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    A movie watchers blog

    Hey guys, dunno if this'd work really, but I thought we could just have one random thread where we can all just comment on whatever movie we've just watched. just as an ongoing conversation. kinda like the 'what are you doing right now' thread in off topic. if its a bad idea i'm sure it'll just die off but i like talking about the films i've just watched but dont neccessarily wanna start a new thread for every film. Just watched 'In the valley of Elah' which is Paul Haggis' follow up to Crash as Director. A lot of people had a million criticisms with Crash's manipulative script, racial stereotyping and moral bludgeoning. personally I thought it was an unsubtle and flawed movie with some astounding moments, most notably Matt Dillons performance. However, the thought of Haggis tackling Iraq filled me with dread so I didnt go see this at the cinema. Having watched it now though i am seriously impressed. Tommy Lee jones is just sublime as the arrogant and driven Father of a soldier who has gone AWOL after returning from iraq. the story takes us on a journey into the hearts of men who are trained to kill without thought or remorse, who are then brought back into the fold on soil where they are supposed to behave in a completely different manner. It nails it for me. the soldiers are all terrifically apathetic and cold, Tommy lee is intolerable of human failings "i cant sit here and listen to you cry" and simply wants the truth, which is ultimately what he finds. Seriously recommended to anyone who like TLJ, conspiracy movies or war movies. Its shot beautifully and the script is solid gold. Only wish i'd caught it earlier.
  2. kerraig UK

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    I have this Spotify playlist. Everyone I ever meet I get to give me one single song that they consider the most beautiful song they ever heard in their life. Only one choice. The playlist can be found here: Can you all give me one song each to add?
  3. kerraig UK

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Yep. It's just you buddy.
  4. kerraig UK

    Mystery Film

    Millers Crossing, Day of the Dead or Raising Arizona
  5. kerraig UK

    Battlefield V

    Details: No Season Pass Launch locations are France, Africa and Rottedam and North Africa desert Coop Mode called Combined Arms Single player War Stories return Fortifications are things like sand ags, trenches, tank stoppers. Only supports can build offensively defense fortifications such as machine guns, field cannons and are much faster at building everything. Predetermined areas to build such as at flags, can rebuild destroyed buildings Health bar is in stages, only regen up to closet stage not to 100 anymore Physical interactions - every action in the game requires a player interact for things like medkits, spotting, ammo, ledge grabbing (example: healing requires walking over to a health pack, character animation to pick it up, then start healing) No more HUD/map spotting, spotting is based on movement/changes around you Much less ammo on spawn, out of ammo after a few fights, but more ways to resupply ammo in the battlefield from packs, crates, or grabbing small amounts of ammo off of bodies (all requires physical interactions) Revive system has a full on animation, takes a few seconds to complete, no more revive trains, takes time to complete Ragdolls are server side, can now drag a downed player's body elsewhere Any class can do a squad revive, takes longer than a medic revive, does not give full health points Can call for help when down such as in the trailer Ragdolls (player bodies) effect the environment, push down grass etc. Gunplay completely changed No more visual recoil Each gun has a unique recoil pattern that can be learned and mastered Bipods easier to use and setup Bullet penetration through thin wood, sheet metal, walls Movement change, can now dive froward, backward, left and right similar to R6 Siege prone system Diving has a delay to prevent dolphin diving Crouch sprinting is in the game Can burst out of widows and commando roll, no destroying windows first Can catch, throwback or shoot grenades Less grenades because less ammo Can tow items in the game with vehicles such as previously stationary anti-air guns, teammate can use an anti-air gun while you tow it with a vehicle For example, can drive a tiger tank towing a field cannon behind it or a truck towing ammo crate to resupply teammates on the front line Destruction explodes inwards or outwards based on where the destruction happens. Throw a grenade inside of the building? The explosion sends things outside of it. Outside of it? Breaks inwards. Tank driving into a building slowly destroys a building, walls slowly crack/fall, not instant Heavily focused on squad play, instant placed in squad when joining a game New squad spawning system, squad deploy system that shows what squad mates are doing in third person in real time before the tactical map screen, so spawning on squad is kicker than spawning on tactical map screen Since squad spawning/deploying is faster than tactical map, squad wipes are serious Squads accumulate points that can be spent on "squad call-ins", only squad leader can spend them in Squad Call-ins are V1 or JB2 rockets as seen in the trailer, supply drops with ammo/health, a smoke barrage, heavy weapon pickups (not hero kits), squad only vehicles such as Churchill crocodile flamethrower tank or the Sturm tiger Elite classes are gone Behemoths are gone Large, non-fatal explosions can knock a player over Four classes are back: assault, medic, scout, support Create a solider, add them to a company of soldiers, then can customize things like gender, face look, face paint, outfit, accessories, etc. and assign them a class archtype Class archetypes highly customization Can be an assault that specializes in anti-tank or anti-infantry only, or a mix of both, etc. Highly specialized archetypes called exotics such as a recon paratrooper, stealthy short-range behind enemy lines person who uses a suppressed SMG and silent gadgets like pistols and garrotes comes with silent footsteps and throwing knives Can change and add specialization trees such as agility, flak armor, suppressive resistance The more you play a class more you get more specializations/archetypes within said class Same system for guns, pick a gun, level it up, unlock specializations and making gameplay choices in a skill tree on that gun Specializations are the only thing that affects how a gun plays or feels (ex: bipod) Five-seven elements to change on a gun to make it your own (stocks, sights, muzzles, chassis, skins, leaves on the front, cloth on back, straps, etc). Gameplay and visual customization is SEPARATE. Look of weapon is just visual without impacting gameplay, specialization is what determines how the gun plays/feels. Same system for vehicles and planes Asymmetric vehicles for teams, (ex: one team might get a big slow tank that does lot of damage, other team gets a small fast tank that does light damage) Grand Operations gamemode, each day is a full match, always advance to the next day GOs have different objectives per day Success or failure in GO days have visual and gameplay impact Day 4 only has a chance to happen if there isn't a clear winner from previous days Day 4 is last stand, limited ammo, no respawns, whoever lives to the end wins Coop mode, combined arms with a dynamic mission creator/AI that sits between SP/MP as a creative sandbox Soldiers created for a company can be used in both coop and MP, parity No news on suppression yet, uncertain if in game All logic in game is server side, not client side so changes to systems do not require a patch Promises of more communication between devs and community, roadmaps, etc. New content is called Tides of war, daily/weekly/monthly challenges with overarching chapters and questlines that give you "unique items and cosmetics" Tides of War gives new maps, game modes, limited time experiences Variety of maps with different tones such as complete crushing battlefield chaos or more slow space large maps with tempo that goes up and down Gamemodes confirmed: Grand Operations, Conquest, TDM, Domination No news on RSP The Shhhh animation from the trailer is possible to experience in game Transport vehicles are alive on the map and can jump into them Combat vehicles spawn from tactical deployment map Biggest changes summed up: lack of auto regen health, limited ammo, building fortifications, phyiscal interactions for everything, skill-based gunplay, squad revives, massive emphasis on squad play and team play, 3d spotting changes, minimal HUD. Old post:
  6. kerraig UK

