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  1. timdp

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Got the mantis claw. Went exploring. Ended up in Howling Ciffs. Died. Tried to get back for 1160 geo. Died. Lesson: Don't explore.
  2. timdp

    Pokemon TCG

    Here's what I have for the boy to try at pokemon club tomorrow (no league as they have championship and I wasn't organised enough) 2 Lucario (UPR-67) 1 Gabite (FLI-61) 1 Gabite (UPR-98) 2 Rockruff (GRI-73) 1 Lycanroc GX (GRI-138) 1 Lucario GX (PR-SM100) 1 Tapu Lele GX (GRI-137) 1 Diancie ♢ (FLI-74) 1 Buzzwole (FLI-77) 2 Riolu (UPR-66) 3 Gible (FLI-60) 2 Garchomp (FLI-62) 4 Cynthia 1 Energy Recycler 2 Enhanced Hammer 2 Guzma 1 Super Rod 2 Field Blower 4 Ultra Ball 2 Evosoda 3 Choice Band 3 Brooklet Hill 2 Professor Kukui 2 Pal Pad 2 Strong Energy - Special 2 Double Colorless Energy - Special 10 Fighting Energy - Basic It's expanded because of the super rod, strong energy and evosoda. Might need to work a standard deck if I'm going to put him in the competitions.
  3. timdp

    Pokemon TCG

    Playing but physical only. Bought 12 x Gaurdians Rising boosters each with a 60 card folder at £1.75 each and pulled full art Tapu Lele GX and Lycanroc GX. Doing a few mods to the boys deck then will try him on the competition in October.
  4. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    Splatoon 2 £30 at JL. GO.
  5. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    No SD card recommendations in the pinned post, this sort of thing? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Toshiba-Exceria-128GB-Micro-Memory/dp/B01EAKAUUK
  6. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    I must have just snuck in then.
  7. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    Yellow Joycons £35 GO https://www.tesco.com/direct/joy-con-pair-yellow-switch/535-6108.prd
  8. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    I have 5 power moons. Being a new Switch owner is awesome.
  9. timdp

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Just had a quick go on Switch. Seems jankier than PUBG on IPhone 8.
  10. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    Mine has arrived. What essential accessories? Do I need a screen protector? (Something about docks scratching) Case? 256 gigaflop microSD? (Edit; I read the pinned post )
  11. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    Totally preordered my pokeball controller. I don’t even have the switch yet (arriving today). What are the top 10 must haves from the estore? (Assume I’ve not played anything on other platforms)
  12. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    My resistance has finally crumbled. IFGO.
  13. timdp

    Pokemon TCG

    He really enjoyed it. Played one game against me, one against another six year old, and two against other adults. Some very competetive decks there, some people played kindly (but not too kindly) and some didn’t.
  14. timdp

    Pokemon TCG

    Update: got my son the Mach Strike theme deck for his sixth birthday along with some dice I took his to the Southampton Pokemon league yesterday to play some friendlies.
  15. timdp


    Price dropped to £12 on Xbone this week. Worth it?

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