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  1. This was my idea for a BEVERLY HILLS COP 4 We open in some dark and grimy derelict factory. Steam gushes from broken pipes. Water dripping from fuck knows where. A major drug deal is going down between two groups of bad guys, when someone there is suspected of being an undercover cop. Weapons are raised and tension grows. One good looking guy with a smart mouth tries to calm them all down when ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. A gunfight ensues and the place is blown to bits. That's when we reveal this is not a real drug deal but a MOVIE SET. The good looking guy is TYLER GIBSON. The worlds biggest movie star. He looks up and asks how he did. But he's not asking the director. That's right. He's asking AXEL FOLEY. 35 years since the first movie, he now has the cushiest job in the LAPD. Special Advisor to movie studios. He gets to sit around on movie sets being the wise ass fast talker he always was, but now he's working with the rich and famous rather than violent criminals. An assistant tells him he has a call from JEFFERY (Paul Reiser) still a detective in Detroit. Busy talking to Tyler, Axel says he'll call back later. Tyler tells Axel he thinks he needs to come on some kind of ride along. See real police work. The movie is not authentic enough. Axel says he'll set something up... Later Axel meets with BILLY, now the head of the LAPD and asks about any on going cases he could bring Tyler on. Billy shoots him down. It's not safe. Axel explains Tyler is so rich he'll bring his own army of security with him. There'll be no danger. It's then that Billy hits Axel with the truth. It's not safe for Axel either. He's too old and slow. Not fit for this stuff any more... Axel knows it's true. He has become the very “Beverly Hills Cop” he made fun of all those years ago. The next day, Axel remembers to call back Jeffrey in Detroit but is sucker punched to find out his old friend is dead. He's been murdered... Leaving only a cryptic message for his old friend... Axel has no choice to head back home and find out what happened. So that is our set up. We're going to tell another fish out of water story. A BEVERLY HILLS COP in down town Detroit. A world Axel no longer knows, where budget cuts mean cops are working long hours with shitty equipment and gangs rule the streets. Axel arranges a meeting with current Captain of the Detroit PD and is told that the murder is being investigated and he has his top detective on it. Axel wants to help but is told to leave. Last thing the captain needs is prize pony of the Beverly Hills police department getting hurt here in his precinct. He says thanks but no thanks and to get the fuck out of his town. Axel is not going to give up that easily, and begins to investigate the murder himself. Along the way he will bump into stressed out detective ELLISA (Rosario Dawson) working the case and hitting brick wall after brick wall. Ellisa grew up and still lives on these streets and knows the city like the back of her hand. Very much the cop Axel was 30 years earlier. She does not need his help and she too tells him to leave. Axel tries to figure out who killed Jeffrey and why. Why did he call him? Did he need his help? Axel will not only run into old friends and foes on the streets he once lived and worked, he will realise how much worse a things are out here than even he remembers. He will end up working with Ellisa and finding out about the local politician buying up property all over the city and using gang violence to clear the places he can't get his hands on. Ellisa knows he had Jeffrey killed but nobody will speak to the cops... They don't have the resources or the man power required to take this rich dude down. Soon he will own Detroit and run it like his own private kingdom. Our guys eventually find evidence and want to raid his base of operations... But that's when they hit another brick wall. The crooked Detroit captain wont authorise the raid. No Detroit cop will dare go up against the big bad guy. But that's when Axel reminds them of what he keeps being told.. he ain't a Detroit cop any more. So Axel and Ellisa go it alone... But without back up, what will they do? Cut to the final raid where Axel and Ellisa find themselves backed up by a badass team of special operators.. Who the hell are these guys? That's when we reveal the good looking move star TYLER GIBSON. Dressed as a bad ass swat type character and thinking this is a ride alone to help with his character. The badass special operators are his private security. Axel uses them as a Trojan horse, never really here to engage with bad guys but to scare them into thinking it's a raid. This leaves Axel and Ellisa to take down the big bad while Tyler gets to think he played badass, when in reality he was never in danger. Case solved and bad guys dead/arrested. Tyler offers to fly Axel back to LA on his private jet to start working on new scenes for the movie. Axel turns him down. He's a Detroit cop. He started that way he will finish that way. He'll stick around help fix the city he abandoned. Cue freeze frame, title song. The end. So yeah. That’s it I guess. I'd call it: THE BEVERLY HILLS COP
  2. "A recon gyrene in an Avatar body... that's a potent mix! Gives me the goosebumps!" Looks like Quaritch is about to find out for himself.
