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  1. He thinks its propaganda and glorifies war. "It‘s purpose is to invoking the meaning-rich earnest nobility of struggle through adversity in war. This is the same promise sorry mission statement sorry lie offered by war makers to mostly young men drifting in the pallid meaning void of emotion-as-commodity modernity."
  2. Its really dividing my friendship group. Lots of people really dont like it. My mate Oscar thinks its downright dangerous.
  3. Mate, I love that. I love monkey shines. I've watched Knightriders 30 times. I love romero
  4. Amazing post and I agree with every word. I always watch the 127 min cut.
  5. The original 1985 day of the dead is one of the best films Ive ever seen.
  6. I love this read so much. Never occurred to me.But you're so right.
  7. Also, I've never seen land of the Dead because its the 4th in the best trilogy of all time.
  8. This has blown my mind not just a little bit. This isn't a great film, but its a film I sort of love more and more.
  9. When I was 14 I ran away from home and hitchhiked to Amsterdam because there was a shop near the station that had the Japanese laserdisc of the 140 min cut. Which I went to buy. (This was 1988) I came back with the laserdisc to find out my mum had been in the local news reporting that her son was missing. I didnt have a laserdisc player.
  10. its so embarrassing.why cant i go to bed Dawn of the dead 89/5
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