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  1. kerraig UK

    Comedy timing

    No, no, The other side.
  2. kerraig UK

    Gremlins 2 Appreciation Station

    I remember something to do with Gremlins 2 and ratings but I can't quite place it. I'm thinking something like, the theatrical and home release had different ratings
  3. kerraig UK

    A movie watchers blog

    Great review. I enjoyed it as a throwback to 90's cinema where a crime story could just be a crime story. But it felt like a covers album
  4. kerraig UK

    Battlefield V

    Today was roadmap day and nobody gives a fuck. EA/Dice how badly you've fucked this up. Don't let this incredible series die
  5. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    I guessed that unfortunately. I've seen too many films.
  6. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    No, remake
  7. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    Yeah I know. But it's not even like I really liked it but it fell short. It fell waaaay short. Like, in comparisons I don't like it even as much as something like The Crazies.
  8. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    I'm bummed. This didn't really work for me. I found it silly and predictable. I had an alright time in a full house of people jumping, but it's totally disposable where get out was essential. I'm not sure how it could have hit the hype I had in my mind for it really, but it fell so short that I've come out deflated
  9. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    Oh boy oh boy
  10. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    You sawed it already?
  11. kerraig UK

    Gremlins 2 Appreciation Station

    Never seen Key & Peele before. That sketch is fucking stupendous.
  12. kerraig UK

    Tombstone - The Western Film Genre

    Yeah it's my only complaint. The montage is really badly judged. Holds it back from being a true classic.
  13. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    I'm so psyched for this tonight.
  14. kerraig UK

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Tarantino as a writer: True Romance 9/10 All the best bits of Tarantino and Tony Scott combined. Fucking brilliant. From Dusk Til Dawn 7.5/10 Exciting, unpredictable and brutal. But a bit silly and throughly unlikeable and mean. Natural Born Killer 5/10 Indulgent nasty mess with a cool soundtrack.
  15. kerraig UK

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Very close second to Reservoir Dogs for me, but fucking brilliant all the same.

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