  3. Yes. Miller had the idea in the late 80s but couldn't get funding. It took him literally 25 years to get it made. But the original had even less cultural awareness. Because it didn't exist. It was even worse. It was brand new and people were making fun of the blue cat people and that they spent so much on it and cameron has been gone for a decade since titanic and it was all going to be a disaster. And it was still the biggest movie of all time. So let's assume we're back to square one with a movie that looks silly that nobody cares about. That the filmmaker wasted a decade making. We're in the exact same position except now, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people saw the original and will recognise it when the full might of Disney marketing plasters it on every available surface and screen on earth to let you know it's back. I just don't get how anyone can not see this is gonna be fuckin mega.
  4. Go watch FURY ROAD. Man I've yet to see the new AVATAR trailer but how can any movie fan not be excited for this flick??? One of the greatest filmmakers of all time known for making some of the best sequels of all time convinced a studio to give him over half a billion and a decade to fuck off into his own imagination to make sequels to the biggest original movie of all time (that he also made and that people said would be a disaster) and the same people now have the balls to say nobody will want to see the results. It's bonkers. I can't fuckin wait to see what this lunatic has been cooking up.
  5. There are 146 new “original” Christmas movies released this year between Hallmark/Lifetime and all the streamers. It's nuts.
  6. The movie plays like the first big budget hollywood production of a GARTH MARENGHI book.
  7. Despin

    Creed 2

    Looks like CREED 3 is happening without Stallone... I wonder if they'll kill him off screen. Still think the ROCKY funeral scene from my idea for CREED 2 would have been a perfect end to an iconic character. Oh well...
  8. They should have him fighting vampires in this one. Spin this bonkers series off into the supernatural.
  9. I can't believe Cameron let them ALIEN 3, T2. He owes Fincher an apology. I was enjoying the first half hour or so. The action felt bright and clean and visceral. It was rushing a bit, felt like they could have spent an extra ten minutes setting up Dani's character and seeing the terminator/protector searching a little more to find her. But I was going with it... But then I think the movie just completely shits the bed. With the bad guy just turning up out of nowhere the second the character finish their exposition. HE'S HERE! No build up. No tension. Just crashing dark, murkey CGI. I pretty much despised the last half hour when it goes full INDIANA JONES 4 with people being able to survive anything as long as they're wearing a seatbelt. Anyone else find it weird that they make such a big deal of the immigration angle but his has no bearing whatsoever to the rest of the plot? From the trailers I expected a comment on how the rich west is too connected to machines/internet and it made us easy targets. The new saviour would come from the "third world". Just something to bring it together a bit more. But then they have her come from mexico city. She might as well have come from LA again. It added nothing new. Also, who was the black dude she calls up for help? Did I miss something? People seem to be digging the flick and saying it's the third best... I think it's the worst one yet... The script was so bad... The "power source" thing at the end was laughable.
  10. I'd rather see a sequel than a tv series... But if ya doing a tv show I'd make it a prequel and keep it canon with the original movie. Stick with all the tech and visual designs of the 90s. Rather than going the Star Wars/Aliens route of having more advanced tech in the past. Make is a story about the Event Horizon's original mission and follow the crew as they first activate the drive and find themselves in another dimension. This new place seducing them rather than terrifying them until they eventually realise they're in a place that has links to more ancient evil and have to escape and warn mankind... which they do... but not before...you know... raping, eating and murdering each other in the process... I'd start out STAR TREK end up HELLRAISER.
  11. Man, they've been working on this flick for what seems like two decades and after all that time and all of the different versions they ended up with this... It looks terrible. Doesn't help that it also looks like it was shot on an iphone with that high frame rate shite. It also seems to have been a mistake not going the marvel route and de-aging/morphing with a real actor. They shot all his younger parts in motion capture, AVATAR style then created the character in the computer. That's a fully CG Will Smith. Weird.
  12. Remember when making a hit movie meant you got to go make something original? Now it means you get to lock yourself into the best part of a decade of making the same movie over and over again. I'll never get excited about seeing talented filmmakers lost to franchise bubbles. It's depressing and this is from a fan of the franchise. Remember when Cruise was swapping directors, making each one something different?