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    It is completely coldly nightmarish. Everything about it works. The fact its Russia, the fact its cold, the fact its invisible, the fact its supposed to be the future. The fact its true. It is essentially a perfect microcosm of storytelling. Like Grave of the Fireflies or Threads, . I don't know whats gonna happen next but I think we're being delivered some exceptional storytelling with this one. It feels important.
  7. kerraig UK

    Oculus Quest - Out Now - £399 (64GB), £499 (128GB)

    Beat Saber actually gets better the more time you spend with it too. I'm pretty good now, can do most songs on expert, and the feeling of getting in the zone you get is so satisfying. I thought i'd get bored of the songs but I find myself wanting to play it more as I improve.
  8. kerraig UK

    Oculus Quest - Out Now - £399 (64GB), £499 (128GB)

    Its what I'm taking a punt on with my new business venture. I'd like to make small, cheap experiences that help with meditation or focus. I think this could be the start of use outside of mainly gaming or healthcare. There could be like a wii fit or brain training style breakout app there.
  9. kerraig UK

    Oculus Quest - Out Now - £399 (64GB), £499 (128GB)

    Do you think there's a market on there for smaller, cheaper games and experience. I'm thinking like mindfulness & meditation apps or mini games that help with focus. Also multiplayer games that require teamwork and communication. Things that go on the market for like £2.99.
  10. kerraig UK

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Usually I'm the cynic who wades in to point out the flaws when things are getting too hyped, but this show here is a perfect example of why I have such high standards and I moan so much. This really is utterly spellbinding TV. Every department is knocking it out of the park. This is what can be achieved when a production really tries its best. Fucking amazing.
  11. kerraig UK

    Oculus Quest - Out Now - £399 (64GB), £499 (128GB)

    I was thinking something like WindJammers would be fucking boss.
  12. kerraig UK

    Oculus Quest - Out Now - £399 (64GB), £499 (128GB)

    Does it have any multiplayer games yet?
  13. It's showing again today at 2pm, but I'm flying home this morning. It's only happened to me once before, I got turned away from Only God Forgives. I think they give out about 20% more tickets than there are seats because they'd rather turn people away than have empty seats at a premiere.
  14. I didn't get in I'd say at least 200 people with tickets got turned away. My mate Andy said it was his best since Pulp Fiction.
  15. Just about to go in and watch this. Will post a spoiler free review later
  16. kerraig UK

    PlayStation gets its own movie studio

    The Dardenne Brothers God of War please.
  17. kerraig UK

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Just want to throw more hearts on the love pile. This is tremendous television. Character, mood, art design, photography. I love that there's no swearing or gore and yet it is completely adult. Superlative so far.
  18. kerraig UK

    Game of Thrones Poll thread

    I haven't bothered watching the bells and honestly I don't think I will. I simply don't care about any of it.
  19. Edit: sorry shit tone. It's perfectly possible for filmed assets to look false in a digital frame. So much CGI was done around the vehicles in that film, that with rotoscoping and particle effect and all the other post production techniques can easily make a real films asset look fake.
  20. kerraig UK

    American Animals

    If you get a chance make sure to check this out. It's half documentary half recreation of a terrible plot to steal a bunch of rare books. Witty, confident and superbly performed. It's my film of the year I reckon.
  21. RANTING. So much easier to say than type.
  22. Yeah, people who stayed up late to watch it have seen it
  23. kerraig UK

    Battlefield V

    Nothing spectacular. Just so so immersive
  24. Basically, HBO should have made David Attenborough the showrunner for the last 2 seasons of Game of Thrones.
  25. How could I possibly have any idea? It's not what I want. I want Jon snow to kill cersei and avenge Ned Starks death. But it's what is right.

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