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  1. 5 hours ago, Stanshall said:

    Great call. Darius Collection is currently on sale on the Japanese eShop. 


    I can vouch for this too - I imported Darius Cozmic Collection (wanted the physical version) and it's brilliant.

  2. 43 minutes ago, Swallow said:

    I completed the Serie A SBC this afternoon and took Tonali. He's a 91 rated CDM with Powerhouse chemistry according to Futbin.

    He's great. I have him matched up with RTTF Allan in midfield and they mop up pretty much everything.

  3. System Shock 2.


    Even now, some 20 years after the initial release it still looms large in my consciousness. The experience was so visceral that it has been burned into my brain in some way - to the point that I even have dreams about it from time to time (creeping through the MedSci block with only a wrench for self defence mostly).

  4. I got the same email and have also heard nothing since. I think I have your triforce plate and you have my Majora's! I'm hoping they will send me the correct one gratis, but if not and it gets complicated, perhaps a swap between us would be a good idea.

    I had an email from Nintendo customer service today. They will be sending me the Majora cover plate which I ordered but didn't arrive and I can keep the Triforce cover plate as a gesture of good faith. Hopefully they will be doing the same for anyone else affected by the mix-up.

  5. Ok cool, let's do that. If people want to carry on and do a sudden death playoff then that's fine, but generally if it's a tie, the result will be decided by totally points regardless of handicap. In theory that will advantage those who have higher handicaps, but then so would a playoff.

    I'm fine with that of course but it's a bit rough on my opponent - it would mean that I won the first round match by the grand total of 5 points! (1400 vs 1395)

    smithstock, do you want to do a sudden death playoff instead?

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