  13. I only managed 76 movies in the cinema this year. My lowest number in a decade. Doesn't help that my once glorious local Cineworld has transformed itself into a fucking hell hole of gimmick screens (screenX, superscreens, 4dx) and pretty much scrapped all weekday morning showings. I ended doubling down and watching a right load of shite at home this year. Very few new watches. After a day of work I just found myself rewatching old 80/90s movies. Anyway. I'm sure there will be a handful more before the year is out. but right now I'm at 449 for the year. 1. The Ghoul 2. The Searchers 3. Big Daddy (r) 4. Molly’s Game (c) 5. Call Me By Your Name (c) 6. The African Queen 7. The Maltese Falcon 8. Goon 9. Goon: Last of the Enforcers 10. A Matter of Life and Death 11. England is Mine 12. The Devils Candy 13. All The Money In The World (c) 14. Backdraft (r) 15. Cop Land (r) 16. The Island (r) 17. Brannigan 18. Insidious: The Last Key (c) 19. Darkest Hour (c) 20. Hostiles (c) 21. A Nightmare on Elm Street (c) 22. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (c) 23. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (r) 24. Bullet Head 25. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore 26. Nightmare of Elm Street 2010 27. Ricochet 28. The Commuter (c) 29. Heart Condition (r) 30. Downsizing (c) 31. The Corruptor (r) 32. Roman J. Israel, Esq 33. Their Finest 34. Notes on a Scandal (r) 35. Maze Runner: The Death Cure (c) 36. Enduring Love (r) 37. Sweet Virginia 38. The Cloverfield Paradox 39. Plunket & Mcleane (r) 40. A Perfect Murder 41. Den of Thieves (c) 42. Mimic (r) 43. The Devil’s Backbone (r) 44. Blade II (r) 45. Small Town Crime 46. The Ritual 47. Hellboy (r) 48. The Bad Batch 49. The Phantom Thread (c) 50. Pan’s Labyrinth (r) 51. Hellboy II The Golden Army (r) 52. Black Panther (c) 53. Pacific Rim (r) 54. Crimson Peak (r) 55. The Shape of Water (c) 56. Conspiracy Theory (r) 57. Battle of the Sexes 58. Executive Decision (r) 59. Frequency (r) 60. Welcome to the Jungle (r) 61. Heist (r) 62. Daybreakers (r) 63. Predestination 64. The Last Days On Mars 65. Misery (r) 66. Mute 67. A Futile and Stupid Gesture 68. Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story Of The National Lampoon 69. The Machinist (r) 70. My Cousin Vinny 71. Red Sparrow (c) 72. I, Tonya (c) 73. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (c) 74. Game Night (c) 75. Lady Bird (c) 76. The Ninth Gate (r) 77. Born Strong 78. Cold Skin 79. The Fly (r) 80. The Infiltrator 1995 81. Annihilation 82. Gringo (c) 83. You Were Never Really Here (c) 84. Family Business 85. The Last Jedi (r) 86. Confidence (r) 87. Allure 88. Furlough 89. Tomb Raider (c) 90. The Pallbearer 91. Breakdown (c) 92. The Firm (r) 93. The Score (r) 94. Cocktail (r) 95. Top Gun (r) 96. Days of Thunder (r) 97. Deja Vu (r) 98. Pacific Heights 99. Obsessed 100. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (r) 101. Sleeping with the Enemy (r) 102. The Fan (r) 103. Unlawful Entry 104. Fear 105. The Good Son 106. Lakeview Terrace 107. Pacific Rim: UPRISING (c) 108. Derailed (c) 109. Far and Away (c) 110. Spy Game (c) 111. Deceived 112. Ready Player One (c) 113. Unsane (c) 114. We’re no Angels 115. Final Analysis 116. Shattered 117. Sliver (r) 118. Vampires (r) 119. Ready Play One (c) 120. A Quiet Place (c) 121. Ghost Stories (c) 122. In The Mouth of Madness (r) 123. Jagged Edge 124. Armageddon (r) 125. Nuns on the Run 126. King Ralph (r) 127. Spinning Man 128. The Titan 129. 