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  1. I own a couple of Micros and they have seen so much playtime over the years I couldn't even hazard a guess as to how many hours. The silver is still in OK condition but the Famicom has been to hell and back - 'used' doesn't do it justice 🤣


    The thing is, for someone that used to travel a lot for work, it was the perfect companion. Stick it in your jacket pocket and whip it out whenever you have a spare 5 minutes. Waiting in the airport? Perfect. In a taxi going from one meeting to another? Perfect. 10 minutes in the hotel before dinner? Perfect.


    And the games, oh the games. Fire Emblem. Advance Wars. Castlevania. Metroid. Mario Kart. Does it get any better?

  2. 10 hours ago, Dark Soldier said:



    Early access so needs a bit of polish and some more content but the core gameplay loop is magic. It's described as Slay the Spire meets Peggle and that's fair in my view, certainly scratches both itches for me.

  3. So, finally done with Elden Ring (for now at least) so what to fill the void with? Re-installed DayZ for a bit of nostalgia. Continued making a dent into the backlog with some Death Stranding and Ace Attorney Adventures. But wanted to play something 'new' as well.


    Decided on Peglin. It's a rogue-like Peggle if you can envision such a thing. Played the demo, liked it, so took the leap as soon as it was released into early access. It's a bit content light (the curse of early access) but the core gamplay loop is great and I am enjoying it very much.


    1. Capcom vs SNK Card Fighters Clash (Nintendo Switch) - £4.19

    2. Elden Ring (PC) - £36.99

    3. Peglin (PC) - £13.49


    Four months in and only three games purchased - if you told me this is how it would be at the start of the year I wouldn't have believed you.

  4. 21 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    Oh. So instead of the highly anticipated sequel to the highly acclaimed and fan favourite immersive sim-like RPG, they use the ip to make a battle royale game. It sounds like a terribly unimaginative punchline to a tired joke about "the darkest timeline" but here we are. It's real and fuck all of us, right?


    I've done all the old man grumbling I needed to. I'll leave the thread alone and hopefully it's at least an enjoyable one of those battle royale games :)



    +1 from this old man too, what a waste of the IP. Especially as Bloodlines 2 seems to be stuck in development hell as far as I can make out.

  5. 50 minutes ago, Curtis said:

    I wouldn't call it a time-sink in the sense you're thinking of. Its not a short-term experience. And its definitely unlike anything else you have ever 'played' (and i mean that in a good way). It'll take at least 70 hours to complete, but most of that is a leisurely stroll compared to Elden Ring, which is why i think its a great idea!


    That being said, if you're not a Kojima fan, and don't acknowledge his madman/crackpot/genius vision...then i dunno what you'll think of it. 


    Yeah, I'm coming round to that way of thinking. A chilled 70 hours is maybe what I need right now?

  6. This is definitely a thing. I felt a bit fatigued after finishing Elden Ring (140 hours) but bounced straight into NG+ as that seemed the only viable option?


    Now that NG+ is finished I really am at a loose end.


    I'm back to my mainstays (Slay the Spire, FTL, and Monster Train) until something else grabs me. I do have Death Stranding on the backlog but am I really ready for another time sink straight away?

  7. 2 minutes ago, Ste Pickford said:


    I take it there's no quick way to swap out all your armour in the middle of a fight other than by individually  selecting each slot from the equipment menu?


    Don't think so - pretty much means dumping your armour quickly and going in naked. You rely on the Mimic to tank and keep your distance. Works best for ranged builds of course.

  8. 42 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

    Cheers @df0. I'm a pure faith build, chucking lightning spells and stoving in heads with my sacred mace. Mostly, I've been using Latenna (is that her name? The archer woman) and the Redmane Knight summon (Olga?). I've got both of those up to level 6, so I might get them to 9 and then save the +10 flower for once I've found the mimic.


    Honestly, Mimic is a step above the rest. The fact that you can equip them as you see fit to match the enemy makes them extremely versatile and when you get them to +10 they are amazingly durable.


    Honourable mentions to:


    Tiche - Tough, nimble and good in melee or at a distance. Absolutely top tier.

    Lhutel the Headless - The first 'good' spirit ash I got. Carried me through a good chunk of the game. Tough as old boots and can teleport around kicking arse as and where required.

    Fanged Imp - You know how annoying those bloody imps are in various catacombs and dungeons? Yep, you get you own gank squad to back you up.

    Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff - You like lightning? You got lightning. Good as backup for non-faith builds.

    Greatshield Soldier - 5 guys turtling behind their greatshields. Great for running interference while you get down to business.



    And as with the smithing stones, you can find items that allow you to buy grave and ghost glovewarts (1-9) at the Round Table.


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