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  1. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    My girlfriend dumped me after we watched it. She said "I don't want to date someone who thinks it's ok to expose me to that"
  2. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Self proclaimed
  3. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    This is a really important post. I watched Salo knowing that it was going to shock me. I wasn't aware that it was powerful enough to destroy my relationship, induce trauma and give me insomnia. Be careful with dangerous cinema. We haven't truly studied the damage it can cause
  4. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    It can be both
  5. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Oh god yeah. Gummo is the Terry Richardson of movies. I need a shower even typing this. Years ago, Larry Clarke, the Director of Kids was in the UK to promote his new movie Ken Park. He was having dinner with the UK distributor Hamish McAlpine (of now defunct Metro Tartan) when they started talking about 9/11. Hamish mentioned something about American culpability and Larry Clarke, a proud white supremacist, swung for him. They had a punch up in the swish n swanky Charlotte street hotel that led to them both being arrested and the movie not getting a UK release
  6. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Kids is also pure fucking filth
  7. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Maniac is so sweaty and disgusting. New York Ripper too NYC in the 70s and 80s holds so much fascination for me. It's like a theme park ride. The world's most modern metropolis but completely bankrupt and out of control.
  8. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    All NYC films
  9. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    That is one sleazy fucking movie. But it's artifice. Street Trash is shot in mid 80's Bronx. You can't fake the level of depravity on every street corner. Fun fact, Writer/Director Jim Muro is one of the best steadicam operators in the world. Credits include Dances with Wolves, Terminator 2, Point Break, JFK, A Few Good Men, Casino, Heat, Titanic, L.A. Confidential
  10. kerraig UK

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Yeah yeah Pink Flamingos is disgusting and Toxic Avenger is vile. Ebola Syndrome is perverted, but the sleaziest film I've ever seen has to be tonights viewing... STREET TRASH
  11. kerraig UK

    The Third Party Peripheral - UPDATE

    Thank you guys
  12. kerraig UK

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    Jesus christ I just watched that and i'm in floods. This is the most subversive show on TV. I've gone on a decade long journey with Always Sunny and Mac has always been my least favourite, most awkward character. I could never work out if it was because Rob McEllheney was just less funny than the others or if it was written that way. There were always these great little moments (stompclap, browning out, fat mac) but overall his character always felt like it was the straight man to the other characters antics (how fucking ironic). So to then bring all of that disparate awkwardness, where the other characters preferred his brother, his dad, and the 6th member to him into this singularity of expression. Well it fucking floored me. That was milestone TV. He has to win ALL the awards. Surely?
  13. kerraig UK

    The Third Party Peripheral - UPDATE

    Great review in Sight & Sound. https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/comment/festivals/arrow-video-frightfest-halloween-all-dayer-2018?fbclid=IwAR3adAL-lJacyq9qgMYc6-DpG28uOuO0HxuIzkXgtawb9xNAo1g7dRwfg5E This is essentially dream come true territory for me. Made a weird little 80's style horror about how hard it is to make weird little 80's style horrors, and the greatest film publication in history totally got it. I'm fucking crying.
  14. kerraig UK

    A movie watchers blog

    Yeah it has an unbelievably disorientating air of menace around it. I think it's quite possibly a masterpiece. Everyone I've shown it to has been suitably creeped out. Like they need a shower afterwards. The logic is nightmarish. With each scene you can't quite piece together how you got there from the previous scene. It induces a sense of amnesia and disorientation.

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