24 Hour to Live 130. Braven 131. Cliffhanger 132. The Relic 133. Spartan (r) 134. The Village (r) 135. Rocky III (r) 136. Dawn of the Dead (r) 137. Rocky IV (r) 138. Wild (r) 139. A Walk in the Woods 140. Rampage (c) 141. Wild Things (r) 142. Captain America: The First Avenger (r) 143. Iron Man (r) 144. Iron Man 2 (r) 145. iron Man 3 (r) 146. Captain America: Winter Soldier (r) 147. Goodbye Charlie Bright (r) 148. Captain America: Civil War (r) 149. Doctor Strange (r) 150. JFK (r) 151. Without A Paddle 152. The Wedding Singer 153. Hard Raid (r) 154. Avengers: Infinity War (c) 155. The Hunted (r) 156. Over the Top (r) 157. The Week Of 158. A Big Love Story 159. Broken Arrow (r) 160. The Business (r) 161. Goodfellas (r) 162. The Strangers 163. Men at Work (r) 164. The Strangers: Prey At Night (c) 165. Anon 166. Knocked Up (r) 167. Funny People (r) 168. Neighbors (r) 169. Neighbors 2: Soriety Rising (r) 170. The Matrix (r) 171. The Core (r) 172. Made (r) 173. Tully (c) 174. Black Panther (r) 175. This is 40 (4) 176. Rise of the Footsoldier 177. Rise of the Footsoldier 2 178. Rise of the Footsoldier 3 179. Knight and Day (r) 180. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (r) 181. Get him to the Greek (r) 182. Deadpool (r) 183. Deadpool 2 (c) 184. Habit 185. Crocodile Dundee (r) 186. Crocodile Dundee 2 (r) 187. Solo (c) 188. Revenge 189. In Darkness 190. Death Wish 191. Princess of Thieves 192. Solo (c) 193. The Hurricane Heist 194. I Love You Man (r) 195. Five Year Engagement 196. The Beach (r) 197. 50 First Dates 198. Narc (r) 199. Jurassic World (r) 200. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (c) 201. The Sitter (r) 202. Fool’s Gold (r) 203. Working Girl (r) 204. Private Parts (r) 205. Cocktail (r) 206. I Feel Pretty(c) 207. Hereditary (c) 208. The Hunt for Red October (r) 209. Patriot Games (r) 210. Clear and Present Danger (r) 211. The Bodyguard (r) 212. The Sum of all Fears 213. Blockers 214. Dirty Dancing (r) 215. Beverly Hills Cop (r) 216. Air America (r) 217. The Fourth Protocol 218. Sicario (r) 219. Sicario: Day of the Soldado (c) 220. Calibre 221. Tag (c) 222. The Devil Wears Prada (r) 223. Coyote Ugly (r) 224. The Secret of My Success 225. Top Gun (r) 226. Willow (r) 227. Pretty Women (r) 228. Set it Up 229. The First Purge (c) 230. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (r) 231. A Fish Called Wanda (r) 232. Three Days of the Condor 233. Talladega Nights (r) 234. Beirut 235. Point Break (r) 236. Step Brothers (r) 237. End of Days (r) 238. Road House (r) 239. End of Days (r) 240. The 6th Day (r) 241. Old School (r) 242. Timecop 243. Bridget Jones’s Diary (r) 244. The Way of The Gun (r) 245. Dodgeball (r) 246. Big (r) 247. Dumb and Dumber (r) 248. Kingpin (r) 249. Mission Impossible: Fallout (c) 250. There’s Something About Mary (r) 251. Mission Impossible: Fallout (c) 252. Shallow Hall (r) 253. Ant-Man and the Wasp (c) 254. First Reformed 255. Bad Samaritan 256. Stuck On You (r) 257. Bad Day for the Cut 258. Fever Pitch 259. The Heartbreak Kid (r) 260. Avengers: Infinity Wars (r) 261. Bad Day for the Cut 262. Entourage (r) 263. The Meg (c) 264. My Best Friend’s Wedding 265. Like Father 266. Upgrade 267. Cruel Intentions 268. Avengers: Infinity War (r) 269. Beast 270. The Big Picture 271. Terminator: Salvation (r) 272. Short Change (r) 273. Equalizer 2 (c) 274. Apt Pupil (r) 275. Gone Baby Gone (r) 276. Sex Tape 277. Hall Pass 278. The Spy Who Dumped Me (c) 279. The Internship (r) 280. Action Jackson 281. The Edge 282. Ghost and the Darkness 283. Horrible Bosses 284. Horrible Bosses 2 285. American Animals 286. Hot Tub Time Machine 287. Striking Distance 288. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 289. Searching (c) 290. The Debt Collector 291. The Nun (c) 292. Gattaca (r) 293. We’re the Millers 294. Final Score (c) 295. When We First Met 296. The Predator (c) 297. Metro (r) 298. Cocktail (c) 299. Boy 300. King of Thieves (c) 301. A League of Their Own (r) 302. The Break-Up (r) 303. Grown Ups 304. Grown Ups 2 305. Crazy Rich Asians (c) 306. A Simple Favour (c) 307. Lady in the Water (r) 308. About Time (r) 309. Mile 22 (c) 310. The House With the Clock in the Walls (c) 311. Desperate Measures 312. Identity Thief 313. Hold the Dark 314. An American Werewolf in London (r) 315. I Feel Pretty (r) 316. The Howling 317. The Haunting 1963 318. The Haunting 1999 319. The Omen (r) 320. Venom (c) 321. Operation Finale 322. The Omen II: Damian (r) 323. Mind the Gap 324. The Omen III: The Final Conflict 325. Mandy 326. The Omen 2006 (r) 327. