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  1. Family. Family is key. As seen in Mission Impossible: Fallout, Jurassic World and Star Wars.
  2. I'm sorry man, I was spinning and windmilling and it fucking hurts to look at.
  3. Because I posted it during a manic episode and I'm licking my wounds. I'll do it again soon without the pent up alcoholic rage
  4. Its superb. Really 'textured'.
  5. Loved reading every word of those reviews. I am a bit of an Altman fan but I must admit Nashville does nothing for me. If you can, try to track down a wonderful film written by Willy Russell called Dancin thru the dark. About a 1980's Liverpool hen night. It's a pure nostalgia trip. Really enjoyed your use of the word 'texture' to describe these films. Absolutely nails it.
  6. You have to hand it to Nolan, he and Tarantino are pretty much the only ones still playing the film game. Building that intrigue and anticipation. His films frustrate me cos they're all so nearly incredible but don't quite get there. But I'm always first in line for the next one, thinking, this'll be the one. I'm still sure he has a another stone cold masterpiece in him like Memento.
  7. My feeling is that any industry that request more than double the production fee to function deserves to die. Film , medicine, sex
  8. I recorded this video without sound, to try to show you why scorcese is the don. The guy who understood the Japanese and russian masters Maybe you'll see it. Maybe you won't. But boy is it better than everything you watch. Even on mute
  9. That is literally what this thread is for. I'm not right. I'm interested.I WANT you to hate the films I like. So we can get something from the discussion. I love reactions that are not in line with my own. And I watch your film viewing with avid interest
  10. Literally my biggest problem. I'm sorry. But you haven't seen Verhoevens top 3 films.
  11. I agree, I'm trying to start a fight so that the thread has life. I just want us to watch more classics, and then talk about them.
  12. Not going to fight you on the rest, but you've never seen Flesh n Blood, Soldier of Orange, Elle or Turkish Delight. It is obvious from your post. We're all cool to have opinions, but its important we stay in our lane.
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