidity of the characters.
  11. It's better than what ended up on screen. But not by much. It's still hampered by the terrible story Lucas handed him.
  12. Man. I think we need Indy fighting Nazis again. My idea would be to do a 60s set sci-fi adventure. It would open with Indy stealing a holy relic from Hitler’s lost art collection, held in a private museum in the Swiss Alps. He would return the relic to Washington when it would be revealed to be a fake. It's really the key to nazi rat line. A map leading to a bunch of real surviving nazis living in exile in South Africa and thought to be close to completing an unfinished nazi weapons project developed in WW2. The yanks had heard about it from paperclip scientists. Someth
  13. I was so looking forward to this flick... And found it all a bit underwhelming. I was shocked at how much it felt like all the other Marvel flicks. I was expecting more of a departure. Ultimately it felt a lot like all the other marvel origin movies but rather than a fun/interesting hero fighting a bland characterless dark mirror image of himself, we have a bland characterless hero fighting a fun/interesting mirror image of himself.
  14. i used to ask the same question about the music industry getting a free pass. Around the time it felt like every other DJ or a Top of the Pops presenter was being accused of banging a 15 year old in 1976. At that same time pretty much every rock and roll star you can think off was doing ten times worse every night of the week. I used to think it was purely down to money. Someone like Mick Jagger can shit out 200 grand of hush money every other month for the rest of his life. Freddie Starr has no choice but to face the music... But now Hollywood is in the thick of it an
  15. Here's my list for the year. I'm gonna do the annual rewatch of the LORD OF THE RINGS movies today and take Niece and Nephew to see Jumanji this week, so there's a few more to add. 366 movies watch in all. That works out about 108 movies in the (c)inema (A good 20+ less than last year) About the same number of new movies on bluray/vod and then the rest are just (r)epeat viewings. Been so busy with work this year that at the end of the day I've found myself putting on some old crappy movie ive seen before rather than trying to catch up with classics I've never seen...
  16. It's far from perfect but I thought it was a ton of fun. super derivative in plot and structure. It really is just ALIEN NATION meets TRAINING DAY/END OF WATCH but Smith is great and the fantasy elements were novel enough to make it stand out. I loved how it's photographed too. Maybe it's a taste thing, but this is a really good looking movie. I'd love to see more movies set in this world.
  17. I loved this movie. It was not at all what i expected it to be. Less a Jackie Chan action movie than it is a Tom Clancy style thriller but done on a more personal level. lt's the exact kind of movie we rarely get in the cinema these days. Brosnan is fantastic in it and I loved seeing Chan go full FIRST BLOOD for a huge chunk of it. I''m gutted this didn't get a cinema release. I would love to have seen it up on the big screen..
  18. I was not a fan. Huge chunks of it didn't really feel like Star Wars to me. All the space stuff felt more like Star Trek or Battlestar. Too much time spend with characters we don't care about. It only really started to feel like Star Wars in the last half hour... then if fluffed the ending. There's some baffling choice made here. A couple of simple changes could have fixed everything.
  19. Apparently he knocked up January Jones on the set of FIRST CLASS. He was (and still is) married to Claudia Schiffer at the time...
  20. He was nominated for Best Director at the academy awards last year and is starring in an 80 million dollar family comedy for Paramount this year. I'm not sure how much more progress Gibson needs to make to get back. He's back. Don't get me wrong. I think he's broken as a movie star.I'm not sure he will ever be seen as that charming lovable dude again. That's long gone. That's why I say you bring back crazy Riggs. Bring back this guy.
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