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (r) 328. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (r) 329. Body Snatchers (r) 330. The Invasion (r) 331. Eighth Grade 332. Miracle 333. Hit & Run 334. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (r) 335. Pineapple Express (r) 336. A Star is Born (c) 337. Scream 1 (r) 338. Scream 2 (r) 339. Haunters: The Art of the Scare 340. Scream 3 (r) 341. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (r) 342. Cocktail (c) 343. Zack and Miri Make a Porno (r) 344. Working Girl (r) 345. Dirty Dancing (r) 346. Bad Times at the El Royale (c) 347. Halloween 2018 (c) 348. What Lies Beneath (r) 349. 30 Days of Night (r) 350. Days of Thunder (r) 351. Blackkklansman 352. Top Gun (r) 353. Ghostbusters (r) 354. Poltergeist (r) 355. The Frighteners (r) 356. The Monster Squad (r) 357. Explorers (r) 358. The Witches (r) 359. Jennifer’s Body (r) 360. Police Academy (r) 361. The Gift (r) 362. First Man (c) 363. A Simple Plan (r) 364. The Skeleton Key (r) 365. Neighbors (r) 366. A Private Life 367. When Harry Met Sally (r) 368. Slaughterhouse Rules (c) 369. 22 July 370. Widows (c) 371. The Outlaw King 372. The Blindside (r) 373. Neighbours (r) 374. Neighbours 2 (r) 375. The Pianist (r) 376. They Shall Not Grow Old (c) 377. Forrest Gump (r) 378. School of Rock (r) 379. Contact (r) 380. Overlord (c) 381. Rocky (r) 382. Rocky II (r) 383. Rocky III (r) 384. Rocky IV (r) 385. Head Full of Dreams 386. Rocky V (r) 387. Rocky Balboa (r) 388. The Girl in the Spider’s web (c) 389. Apollo 13 (r) 390. The Interview (r) 391. Groundhog Day (r) 392. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (r) 393. Christmas Chronicles 394. Paddington 2 (r) 395. Robin Hood (c) 396. The Client (r) 397. A Time to Kill (r) 398. The Chamber 399. The Pelican Brief (r) 400. Working Girl (r) 401. Creed II (c) 402. The Rainmaker (r) 403. The Gingerbread Man (r) 404. Runaway Jury (r) 405. After the Screaming Stops 406. Bodied 407. D-Tox (r) 408. The Ice Harvest (r) 409. Love Actually (r) 410. Man Up (r) 411. Uncle Buck (r) 412. War of the Roses 413. Ruthless People (r) 414. About a Boy (r) 415. Gremlins (r) 416. Turner & Hooch (r) 417. The Clovehitch Killer 418. A Christmas Carol 1999 419. Meet the Parents (r) 420. Meet the Fockers (r) 421. The Heartbreak Kid (r) 422. Miracle on 34th Street (r) 423. Cam 424. Bohemian Rhapsody (c) 425. Lethal Weapon (c) 426. Die Hard (c) 427. Aquaman (c) 428. Jingle all the Way (c) 429. Love Actually (c) 430. Old Man and the Gun (c) 431. Roma (c) 432. Elf (r) 433. Cocktail (r) 434. Pretty Woman (r) 435. L.A Confidential (r) 436. The Night Before (r) 437. Fahrenheit 11-9 438. Mid90s 439. Bird Box 440. White Boy Rick 441. Santa Claus: The Movie (r) 442. Serendipity 443. Good Will Hunting (r) 444. Gone Girl (r) 445. Raiders of the Lost Ark (r) 446. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (r) 447. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (r) 448. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (r) 449. Die Hard 2: Die Harder (r)
  14. Saw this at the cinema last night. It's just a big bonkers rock solid b-tier DIE HARD knock off. If you're like me and enjoy shit like SUDDEN DEATH, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. It's way more fun than shit like SKY SCRAPER and was made for a tenth of the budget. I'd love to see more (british) movies like it in cinemas. Shame it's on so few screens. For the record... We pitched and came pretty close to writing this movie. I should be bitter as fuck and hate it for that fact alone... But they won me over. So yeah. I'd say it is worth checking out.
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