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  1. It's totally fine to be forty as long as you have a grasp of how to play the game. The format is as follows: 1) registration, check in, pay, give your Play Pokemon number (you can usually register on the day) 2) deck building, open your 23 card set and 4 booster packs, spend time building a 2/3 (40 card) deck with the cards you've received. The organisers will provide energy cards, but everything else has to come from the cards in your build and battle kit 3) tournament against others with the deck you just built. As it's 2/3 of a full deck you play 4 prize cards 4) prize giving I would recommend taking with you: - 7 dice - used instead of coin flip evens head odds tails and to count damage taken - card sleeves as you'll be building the deck on the day, you'll end up playing the "expensive" cards you pull. I like Dragon Shield. At the last one we went to (Southampton) all prizes were given in advance and equally, so three extra boosters per player - I think this is because there are a lot of kids. Then there were enough players to need 5 best of 3 rounds to find the winner (me!). We arrived about 11:00 and were done by 17:00. Good value for money I think.
  2. Yes, £23-25 seems standard. You’ll get a “build and battle” box to keep containing 23 cards from a closed set (slight variance but mostly there are 4 different versions each with a different promo card) and 4 booster packs. People say the pull rates are better in the build and battle boxes. Then it’s boosters as prizes, different places allocate these in different ways.
  3. Sword and Shield prerelease events around the 25th Jan. Taking the boy obv.
  4. Dead Cells and My Friend Pedro perhaps.
  5. 1) available right now from shopto on eBay at £38.38 (Code PRIZE20) 2) Pokemon Center trip took a 1h45min queue but was able to get London exclusive tcg playmat, cars sleeves and t-shirt for my son + an Umbreon plush and London umbrella, t-shirt and mug for me. Espeon plush for my daughter. Also a London guard Pikachu plush for a friend.
  6. I’m going to the popup Pokemon Center today. Anyone want anything?
  7. A Pokemon the card game trainer kit. Teach him to play and learn yourself with your partner.
  8. So the boy won two lost three. I won five out of five and came first. Whoops.
  9. Taking the seven year old to a Cosmic Eclipse prerelease tomorrow. His first was Unified Minds where he cane seventh out of ten and was the only child.
  10. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    Massive props to @ryodi for the PM - I've scored!
  11. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    Did anyone successfully get the SNES controller? I’d really like one but it’s scalper central.
  12. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    Please please please someone get me a SNES controller. Will PayPal.
  13. Couldn’t help myself after a friend showed me his Tesla app.
  14. Please go below £35, please go below £35. LttP in the same engine next suuuuurely?
  15. Taking the boy to the Unified Minds prerelease tomorrow. 30 mins to build a 2/3 deck then 3 Swiss round competition.
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