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  1. Wordle 233 5/6*










    A bit worried after firing blanks for 3 and 4 but in the end there wasn't much else it could be.


  2. Without wanting to dunk on Dying Light 2 specifically, I sometimes wonder why the 'open world' model has become so popular?


    Value for money? Is it really value for money spending hundreds of hours doing the same things over and over again and gradually ticking things off a checklist? When you strip them down, these games are skinner boxes (and therin lies the compulsion to play I guess).


    And the game only gets going after 10-12 hours! Some of the best (single player) games I have ever played are shorter than that!


    I think it's a wrong turn for gaming anyway. Give me a tightly focused game with no flab (say 10-15 hours) any day.



  3. They all use AD&D second edition rules (nerd, me?) and if you haven't been exposed to that there can be a pretty steep learning curve.


    However, I would say it's worth putting the effort in - the writing and world building is worth it (as long as you like traditional Tolkien-esque fantasy stuff) and the NPCs are as good as you will find anywhere, anytime.

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