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  1. The only way it could possibly work is if due to being the only new film on release it plays in every screen, and it hits an Avatar like zeitgeist cos its the first new film in 6 months. But thats a long shot
  2. i'd be surprised if Netflix haven't offered $250m for the worldwide rights. They spent $100m on Bright, after all. That would be about the best outcome I can imagine for Warner Bros really as a theatrical release needs a huge push, full seats for 2 weeks and a big marketing budget, and then they have to give half the receipts to the theaters. I imagine Nolan has theatrical and Imax in his contract though and he can be the block. All speculation obvs...
  3. Yeah I remember now. Lots of funny and shocking moments so its a wild ride, but then afterwards it left a sour taste. Quite manipulative... "I hope you get raped!"
  4. Love this film. I was in a zoom Q&A with Mike Leigh the other day and I asked him if he was conscious of shooting London in a way that would make it iconic to him, in the same way As Fellini did with Rome or Scorcese with NYC. He just said "no". Lol
  5. And here we fucking go... This is the most exciting journey to happen to rllmuk in years.
  6. I am extremely fortunate in London in that there are ample films with live score events. I've even seen Terminator 2 with live score. I imagine Psycho was exceptional. But 2001 is transcendent. As I often quote in interviews, its not my favourite film, but its by far and away the best film ever made. I doubt Kurosawa or Tarkovsky would disagree.
  7. compared to JCM in Hedwig doing Midnight Radio.
  8. Have you tried watching any... films? Gyllenhaal is one of the most interesting compulsive American actors working today
  9. I watched 2001 on video 3 times and always proudly screamed about how overrated it is. Saw it at the national theatre with John Williams and an Orchestra doing the score live to the picture and realised immediately that it was the greatest cinematic achievement of all time except maybe Apocalypse Now. Cinema. For FUCK sake.
  10. Thats absolutely great! Congrats. There are some glaring trailer issues that are super quick to fix. PM me dude.
  11. 100% this. But also, it works most effectively on the big screen where you are trapped in the dark with no phone or distractions. Yes, the start is slow, but it sets a mood that takes the real world very far away from you. It's almost like a decompression. You need 10 minutes of real world deprogramming to get you into the right space to begin the story. Watching Exorcist in a cinema with an audience trapped is an unreal experience. I remember the first time I did this, in about 1995. When it was still banned outside Westminster and you had to go to the Trocadero in London to see it. There were two 17 year old girls in front of us watching. During the first jump scares they laughed, giggled, joked and had fun. When her head spun they left. It was genuinely too much. I'll never forget that. I doubt it would happen now, we are all so much more desensitised and distracted these days. But i'll never forget that visceral response where these kids thought they were gonna have fun and the film, 30 years after its original release was still simply too much.
  12. Brick is notoriously difficult for dialogue. The director even has gone on record to state that very important lines are lost in the low budget independent mix. I saw it in the cinema and it wasn't until a few viewings later that I caught some things. The films exclusive dialect definitely makes it harder. Its by far and away his best film though so I hope you do double dip.
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